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Chapter 79 Gao Sheng's decision

Gao Sheng through their own judgment, identified in front of this called Zhang Scrap, must also have a great background or great ability of people.

They bet on a hand, bet on the right future their own future prosperous. If the wrong bet, later on ......, whatever, anyway, it has been so, then what can be worse?

After making up his mind, he said to Zhang Ruizai in the detention room: "I don't know why, I decided to believe you, so I will help you.

But I am a small person, I can only use my own way, you can rest assured that I will find the evidence of your innocence."

Zhang Scraps was very surprised to hear Gao Sheng say that. So he asked, "Why do you want to help me?"

Gao Sheng thought about it and said very frankly: "Apart from the feeling you give me, I think you are someone I deserve to help.

I have an empty skill, but suffer from the lack of doorways, so that all the learning is not useful. When I was a child, a Taoist priest said that I had a destiny with the Tao and would meet my precious person.

I think you are my nobleman, so I will do everything possible to help you. I am not greedy for fame and fortune, I just want to show what I have learned. In order to fulfill my heart to eliminate the devil and defend the way!"

After listening to what Gao Sheng said, Zhang Ru Cai looked at Gao Sheng carefully. Thinking: I did not expect him to be a righteous person, is the fate of the Big Dipper star from the seven stars of the Big Dipper. This is his destined helper!

"You go and prove yourself, if you have the ability, I think I don't mind being a bole for once." Scrappy said with a smile.

Gao Sheng's heart was overjoyed at hearing this, it seems that he had bet on the right one this time. At that moment, nodding his head to indicate, turned around and left the police station.

As soon as Gao Sheng left the police station, he was surrounded by a few people from the boss.

"How come my brother is not out yet? Didn't you say you would only take a statement?" The boss asked.

Gao Sheng thought for a moment and said, "Now he is accused of malicious wounding, so he is temporarily detained for 24 hours. I am trying to find evidence for him, just as you give me a detailed, tell me about what happened last night."

The oldest asked in disbelief, "Are you really going to help our oldest?"

Gao Sheng smiled and nodded, "Yes, I really want to help him,. He said that I will rise high, and I think he is a valuable person in my life."

"So, with Lao Er's dao, since he said you will rise high, it is certainly correct. By the way, what is the name of this big brother?" The boss asked.

Gao Sheng said, "My name is Gao Sheng, you said that the scum can Daoist?"

The third one said, "Of course, my second brother is a direct descendant of the Heavenly Master of Dragon Tiger Mountain. Authentic Taoist priests, the National Religious Bureau has a roster!"

That's right, one has a destiny with the Tao, it must be imprinted on Zhang Scrap.

Gao Sheng's heart is wildly happy, it seems that this time he is really lucky! I didn't expect that Zhang Scraps had the identity of the State Religious Bureau, which is involved in the issue of religious beliefs.

So Gao Sheng took the boss a few people together and rushed to the Religious Bureau. On the way, the boss also detailed the things that happened last night in detail.

Gao Sheng has understood the context of this matter, is simply Li Kang trouble in the first place. But the hit was Sun Jinbao, and Li Kang blind and deaf, there is no evidence to testify that it was Zhang Scrap.

As long as you get the scum is the identity of religious people, and no evidence of hands can be released first.

When the boss they came to the door of the Religious Bureau, the two dog couple also got the boss's call together to come.

"What's wrong with the scum?" Second Dog asked in an exasperated voice.

"This one is?" Gao Sheng looked at the second dog in front of him and asked, he felt that the person standing in front of him was very dangerous.

"This is Uncle Er Dog, Lao Er's senior uncle. Second dog uncle, this is Gao Sheng, help the scum collect evidence to get off." The boss introduced each other.

"Hello Officer Gao!" Second dog with a little kindness in his tone, finally do not let Gao Sheng have that creepy feeling. That feeling was really too scary, like being a rabbit.

The dog is a strong suit under the paws of a bear, at any time will be torn apart. Don't look at your own hands, Gao Sheng believes he will never be the second dog uncle rival.

Aunt Cuihua at this time handed over two small books and said: "Officer Gao, do you see this useful? This is what my master gave me when the scum came to the capital, saying that having this can alleviate a lot of trouble."

Gao Sheng took a look and immediately his eyes lit up and said, "This is too useful, with this you can immediately release the scum."

It turns out that the two books given by Aunt Cuihua are the NPC representative card and CPPCC member card of the scum.

Gao Sheng also do not need to enter to take other proof, there are these two books will be enough.

To the second dog couple said hello, and drove the boss back to the police station with them.

After returning to the police station, Gao Sheng found that Zhang Ruizhai was not in the detention room. So asked other colleagues where Zhang Scrap had gone.

A colleague nudged toward the interrogation room, meaning that is there to be trained.

Gao Sheng was afraid that the scraps were being tortured to extract confessions, something he had never done, but that didn't mean he didn't know.

Pushing open the door of the interrogation room, seeing that the scrap is sitting on a chair, it looks like it is not being tortured to extract a confession, Gao Sheng is relieved.

"Gao Sheng, what are you doing barging in all of a sudden?" Wang Shizhong asked unhappily.

Gao Sheng is a thorn in the head in the office, the leadership of the arrangement never implement. So Wang Shizhong did not have a good feeling about him.

"Report Wang, I'm here to do the formalities for Zhang Scrap. We can't put him in criminal detention without evidence." Gao Sheng said loudly without ceremony.

"Joke, we received a report from the public, why can't we detain him and conduct an investigation?" Wang Shizhong said with a businesslike tone.

Gao Sheng put Zhang Ruichai's documents on the interrogation table and said, "Since Zhang Ruichai is a deputy of the National People's Congress and a member of the CPPCC.

We can't detain him until we have evidence of his crime. This may be a malicious revenge report against him!"

What! What the hell does this kid do? How could he be a NPC deputy and CPPCC member? Wang Shizhong heard Gao Sheng say so, his heart was shocked at that time.

The book on the table, Wang Shizhong opened it and looked at it. Looking at the photo of the scraps on the book and the clear large print on it.

Wang Shizhong knew that these two documents were absolutely real. It seems that he has kicked the iron plate this time, at a young age is a NPC deputy and CPPCC member, his identity does not look light ah.

"Since that's the case, then you do the formalities for him. Everything is handled according to normal procedures!" Wang Shizhong also said helplessly.

Gao Sheng quickly finished the formalities for the scum, and took the scum out of the police station. Boss a few hurriedly surrounded up!

"Second brother, are you all right? After all, it was me who beat up the man, you belong to suffer the sentence for me." The oldest three grabbed the first whispered.

"What can happen to me, this is not out? By the way, how did I suddenly become a deputy to the National People's Congress and a member of the CPPCC?" Scrap asked.

"The exact reason is not clear, anyway, Aunt Cuihua took it out and said that grandpa prepared it for you when you were moving to come to the capital." The boss explained.

It seems that grandfather was worried about himself and got himself an identity. Don't say this identity is quite useful.

Just as everyone was about to leave, a car suddenly drove over.

A middle-aged man came down from the top and looked up and down at the scraps of people.

He came to the scraps and said, "Are you Zhang Scraps?"

The scum said, "Yes, it is me. For your brother's matter?"

Li Jian heart not only amazed, how did he know? They had not met before, and he and his brother did not look alike.

He looks like his father, Li Xiangdong, and his brother, Li Kang, looks a bit like his mother.