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Chapter 61 - Returning with a full load

"Go back and refine more pills and share some with us." Fang Fang was the most direct.

Everyone looked around the room again, there was only a bit of herbal residue, and some empty bottles. There wasn't anything else useful left.

As for the copper pot, which is the same size as a steamer, the only way to carry it is to let Lao San carry it, who makes him the biggest.

"Holy shit, it's not light, it weighs 50 or 60 pounds." Lao-san said whiningly.

The Xunmen is a storage room, and everyone is looking forward to having some good things.

Into the stone room, inside are rows and rows of shelves, on which are basically some dried up herbs. There were also a few grains and bacon.

"There is still bacon here? Was there bacon more than a thousand years ago?" The boss asked.

Shi Yun said directly, "Honey, bacon is rumored to have been around for thousands of years. The records say that when Zhang Lu was the defeated king of Hanning and went south, he was entertained with fine bacon by the people of Hanzhong.

And this is not bacon, the production process is not right, this is just naturally air-dried meat."

"Come and see, what is this? How does it look like ginseng? It's just a little dry." Lao San shouted from the other side.

Scraps over to take a look, good guy really has three ginseng, was placed in three wooden boxes. But they were already dried out, just like dead branches.

Even this is not trivial, these three ginseng year must not be small, air-dried for so many years, the size is still very large.

"I told you it looked like ginseng, but I don't know if it's still edible." The old man picked up a bushel fan-like thing next to him and fanned the wind.

It turns out that the underground ventilation is poor, plus the old three and carry a few dozen pounds of copper tripod. This a little sweaty, just see a bushel fan, pick it up and fan the wind with.

While fanning the wind also said: "You say this Zuo Ci is also really, is it a thousand years ago even if the little master me, today will come here?

See my back copper tripod hot and sweaty, so I prepared a bushel fan?"

A bushel fan! How is this possible? Everyone looked at the bushel fan in the hands of the old man.

"Idiot! You can see that it's ginseng, can't you see that what you're holding is a ganoderma lucidum?" Fang Fang said.

"So what, I've seen and eaten ginseng, but I've never seen a lingzhi, and who's seen such a big lingzhi?" Lao-san said in a small voice.

The scum grabbed the ganoderma lucidum in Lao San's hand and looked at it carefully and said, "This is a thousand year old ganoderma lucidum ah! This is a great fortune, haha!"

Everyone hurried to separate to see if there is anything good. But unfortunately, in addition to ginseng and ganoderma lucidum, which can be air-dried and stored, there are no other valuable things that can be taken away.

Away from the door is the ritual room, which is full of things that are usually used for rituals. Other things are broken, the only thing left is an incense burner, waste wood directly into the backpack.

Kun door is the toilet, the boss went in to take a look, and came out obscure that nothing was there.

Tui door is the secret room, which should all be left to put the treasure place. It is a pity that nothing is left inside, it seems to be finally taken away by Zuo Ci.

A few people organized their things and prepared to leave through the exit of the Qian door.

Open the dry door, there is really an upward staircase, we follow the stairs zigzagging upward.

At the end of the stairs was a stone wall, and Scraps pressed a switch on the side of the stone wall.

With the sound of an organ ringing, the stone wall was opened.

Everyone came out to see, the original exit in the hall of the first entry.

Originally the scrap wanted to restore the stone wall back again, and then thought about it, simply do not move it well.

Several people carefully from the exit back to the ground, and then quietly slipped out of the site.

By this time it was almost dawn, several people decided to slowly walk back to school. Then eat a breakfast and then go back to sleep, today's class is naturally skipped.

Walked for more than an hour, came to the school next door to eat breakfast when it was already six o'clock.

A few people simply fill their stomachs and go back to bed, this night is very exciting.

When everyone had enough rest, it was already afternoon when they got up. The scum decided that the things inside the chamber, let the ancient and Shi Lao they go to study it.

A few people agreed to go together to the ancient office, the professor level is different, have their own separate office.

The two of them were drinking tea and chatting together.

"Scraps you came just in time, we still want to find you. The ancient and I thought about it again last night, it should not be an empty stone room.

What do you think the trouble is to make this ah? There must be something fishy here." Shi Lao said.

"Two professors, this need you two say it? We've already solved the mystery, so we're here to inform you." The boss said smugly.

"What! You've cracked it? Tell me what's going on?" Gu Lao asked in surprise.

So Scrappy told the two what he thought. Including they went down to look around, the things inside are afraid to break did not dare to move.

Come over is to inform them, ready to go down to study the things to take.

"Is it really the cave of Zuo Ci at the end of the Han Dynasty?" Shi Lao asked excitedly.

Scraps said: "should not be wrong, really can not imagine it will be others."

The old man had already called and started shouting at people at this time, and in a short while the two old men went out together.

"Come on, the task is done. Let's go eat dinner." The boss said.

"No, let's first put the things in my second dog master uncle, the school is not the place to put things, and then eat dinner with the second dog uncle Tsui Wah aunt." Scrap said.

Everyone heard the right thing, so they all agreed to the scrap arrangement. The girls had nothing to take, so they waited for them in front of the school.

The few scraps back to the dormitory, take all the things with them, also hurried away.

A few people called a cab at the entrance of the school and went to the second dog's house.

The second dog opened the door and saw that it was them and asked: "Today is not the weekend, how did you come over? And do not say hello in advance, the family did not prepare anything."

"Second dog uncle, we came to have other things, let's go in and talk slowly." Scraps said as he told them to hurry in.

A group of people at once filled the sofa of the second dog's house, and the boss and a few of them started in the bag, taking things out one by one.

Is this ginseng? Why so big? It is estimated that there is a few million.

The turtle shell looks like the color of the estimated thousands of years it!

Well, this incense burner is really good workmanship, looking very much like the Han Dynasty, placed at home with their own taste.

Early winter in the hands of the small four how to hold a fan? I shit, this is a thousand-year-old lingzhi? Not what bushel fan!

Lao-san put the copper censer wrapped in cloth, put down from the back, said: "This cauldron this special heavy!"

The second dog curiously lifted the wrapped cloth, holy shit, this is a cauldron?

This is a copper pot, there is the smell of medicine, this is for alchemy. The color of this is much better than the old man's!

The second dog pointed to these things stammered and asked, "Scrap, you, you guys, no, it's not robbing the museum, right?"

The boss said smugly: "Uncle Erdog, the museum does not have so many good things.

At the very least, these hundreds of years of ginseng and thousand years of ganoderma are impossible to have in the museum."

"Where on earth did you get these things?" Two Dog asked.

Scrap then said in detail about his finding the cave of Zuo Ci.