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Chapter 20 - The Emperor's Star Appears, Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens!

Zhang Scrap walked alone to an open place and sat down on his knees. A yellow shadow stopped in a tree not too far away from him.

Meditation to adjust the breath and state until the moment of his birth. Zhang Ruizai hands pinched a strange hand decision, look up and watch the stars.

The sky is dotted with stars, and legend has it that everyone has a guardian star of their own.

The star in the sky on behalf of Zhang Ruichai suddenly lit up, surrounded by a circle of purple gas like a giant dragon circling around the star.

Zhang Ruichai stood up, his hands constantly changed, his feet stepped on the seven stars, and he recited the words in his mouth.

Zhang Ruizhai stepped on the seven-star step nine times, and his hands also played nine times. Suddenly, he stood still and pointed his hands toward the sky, and shouted, "The Emperor's Star reappears, the stars come down to earth, lead the stars into the body, the dragon returns to the sea!"

The dragon of purple qi surrounding the emperor's star in the sky acted as if it had heard the call. After circling twice, it flew toward the scraps.

All this is not ordinary people can see, must know how to stargaze people to cast the art of stargazing to see.

At this moment in front of the hut Zhang Xianan lost his voice and shouted: "Starry night down to the mortal world, lead the stars into the body! Scrap him, how did he do that?"

"Amazing, this secret art is heard that no one has been able to do it for hundreds of years. Hopefully he will succeed!" Zhang Chongshan said with a smile.

At this time at the top of Maoshan Mountain, on the Wutai Mountain, the East China Sea Penglai, West Kunlun Mountain and other places have been discovered this unprecedented spectacle.

People with strong magic power can vaguely see that the purple dragon down to earth is in the vicinity of Mount Longhu.

A few people can't help but say in their hearts: Could it be that old man Zhang has recently made a breakthrough? Some day we must go to visit!

Zhang Ruizai is not in the mood to consider these, at the moment his forehead to see sweat, it is clear that the implementation of this technique is not so simple for him.

The purple dragon, like a dragon proud of the nine heavens, has been hovering above his head, hesitant to come down.

Finally, Zhang Ruizai gritted his teeth and changed his hands, shouting, "The dragon returns to the sea, the stars descend to the mortal world, thorn!"

The purple dragon's head in the air lifted, issued a reluctant dragon roar, and then rushed headlong into the body of the scrap. A purple light immediately flooded around Zhang Scrap's body.

At the moment the purple dragon rushed into the scrap's body, Old Jin's figure appeared beside Zhang Scrap and chirped at him a few times.

"You do know the goods, also want to open dip?" Scrap Chai said at Old Jin.

The old gold once heard the scrap said so, eagerly nodded, the two claws together up and down shaking incessantly, as a bow.

Seeing this, Scrap Chai laughed and made a magic decision with one hand, and saw a purple gas leaving his body and rushing into the body of Old Gold.

"Your qualifications are limited, can not bear too much, absorb the sense yourself." After saying this, he sat on his knees and did not speak.

The old gold also learned the same as the scrap, with the tail support the body, such as the human back legs sitting, the front paws on top of the hind legs, settled.

After a long time old gold first woke up, before the old gold covered with golden hair, at this time the hair on the back has so little purple.

Old gold to see Zhang scrap is still meditating, and do not make a fuss, in his side of the guard up.

After a few moments, Zhang Ruizhai stood up from work, the old gold jumped into his arms, intimately rubbing his face.

Looking at the purple color on the back of the old gold, Zhang Shou Chai laughed: "You are a lot of light, now it is a real purple gold sable!"

The old gold heard and excited and embarrassed into the arms of the scrap, the rest of the big tail around the scrap neck, as a hair scarf like.

"Holy shit, don't you know it's summer? You want to heat me to death ah!" Scrap cursed, a handful of old gold grabbed out and thrown to the side of the ground.

"On the side of the guard, I still have things to do."

The old gold listened to hurriedly nodded his head, signaling understanding, and looked around vigilantly.

Scrap calmed down a bit, looked up toward the parents of the two stars, still dull.

Both hands pinch decision rushed to the dim twin stars, a purple gas rushed out of the body, no reaction at all.

The scraps frowned, hands change the law rushed to correspond to the mother's star a finger.

The stars in the air lit up for a while, and then dimmed down.

Seeing this moment the frown of the scraps more powerful, pinch fingers to calculate the fortune.

Just a moment ago the stars lit, lying in bed for eighteen years did not move Wang Mei, eyes opened a moment, but her eyes were not looking, after a few seconds and then closed his eyes.

The scum who was performing calculations with his eyes closed suddenly spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he opened his mouth and said, "The trigrams show that the time has not yet come? It's just that I can't force myself to do it!"

Get up and prepare to go back, is at this time the air again came to the vision.

It was already early in the morning, a colorful haze rose in the west of the sky. Like a phoenix, the phoenix danced nine days, and finally flew into a star, lighting it up.

At this moment the phoenix star shines brightly and his emperor star echoes!

"The emperor's star reappears, the phoenix dances in the nine heavens! My unmarried wife, I'm looking forward to meeting you now."

Returning to the hut, he found his grandfather and eldest uncle waiting for him outside the house.

When he came to greet them, Zhang Xiangnan asked, "How is it, can you draw the star into your body?"

"It's not that easy! Hundreds of years no one has succeeded in the secret art, can just succeed!" Dropped a sentence and went back to the room.

"Alas, is it really so difficult?" Zhang Xiangnan said with a downcast voice.

Zhang Chongshan, however, laughed, with a delighted expression.

"What's there to be happy about at this time?" Zhang Xiangnan asked in disbelief.

"You just now only advisor scrap, did not see the change of old Jin. You were fooled by that boy, I laugh at your stupidity, haha!" Said laughing and went back to the house.

Old Jin's change? Zhang Xiangnan thought about it and shouted, "Old Jin, come out here!"

I saw a purple-golden figure rushed out from the Zhang waste house, landed in front of him, and screamed at him a few times.

Seeing the purple-gold hair of the old gold, Zhang Xiangnan stared at the old gold in surprise, and the old gold also looked up and stared at him with small eyes.

After a few moments Zhang Xiangnan also laughed out loud: "really was that brat cheated, but good cheat, good cheat ah! Haha, old Jin you are quite a lot of light, haha!"

Zhang Xiangnan also laughed and went back to his room, old Jin saw him go, whoosh also went back to the waste wood house.

The next day at noon, when eating Zhang Chongshan announced that the scraps this time to go to Beijing University to study, two dog couple accompanied him to go.

"Grandpa, what department am I going to read?"

"You can read whatever you like, anyway, you go is not to study, success in bringing your daughter-in-law back is most important."

"Well, okay, who made you a grandfather, you say so."

"Master, what will we do after we go as a couple, the school won't let us in." Erdog asked.

"You go as an advance understanding, later Feng and Wen Wen will also go there to study. As for what to do, you guys can do it yourselves."

"Grandpa can we also go to study at Peking University in the future?" Liu Wen asked happily.

"As long as the academic performance is not too bad, you can go, as the Taoist orthodoxy, we have the state to give care of the quota." Zhang Chongshan said proudly.

"Then grandpa, when are we going down to Beijing?" Scraps asked.

"Whatever you guys, you can leave anytime in the next few days after packing." Said in his arms took out two bank cards and handed them to Scraps and Erdog respectively.

"This is your salary for the past ten years or so, every month according to the salary of a divisional cadre. The password is your birthdays, scraps of money enough to spend on his own school.

Second dog you do not have enough money to call your eldest brother, we are not bad money in the Heavenly Master Road. When you get to the capital you don't have to condescend to yourself, remember you represent our Heavenly Master's House."

The second dog nodded solemnly and put the card away.

"Oh yes, almost gave forget. When you arrive in the capital first go down to the General Administration of Religion, I seem to remember that there is a house in the capital to share. This way you also have a place to stay."

"Grandpa, the General Administration of Religion is still in charge of the house in the capital ah, not quickly point to take me, I also want to have a house in Beijing." Liu Wen heard anxiously said.

"You think it is a person to give a house ah, your father and scraps that is because the generation enough. How about this, you two will worship your master uncle as a teacher.

The disciple of the master of the Tian Shi Dao, the fame is not small, the generation is not low.

So that the second dog left the mountain to find Xiangnan to get the information, to the General Administration of Religion just in time to complete the formalities."