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Chapter 196 - New elixir

"Have you heard? The Shi family is launching a new elixir at noon today, I wonder what it will be?"

"I'm not really looking forward to it, think about it, now the Shi family is being screwed by the Chen family, ah, if the Shi family has the bottom of the box elixir, then it would have been brought out long ago, why wait until now."

"That makes sense, so are you going?"

"Go, why not, it's good to go and see."

Some powerful people in Red Leaf City are discussing this matter.

Zu family, Zu Tianhong also received the invitation.

"Can'er, this matter, you go for me is good." Zu Tianhong asked with a smile, he could see that he was not interested in this matter, besides, now the Chen family and the Shi family are fighting, he did not want to get involved in it.

Next to him, Zu Can knew a lot of inside information.

"Father, don't look at the Shi family seems to be beaten by the Chen family routed, but in the end, the Shi family still managed to break out of the game, and even turn defeat into victory." Zu Can laughed.

Zu Tianhong is such a person, immediately knew that there is a doorway here.

"Can'er, do you know something?"

Zu Chan nodded and lowered his voice, "Shi Jun, the head of the Shi family, has a good relationship with Brother Lin, this time when the Shi family suddenly launched a new elixir, it is likely that Brother Lin is behind the scenes plotting."

Zu Tianhong froze.

"Is this true?"

Zu Can nodded his head.

Zu Tianhong took a deep breath, "Then I definitely can't be absent, Can'er, you also go with me, if it's true, then of course it's to support the face of the Shi family."

Other families in Red Leaf City also received the same invitations.

Gao family.

Gao Jiang because is the beast connoisseur association official beast connoisseur, and is the first son of the Gao family, the status is quite high, the family has any matter, as long as Gao Jiang at home that will be looking for together to discuss.

This period of time, the Shi family and the Chen family in the medicine and elixir business fights, is already intensifying, Red Leaf City, large and small families and merchants basically know, is a lot of people also heard the wind.

Of course, the Gao family also knows.

"This Shi family now let a woman in charge, just can not ah, this is only a few years ah, by the Chen family is a rout, a few years earlier, the Shi family is the first red leaf, now this scenario, is really saddening." Gao family head Gao Xianming said, can not hear is really sorry or sarcastic ridicule.

The other members of the Gao family are also nodding their heads, talking about how the Shi family back then, and how they are now.

At this time Gao Xianming remembered something and asked Gao Jiang: "Jiang'er, I heard that the Chen family was able to rise to prominence a few years ago because of climbing up to your Beast Appraiser Association."

Gao Jiang nodded: "This is true, the Chen family and Wang Ji in the past when Wang Ji's relationship is very good, and therefore, the entire beast connoisseur association of medicinal materials, are provided by the Chen family, and even some of the surrounding towns, many beast connoisseur is also designated to buy medicine from the Chen family pharmacy, because of this, the Chen family in the past few years soared to the top, in the medicine business over the Shi family. "

This news, obviously very insider, the general public really do not know this.

"Also, this time, although the president, but Chen Lin that person is very smart, he did not rashly contact this Tan Lin President, but will supply the quality and quantity of herbs, so that the Tan President will not be replaced for no reason, the Chen family's position is preserved, although the Shi family several times want to get involved, but suffering from no access, this time let the Chen family to a kettle of fish This time, the Shi family is not dead, afraid to lose half their lives."

"So this time the Shi family has made such a new pill release, is it true or not?" Someone asked Gao Jiang.

Gao Jiang smiled, a look of extensive knowledge: "This well, the Shi family ancestral glory, after all, to leave a few secret elixir, or possible, but should not be able to make any waves, if it works, what they have done? It is not so bad that now is beaten routed, but this time our high family is certainly also to send people to, more or less have to give a face."

Gao Xianming nodded his head, thinking in his heart to let Gao Jiang go this time, after all, Gao Jiang is his own son, in addition, can also take this opportunity to exercise Gao Jiang's socialization, why not.

"Jiang's son, then this time, you will replace our Gao family to run a trip." Gao Xianming said.

Gao Jiang nodded, this small matter, he alone will be enough to go.

The City Lord's Office side of course also received an invitation.

As the largest official side of Red Leaf City, how could Shi Jun not invite people from the City Lord's Mansion.

Of course, whether the city lord's side will send people and who will be sent, that is not known.

Chen family.

Chen Lin looked at the invitation in his hand and frowned, pondering what this Shi family was up to.

"New elixir? Where did that Shi family get the new elixir, it's simply nonsense." Across the table, Wu Chenwei was at ease as he sipped his wine and tasted the delicacies.

This Wu Chenwei was used to repression, at this moment is completely indulgent, not only is immersed in wine and meat, but also let Chen Lin find him a few women, every day to hang out together, sometimes is Chen Lin are a little unbearable to see.

In the words of the readers, that is degrading.

"The Shi family is after all deeply rooted and has an extraordinary heritage, Duke Wu, I came to you to ask if the Shi family really has other dan recipes that we don't know about?"

Chen Lin asked very seriously at this time.

Obviously, as a businessman, Chen Lin knows the current situation, although the Shi family is overwhelmed by their Chen family, but the same Chen family is also in a very dangerous situation, to price suppression Shi family, his Chen family side also have to lose money.

If the Shi family really made a big show this time, the launch of several useful new pills, no doubt, for their Chen family, the blow is also quite huge.

The current situation, if the Shi family does not die, then before his investment are difficult to find to make up, a mess, may end up dying, may be their Chen family.

This is no joke, so Chen Lin must take it seriously.

For this question, Wu Chenwei obviously some impatience: "I have said a few times? The Shi family can't possibly have other dan recipes, that little bottom of their family, I've already figured it out, these years, they still didn't guard me except for not letting me learn alchemy, so this is something you can rest assured."

Finished, took a sip of wine.

Chen Lin frowned, he despised Wu Chen Wei, but because it is a partner, so he is also tolerated, but to say character, Wu Chen Wei this kind of person is absolutely can not deep friendship and trust, other than to say that the Shi family is really good to this Wu Chen Wei, but Wu Chen Wei is a distorted mentality, as the dog not ripe, back bite.

About Wu Chenwei's origin, Chen Lin checked early, this person's family is ordinary, no Shi family help, it is impossible to have this status today.

Of course these words Chen Lin will not say, the more Wu Chenwei is an asshole, the better to control.

When the dust settles, he intends to sweep this guy out of the house, after all, the other party is no longer worth using.

"So, that's best, the Shi family invited me to go this time, then I'll go and have a look, Duke Wu, do you want to go and have a look too?" Chen Lin just a polite sentence, who had thought, Wu Chen Wei did not know what came to mind, actually is nodded: "Go, why not go."

Only later did you know that this Wu Chenwei wanted to see the joke of the Shi family and mock in public.

After knowing that, Chen Lin was again shaking his head.