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Chapter 195 - News Release

"Wentang, is what you said true?" Bai Zhenkong asked with a trembling voice, Zuo Wentang nodded his head.

Ye Yuzhou natural Zuo Wentang will and Mangzhou snake kingdom and the matter of cross-fire said, he sighed, turned his head and rushed to Yang Jie said, "You wait outside for the time being, I have important matters to discuss with White City Lord."

Although Yang Jie was reluctant, but did not dare to disobey Ye Yuzhou's order, could only turn around and go out.

At this time, Ye Yuzhou thought about it and went forward and said, "Bai City Lord need not worry, the matter of national war is not trivial, the Snake Kingdom will not easily make the decision to go to war, what's more, no surprise, the Snake Kingdom also does not dare to move."

Bai Zhenkong was already generally clear about what happened.

"Mr. Yu Zhou, not that this city lord does not believe you, just do not understand, why you insist on helping that mysterious person, even at the expense of the means to lead Lin, Shi Wenjun naturally know, she as the Shi family head, not only the art of alchemy is noteworthy, the means of management is also quite powerful.

These years, if not for Shi Wenjun support, the Shi family's situation may be worse, in addition to her, the Shi family others, the art of alchemy can exceed Shi Wenjun, but in the management, no one can be better than her.

For the Chen family's price reduction suppression, Shi Wenjun this time calm, even if the day can not sell any herbs, she did not follow the drop.

Because Shi Wenjun knows that the Chen family's real killer app, in the elixir business.

The elixir business, is the Shi family's lifeblood.

Originally the Chen family got the formula, if it is a fair competition, the price is the same, that is fine, but the Chen family is trying to defeat the Shi family, so this battle is a matter of life and death, can not be avoided.

The person who started with nothing can achieve this degree from nothing, is really remarkable, if the normal situation, Wu Chenwei stole the Dan formula to the Chen family, this time the Shi family almost no possibility of turning around, unless the Shi family has other bottom of the box Dan formula.

Fortunately, the Shi family in the most critical time, got the support of Lin exhaust, got Lin exhaust to give the Dan recipe.

Other than that, just a Nine Water Floating Cloud Pill is enough to solve the Shi family's urgent needs.

What's more, this time the formula given by Lin Guan was not only the Nine Waters Floating Cloud Pill.

These days, the Shi family's alchemy experts are mysterious, closed doors, concentrating on alchemy, and today, is the day of the Shi family's counterattack.

Early in the morning, the Shi family put up a sign at the outer door of one of the largest medicine companies in Red Leaf City, and invited the city's most powerful people to attend the launch of the Shi family's new elixir.

It can be said that the show was very big.

In addition to inviting officials and some wealthy merchants, even the Chen family is also among the Shi family's invitations. Although Shi Wenjun is a woman, she is very open in her actions and has the intention of confronting the Chen family head-on.

Of course the new elixir to be released, the Shi family is very tightly covered, in addition to the Shi family a few core figures, the Shi family others simply do not know. Also eat a lesson and grow wise, in case there are again Shi family members eat inside and outside, then the Shi family can really be finished.