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Chapter 74: Magnificent Me Lou Cheng

After a mouthful of blood was spat out endurably, the judge Wu Sheng's face changed instantly, so gloomy that it seemed like it could drip water droplets. YaYa eBook www.shuyaya.cc更新最快

Having made this perverse situation, he can already imagine the surprise of others, the speculation of others, and the accusations of others!

Originally concealed perfectly impossible to expose things just ** nakedly presented in front of all the audience!

His own reputation will undoubtedly fall off a cliff!

Bonechai's eyes were confused, reflecting the crimson that the judge spewed, only to feel that everything was so unreal, only to feel that he seemed to be possessed by the heavenly devil earlier, to be involved in such a farce.

And even more unacceptable is that he still lost, lost defenseless, lost without temper, the last moment of the Lou Cheng can actually explode than the "Dou" sound enrichment also terrifying power!

Haha, he suddenly wanted to laugh, laugh at the delusion, laugh at the desire, laugh at all kinds of human world, laugh at their own greed.

"No! Is Bonechai crazy?" Seeing the change in expression of the obese monk clearly displayed on the big screen, the audience at the scene, following the previous bewilderment, all showed their eyes in dismay, suspecting that Bonechai had been beaten silly by Lou Cheng and broken down.

Waku's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, a few steps have mounted the ring, right hand clenched fist, hit the unprepared and repeatedly gasping and laughing Bonechai back of the head, knocked him out, half support half frame to get away, sent to the emergency room.

He did not look as if he had realized the falsity of mind, body and world, and thus had the intention to give up, but as if he had gone to the extreme and was blinded by the "heavenly devil", and had to be stopped decisively, otherwise he would really go crazy!

Watching people coming and going, watching everything that happened, the leader of the Holy Elephant Country's face gradually turned white, as if seriously ill, traumatized.

Things had developed to such a point that he could already see his own downfall and could imagine the punishment he would encounter afterwards, it was as if a tragedy was about to unfold.

Even with the help of the referee, he couldn't win Lou Cheng, Bonechai, you're a punk, a punk!

It doesn't matter if you're a loser, you're dragging me down with you!


"How fat four?" The live posting, "long night will come" Yan Xiaoling "pick flowers several petals" said.

I watch the game less, you can not lie to me, when the referee will also be injured?

"I suspect I watched a fake game ......" "Gaijin Dragon King" gave the same reaction.

The "piggyback warrior" wiped his cold sweat and said: "Yes, although the non-human level of the battle is not on the outer astral strong, the referee will occasionally in order to prevent both sides may cause fatal collision, bear a certain repercussions, but also will not be to the point of vomiting blood ah! What the hell is going on here?"

As the saying goes, when something goes wrong, it's a demon!

The non-human level of competition, because each other's control are raised to a certain level, only the kind of duel close to the Outer Dipper will be invited to act as a judge of the former strong, under normal circumstances, the fifth class battle with four is enough, four is looking for the same class, after all, the Outer Dipper experts are a party of big brothers, will not often have nothing to do to referee.

"It's the first time I've seen even an opponent injured along with the referee, not bad for a magical beast from the m78 nebula!" "The road to the ring" "laughing out of tears".

"A fist of invincibility" "hand on the chin thinking" said: "could be the referee itself was injured, by the 'Emperor's strength' generated shock waves and fire waves to The impact was superimposed and finally could not be suppressed?"

"How is it possible? It's not like we can't find another referee, if there's an injury, let's replace it." "Plumbers eat mushrooms" retorted, "with non-human control of their own subtlety? Is there an injury, the extent of the injury, will not know?"

"There must be a dirty ass deal!" "Always pure love Jun Okamoto" used the image of Beethoven to make an expression.

At this point, the silent "Gaijin Dragon King" spoke: "I just went to check the referee's information and found that he alienated a very interesting ability, translated as 'resonance', whenever the opponent and he did a collision, will be on his encounter with the impact of 'resonance'. The impact of his encounter will be 'empathic', that is to say, will bear a certain percentage of the rebound."

"Huh, that sounds a bit odd ...... 'Empathy' since it can deliver impact and damage, can't it also deliver positive effects like increased strength and increased spirit?" The "piggyback warrior" threw out a speculation in doubt.

"Blind student, you have found the Hua point!" The "Gaijin Dragon King" said with a "Conan pointing ahead" expression, "I thought the same thing, the judge used 'resonance' to help Bone Guess, wanting him to get the third place. Third place, the result, who knows Lou Cheng suddenly burst out, wounded bone guess, and at this time, his 'resonance' has not had time to interrupt, so also suffered the corresponding backlash damage, he can not be no reason to vomit blood ah!

"Yah yah yah, so dark!" "Mirage Van" reading comprehension full marks.

"Holy elephant country is also too shameless, right? The draw is not only shady, but also bought the help of judges!" In the face of such unfairness, "above the sky" is filled with righteous indignation.

"How insidious! They know that Lou Cheng has the ability to rebound curses, do not dare to directly attack him, so they found a judge who can help bone guessing, if you really win, push to the upper seat of the Ministry of the secret method to complete the spiritual outbreak on the line, watch the video can not see the problem, Lou Cheng will not suspect, God does not know the ghost! "Plumbers eat mushrooms" "fist pounding the table" said.

"I've seen shameless, I've never seen such shameless!"

"The culture of the South Pacific side is always very dark ......"

"I look at the East Japan side of the forum is also so speculative, said that the sacred elephant, Miluo and South Zheng have a lottery cheating, buy referees of the previous, heart and ruthless, face and black, do not want to take them to play in the future."

"Haha, Lou Cheng won even one against two, and made the referee vomit blood, and brought the matter to light, relieved, really relieved! See what face the Holy Elephant Country will take to face the international public opinion?"

"What is there to be afraid of? What is there to be afraid of if you don't have a face?"

"This is a win, it's great!"


Mocking, sighing and indignant comments sprouted up like rain, making the live posting extremely lively, but because Lou Cheng "one against two" took the victory, but also hit the opponent hard, and hurt the referee, so that the matter is now in full view of the public, but everyone did not hold back and anger and other emotions.

"Finally understand what you guys are saying ...... so angry oh! I'm going to complain, I'm going to protest!" Yan Xiaoling dive half a day, finally figured out exactly what is going on, "In addition, in addition, in addition, my male god is really handsome!"

"Huh, Lou Cheng promoted to your male god? Indeed, 'one against two' and still win is not something anyone can do! In the last ten years, he is the first player to make the referee vomit blood!" The "Gaijin Dragon King" gave a sigh of relief and then said, "I think it's useless for you to protest, the Holy Elephant Kingdom will definitely not admit it, so sit back and wait for them to explain how strange it is!"

"Can't say that Lou Cheng a fart avalanche hurt the judge, right?" "Always pure love Jun Okamoto" with the almighty "funny" said.

In the crowd of opinions, Lou Cheng was also confused by the situation behind him, he played so many games, watched so many battle videos, but never saw the referee vomit blood, but unexpectedly today it was staged for itself.

Strange ah ...... he frowned slightly, his thoughts electric turn, thinking while walking back to the bleachers.

"Awesome, one fight 'two' have won!" Peng Le Yun reached out and touched him with his fist.

One fight "two", Lou Cheng then suddenly realized: "The referee is secretly helping Bonechai? No wonder his 'Six Paths of Reincarnation' became so powerful at once!"

I apologize, "Daoist" and "literary youth" are not pits ......

"The 'six paths of reincarnation' became very powerful at once? Then the judge must have helped!" An Chaoyang blurted out, feeling that he had made up his own chain of evidence.

"Let's go and besiege, well, besiege the referee for an explanation!" Ren Li's gaze shone brightly and she leapt to her feet.

"You guys don't fool around with this, I'll go to the official protest and get the embassy to step in!" Zhong Ningtao hurriedly pacified a few "the world's most proud", they really want to storm out, can be equivalent to the ammunition depot of the event.

And Lou Cheng won all won, at this time the heart of the anger and not much, but a secret pleasure.

Let you shade me, now shade out of trouble, right? The chicken did not get the rice!

Bone guess, someone to help you, so what, I still won the same? And most of the time, I was on the prowl!

He shook his head in good humor and said.

"Then I'll leave it to you, leader, I'll see what excuse the Holy Elephant Country is looking for."

He is now more palpitations and fears in the "human world reincarnation" experienced things, can not wait to get back from the An Chaoyang palm phone, unlocked the screen.

Yan Ke has long been "dumbfounded" sent a message.

"The last thing that happened was the orange. I can't understand how ...... you two punches to defeat the bone guess ...... referee also spit blood ......"

"The referee may have secretly helped Bonechai, so it suffered a backlash." The building into the matter will pass, and turn to talk about their own in the "shakugan ten years" experienced things, at the end of the palpitations said, "I now look back, still very afraid of that regret ...... "

There is a kind of indescribable pain through the heart.

Yan Ke looked stunned, and then pursed his lips and lost a laugh, laughing at the silly fool's fear, and then "knocked the other side of the head" chided.

"Are you stupid? How can we end up without any problems? It really came to that, but also have to do the divorce procedures ah! As long as we meet, we will definitely be unable to let go of each other, and will make up!"

Lou Cheng was stunned, the old face a red answer.

"Yeah, I forgot about this at the time ......"

We have received a marriage certificate ......

"Idiot!" Yan Ke laughed and cursed out, fingers flying typing, "but well, such experience is also a good thing, you have to seriously summarize, write an insight, marked clearly need to avoid things and mentality!"

"Mmm!" Floor into a "strong nod".

"Really write a summary out oh, and then send me, I will follow the terms of supervision you!" Yan Ke "wiped the hair".

Well, I will also often look at this "summary", always remind myself what to avoid, do not forget the original intention ......


Because of the public outcry and the pressure from the Chinese Embassy, ten minutes before the start of the final, the organizing committee briefed on the anomalies that occurred in the third and fourth place battle, explaining.

"Miluo referee Wu Sheng, who had an old problem, was affected by the explosion created by Lou Cheng and was injured by his punching wind, and appeared to vomit blood, not fraud."

Wu Sheng, who was sitting in the lounge, heard the statement on the radio and his right hand suddenly clenched and crushed an iron ball.

He would rather the organizing committee punish himself for suffering black money than to have such a description.

As a senior strongman, being injured by a junior with fist wind, where should he put his face?

What do you mean by fist wind? It is the wind brought up by the fist!

If I can be wounded like this, what face can I take in the future!

The black money is at most a question of character, but this is a matter of the face of the boxer!


"Haha, boxing wind, boxing wind!"

Live posting, various forums, are for this explanation "pounding the ground laughing".

This is simply a silver bullet!

"I am magnificent I Lou Cheng, fist wind hurt non-human, eyes kill Dan realm!" Someone gave a limerick cloud.