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Chapter 73 - The Humanoid Beast

August 27, 8:00 p.m. The broadcast of the Sacred Elephant Pavilion began to guide the atmosphere, and the audience cheered and responded with a wave of heat. YaYa eBook www.shuyaya.cc更新最快

Before the final round, it will be warmed up by the third and fourth place matchups!

"Junior, sprint, in order to get more prize money, there is no cheering today, only the spur from Coach Yan!" Yan Ke "waving a flower sword", sent a message on time.

The spur ...... Lou Cheng let out a low laugh, "holding his head and trembling" said.

"Weak chickens tremble!"

Immediately after, he added a sentence, with a "chicken blood" expression said: "can only fight for strength.

"We can only strive to be strong!"

After a few sentences of interaction, he quit QQ, handed the unlocked phone to An Chaoyang, while touching fists with each other, while repeatedly admonished: "Wait until I'm almost in the ring before taking pictures, ah, sent to the live post, can not speak without talking ......"

Excuses and reasons have been used up, can only re-enable the relatively reliable An Chaoyang in the unreliable crowd!

"Well, hmm." An Chaoyang nodded his head to indicate that he was clear about what to do.

I did not expect Lou Cheng to have such a long-winded side ......

After explaining the live broadcast, Lou Cheng saw Peng Leyun clenched his fist and reached over, collided with himself and faintly laughed and said.

"But don't wave over the boat."

Ah ...... wave overturned the boat? Peng Le Yun know this word? He knows that An Chaoyang and I often comment on him like this during his matches? Hearing this familiar words, Lou Cheng momentarily actually some froze.

When he came to his senses, he could not help but old face a red, next to An Chaoyang is also can not help but dry cough two, like saying bad things about people behind their backs, but was caught in the act, caught in the act ......

"Haha." Lou Cheng replied with a dry smile, "No, it won't."

At this time, Ren Li also reached over with her fist, looked at him slightly guilty and confessed.

"I'm the one who let slip ......"

"Haha, it's okay, it's okay." Lou Cheng "forced a smile" said.

In such a relaxed feeling, he turned his body, along the aisle, towards the ring, with steady footsteps, aura inward.

Inside the live posting, the atmosphere was also lively and pleasant.

"This match still need to see? I'm sure I'll wake up to the news that Lou Cheng has taken down his opponent again!" "Always pure love Jun Okamoto" said pompously.

"Plumber eating mushrooms" habitually retorted: "You're wrong, drinking cold beer and eating barbecue while watching a wonderful game that is destined to win, is not a good thing? That's enjoyment!"

"You two, go squat in the corner, don't defeat my Lou Cheng's character!" "The long night will come" Yan Xiaoling "fiercely blew the whistle, issued a red card".

However, her ally "Mirage Fan" but do not think so, "proudly wagging his tail" said.

"Snacks are ready, it's just a race!"


In the midst of their cheerful exchange, Lou Cheng took the lead in the ring and stood to the left hand side of the referee, without bursting into action, just quietly watching Bonechai step by step, shaking flesh to come.

This opponent wearing crimson monk clothes, sturdy and fat, as if a horrible mountain of flesh, skin flushed with a dark gold color, more than a divine.

His features were propped up significantly smaller, his expression was not as bitter as Waku Duo, and although his eyes were deep, they had less of a taste of survey and disgust.

When Lou Cheng sized up his opponent, Bonechai also sized him up, only to find that the young man on the stage was in high spirits, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, warm and introverted, as if there was nothing threatening ordinary college students, but he stood there, but gave people the feeling of immobility like a mountain, as if once there is an outbreak, will be born tarzan collapse on top of the terror.

Breathing a few minutes heavier, then back to normal, bone guess slowly step to ascend, the corner of the eye can not help but glance at the judge.

The referee from Miluo Wu Sheng has a dark face, combed with a sparse back hair, serious expression, do not smile, the sweep of Bonechai's gaze did not make any response, ordinary.

He is the equivalent of a senior non-human powerhouse!

Bone guess retracted his sight, all distracting thoughts completely left behind, stood to the opposite of Lou Cheng, the two sides are separated by about ten meters.

After looking at the electronic clock and confirming that it was about to reach the eight o'clock ten mark, Wu Sheng raised his palm and made a gesture to the left and right respectively.

Then he waved his right hand down violently, his voice hoarse but spread throughout the arena: "Start!


The third and fourth place battle of the Four Nations Junior King Tournament officially began!

The muscles of Lou Cheng's two thighs haughtily tensed up his pants, with clear lines and angles, at the same time, his waist and back swayed, and his center of gravity protruded forward, as if he was about to pounce, like a raging blizzard that had been stored up for a moment.

After the opposite Bonechai subconsciously made a leap to the right, he lifted his left foot and stepped forward with force, just a test step.

Ka-ching! A thin slit spread, Lou Cheng rolled up a strong wind, whistling and pounced on its own left front, a leap has engulfed a distance of ten meters, just blocked the dodging opponent.

Bonechai sucked in a breath, suddenly sank his body, the dark gold fat chunks of flesh were clearly distinguishable, turned into shocking muscles, intended to "heart seal fist" hard to receive Lou Cheng's upcoming blow.

At that moment, Lou Cheng's fascia suddenly twisted, his muscles swelled and powered up, his footsteps corresponded, forcing a change of direction, crashing through the air barrier, emitting a banging sound, creating a close wind that blew directly at Bonechai's face.

Stepping on the Dou Bu Gang, the north wind whistles!

The wind is fierce, Bonechai's body slightly swayed, eyes instinctively closed, there is a sense of a biting knife scraping face.

One step flash to the side, Lou Cheng then inside against the feet, reverse twist knees and thighs, twist waist and back muscles, swing open arms, a fist pounding out.

Pop! The sound of crunchy sound, into the ears of Bonechai, he could not use the "Heart Seal Fist" again, the whole body's strength, quickly raised the arm, to the side of a.

Poof! Lou Cheng's fist hit his small arm and made a dent, causing ripples of fat, but failed to shake his opponent's body.

With his back sharply twisted and his feet staggered again, Lou Cheng went around to his enemy's side once again, bending his elbow and leaning viciously into the ram as Bonechai turned in obedience and tried to deal with himself head-on.

Although he wanted to experience the "Heart Seal Fist" and its killing move "Six Paths Reincarnation Fist" in this match, but he would not be like Peng Leyun, who started to fight hard without any preparation, and intended to wrangle for a while first, to thoroughly grasp the strength of Bonechai's fists and kicks, and have a bottom in his heart The first thing you can do is to try again.

In this way, once there is something wrong, they can immediately perceive, timely completion of the counterattack, not to be forced to the edge of failure to play heartbeat!

Bang Bang Bang! Steps open, Lou Cheng through flowers around the trees, three moves in a row, or punching, or kicking, or grabbing, and Bonechai completed a close collision, have a substantial grasp of the enemy's depth.

This monk of the upper seat division is indeed gifted, the physical body can carry and fight, the strength is comparable to the equivalent non-human level of their own, only slightly at a disadvantage, but it can be seen that they are more spiritual, lacking profound punching and kicking routines ......

With a judgment in mind, Lou Cheng pulled back slightly, no longer close physical combat, and collected many thoughts, "condensed" out of a cold, round mirror, clearly reflecting the scene within a few dozen centimeters around.

His soul seems to have come out of his body, is floating in mid-air, without the slightest emotion to look down on everything around him.

Once the "ice mirror", Lou Cheng immediately contracted the blood, pull back the arm, fast swing shoulder elbow.

Bang! His fist shot out, high-speed friction of the air, burning up a layer of red and nearly white flame, seems to wear a windy glove.

With a break, Bonechai was finally able to take a breath and run his spirit, surfacing a bitter color in his eyes, and threw an ordinary straight punch, with a flow of dark gold light, and met Lou Cheng's "fire fist" squarely.


Flame flow splashed, the dark gold on the face of Bonechai's fist was blown away, his body was doubly affected by the Dan energy burst and the impact wave, and he made a retreating step backwards, not daring to resist, while Lou Cheng felt an unpleasant feeling in his throat, his lungs tightened up, like a burning, unable to breathe, as if he had a serious illness.

Not only that, he also experienced the weakness of the physical body, as if he had been bedridden for a long time, no longer the style of the ring.

Heart seal fist, "sick"!

In life, it is always difficult to avoid suffering from illness, everyone will experience so many times, Lou Cheng's flesh body latent memory was thus triggered, and with the bone guessing of the fist intent to produce a sense of empathy, breakthrough in the past, contracted a "serious illness", fist and foot are powerless, seems to be able to watch the other party pounding a punch, but their own defensive action is slow It's an abnormal situation.

This is such a real feeling, but in Lou Cheng's "high" look down, in the "ice mirror" reflection, their own blood is surging, whistling turnover, muscle youthful vitality, ready to break the wall, step on the ground, which has half a sign of illness.

All the previous, are the brain is affected by external fluctuations, the "illusion", and secreted the corresponding hormone, deepen the sense of substance!

Health is good ...... feel the contrast between the "sick" body and the reality **, Lou Cheng oiled such a sigh, left foot half a step forward, the surrounding muscles swell, the right fist snapped and out, against the fist of the bone guess who wanted to take advantage of the gap.

Bang muffled sound, both fists seem to have deformation, bone guess monk robe wavering, nearly ignited by the flame, busy back half a step, reappear bitter color, ordinary and unexceptional reverse whirl the arm.

Heart seal fist, "bitter"!

Lou Cheng, of course, chose to take it hard, qi blood a hold a release, the left arm thickened a few points, the fist ferocious pounding out, not avoiding the slightest.

The temperature around the steeply lowered, condensed water droplets, filled with white mist, they clustered around the shimmering crystal luster of the fist, accompanied by it hit the small arm of Bonechai, making the muscles dented and turned into fat fat, making the dark gold turned to greenish white.

In a flash, bone guess was knocked back two meters, feet in the ground rubbing out sharp marks, arms and arms above all the white frost, lips trembling from the cold, Lou Cheng heard the stomach chirping, felt the uncontrollable hunger, as if he had become an ascetic monk, is strict precepts, against the sun and rain, living by begging, and not eaten at lunch.

The dry and tasteless stuff, the unpleasant meal, the unpleasant hunger that stretched out his hand in his throat, one by one, attacked his heart, making him want to admit defeat immediately, turn around and rush into the restaurant and eat a meal.

No, it is to hurry back to the country, nibble on the long-awaited variety of food!

Stir-fried eel, old Liu baked eggplant, potatoes roast beef, lotus root stewed pork ribs, tomato omelet soup, shredded fish and pork, spicy crab, marinated crawfish ...... a picture flashed in Lou Cheng's mind, allowing him to better appreciate the torture suffered by ascetic monks.

Snap! He summoned up his whole body strength, wildly swung his arms, smashed his fist, for the "food" fight!

Of course, the "ice mirror" only had ripples, not broken, reflecting clearly the reality that he was not actually hungry, which allowed him to control his emotions and not to be impatient.


Just back to lunge bone guess again was forced to smash back, stepped on the ground crack, his heart stunned a flash, can not believe that the "hungry" state of Lou Cheng can still send such a fierce power.

People's food is heaven! Lou Cheng swallowed his saliva, stretching his body, striding to catch up, his body muscles are clear, solid, as if the gods of the earth.

Come again! He shouted secretly, shaking out his right arm with interest, a fist into a gun, stabbing at Bonechai's throat, the "Inferno Emperor's Power" contained in it, igniting the surrounding air, making them shrink inward, like a condensed fire mass.

Bonechai eyes blazing white jump, no longer dare to hide or temptation, busy running up the spirit, bursting out the five embodied light in the pupil, step and swing the arm, noiseless forward charge.

"Six Paths of Reincarnation Fist", "Hungry Ghost Road"!

He wants to "do not know the rhythm of greed" quietly affect the opponent's mind, so that the more Lou Cheng fight, the more impatient, the more you ignore other issues, eyes only the impulse to take their own breath.

This is very difficult to detect the power of the punch, often unaware of the trick, until they wake up, and then do the suppression, is already on the verge of failure or already failed!

Because of this, Bonechai used it as a front!


The monk's robe on Bonechai's arm shattered inch by inch, cracks after cracks appeared in the dark gold color, his other palm spread out in front of his face, his body staggered backwards, defusing the impact of the "Inferno Emperor Power".

Based on the power alone, this fire core power is recognized as the fourth, no one dares to rank the first three!

The "ice mirror" of Lou Cheng rippled, the crystal "level" seemed to be about to crack, but it also revealed the "spies" lurking in.

The "hungry ghost" fist intent was detected under prepared and suppressed circumstances!

Quite magical well ...... condensed water into ice, the mind precipitated, Lou Cheng deterred impatience, cut off greed, a punch and a kick in the middle, did not reveal any breakthroughs, playing a steady and stable.

Bonechai was secretly surprised, and made up two more "hungry ghost paths", but still failed to affect the opponent, had no choice but to turn the light in his eyes, and changed his fist power.

In his eyes, he took a breath, raised his waist and back, raised his arm, and swung his fist down, seemingly fast and fierce, but did not provoke the slightest wind.

The right arm across the lower abdomen was lifted upward, and the reverse ring came out, colliding with the enemy's fist in mid-air, stirring up a reverberating and dazzling sound.

In his heart, his emotions fell sharply and returned to calm, and all of a sudden he felt that the fight was meaningless, the match was meaningless, and defeating the enemy was even more meaningless.

What exactly am I standing here for, who am I, where do I come from, where will I go ...... At this moment, Lou Cheng seems to have entered the sage time, can no longer raise the slightest interest in things outside the body, thinking about the philosophical questions about the world about themselves, to the bone guess side slamming elbow intent.

"The Six Paths of Reincarnation", "The Way of Heaven"!

This can "help" people overcome **, eliminate all kinds of emotions, away from the "mind" of the hell, used in combat, it can dissolve the opponent's fighting spirit, reduce the secretion of the corresponding hormone, so that the enemy lazy do not want to defend, even if the instinct to make a block, but also can not be motivated.

Each of the six reincarnations has its own subtleties!

But such a state and the "ice mirror" has a similarity, both to make people subdue emotions, free from interference, Lou Cheng quickly adapt, the heart lake perfectly reflect their own situation, with the cold and ruthless "celestial will", to promote the operation of the physical body.

Hormone secretion, muscle bulge, Lou Cheng turned his waist and swing his arm, launched his left hand, palm false containment, held the elbow of Bonechai, the fire flow quickly condensed, about to burst.

Bone guess hastily closed his elbow, avoiding the explosion of the fire wave, only to feel that his opponent is like a god like immortal, under the "six paths of reincarnation", but no response!

His eyes light turn red, the spirit of depravity into energy, waist a lift, the back of the foot tense, first made a low kick, wait until Lou Cheng whip leg draw block, before holding a fist across the ring, as