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Chapter 159 - The Rainbow in the Twelve Years of Nanqing (I)

It was raining in Nanqing Kyoto, and it was snowing in Northern Qi Nanjing. The light snow drifted gracefully and slowly in the air. The cold air that filled the heaven and earth still brought the temperature down to a level that was very loathsome to humans.

On top of the majestic walls of Nanjing City, the general of the Nanjing Military Command Division, who was in charge of the southern defense line of Northern Qi, looked indifferently at the plain to the southwest, where there was no snow. He could still see the black fertile soil that was hibernating. His gaze passed through the layers of wind and snow. Fell on the place stretched for decades. The aura is solemn south Qing military camp.

There the banner hunting. The camp stretches, endless black, silently standing in the wind and snow. It is like a beast that rests temporarily and may pounce on Nanjing City at any time!

The two major border armies of the Southern Qing Yanjing camp and the Northern camp came to attack with all their might. One after another, they broke through the three lines of defense laid by the Northern Qi army. With a prairie momentum to pounce on the north, all the way I do not know how many Northern Qi warriors killed, and now has arrived 20 miles in front of the Nanjing defense line, is taking a short break.

It seems that the most bloody and cruel siege war between the two powers in the world. The most bloody and cruel siege between the two great powers of the world will soon break out under Nanjing. Uesugi broke couldn't help but squint his eyes. The palm of his hand gently stroked the sheath of his sword beside him. Looking at the subordinates who were moving around like ants, preparing the armament to defend the city in the freezing weather, feeling the tense and panic atmosphere inside the city, he could not help but sigh.

More than 100,000 Qing army iron cavalry has been pressed and covered to. The first town in the south of Qi, how long can it hold up?

Uesugi broke shook his head. He issued several military orders to his subordinate officers. Then he turned around and went down the city wall. He came to the front line tent temporarily placed under the city wall.

This tent is very isolated and quiet. The outside was personally guarded by his personal soldiers. There was no danger that anyone could get close to the tent. Uesugi broke looked at the one in the tent wearing a civilian dress. However, the man who is not angry and powerful, simply kneeled down on one knee and said in a deep voice: "Father, it seems that Wang Zhikun has been defeated by the ambush of the previous days, and should not launch an attack on the city within three days."

All the people in the world at this time thought that the military pillar of Northern Qi. The most scandalous to the Southern Qing Dynasty, Marshal Utsugi Hu, should still be sunk in the Song state city between the waist and the belly of the Qing army. However, who would have thought that when the battle of Nanjing was about to start, this world's most powerful general would be alone, unaware of the situation. The first thing that happened was that he came to Nanjing alone, unnoticed!

Uesugi Tiger's black eyebrows twitched slightly, and after a moment said in a deep voice: "Wang Zhikun is a bit conservative. But definitely not a cowardly person, otherwise how would Emperor Qing let him lead the Yanjing army for more than ten years ...... those days in those harassment. It looks like our army took advantage of. In fact this person is like a bird turtle, not at all tempted by you what soldiers."

Uesugi broken listening to the righteous father buzzing voice echoed in the tent. Looking at his righteous father's eyes naturally showed a trace of admiration. The fact that his father had secretly returned to Nanjing for some time, naturally he had to prepare for the great battle that was coming. If it is not righteous father secretly transport troops like God. With the three lines of defense. Cutting across, it is not possible to let the South Qing iron cavalry to today to kill under the city of Nanjing.

"Wang Zhi Kun is really shameless to the extreme. Obviously they have the advantage of troops, and the momentum is in ...... favor of the plains to put up a defensive stance." Uesugi broken thought here, can not help but curse out angrily.

"The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money. Wang Zhikun's power is here ...... Nanqing ah." Uesugi Tiger suddenly withdrew his gaze from the map and looked beyond the camp tent. Sighed: "There are many soldiers and generals. I am not deceived."

This generation of famous general of Northern Qi's face suddenly appeared a trace of fatigue, he returned to Nanjing from the state city of Song. It is because he is really uneasy about the defense of this place. Once the Qing iron cavalry really broke through the Nanjing defense line, the midsection of the Northern Qi court will directly face the war from the south, the court must be chaotic.

If Uesugi Tiger and so on had cast a diversionary plan. The South Qing iron cavalry still thinks he still stays in the state of Song. Only fear to the extreme worry. Instead, he is secretly presiding over this line of defense in Nanjing, with only one Uesugi Tiger. But with this method, it can play a role beyond one Uesugi Tiger.

But in the face of the strict military discipline of Qing, excellent armament, combat power is unusually strong more than 100,000 large army, Uesugi Tiger how to use the army like a god. It is impossible to feel easy. Especially this is not a field battle. It was a head-on collision between the two powers on the Nanjing defense line, and in the end, the fight was still a battle between national strength and national power. It is still a matter of national power and momentum.

Uesugi Tiger was not afraid of Wang Zhikun. He knows this southern counterpart too well. So he is not afraid. These years he presided over the southern military of Northern Qi, always betting his eyes on the palace in the distant southern Kyoto. He always thought he understood Emperor Qing's military thinking, if Southern Qing really wants to carry out a northern expedition, according to the theory must be to gather the whole country's strength to pounce on the north, at least to assemble three border troops, with an unstoppable momentum, strong advance.

However, there were only two border armies outside Nanjing. The Emperor's vigor seems to be not as strong as he imagined. Uesugi Tiger's eyes were slightly narrowed. Worried. Secretly thinking. What is the king in the south thinking? Is there some kind of trickery that he did not see? Can he still hold this kingdom?

A general's confidence is important, but in front of Nanqing's strong military power, Uesugi Tiger did not have the confidence to win the battle. He believed that he could stop his opponent's northern expedition for a while. But how long could it be stopped?

A kind of fatigue occupied Uesugi Tiger's heart. He suddenly thought of the secret order from His Majesty the other day, and heard that Nanqing Fan Xian had returned from the temple and should have arrived in Kyoto by now. The fate of the Great Qi was to rest on the illegitimate son of Emperor Qing? Will Fan Xian kill Emperor Qing? Can he kill Emperor Qing?

When Uesugi Tiger was watching the tents of the Qing army in Nanjing, he was in the wind and snow. In the tents of the Qing army that stretched for more than ten miles, the main commander, General Wang Zhikun, also looked at the big city in the distance with a cold gaze. As long as that city was breached. The strongest cavalry of the Qing army. Then they can kill into the vital place in the center of Northern Qi, then the wind will roll, although they still have to face the two defensive lines in front of the Upper Capital. But I think it will be better than now to fight more.

Especially at this time to attack Nanjing, but to prevent behind the Song state city of Uesugi Tiger. Although the Qing army's attack is stable. But less than the year to open up the frontier to expand the territory of the magnificent momentum.

"When will Shi Fei arrive?" Wang Zhikun asked. A general beside him answered directly without thinking: "The general should arrive in four days."

Wang Zhikun nodded with some relief, at the beginning of this northern expedition. His Majesty has already prepared all the strategies, although as far away as the Uesugi Tiger in Nanjing. Wang Zhikun sometimes felt that His Majesty was not as bold as he was back then, but his confidence in His Majesty had never waned.

The fact that His Majesty wanted to send Shi Fei to take over the field army in the northern camp did not give Wang Zhikun the slightest negative feeling, and he did not care about letting others take credit. What's more, he wouldn't think that His Majesty didn't trust himself, because Shi Fei was originally his lieutenant back then.

What's more, nowadays, the Northern Expedition is a war to unify the country, and no great general dares to hope. With only his own strength. It will be able to complete such great achievements.

Wang Zhikun occasionally thought. At least he is better than Marshal Ye. The identity of Marshal Ye is now too noble, only in Kyoto Privy Council issued orders. But can not personally lead the army like yourself.

How many years have you been preparing? Wang Zhikun stood at the entrance of the tent, allowing snowflakes to fall on top of his armor. Squinting his eyes. Looking at the distant Nanjing city, thinking that his feet have actually stood on the territory of the Northern Qi heart suddenly grew endless feelings of pride.

Stationed in Yanjing for His Majesty for more than ten years, for the ground is today, the magnificent picture is in front of you. How can there be regret in life?

Suddenly. Wang Zhikun pupils of the eyes flashed a trace of cold, the body slightly trembled, although the cold weather, but the logistics of the Qing army no problem, no problem of momentum. But his heart has always been extremely strong uneasiness, Lord Fan back to Kyoto. His Majesty will be well?

The palace of Northern Qi was built on a mountain, and there was a mountain stream on the mountain, which flowed along the mountain road to the bottom to form a clear pond, with green stones beside the pond, and the clear water in the pond flowed in the direction of the outside of the palace through a gap that was deliberately opened.

The Emperor of Northern Qi was wearing an overcoat. Inside wearing a dragon robe. Two eyebrows like a sword slightly raised. Lips tightly pursed, he just sat next to the gap in the water pool. Silent for a long time. Not a word.

Begonia stood beside him with her back turned. The eyes follow the clear water flowing from the pool, has been looking at the beautiful palace outside, that slowly walking in the winter capital city inland river.

Before the incident of the Great Eastern Mountain. Master Bitter Lotus had a conversation with the Empress Dowager in this water pool. Certain things were decided. He drifted away, and finally returned in a state of disillusionment, and died at the end of his life. He was defeated at the hands of Emperor Qing.

Now the Northern Qi court is again facing the threat of the powerful monarch in the south, only this time the threat is more real and more direct than the last. Countless iron horsemen of Qing have already embarked on the road of invasion to invade the north. There is no telling when they will not kill this ancient capital city. Ignite this beautiful black and green imperial palace.

"I can't put all my hopes on his land." Northern Qi emperor sword eyebrows slightly flat. The face was slightly light. Slowly spoke: "Although I believe that he and Emperor Qing have a heavenly grudge between them. But after all, Emperor Qing is his own father. About Fan Xian this person treacherous and naive feelings. I probably understand a little better than many people."

"And the most critical thing is. According to the words of Little Aunt, that blind master has simply become an idiot." Northern Qi emperor lowered his head, looking at the water some deformation of his own face, suddenly felt the coldness of the world. All turned into an unprecedented burden. The pressure is about to take his breath away. With a slight sense of disappointment said: "If this is really the case. Who can kill the king in the palace of the Southern Qing?"

"Everyone knows the ambitions of the Qing people. I have been preparing for it for so many years, but only when the war started, I realized. It turns out that I still underestimated the strength of the Qing army." The Emperor of Northern Qi raised his face, his eyes flashed with a hint of determination. "Only two border armies can kill the city of Nanjing, if Emperor Qing really invades the country, even Uesugi Tiger. I am afraid that it will not be possible to support for long."

"If General Uesugi can't support it, what is His Majesty going to do?" Haitang slowly turned around at this time. Asked calmly.

"Pour out the strength of the country. Fight with one." The Northern Qi emperor responded with a faint smile. Did not think at all, "the world is ultimately my world. Even if the jade will be broken. Also to be broken in my hands. I have never had the idea of admitting defeat."

Haitang did not speak again. Just quietly looking out of the palace. Looking at the south, hands gently together.

Dong Yi City controls the territory. The land that is blown by the sea breeze has a warmer and more humid weather than the upper capital city and Kyoto, and the trees in the mountains and fields still retain a rare green color. The city is a small state, and then you will come to a land of snow and slaughter?

The snowy land is the original of the South Qing army. After the Northern Qi retreat to hold on. The place where countless people perished in battle.

The lone army rebelled from the Southern Qing court. In the world of silence for more than a year, the Qing Grand Prince. At this time, he was in the mountains and fields as warm as spring. Eyes straight to the sky, imagining the slaughter of the wind and snow.

Behind him are more than 10,000 loyal subordinates. There is a black line in the mountain side of the mountain. That is Fan Xian handed him four thousand black riders, but Jing Ge led these black riders. It seems not much willing to listen to him.

If Wang XIII Lang had not returned to Dongyi City, brought Jing Ge Fan Xian's personal military orders.

The great prince withdrew his gaze and glanced at Wang XIII Lang beside him. There was not the slightest emotional reaction on his heroic face. He is in charge of the army at this time, although the number of people is small. However, it is the most powerful force that Dongyi City relies on, if it joins the battlefield between the two countries at this time. Especially from Uesugi Tiger last year captured the state city of Song to kill out. I'm afraid it will bring the world shocking battle results.

However, Fan Xian did not ask or request him to do so. Fan Xian just gave all his power to his elder brother, and then through Wang XIII Lang's mouth, he told him his analysis of the world's situation, and then there were no more words.

The great prince kicked his horse's belly. A silent face led more than 10,000 elite soldiers towards the northwest, a few breaths later, the mountain field above the four thousand black riders also began to hold a permanent unchanging slaughter and ghostly breath up to draw.

He was silent on the horse and knew very well why Fan Xian did not have any specific words for himself, because he was the same as Fan Xian, although they all have the bloodline of Dongyi City, but after all, they are Qing people. The vast majority of the 14,000 strong elite forces are also Qing people.

If the Southern Qing Dynasty is attacking the North, do these Qing people want to betray the court and fight back? I'm afraid no one can do such a thing, although these people are exiled characters, for the emperor is not loyal, but betrayal of the king and treason are two concepts after all.

However, the direction of Dongyi City can not stand by and watch Emperor Qing break up Northern Qi with a single breath, because if that happens, Dongyi City is naturally the second target of the powerful Qing army. Nowadays, Dongyi City is nominally under Daqing. But under the power of Fan Xian and the Grand Prince. The Southern Qing court can not control this place, once there is an opportunity to move troops to really conquer. I think the Qing court will not let go of an opportunity.

If at that time, the city of Dongyi is naturally destroyed. The first prince also has only one way to die, from the moment of Chen Pingping's death. The Grand Prince has been prepared for this kind of thinking, but now know Fan Xian in Kyoto is ready to do that thing. The grand prince's heart still can't restrain some gloom.

Whether Fan Xian is winning or losing. His mood will be gloomy. Because that person is his father. His mother is still in the palace of the Qing Dynasty, and his wife and concubines are still in Kyoto.

The grand prince slowly raised his head and looked in the direction of Kyoto. A time to sigh up, slightly narrowed his eyes, long silence. Not a word.

The world's war has begun, the field of Shura has been paved. Bones buried in the road. Blood and flesh splattered in the wild. Crow monster in the sky in the wind and snow, endless slaughter and danger, shrouded the whole world. Like a lingering shadow, covering the sky above the heads of all the thousands of people.

It is in such a tense to the extreme situation. There are many people's eyes. Including those fierce generals on the sand field, to the highland emperor. The rebellious son of the lone guard, in fact, are watching Kyoto. Because they know that the real victory or defeat, the world's trend, still in the southern Qing dynasty in Kyoto, in the pair of people on their own are extraordinarily cruel and ruthless father and son between.

As His Majesty the Emperor of Qing once said to Ye Wan, the real game point is the survival of life and death between him and Fan Xian. But this bureau is not humanly possible to set. Rather, these decades of creation and cause and effect, and finally condensed into the situation. In the process of condensation, His Majesty the emperor himself, the dead woman. Chen Pingping in the autumn rain, and even Fan Xian himself have played a role in pushing the wave to help. So much so that the bureau in the end has no solution. Became a deadlock.

Only the sword can cut the knot, only life and death can be freed.

The people of Kyoto City, which was watched by countless pairs of eyes, felt