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Chapter 158 - Who bends down when walking in front of the palace?

"Release the arrows!" Rain water dripped from Gong Dian's mixed ground beard. The pale faced commander of the forbidden army issued an order with a slightly trembling voice.

Countless feathered arrows broke away from the taut bowstring at this moment. Suddenly the speed increased to the peak. They tore through the rain in the air. Shot at the five bamboo standing alone in the middle of the square.

Dense arrow feathers seem to cover the sky. Only today's rainstorm took the lead in stealing this effect, so countless speedy arrows shot out like venting dissatisfaction, strangled the heaven and earth, all the rain beads in the air, so that the entire square over the ground. Turned into a curtain of water like a divine realm!

The terrifying sound was matched by the eerie whistling sound of the arrows piercing the air. These sounds represented the powerful military power of the Qing Dynasty, as well as the irresistible killing intent.

In such a dense attack of arrows and feathers. No one can survive. Fan Xian could not. Even back then at the Great Eastern Mountain Ye Liuyun. The ground is only a few hundred crossbow arrows, and in that terrain. The Grand Master's fluttering body style, which is their greatest protection.

How to kill a great master? Fan Xian once thought about this problem. It must be placed on the plain, 10,000 arrows, and then use heavy armor cavalry chain charge, so as not to give the Grand Master the possibility of escape.

The five bamboo standing alone in the rain is very powerful. At least those who know his name. Never think he is weaker than a great master, it is clear that the forbidden army to close the troops to release arrows. Fan Xian's plan was very appropriate _ at this time the square is wide, although in the rain. There is nothing to block the view of the law. How to avoid the five bamboo? The manpower is sometimes poor, one against ten thousand people have. However, the arrow feathers together, but as if the power of 10,000 people combined in one out. How to resist?

In the face of a rainstorm of arrows more dense than the five bamboo can still stand in the middle of the square incomparably strong?

The five bamboo body method is not as fast as Ye Liuyun. Five bamboo strike is not as ruthless as the four Gu sword, five bamboo can not take advantage of the rain like bitter lotus and disappear, he just indifferently raised his head, through the layer of wet black cloth. Look at the face. The strong wind forced face. Will own dozens of feet around the direction are shrouded up black arrow rain.

The tip of the arrow pierced the rain beads. Came in front of him.

Nowadays, the world, the strongest light body kung fu should be Fan Xian. With the help of the spell booklet left by Bitter Lotus, he could swipe more than ten feet on the snow. However, he is, at this moment, facing this rain of arrows. There is no way to swiftly as lightning, swept to the arrow rain cover outside the range.

So five bamboo body also did not move. Did not try to avoid this apparently long-established, dense to the extreme arrow rain. Because no one can dodge - he just put back the brazier in the rain around him. Across his chest, like a door, suddenly broke closed, locking his figure behind the rain and mist.

Duh duh duh duh! Numerous sound arrowheads piercing the target of the horrible sound, seems to be at this moment at the same time, strong arrow branch some pierced the five bamboo feet of the green stone slab, violently bounced up. In the air then could not withstand the huge force of the arrow body. Snapped a brittle break, some arrows are shot directly into the narrow gap between the stone slabs. Arrow feathers buzzing.

Just a moment. Countless arrows will be five bamboo slightly thin body, enveloped, countless sound palpitating sound after, the royal city up and down a silence, all the pupils of the eyes are gradually narrowed. The pupils of everyone's eyes gradually shrunk. They shrunk in horror, looking at the scene in front of them with disbelief.

The arrow branches were like weeds after being urged by the spring rain. Sen Muyan was densely stuck on the ground in the middle of the square in front of the palace about tens of feet square. Splashed in the air!

And the most dense arrow rain right in the middle, five bamboo still silently standing, I do not know when, he has been wearing the ground hat has come to his hand, the above pierced with an unknown number of arrows. Look like a black fur ball, seeping with a cold light.

And his right hand is still holding the brazier steadily. Under his right hand were countless arrows that he had cut off.

The rain-soaked square was full of arrows, and Wuzhu stood among the broken arrows, except where his feet were standing, a ground of broken killing intent. He seemed to be the only one left in the world. Standing on the clean ground.

The rain suddenly stopped at this moment. It seems that the heavens also began to vaguely fear this under the ten thousand feather arrows, still stubbornly standing blind man. Want to see this scene more clearly. So the thick rain clouds above the palace were suddenly torn open a gap, and the sun's rays came down through that gap. Shining on the body of the five bamboo, faintly reflected a clear light for the blind man in cloth.

Autumn breeze in the light rain. Five bamboo body soaked clothes gently brushed, rustling. His left hand on that do not know how many feathers and arrows to accept the hat, finally end of life, in his hands scattered broken. It was like a fragile lantern.

No one knows what happened, the imperial city forbidden army simply do not understand this kind of miraculous scene. How did it appear on earth, at the moment of the 10,000 arrows. Five bamboo actually moved, but he moved too fast. So much so that his hand brazier and high-speed rotation of the hat. These two traces have turned into a shadow in the rain. No one could see the ground at all.

Five Bamboo's feet were like two stakes, standing deep in the earth. The iron brazier in his right hand was as if it had life. He completely calculated the trajectory of each arrow's flight, and with the powerful execution ability of Gozhu's limbs, he unbelievably cut down each arrow that actually pierced his body.

The previous moment. The brazier's every stabbing and cutting cross-blocking was strongly limited by the five bamboo within the range of his own body, not an inch beyond. He allowed the whistling arrows to graze his shirt. Brushing his earlobes. Grazed his thighs and swept by. But these arrows do not even look at a glance.

The pair of soaked cloth shoes in front. The arrows were stuck all over. The five bamboo did not make a block, this absolute calculation ability and the confidence that comes with it, as well as the strong will that is indicated, really can not be found on earth.

If it were any other Grand Master. I'm afraid it's impossible to be so calm as Five Bamboo showed earlier. Because no one in this world other than the five bamboo can calculate so many things in such a short period of time. And in a flash of lightning. Can make the most appropriate kind of response.

Ten thousand arrows were fired in unison. But it was a single shot, must cover all the possible range of the five bamboo dodge. So the arrows really shot at the body of the five bamboo. There are not so many, but ...... this world. In addition to the five bamboo, who can be in such a critical moment.

Not much just for the five bamboo, spare so, his hand that brazier. It is also impossible in an instant. The dense feather arrows will come down all. So his left hand also moved, directly took off the hat worn on top of his head. He began to spin rapidly in the rain. Rolling up countless rain arcs, shaking away countless arrows ......

The hat shattered. It shattered like a lantern, scattered on the wet ground with a crash, shaking up countless arrows.

Five bamboo some difficulty to straighten out the left hand five fingers, looking at his arm through the several feather arrows, originally without a trace of expression of the face but suddenly more than a real emotion.

There is some pain, Wuzhu thought in his heart. And then that one deep into the bone. Even through the out of the feather arrows from his left arm, arrows and his small arm flesh and bone grinding sound. In this moment. It seems to obscure the sound of diminishing rain.

The Imperial City is silent, the clear light from the sky of Kyoto broke through the gap in the sky, shining on the thin body of the five bamboo, he slowly and seemingly unaware of the arrow pulled out of his body. Then wiped the liquid from the wound and raised his step again.

When this step fell. It was full of the sound of arrows cracking. Because five bamboo is walking on the ground in front of the arrow pile, walking towards the palace.

The morale of the forbidden army was at this moment low to the extreme. Even more low than a year ago when the alarming sound, because the fear of the unknown is terrifying. But definitely not as scary as watching a monster. They did not know who was the strong man standing in the rain of arrows below the palace, but subconsciously thought that the other party must not be human. Only afraid that it is some kind of demon!

Or ...... gods and goddesses?

With the strict discipline of the Qing army. Even if they are facing a great master who is praised by all the people, perhaps they will not even pause for a moment, but will use a succession of stormy arrow attacks to kill the enemies of Qingland, yet today they truly feel fear. Because that strong man did not only show the incomparable power. More importantly. They were shocked by the indifference shown by that strong man.

So when the five bamboo stepped on the dense, as if the spring grass like the pile of arrow remnants. When they were about to walk to the front of the palace gate. The second wave of arrow rain, still did not fall.

A pale face Gong Dian stared blankly at the blind man who was getting closer and closer. Suddenly felt some bitterness in his mouth. The five people are already too close to the imperial city, even if they attack with arrows, I'm afraid the effect is not as good as before, could it be that the mission given to him by His Majesty will never be completed?

The emperor of Qing has lived his life. The only two things he is afraid of is the black box. The other is the old five that came steadily today, the emperor in the Taiping courtyard bloodshed after more than 20 years. More than once wanted to remove the five bamboo from this world. However ...... ultimately he failed, just to deal with the revenge of the five bamboo. The emperor naturally also has his own set of plans.

He did not prepare for the five bamboo is actually not much. Because the earth can control the street five bamboo ground method. Originally there are not many. Not to mention that nowadays, the Qing Dynasty only has an old and exhausted His Majesty, the master Ye Liuyun has long since drifted away ......

In the view of Emperor Qing, the only possible way to remove the five bamboo is the palace walls. The countless forbidden army blocked, and the sky is full of fire.

Because a few years ago in the deserted field behind the Qing Temple, Emperor Qing had seen with his own eyes that messenger of the temple. In the fire gradually melted into a strange thing. Also once heard the crackling sound - Gong Dian. It is the specific implementation of Emperor Qing's plan to remove the five bamboo executor. For this reason, the forbidden army has prepared rockets and corresponding facilities in these days.

However, it seems that in this autumn of the 12th year of the Qing Dynasty. It really abandoned the true son it had chosen on earth. When Gochuk came outside the palace because of his inexplicable and deep emotions. The sky suddenly dropped a rainstorm that is rarely seen in Kyoto in late autumn.

The heavy rain poured down heavily on the preparations of the palace ceremony. It also seemed to be a way to cleanse the Southern Qing court of its past and to bury a powerful king.

Gong Dian took a deep breath and looked at the approaching five bamboo. Stopping the order to release arrows, he shouted in a hoarse voice, "Prepare fire oil!"

If he wanted to envelop the Gozhu under the Imperial City in a sea of fire. Four years ago when the rebellion in Kyoto, Fan Xian through the Supervisory Court set up the gunpowder airburst poison plan, no doubt the most powerful, but four years ago, Fan Xian has been the Supervisory Court stockpile of large quantities of gunpowder are hidden under the small building. The most crucial thing is still ...... the rain in the sky. This damn rain, so Gong Dian only may hope that the kerosene. Can kill the five major people under the Imperial City.

Kerosene poured down, but simply can not be poured to the five bamboo body. Five bamboo walking seemingly slow and steady, but like a flying gazelle on the cliff. Walked to the palace gate. The rain was subsiding. The forbidden army on the imperial city finally lit a dozen rockets and shot them all down. Once the fire touched the kerosene mixed with water under the imperial city, it burst into a fierce flame. The flames were like a rainstorm rising from the ground. The rain of fire, fiercely poking out a huge fire. To engulf the lonely figure of the five bamboo!

It was at this moment. Five Bamboo flew up. To be more precise, he was walking. Completely beyond all human imagination, his hand brazier ready to pierce a gap in the palace about two feet high, the body like a bowstring arrow, swift acceleration. Turned into an indifferent shadow, in the smooth and craggy imperial city wall. The feet kept staggering, just like that, running towards the city wall!

No one could describe this scene. Five Bamboo was on the road. On the walls of the imperial city. Running right into the falling rain sky!

When Five Bamboo's feet, which were wearing cloth shoes. When it landed firmly on the head of the imperial city, Gong Dian knew that the momentum was gone, and that there was no one in this world other than His Majesty the Emperor. There was no one else who could stop Wuzhu from entering the palace.

A thunderous sound of horses' hooves suddenly came from the corner of the square under the autumn rain. The number of cavalry is not large. However, it was extraordinarily stern. The Privy Councillor, now the first person in the Qing military. Ye Chong, the first person in the Qing military, finally came from the Privy Council.

Ye Chong's face was shocked and iron blue, and the rain made his white hair stick to his slightly black face. He looked at the lone blind man's back on the city head from afar, jumped off his horse and ran wildly in the rain toward the imperial city. But he nearly stumbled. He shouted desolately, "Five major people. Don't make a mess!"

"Know that the temple has been deserted and broken ...... but I think the old five since the temple ground people. The temple always has a way to keep him there, who knows he can really return to earth. This is why?"

"Why this thief God, today to rain so much? Why is this?"

"I have the world in my heart. I am in control of ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains. Who can tell me why?"

"Heaven is so unjust. If you give me some more time. No, if I hadn't been injured under that box, why would I be afraid of the fifth old man coming here?"

"But even if the old five came? So what?"

From time to time to hear the urgent report outside the palace, but still a calm face of His Majesty the emperor, the corners of the lips suddenly a cold smile, slowly from the dragon chair to stand up. Raise your hands smoothly. The dragon robe is a very important part of the dragon robe.

There are many kinds of dragon robe, today the emperor is wearing the dragon robe is very close to the body, I think to him later to strike. It will not cause any impact. The only thing is. Just ...... why the wrinkles at the corners of the emperor's eyes look so tired? That kind of faint sadness?

Standing in the quiet and empty Taiji Hall, Emperor Qing with his hands behind, silent for a long time, his hair was combed extremely neat. With a light yellow ribbon tied casually behind the head. It looks extraordinarily dashing.

After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes. The eyes no longer have the faint self-deprecating color of the previous self-questioning, there is only a calm and powerful confidence.

His Majesty's calm and indifferent gaze, along the open door of the Taiji Hall, across the square in front of the hall. He looked towards the main gate of the imperial city where the sound of killing was rising. He knows that the fifth will come from there later. Because he knows the character of the old five. That guy this life. He will only take the most direct path.

"Did you find Fan Xian?" His eyes were slightly drooping, gently turning a jade trigger finger between his fingers. Very casually asked.

"Not yet." Eunuch Yao said in a respectful feast: "Miss Fan