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Chapter 157 - Before the Imperial City, a rainy day

This rain in late autumn gradually became heavier.

Five bamboo in the rain. Under the strange gaze of the pedestrians on the street. All the way out of the alley and came to the small fork in the road by the Tianhe Road. Wet rain, along with his clothes on the ground. The black cloth on his face slowly dripped downward. Here he stopped in his tracks. Then slightly raised his head, looking at the palace in the distant smoke and rain misery.

Yesterday afternoon, five bamboo is also here to look at the palace for half a day, although he is a temple from the gods. The subconscious traveler who followed Fan Xian to visit the earth. The palace is indeed the most worthy place to visit in Kyoto. The most majestic and spectacular building. But five bamboo two days in a row to come here, think there must be some other chance to influence his decision.

Under the eaves of the street. A few Kyoto urchins in little cotton coats are carrying square school bags. Rubbing their hands. Fighting the cold. Little face was frozen a little white. These children have to go to the court's public school to study every day. They all carry umbrellas with them, but they didn't expect it. When they reached the entrance of the alley. The rain suddenly became bigger.

"Look. It's that fool from yesterday!" A little one is thinking that the rain is too boring. Although it seems to be able to delay the class time. But who wants to keep bowing down under someone else's roof, just at that moment. He spotted Wuzhu standing in the rain like an idiot and recognized the other guy as the fool he had let himself play with yesterday. It was like rediscovering a new land as happy.

There were no rocks under the eaves, and the urchins' eyes bounced around and found some coal ball next to a coal stove that hadn't been completely burned last night. Laughing and shouting shrilly, they began to throw at the five bamboo.

I don't know why, but it seems that humans at a very young age. This seems to be a nature, otherwise those children, why will listen to the sound of coal ballast smashed on the body of five bamboo, will feel joy? Why look at the five bamboo all over the body was smashed dirty. Then they will feel happy?

There were not many people on the street to escape the rain. In the eyes of these small number of Kyoto people, the blind man standing in the rain dazed. He was obviously an idiot. And is a handicapped person, can not help but have some sympathy, but sympathy, looking at the blind man's body stains. And some subconscious disgust.

So except for an older lady-like woman. Ruthlessly scolded the little brats a sentence outside. Other people have no action, just indifferently watching those who do not think the children in their own way. The desire for violence in all of life.

A snap. A lump of water-soaked coals smashed hard into the immobile, expressionless face of the five bamboo, a crisp sound. It was like a slap in the face.

The coal ballast. The black cloth on the face of the five bamboo slightly deflected a little. Five bamboo pale face also deviated a little. Seemed to not quite understand what was happening. Then he pulled the black cloth on his face right. Slowly turned around and looked at the children under the eaves who did not have clean hands.

The urchins were not afraid. Because yesterday smashed an afternoon. This blind idiot also did not have the slightest sign of resistance, on the contrary, they watched the five bamboo today has a reaction, but feel more excited. The coal ballast smashed into the rain in the street suddenly intensified.

Finally, someone found a stone, mixed with the coal ballast, a brain to the head and face of the five bamboo smashed. Leaving a dirty trail. And a trace of blood. By the rain, it flowed on the pale face of the five bamboo, like a flood after the dry season, carrying millions of years of garbage, in the earth's vicissitudes of the face, washing out the palpitating traces.

Five bamboo still did not dodge, the original five bamboo can also be injured, he looked through the layer of black cloth, stunned at those who kept laughing shrilly. Waving small hands of the children, do not understand why they want to attack themselves. More do not understand. Why these children's innocent face, but will laugh so hideous. He does not understand why that piece of stone. Whether it is pointed or round stones. Smashed on his head. The face, but his own heart felt a little strange?

What kind of emotion is that? Sad? Disappointment? Anger? Discontent? Or is it just the word emotion? Five bamboo looking at those children, let them smash. A chaotic mind, but suddenly seems to have a little something more.

The rain suddenly became very heavy. The sky of Kyoto in late autumn. It was as if someone had killed a big hole, and countless rivers and lakes were splashed down from that unfathomable hole. It turned into a heavy rain. Wild rain. Scattered on the streets and lanes and houses.

Five Bamboo's mind also seems to have suddenly opened a big hole. The clear sky light shot down, so that his body is shrouded in a strange mood.

There are emotions, what does this prove? Is it the same proof as the young man called Fan Xian who said he was curious? Five Bamboo began to think again, silently in the pounding rain.

The young man called Fan Xian had said a lot of things to him. But he couldn't understand. Can't understand, can't understand, just take it to heart.

What did the young man called Fan Xiandi do? It seems that he went to the palace. It seems to be for revenge, why revenge, for whom revenge? It seems that someone died, so that person called Fan Xiandi is not happy and unpleasant. It is a woman named Ye Qing Mei, and an old cripple named Chen Ping Ping?

These two unfamiliar names. Seems to be with the sky of the rain. And that big hole down the clear light. In the five bamboo in the brain became gradually clear. Gradually familiar, however, he had some headache is. He still can't remember who the other side is, he is not a life in the temple?

Five Bamboo still could not remember anything. But he had something he wasn't supposed to have. That is emotion, in fact, since yesterday afternoon, that emotion. It has been overflowing his heart. Let his eyes just through the black cloth. Quietly looking at the kind of palace.

This emotion is called disgust, I do not know why. Five Bamboo himself can not explain, he was disgusted with the highest building in Kyoto, perhaps because he instinctively disgusted with the people in that building?

When leaving the Snow Temple, the young man named Fan Xian coughed up blood on one side and said to himself. To follow their own heart, but ...... heart and what is it? Is it the vividly unfamiliar ...... emotions that you feel at the moment?

Five bamboo decided to go to the palace to see, to find the real source of their emotions, to see if there is someone they want to see inside. The person who is destined to meet in the underworld. So his hand was steadily placed on the brazier at his waist. At the same time, he bowed his head slightly. Put on the hat on his back again, and covered the rain from the sky. The black cloth that covered his eyes was covered.

However, those children are still happily throwing stones and coal ballast, five bamboo after a moment of silence, let go of the brazier in his hands, squatting down. Palms in the ground flowing sewage scratching. Grabbed a handful of not hard coal ballast.

Can not hurt humans, unless it is for the overall benefit of mankind, but the biggest difference between the five bamboo and the old man in the temple is that he does not understand, the overall benefit of this thing. What exactly is this shit. What does it have to do with himself.

Those young humans may just be playing. Five bamboo is so think, is also so react, at least for these bullying their young human. His heart is not disgusted emotions. There is no anger.

Since it is a game. I play the game with them once, maybe they will stop pestering me so much. Five bamboo directly in the hands of the hand mixed with rainwater coal ballast towards the street under the eaves of the children thrown over.

A shout of fear. A panic of footsteps. Countless cries. The sound of people fainting and falling in the rain. The chaotic sound of the five bamboo with this action sounded.

A handful of coal ballast mixed with sewage, accurately separated by four people. One of the urchins who laughed the loudest was bleeding directly on the head and fell down in the rain without saying a word.

After a dead silence at the street entrance, an angry roar suddenly erupted: "Fool killed someone!"

The previously indifferent people of Kyoto. At this moment, they suddenly became good citizens who were eager to do justice. Report to the officials, notify parents to notify parents, and some middle-aged men. Some middle-aged men took out wooden sticks and mops, ready to beat the idiot to the ground.

All are neighbors, naturally, can not stand by and watch the children suffer so much. The mother of the child fell to the ground and threw herself on top of the child, crying loudly. Cursed five bamboo with resentment.

Five bamboo indifferently watched all this, still do not understand. If it was a game. Why was the woman crying. If it wasn't a game, why didn't they stop the children earlier? He knew he would not really be hurt, did these humans also know that he was not normal? Did those children beat themselves earlier. They are not worried about my safety?

In the rain. The silent five bamboo vaguely learned something. Slightly understand that human emotions have nothing to do with choice and reason, it turns out to be divided by affinity and likes and dislikes.

In this world today, five bamboo think and his closest relationship with the person, should be the young man named Fan Xian. He is most disgusted with the palace, so he no longer pays attention to these people like crazy, very seriously re-smoothed the black wrinkles on his face, and put his hand on the brazier at his waist. He stepped towards the palace in the distance.

Someone tried to beat this idiot to death. The blind man. The madman, and then fainted on the ground. And the wooden stick broke in two. In the midst of the heavy rain, a man dressed in cloth. A hat of five bamboo. Easily walked out of the angry circle of the people of Kyoto, leaving only a ground of people crying out in pain behind him.

Five bamboo did not kill. Not that he dared not kill. But hundreds of thousands of years of habit, so he could not think of killing, want to kill when. Then kill.

When the magistrates of the Kyoto government arrived at the fork in the river, the madman who had knocked down a field of people had long since disappeared, looking at a field of people crying out in the rain. The head of the magistrate class after a short check, sucked in a breath of cold air. The secret thought is which expert. The next hand is so clean and sharp. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The head of the magistrate felt some chills in his body, not because of the injuries of these people. But because of the blind man who is nowhere to be found, if it is true what these people say. That person is a fool. Then there is no doubt. This fool must be the strongest earth martial madman ever.

Let such a martial arts madman in Kyoto roam around. The head of the magistrate's squad was terrified at the thought. The first time he asked his subordinates to notify the Kyoto government office, and then nervously asked a man next to him, "Where did that madman go?"

"It seems to be heading towards the square." The man answered with a trembling voice. The man said through gritted teeth: "That person has been watching the palace for two days, I'm afraid there is something wrong."

The head of the magistrate did not need to ask further questions to understand that this person was trying to get that madman killed. What is involved in the palace, there is no way to live. But hearing that the madman went straight towards the palace, the head of the magistrate felt a little more relaxed. After all, the palace is full of experts. The forbidden army is very strict. The most powerful martial arts maniacs are only beaten to the ground, even if the legendary Lord Fan killed back, can still break into the palace?

Rain has been falling, five bamboo does not know behind the far side of the street people want him to die how urgent the mood. He also did not know that the head of the magistrate has pronounced his death sentence, he just wears a hat. Holding the iron brazier, step by step. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

In Northern Qi Langya County, Fan Xian bought him new cloth shoes in the water. The new cloth shoes that Fan Xian bought for him in the Northern Qi Ruangya County were already wet, and with each step, a drum sounded in the mind of Wu Zhu. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. Beating his soul. Ye Qingmei, Chen Pingping. Fan Xian. These seemingly distant but extremely close to the name, and kept ringing.

Each step, he vaguely remembered some, although not distinct. But extraordinarily close. For example, this cold rain in the imperial city, such as this full of familiar taste, full of their own ground glass Kyoto. It is so familiar.

And the same. With the first step closer to the imperial city square. Five bamboo heart to this palace of disgust will be deeper. This lofty in the rainstorm of the Imperial City. It is so unshakeable, so stern and ...... disgusting.

Kyoto is the hometown. The palace is also a hometown. The five bamboo thought so.

In the rain, walking alone in the old place. I encountered the road block rain showered all over the ground. The road was quiet and people were lonely. This confused rain passerby lazy to make a shelter.

Blocking the way is not rain, is a team of full body armor in the rain. The stern intention full of soldiers of the forbidden army. The rain struck on these Qing military elite gray armor. The snapping sound, hit on their solemn face, but can not provoke a change in the mood of the room.

Five bamboo face is not the slightest change in emotion. His body still slightly leaned forward, so that the hat on top of his head to cover the rainstorm falling under the sky, and his feet did not stop, nor did he speed up. Just steady according to the speed he is used to. Towards the middle of the square.

Five Bamboo wanted to enter the palace to see. So to go through the main gate of the palace. So to walk through this square in the rainstorm, for him. This is exceptionally simple logic. He did not care if anyone would stop him. And he this exceptionally simple logic, for the Palace security work of the forbidden army, but seems unusually indifferent and bold.

Fan Xian back to the capital of the news. Last night already from the Ye House spread. By today, all the upper echelons of the Qing Dynasty, all know this shocking news. The palace is from last night. It began to martial law, a should enter the inspection is extremely harsh, and the defense work is raised to an unprecedented level of tension.

Even when the Kyoto guard division escorted the old dean of the Supervisory Court Chen back to the capital that day. The whole imperial city is not as tightly guarded as today. Because everyone knows, Fan Xian back to the capital for what, he will definitely try to enter the palace again assassination, and the Southern Qing court. Absolutely will not give this traitor a second chance.

The forbidden army patrol. More than the previous day extended outward a third of the territory. This morning a heavy rain. Wet and cold feeling, so that all people have raised their guard. Also felt a burst of palpitations, because they do not know where Fan Xian is now, when will kill the palace.

The small storm at the Tianhe Road intersection actually fell in the eyes of the forbidden army. It was just that the soldiers who were responsible for monitoring the security of the perimeter did not see the suddenness of a martial madman as too important.

However, when this martial madman wearing a hat and both eyes completely blind. Suddenly showed extremely amazing strength and began to walk in silence towards the palace. The forbidden army finally noticed a hint of weirdness.

When the blind man in the hat's right shoe stepped on the water on the stone floor of the imperial city square, the forbidden army gave the first warning and began to gather force to capture the man in one fell swoop.

However, Wu Zhu did not seem to hear the warning, which was enough to make the majority of people in the world feel cold, he continued to walk steadily and silently, in the imperial city on the forbidden army generals vigilant eyes