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Chapter 155 Midday (next)

This period of time is very harmonious in Nanqing. The palace has a newborn little prince. This is a happy event, as for how Mei Fei actually died. No one dares to talk about it at all. That palace to deliver the stable mother. Naturally, because of the death of concubine Mei buried with her in childbirth. It is also a matter of course.

Right now, the Daqing court is using troops in the north, the country is tense, a unified world to set the foundation of the day. Which someone will be a dog dare to cover the sky. The three or two forbidden sentences. Mo not afraid of those in the darkness of the inner court eunuchs and ascetic to a report?

But a few days. The matter of Princess Mei will fade. Kyoto has been transformed into a good piece of clear moon and breeze deep in autumn. A clear and bright.

The war in the north is still lingering. The winter snow is coming. South Qing's attack did not weaken, all the way to the north. Unfortunately, Uesugi Tiger, who had been staying in the state capital of Song, had received the full trust of the Emperor of Northern Qi and was indifferent enough to keep his troops still. The army of the Qing dynasty was wedged into the waist and belly of the marching road. The Qing army was incomparably afraid.

Shi Fei went to the north after all. Because of the war is tight. Kyoto slightly feel solemn. The old Yanjing general, who once single-handedly ambushed the northern battalion, was sent to the north by His Majesty to assist Marshal Wang Zhikun and take charge of the northern expedition. The famous general is like a redhead, I think Shi Fei embarked on the journey when the heart is also full of pride and ambition.

Once Shi Fei went. Kyoto guard division commander position is vacant again, I do not know how many military young and strong faction of the strength of the people's burning eyes, but his majesty came down immediately after the decree, immediately put out all the extravagant hope.

Ye Wan formally removed from the Privy Council's staff work. In addition to the position of martial arts tutor, he also took up the post of commander of the Kyoto guard division, about this appointment, no one dared to express opposition, not even the slightest opinion, because Ye Wan this year in the west of the empire to establish a great achievement. In the eyes of the ministers and people, no one can suppress his head.

Decades ago. Ye Wan's father Ye Chong was at a very young age. Now the wind and water turn to his son, who he does not like, but in the eyes of outsiders, the so-called general tiger son, a pillar of the government. That's all.

In the late autumn noon, the cold sunlight sprinkled on Ye Wan's plain light armor. This young general frowned slightly, lightly clip the belly of the horse. The young general frowned and walked slowly outside the Zhengyang Gate in Kyoto, his eyes slightly narrowed. He kept brushing past the people passing by. Like a falcon, in the vast grassland. Looking for his prey.

In fact, this is only his subconscious inner real emotional reaction, he did not expect to meet the little Lord Fan here. Just some longing to meet that legendary figure. Although His Majesty strictly ordered that if he sees Fan Xian, he must first retreat three steps. However, how can Ye Wan be willing?

In the clear late autumn sky, the cold sunlight transformed Wei Wei countless or straight or curved light. Ye Wan's eyes narrowed even more, slightly black cheeks. The corners of the eyes squeezed out a few wrinkles that did not match his age, he silently thought in his heart that day in front of the Taiji Palace and His Majesty's conversation in an unusually complex mood.

Why choose to carry out the northern expedition in autumn. Is not worried about the cold winter that will come soon? This is the question that the Northern Qi rulers and ministers are very puzzled. It is also the concern of the ministers of Southern Qing, but His Majesty's strict order, the whole world for the dance, war horses galloping on the road to invade the northern dynasty. No one dares to ask more questions. The most strange thing is. It is clear that the timing of this battle is not right, but Ye Chong's Privy Council, the most important ministers of the Qing military who know the war, no one chose to advise His Majesty.

"Thousands and tens of thousands of sons and daughters have gone forward and set out on the road of no return, just to force him to show himself." Ye Wan rode on his horse. Slightly bowing his head. It seems to be trying to avoid the not so hot sunlight, the corners of his lips are a slight astringent smile, he does not understand why his Majesty thinks so highly of Fan Xian, and even more so, he does not understand in order to booby-trap Fan Xian. Should they or shouldn't they.

When General Ye Wan's heart sighed. He did not know that he was determined to kill the object of his heart. The one that the Qing Emperor was most worried about on this continent had already passed through the city gates. He had returned to Kyoto. Only the city gate that those two people took. It wasn't the Zhengyang Gate.

The midday sun. At the west city gate is also that clear and diffuse, to and from the busy flow of people in Kyoto. There are two unnoticeable figures, one wearing ordinary cloth. The other person was wearing a hat.

Performed some small disguise Fan Xian. In the moment of stepping into Kyoto, subconsciously inclined his head to look at the five bamboo beside him, the wide hat will be five bamboo face black cloth all blocked in the shadow. No one should be able to find something fishy.

Many years ago, Ye Qingmei with a childish face five bamboo. She walked through the gates of Kyoto guarded by Ye Chong. She beat Ye Chong into a pig's head. Then began to assist a man began his magnificent life.

Today. Fan Xian took a face of indifference to the five bamboo. Silently returned to the Qing Dynasty Kyoto. Evaded Ye Wan personally guarded by the Zhengyang Gate, like two ghosts merged into the flow of people. Ready to start the end of that man's magnificent life.

This is the beginning. This seems to be a perfect cycle.

When Fan Xian and Wu Zhu returned to Kyoto. The war in the north was still going on. Several days had passed since the death of Concubine Mei. Although he was now a traitor to the Qing Dynasty, stripped of all official positions and power, he still had his own extremely strong intelligence channels, and was in an inn in Kyoto. Fan Xian closed his eyes, thinking about the cause of Mei Fei's death, analyzing his own calculations of success gradually heavy heart.

The next few days. Fan leisurely disguised as the most common in Kyoto green boy. Wandering between the various houses. The streets and alleys among the tea stores. Did not go looking for anyone he knew. Because he did not want to be shouted at by millions of people, he was just carefully looking for something.

He was looking for the box, the heavy box. That failed assassination attempt on a snowy day. He was surrounded by the Qing army in the square in front of the palace, and he heard the sound of the chest ringing. He also knew that His Majesty had almost died under the heavy sniper.

If the case can be recovered, perhaps the next thing will be much easier. But whose hands would the case be in? This question should have been asked to the five bamboo most simple and clear. However, now the five bamboo is just a pale and indifferent paper. Do not remember anything. Do not care about anything. He just subconsciously followed Fan Xian out of the temple. Began to wander in the world outside the temple to feel the experience ......

In those days, for the safety of his family, for the sake of the tacit understanding between his Majesty, Fan Xian did not return to Fan House, he looked for traces near the Stargazer, meditating. Who would have the greatest trust in Uncle Wuzhu ...... other than himself, but his thoughts fell into a misunderstanding, how not to think about the woman, so this search seems to be so indecisive, all directionless, want to cry out in the late autumn Kyoto streets.

After all, he is now the common enemy of the entire Southern Qing court. In the seemingly peaceful, no war flavor. In fact, it has begun to seep out of the solemn atmosphere of Kyoto. The first task is to survive. To cover his tracks, he did not even dare to contact the old members of the Supervisory Court, so this search seems somewhat futile.

Today's Kyoto is not the same as it was a year ago. The Supervisory Yuan has become a bastard child raised by the second mother. In the miserable wind and rain swaying, if not his majesty is not completely old and confused, only afraid that the courtiers have long suggested that his majesty will be directly abolished the House of Supervision matter.

Fan Xian used to think that he was carrying three treasures. It is the world can go. So no matter what kind of danger he encountered since his rebirth, he never really lost confidence. Even in the face of Ye Liuyun's sword. When the emperor's finger, he still feels that he is the most ruthless person in the world.

His three treasures are poisoned crossbow. Poison dagger. Five bamboo uncle, but now the five bamboo uncle became an idiot look. The box is missing, what can he do?

Fan Mansion. Duke Liu's House, King Jing's House. House of Yan. The Prince of Peace's House, the Court of Supervision on Tianhe Road. A courthouse next to the Da Lisi, a small house in the south of the city, all the places Fan Xian may have contact with are the eyes of the court. There were several times. Fan Xian nearly collided with those ascetic monks wearing hats. It was a close call.

Since you can't understand where the box is. Now Fan Xian is such a ruthless person, compared with it, to determine the emperor's current real physical condition and psychological state is the most important.

Although there is information gathered to his hands. However, he did not believe in them. Because the emperor in the palace, this life is the most skilled is the hidden fraud booby-trapped, the Great Eastern Mountain so. Many times it is so. Fan Xian did not want to make a mistake. Because he knows that the emperor will not give him any chance to make mistakes.

It's amazing to say that the emperor and Fan Xian both actually for each other's emotions, can not be completely sorted out, but once you think about each other mood will calm down, the rest is only a kill word!

Do not have to speak to people. Do not have to tell the sun and moon, kill each other. Seems to have become a kind of spiritual support for them both to live in this world. I have to say. This is indeed a rather sad thing.

To get the most real situation in the palace, Fan Xian in the inn after thinking for a long time. Choose the Ye House, Ye House a family of loyalty. Ye Chong is the Privy Council Ambassador. Ye Wan is the commander of the Kyoto guard division, the trust of His Majesty is unparalleled, naturally will not send spies to monitor.

Now the world. There are not many places that can stop Fan Xian from sneaking in, so when a sad face Ye Ling'er. Suddenly saw a green-clothed boy like a ghost appeared in front of himself, face changed dramatically, but this general tiger girl. After all, she is not a weak girl. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"It's me." Fan Xian opened his mouth and called out, the corners of his lips flushed with a tired smile.

"It's you?" Ye Ling'er looked at his unfamiliar face incredulously, unable to speak for a long time, she simply did not think that this young master was actually still alive, actually able to really come back alive from the temple.

After some conversation. Fan Xian lowered his head tiredly. It seems that His Majesty's health is really failing, and from the death of Concubine Mei. From the imperial family's arrangements for the young prince, his heart moved slightly and grasped his majesty's heart and mood with unusual accuracy.

That is a faint sense of old age. It seemed to have suffered a heavy blow from his closest son's subjects one after another. His Majesty, the powerful emperor, not only the physical body, but also the spirit. All have fallen into the most depressed period of his life.

But why did His Majesty choose to start the Northern Expedition at this time? It is because he feels that he is running out of time. So to seize the time?

In order to knock His Majesty the Emperor off the altar. Fan Xian did not hesitate to use the gun with the sword with the human heart, the most shameless mind cultivated in two lives, to the world as a threat. The people of the world are the most important. The situation has finally been successfully created. Your Majesty is old. There are feelings. Naturally, it is also weak, this is the situation he has been looking forward to seeing. But why at this time Fan Xian's heart is not the least bit joyful emotions?

Fan Xian is not only unhappy. Instead, more confused, he sat in front of Ye Ling'er in the chair. Both feet on the chair surface. Hands on the knees. Face against the legs, silently thinking. Giving people the feeling of abnormal fatigue.

Ye Ling'er saw him in this posture, eyes slightly bright after quickly turned into a dense melting sadness. Because she remembered someone, perhaps because she remembered someone, so she did not ask Fan Xian where that other person is now.

The sun gradually shifted to the west. A piece of twilight reflected in the House of Ye, Ye Wan sullen face stepped into the back garden. I don't know if it's because of the war tension in the north. The whole of Kyoto is on guard against the return of that man. The palace did not strictly order him to go out of the capital to return to the camp, instead, his majesty left an oracle, allowing him to see things with the court.

The company's father, Ye Chong, should still be in the Privy Council to analyze military reports and formulate strategies, only to stay up for another whole night. Ye Wan, however, did not have the slightest envy and indignation. Because now he knows better than anyone else, this time the Northern Expedition has broken out, but it can not be over in a short time. Because this northern expedition has an extremely important purpose has not been achieved.

It is also because Ye Chong is not in the house, so Ye Wan's footsteps seem lighter instead. His relationship with his father has always been extremely poor, otherwise he would not have stayed in Nanzhao for so many years, and even the people of Kyoto almost forgot his existence.

But Ye Wan and Ye Ling'er relationship is very good, brother and sister may not see each other for many years, but seems to be extra close.

Ye Wan prepared to go to the back garden to see his sister. Therefore, he did not bring any of his guards. However, once in the back garden. The first thing he saw was not the figure of his sister. But is a green-clothed boy.

The green-clothed boy hunched over. He gave a humble salute and was ready to leave.

Ye Wan's eyes narrowed. Because the moment he entered the garden, he had already noticed. This looks ordinary surprisingly green clothed boy. The orientation of the two feet have asked Ying.

This is an extremely subtle place, the two feet of the boy in green seem random. In fact, Ye finished clear, just need this person's back foot a transport. The whole person will be able to light body and rise. Of course. This is also to this level of their experts. Only have the ability.

Is one too vigilant? Ye Wan narrowed his eyes in the cold light gradually condensed. He looked at the back of the green-clothed boy who brushed past him. Suddenly opened his mouth and asked: "Why did you come back?"

The figure of the boy in green was slightly stunned and slowly stopped in his tracks. Then unusually calmly turned around, looking at the young master of the House of Ye, asked with great interest: "Ye Wan? This can also be seen through by you. Although it is because of my carelessness, but you really ...... are good."

When Fan Xian met Ye Wan unexpectedly in the House of Ye, the Five Bamboo, who had entered the capital with him, was strolling around Kyoto wearing the large hat.

Fan Xian stayed in Kyoto for many days, and Wu Zhu stayed by the window of the inn for as many days as he could, although the black cloth covered his eyes. But Fan Xian always felt as if he could see the eager and curious gaze in his eyes.

Five bamboo still does not speak, still silent. Just like a walking pale machine, just subconsciously follow Fan Xian's footsteps, the good thing is that Fan Xian is the best at dealing with idiotic children in his life, Dabao was very well coaxed by him. Five Bamboo is no exception. This journey, there is no big problem.

Just that seems to lose the soul of the shell, always let Fan Xian can not stop the heartache. So later he no longer prevented the five bamboo out of the inn wandering. To be honest. He also can not stop, as long as the five bamboo can finally remember the road back to the inn will be good, Fan leisure also did not worry about the safety of the five bamboo. Because in his opinion. Now the world, no one can hurt him.

However, Fan Xian seems to have forgotten. Now the five bamboo, just like an ignorant and curious child. And

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