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Chapter 11: The Eye of the Heavens

In front of Zhong Shan, the entire space was filled with ice from the top to the bottom of the Sword Saint Capital. The surging ice pressed down from the depths of the starry sky to the Swire Sacred Capital.

Even though Zhong Shan was standing far away, there was still a strong wind blowing through, and the wind was so strong that it blew some weak people into the distant sky and disappeared from the sight of everyone. A large number of mountains and rivers were blown down by strong winds.

The heaven and earth ice with an unstoppable momentum, towards the ancient divine pass fiercely pressed down. This scene, shocked all the onlookers, everyone can see, this time really heavenly anger "ice, this ice is harder than the diamond, towards the ancient Avatar viciously pressed down, this is how terrifying a huge force? Even the emperor extreme realm strong people, but also certainly a time to be crushed into meat cakes, not only the power of the press, more is the 'potential, the press, the unstoppable, unbeatable.

The ice pressed down, the surrounding space are wrinkled, as if to crush everything, crush all the rules, extinguish the ancient divine power general. ,:!

Where the ancient Avatar is located, suddenly a huge tiger roar sound, tiger sound penetrated the surrounding space, ruthlessly stimulating the eardrums of the onlookers.

"The tiger supreme?" Gu Qianyue suddenly said in surprise.

"Old Yin is really fighting for his life?" Di Xuan Crippled was surprised.

Zhong Shan was clear that the Old Ghost Yin that Di Xuan Cripple was talking about was definitely the Tiger Clan Supreme.

"What happened?" Zhong Shan immediately asked.

"He actually turned into a tiger soul and merged into the Ancient God Tong's body? This? Once the Ancient Avatar is able to open up the heavens and the earth, it will be enriched by the qi of the great world, and then it will not only be able to reshape its golden body, but its strength and status will also soar." Di Xuan Crippled frowned and said. While Zhong Shan was talking, the huge heaven and earth ice had already hit the Ancient Avatar.

Gu Shentong's eyes glared furiously, and with a tiger roar, he actually extended his own fist and punched viciously at the sky.

Ancient Shen Tong's fist, a strong concretion, a fist, the fist at the space steeply all exploded, pitch black, huge big black hole swallowed everything around.

A punch, a terrifying punch, in the past, the Pure Land of Bliss, the ancient Avatar has never shown such a vast power. Too strong, the power of this punch, has been able to compare to the old days of the Golden Cicada Buddha to blow up the immortal weapon 'seven-colored Buddha beads 's Sheng ■ force up.

Too strong, this punch to go, the strong heaven and earth ice boom a meal.

Terrifying huge force, this is the power of the ancient divine power?

The eyes of countless people outside were filled with shock, too strong, too dominant, the ice of heaven and earth, by his fist to stop?

Another powerful sound, so loud that countless people on the outside had to open their shields to resist. ~ ~ ~ ~

With the monstrous force of another fist, a piercing cell sounded around heaven and earth, and everyone's eyes gave a beat, as if they realized something.

Sure enough, on top of the immense ice, Zhong Shan saw a crack, a crack inside the ice, but surprisingly long, from below, all the way to the infinite distance of the starry sky. A crack? The firm ice of heaven and earth had been broken by the ancient divine power? As countless onlookers were stunned, another dull booming sound came out."

The sound seemed to strike in everyone's heart, a terrifying vibration that caused everyone to be startled. "Click, click, click, click ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A series of crunching sounds, everyone saw that the original matchless heaven and earth solid ice, the interior actually appeared countless cracks ■, as dense as a spider web, endless cracks have been extended to the infinite starry sky above. Too powerful, this is the power of the ancient divine power?

The terrifying heaven and earth solid ice all exploded, exploded in all directions, and scattered with a bang, such a huge heaven and earth solid ice, completely collapsed.

Countless hard ice spilled, smashed into the four directions, immediately, most places around, have become broken ice mountains, but the good thing is that a large number of hard ice actually turned into smoke scattered, only a small part of the hard ice left, but even a small part, is also surging, countless hard ice, smashed down countless large rivers.

Heaven and earth ice broke away, the ancient Avatar location, space broken out of the huge black hole also all recovered, the huge black hole previously swallowed everything, but the large ancient mountain, actually did not suffer the slightest loss, do not know is the cause of the ancient Avatar, or originally very special. The ancient Avatar stood proudly at the top of the Taikoo Sacred Mountain, with eyes containing blaze looking into the sky.

Another loud sound that resounded through the world, the sky above the sacred capital of the Sword, all the stars suddenly covered by endless red clouds in general. The red clouds covered the sky, the vastness is infinite, not only the sky above the sacred capital of the Swire, is the whole world, the divine state, even the overseas islands, at this moment everyone in the world can not see the stars, sun and moon.

See, only the red clouds, endless red clouds, the vastness of the infinite red clouds. As if the end of the world in general, the red clouds that cover the sky, and even many mortals have knelt and worshiped, from the previous several loud noises that resounded through the world, has experienced the wrath of the heavens, the heavens to send down a robbery punishment? Not only is the heavens sent down punishment, is the wrath of the heavens. In the sky above the sacred capital of the Sword is particularly, the red clouds put out a billion red light, look to incomparably appalling. "The heavens have finally realized that the Ancient Avatar is not to become an immortal, but to open up the heavens." Di Xuan Cripple said.

Zhong Shan nodded, naturally he could also see that the sky had changed, suddenly becoming so exaggerated, it was not facing the ancient sacred capital anymore, but as if facing the entire world.

The heavens finally knew that the Ancient Avatar was not just trying to become an immortal, but also trying to kill himself?

Heaven and earth are not benevolent, all things are ruminants, in front of the heavens, all things under heaven are ruminants, what is happening now? How could there be a ruminant dog that dares to provoke him? He even wants to destroy himself? How can this be?

The sky is finally no longer continue the regular test of immortality, but ready to completely exterminate this p ■, this dare to provoke their own people. The sky, genius is the most supreme existence in this world, once the sky is angry, its fire is the most terrifying existence in the world.

Ancient divine pass stood at the top of the sacred mountain of the Sword, looking up at the sky, waiting for the heavens to show its body, and then destroy it in one fell swoop.

Red clouds, endless red clouds, the red clouds at the Swire Holy Capital actually dense to a terrifying state, dense as if a protruding mirror, smooth and incomparable, there seems to be articulated in the endless red clouds of heaven and earth in an egg, a red egg only half exposed.

Looking at the egg-like thing, Zhong Shan suddenly felt a tremor from the depths of the soul, what is that thing?

Not only Zhong Shan, everyone onlookers suddenly had a feeling of trembling, in front of this giant egg, the body was nearly imprisoned. "Ka ~ ~ ^ ^ ^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The giant egg suddenly cracked a mouth, a very large mouth, from one end of the giant treat-, all the way to the other end. It seemed to be split in half, and from the crack revealed a trace of white ready light.

The release of the light, making the onlookers' trembling more serious, fear, infinite fear, from the crack in the white light through out, what is that thing? What the hell is it? Gu Shentong gaze at the sky. Also know that the real meat show is coming. Suddenly, the white light at the crack of the giant egg, steeply irradiated in all directions.

Some people who are not strong-willed, in this white light deterrence, Jiu black ■ on the spot kneeled down, fearful look at the sky white light. Likewise, the white light is also squeezing Zhong Shan, but Zhong Shan mind how firm, eyes glare, anger at the sky. Suddenly, Zhong Shan saw an incomparably horrifying scene. The giant egg, separated from the center, slowly separated to the two sides, exposing the internal scene after separation.

Zhong Shan's will is firm, connotation is also unparalleled, anything can be bland, but see the giant egg to the two sides after the separation of things, not consciously and fiercely pumped. Cool air. Zhong Shan saw what? Eyes, a bloodshot, blood-colored pupils covered with ferocious eyes.

From the place of the eye, endless blood filaments full of fury generally covered the white of the eye, the pupil is a fierce to demonic blood pupil. The crack of the giant egg is actually just the eyelid, after separating to the sides, exposing an infinitely large eye. Terrifying eye. Almost instantly, half of the people's heads were lowered, the courage to simply face this eye was gone. It was too terrifying, the power of this eye was too huge. "The Eye of the Cang Heaven," Di Xuan Crippled each aside and marveled. Cangtian's eye, this is the eye of Cangtian?

The Ancient Avatar finally brought out the Eye of the Heaven, the most terrifying existence in heaven and earth, the highest existence in heaven and earth that exists only in mythological stories. Rumor has it that only when there is a supreme evil in heaven and earth, there will be the eye of the heavens to send down punishment, and only when the anger of the heavens has reached the extreme, the eye of the heavens will appear.

Now once again, the ultimate demon has come out, this is not only the ultimate demon, but also the ruminant dog that the heavens hate, a powerful existence that dares to provoke itself. The eye of the celestial sky, the moment the blood-colored pupils appear, they stare straight at the ancient divine pass.

The only afterglow forced the periphery of the endless strong people dare not look up, can see the eye of the celestial eye square gaze how powerful, almost a glance at the eyes can kill everything, actually did not let the ancient divine pass fart to serve, the ancient divine pass stand tall, a brutal, unyielding. The ancient Avatar stands tall, untamed and unyielding. ∫ unfinished to be continued, if you want to know how, please land chapter more, support the author, support the genuine reading!