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Chapter 10: A Seal to Scatter the Sky

The most powerful people have come in droves

Surrounded by the Sword Holy Capital, the four directions shake, the periphery of the people of the Sword Holy Capital, not overwhelmed with shock, although you can not see all the supreme power, but see so many, already heart full of shock.

"The back earth feeds the earth? What do you mean?" Zhong Shan asked.

"Open up the sky, not only to open up the sky, but also to open up the earth, then there will be salty threat from two sides, the upper sky and the earth, now with the back earth to seal the earth, there is no earth threat afterthought, the ancient divine power only needs to fight the upper sky. Just open the sky." Di Xuan Crippled said. "Is the Hou Tu really that powerful?" Zhong Shan said in surprise. "The Hou Tu comes from the Great World, not from this heaven and earth, only its effect, naturally incomparably strong." Di Xuan Crippled nodded his head. Hou Tu steeply fed the earth, as if declaring war to heaven and earth, officially starting.

The thunder clouds, endless strong thunder, suddenly scrambled towards the ancient Avatar, the sky full of lightning, wildly pouring down, like the collapse of the heavenly river, bombarded towards the ancient Avatar, powerful sound, even Zhong Shan, who was far away, unconsciously put out a protective shield to resist that strong shock." ...~ ~ ~ ~

A super loud sound, the sound of heaven and earth, the huge impact, making the surrounding heaven and earth are a shaking general, the intensity is too strong, some weak people, on the spot was shaken by the seven holes bleeding, and even fainted. Outside the ancient sacred capital, a large number of mountains and rivers were collapsed, of course, only those barren mountains, the spiritual energy is weak mountains' II, the real spiritual energy abundant mountains, under the spiritual energy nourishing nourishment, still proudly in the middle.

In the interior of the ancient sacred capital, the ancient divine power, but even more a vast scene, a huge thunderbolt, powerful and unparalleled, as if Zhong Shan in his previous life saw the power of the atomic bomb general.

A thunderbolt, as if an atomic bomb attacked the ancient divine power. What a surging and vast scene it was. How spectacular!

The whole place of the Swire Sacred Mountain was like a gathering place of energy, and from that place, endless blinding light rushed to the eyes of endless strong people in all directions. Is this the calamity that the Ancient Avatar has to face?

Thunderbirds group center, resounding ancient divine a cold hum, cold hum, pouring down the lightning actually a shaking, visible ancient divine into the humble.

From this cold grunt, everyone knows that the ancient gods to counterattack. Only to see the distant energy explosion point suddenly rose upward, by a strong, huge force, raw and pushed up.

Concubine dynasty Imperial seal!

That is the ancient Avatar's magic treasure, the heavenly dynasty imperial seal?

Heavenly imperial seal, turned into a hundred feet large, the larger it becomes, the larger it becomes, the seal face toward the sky, ruthlessly to the sky, the red seal top place, red light a release, a monstrous red plane to the sky, as if that plane of space are pushed up a number.

Thunder clouds seem to realize the bad, all colors of thunder and lightning, not money crazy wild diarrhea, but the heavenly imperial seal is also too strong, unstoppable, no matter how much thunder and lightning, all received, but also a forward rush to the thunder clouds.

The huge imperial seal of the heavenly dynasty crashed into the thunder cloud. The violent impact, several times louder than the previous endless heavenly thunder, a large number of strong people can not stand the sound, crazy retreat, retreat after retreat.

The imperial seal of the heavenly dynasty is printed on top of the thundercloud, as if to knock on it a big chapter through the sky. And thunder clouds, at this moment, lightning also seems to be released out of the general, and the heavenly imperial seal in the resistance, actually did not get the slightest benefit, and even pressed to death, issued some dull sorrow. The two were in a stalemate.

The ancient divine pass naturally do not want them to stalemate, only to see the ancient divine pass suddenly stretched out his right hand index finger and middle finger, eyes a glare, a finger to the sky, as if a vast force from the fingertips rushed to the heavenly imperial seal, the heavenly imperial seal steeply golden light.

The powerful and peerless extinction thundercloud was actually crushed and scattered by this huge heavenly imperial seal. The endless lightning in the thunder cloud, but also rushed in all directions, aimlessly all spilled out.

Too strong, this is the power of the ancient divine power? Most of the people who saw this scene from afar held their breath, their eyes filled with horror, their blood boiling madly.

The lightning in the thunder cloud, even the weakest one, can reach the strike of the emperor extreme realm strong person ah. Endless heavenly thunder, actually scattered by this one seal? The seal scattered the sky? What a strong mighty wood, what an overwhelming aura!

Zhong Shan's heart was filled with awe, the imperial seal of the heavenly dynasty? This is the power of the jade seal? What about his own Jade Seal of the Square Sky? It will definitely be stronger, definitely! Zhong Shan's fist gradually clenched. After a seal scattered in the sky, the Heavenly Imperial Seal fell down in a ruined pattern and landed in the palm of the Ancient Avatar's hand. The ancient Avatar looked proudly at the sky, with a look of looking down on the heavens. The sky is angry! Miles of cloudless, but suddenly resounded endless booming sound."

A loud sound resounded through the divine land, the whole God called as if they heard this loud sound, the heavens knew that someone had provoked himself.

The ice layer was so thick that it seemed to be coming down from the depths of the distant starry sky, and suddenly there was a huge pillar of ice in the sky and the earth. The ice pillar, such as the sky and the earth collide, carrying the unprecedented strength, huge force towards the ancient divine pass, towards the earth and down.

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