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Chapter 495: Seeking to kill Gao Yang Yu

But a comparison with Baili Xi, the gap immediately came out, the other side a big gamble easily won a huge amount of spiritual stones.

Relying on a full set of ten or so intermediate high-grade secret treasures, combat power directly exceeded him, really people than people die.

When Baili Xi saw Xiao Chen's depressed look, the smile on his face became even more smug and he faked comfort: "Brother don't think too much, I'm just ahead of you for the time being, but the road is long, I'm still not as good as you in terms of future potential after all."

Xiao Chen laughed bitterly: "Forget about it, you should not be targeted now, you go and ask around for me, what kind of people are checking my news."

Baili Xi was startled and said, "What do you want to do, I have already made arrangements, I can guarantee that I can safely leave Desolate City tonight."

Xiao Chen mused, "You just do as I say, there are always some grudges that have to be ended in advance, otherwise you leave yourself with consequences."

"Can't find you, your friends and also relatives, may all suffer its poisonous hand, I don't want to make myself regret, leaving regrets that are difficult to pursue."

Baili Xi pondered for a while, still a bit disapproving of Xiao Chen's idea and said, "Gao Yang Yu can't be dealt with, he became famous very early in the Southern Islands, his cultivation has long since reached the half-step Martial Emperor Dacheng realm."

Xiao Chen nodded and said, "Because of this, we should make a decision early, when he reaches the realm of Martial Emperor it will be even more difficult to deal with."

Seeing Xiao Chen's insistence, Baili Xi also had nothing to say, his personality seemed to be rude.

In fact, he also felt that Xiao Chen had a point, but he was just a little worried about Xiao Chen's recklessness.

After Baili Xi left, he found an upper room in the inn and stayed there, continuing to solidify his cultivation.

Just like a divine weapon, the outline of the billet has become, still need to be constantly polished, so that the blade open to become harsh and full of charm.

Baili Xi went away for two days, the space in the upper room of the inn is very large, two days later Baili Xi pushed the door and sat down directly in front of the tea table in the hall.

Xiao Chen slowly opened his eyes, pushed open the door, saw some tired Baili Xi, said: "Things arrived no?"

Baili Xi took out a stack of information from his arms and laughed: "You kid are really not the usual red lately, there are so many people looking for you, I have collected hundreds of copies in the four branches of the Wind Chasing House."

Xiao Chen nodded and thanked: "Thank you, how many spirit stones did you spend, I will give you."

Baili Xi laughed: "Not to mention the money, I am now lacking in everything, not really lacking in money, I'll go first, if there is anything to say hello, do not do it alone, brother I am at your disposal."

Baili Xi has already guessed what Xiao Chen is going to do, so talk, equivalent to help him directly, this guy is also interesting enough.

There was a whole small pile of information on the table, which detailed the backing, strength, and personal data of each person who approached Xiao Chen.

Finally, there are professionals, providing some analysis, why to go to Xiao Chen.

The extremely detailed information really taught Xiao Chen a lesson, and he kind of understood why he would always be found in the first place.

This wind chasing building that sells information in the deserted city is really not simple.

Two hours? After two hours, Xiao Chen finished reading all the information on the table, and then spent half an hour to classify it.

The first category is nothing threatening, are some of the major sects that are still not dead, still want to extend an olive branch to Xiao Chen.

The second category is more interesting, many young people want to find him to challenge, want to take the opportunity to become famous.

Both of these categories do not need to be too calculating, there is no malice towards Xiao Chen, the third category makes Xiao Chen wary.

Qin Yu of Sacred Fire Villa, three times spent a lot of money, has been tracking where Xiao Chen landed. The final record was to ask the Wind Chasing House to keep an eye on Xiao Chen and inform him immediately after he left the city.

After Xiao Chen recalled in his mind, he remembered who this Qin Yu was, it was the inner sect elder of the Sacred Fire Villa who had been robbed of that top blood demon core by him in the demon space.

"This guy seems to be preparing to wait for me to leave the city and start blocking me, his strength is also half-step Martial Emperor Da Cheng realm, not good to deal with anymore."

Continuing to read on, he finally found Gao Yang Yu's record, he and Qin Yu actually went together.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, two opponents who were half-step Martial Emperor Da Cheng had joined together, this was really a bit bad to deal with.

The corner of his eyes swept down slightly and saw the analysis of the Wind Chasing House, Xiao Chen's eyes could not help but light up, and a smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

Gao Yang Yu surprisingly did not live with the Holy Fire Villa's, did not expect there was such a good opportunity.

But all the information, there is no record of Chu Chaoyun, making Xiao Chen a little puzzled, this person did not go through the wind chasing building and how to find him.

Unable to think of a reason, Xiao Chen could only put it down for now, destroyed all the information, and called Baili Xi into his room to talk about his plan.

"You want to take the initiative and do away with Gao Yang Yu, and then in total annihilation of the Holy Fire Villa's branch in Desolate City."

After Gao Yang Yu heard Xiao Chen's plan, his face couldn't help but look shocked.

Xiao Chen calmly said, "That's right, we can't give him the chance to unite with Qin Yu, otherwise there is no chance."

Baili Xi was silent for a moment and laughed, "You kid, you are the only one with this kind of courage, I'll do it with you, Old Baili."

"That group of people are still waiting for you to leave the city, I'm afraid I never dreamed that you would take the initiative, what do you want me to do just command."

Xiao Chen looked at Baili Xi with a stoic gaze and said, "Are you not afraid?"

Baili Xi heatedly laughed: "I'm a bachelor, what is there to be afraid of, nowadays martial artists bloom sprout, when the great era comes, who is the protagonist?"

"I'm sure you're the one, if the bet is right and you really are the protagonist of this era, the benefits I get are definitely greater than what I pay."

The martial artists' heyday is coming, a great era is coming, and a great emperor will be born in this world.

As long as one bets right, one gets the friendship of a future martial emperor, this benefit is a thousand or ten thousand times stronger than any heavenly treasure or elixir.

Xiao Chen smiled lightly: "I don't care who is the protagonist, if you help me, I will definitely keep your kindness in mind."

After the two finished discussing, Baili Xi once again set out to find out Gao Yang Yu's residence at any cost, while Xiao Chen started making the final preparations.

Taking out the remaining half of the Wutong Spirit Wood from the Qiankun Ring, Xiao Chen closed his eyes and began to recall various worthy objects in his mind for carving.

A moment later, the image of a tenth grade cold ice dragon was deeply engraved in his mind.

Opened his eyes, Xiao Chen already had an idea in his mind, to play let's play big.

Three days later, after inquiring about Gao Yang Yu's residence, everything was ready, and after dark, Xiao Chen and Baili Xi immediately set out.

Desolate City is a water city, there are countless rivers and lakes everywhere in the city, in the northern district of a small lake.

A pavilion is located in the center of the lake, underneath the pavilion stands a winding wooden path that stretches all the way to the shore.

In a hidden place by the lake, Xiao Chen said with a little surprise: "Who said this guy dumped his family, a person living in such a large house, some martial artists can not do."

Baili Xi smiled sarcastically, "The thin camel is bigger than a horse, this guy has at least operated in Gladiator City for a small half life, he must have a few back roads."

Xiao Chen said indifferently, "Let's go!"

Baili Xi took the giant axe behind him in his hand, a ruthless look flashed across his face and said, "Later, I will strike first."

The two collected their breath and walked soundlessly on top of the winding stacks, slowly walking toward the pavilion in the center of the lake.

Give me break!

When there are still a hundred meters away from the pavilion, Baili Xi fiercely attacked, the giant axe quickly become larger, a loud shout, just head towards the pavilion ruthlessly chopped down.

Bang Bang Bang!

A flash of light above the attic, and the huge axe blade issued a crackling sound of collision, the lake above a sky-rocketing column of water.

There was a simple defensive boundary in the wooden building, but Baili Xi was not surprised, the runes in the hands of the black leather gloves slowly lit up.


With another loud cry, Baili Xi held the huge axe, which had expanded by a hundred meters, and struck down again with a bang.


The attic's boundary shattered with a click, and the axe blade chopped down unhindered all the way down, and the large attic was directly split into two halves.

The axe blade landed on the bottom floor of the attic with a crisp collision sound, Baili Xi wanted to retrieve the axe but felt caught in something, how could not pull it out.


The pavilion, which was split in half, fell towards the surface of the lake, and Gao Yang Yu stood on the surface of the water, his powerful aura pervaded between heaven and earth, and clamped the axe blade of Baili Xi with one hand.


Gao Yang Yu coldly snorted and slapped his palm on top of the axe blade, which immediately shrunk back to its original shape.

Above the nine-bend path, Baili Xi's body couldn't help but take several steps backward.

When his sight saw Xiao Chen beside Baili Xi, Gao Yang Yu's gaze instantly went cold, his face covered with frost, and he said in a cold voice, "I didn't go looking for you, but you actually came looking for me, the dog really has a lot of guts."


The palm of the foot on the water surface above a heavy step, behind a semicircular water curtain swept up, the body shape flickers.

A palm swept out boundless ripples, the night curtain, as if the appearance of a rushing waterfall.

With the power of the waterfall, Gao Yang Yu ruthlessly slapped towards Xiao Chen.

Boom boom boom!

The sound of flowing water reverberated around, as if it was a real waterfall.


The opponent came with a strong force, so Xiao Chen chose to temporarily avoid his peak, and with a light point of his toes, his body immediately drifted away.

Pop, pop, pop!

The waterfall that flowed endlessly in the sky merged into the palm of the White Water River, and then exploded with a bang.

The nine-bend pathway beneath his feet immediately shattered with a bang, and a huge column of water swept up above the lake.


Baili Xi rushed away from the water column, is an axe towards Gao Yang, the move is not any fancy, with a terrifying force.

An axe out, the air like thin paper, as if split in half, the faint appearance of an inconspicuous gap.


Gao Yang Yu's right palm, swinging back and forth in front of his body, a wave of water followed by the palm kept swimming around, the water attribute aura above the lake quickly converge in the past.

When the axe blade came to the front, Gao Yang Yu palm slap, the surging water vapor exploded, the huge force will Bai Li Xi bounced hundreds of meters away.


The water wave fell, a figure flashed, but Xiao Chen attacked again, his right fist clenched, the green dragon tattoo above his arm swimming.