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Chapter 159 - Those years of grandeur

"This name, has been dead for 47 years, when I was third rank, he was fourth rank, I was not as qualified as him.

"I was with him in the second battlefield, killed a day and a night, reinforcements arrived, he died of living exhaustion. I carried his body back, can't see the face clearly already, are wounded."

Walk to the inside of the mausoleum, is a wall of walls, which is carved with a dense name.

Wang Nuo Tuo and Su Yue walked slowly in the white wall.

Su Yue had a solemn face.

Suddenly, Wang Nuo Tuo stopped by a name and said indifferently.

Su Yue froze.

He could hear some trembling in Wang Nuo Tuo's tone, although the latter was trying his best to conceal it.

"This name, it was my battalion commander back then, that time it was my turn to take a break and they went out on the march.

"But I never saw him again, a battalion of brothers, all gone."

Wang Nuo Tuo went to another name.

In very plain language, he recounted the bravado of those years.

"This man, a deadly enemy of mine back then, he was against me at every turn, even threatened, to buy killers to kill me.

"Unfortunately, in a wet realm charge, he single-handedly carried the alien legion for a minute, helping more than 3,000 martial artists to retreat.

"He was chopped into pieces by the foreigners.

"At that time, I hated this man the most, but now ...... I hope instead that he can keep fighting with me, at least, he can live."

Wang Nuo Tuo walked up to 20 or so names in a row, all of which accurately stated the ancient ties with him.

These histories have a special aura.

"Su Yue, am I being a little long-winded, people are old and inevitably talk too much."

The duo walked past all the martyr walls and then walked towards the outside, Wang Nuo Tuo suddenly said.

"I can tell that they are all your engraved comrades in arms."

Su Yue nodded his head.

"Yes, in every city in God's country, all the martyr walls, I can find people I know.

"Back then, our batch of soldiers, those who could live until retirement were really phoenixes.

"Living older, some of the grief, I have even numb.

"I envy you young people, still full of fervor."

The two people found a place to sit down.

Wang Nuo Tuo looked at Su Yue's eyes full of curiosity, inwardly is really envious.

"Su Yue, I know your deeds and I know that you are heroic, but I still hope that you must not be too impulsive in the wet realm in the future.

"In fact, many people on this wall, originally did not have to die.

"I've seen seniors die in front of me, I've seen peers die in front of me, and I've sent many descendants away as well.

"Never let your loved ones and friends suffer, I have experienced too many death goodbyes, I know what it's like, the living, sometimes it's actually harder than the dead."

Wang Nuo Tuo said in a serious tone.

"General, I understand."

Su Yue nodded solemnly.

The atmosphere was a bit gloomy.

He could see that kind of grief in Wang Nuo Tuo's eyes.

Although he concealed it well.

"I hope so."

Wang Nuo Tuo nodded his head.

He could guess that Su Yue would definitely not listen, but he just couldn't help nagging himself.

At this time, a few people from the Zhen Qin Legion arrived.

They also brought a few boxes.

"This is the royal badge of Jiang Yuan Kingdom, and the official appointment letter.

"From now on, you are the honorary prince of the Jiang Yuan Kingdom, theoretically the emperor's younger brother.

"But there is no real power, you can be free of admission in all scenic spots in Jiang Yuan country, you can stay in hotels without spending money, by the way, all consumption in Jiang Yuan country, as long as it is not too excessive, theoretically you can seek reimbursement from Jiang Yuan country.

"This time the Yang to the clan incident, Jiang Yuan country can not shirk its responsibility, but this small country, there is nothing worthy of compensation, this honorable title, it is also a kind of memorial.

"This is the Jiang Yuan country's personal compensation to you."

Wang Nuo Tuo's words fell, Su Yue picked up the badge in the box.

The king's duke?

The emperor's brother?

This identity is arrogant enough.

Su Yue knew some history of Jiang Yuan country, although Jiang Yuan country also had an official meeting system, but unlike Shen Zhou, there was still a crown prince existing in that country.

Of course.

The crown prince has no real power, it's a job to go to work and punch the clock.

In many small countries, there is this position.

And Su Yue never thought that he would be the crown prince.

In the future to go to Jiang Yuan country, must not walk across.

Although there is no real power, but the people of Jiang Yuan country, the crown prince is still very respectful.

This is a good reward, quite rare.

"Your two choice beast skins made a total of 14 choice beast belt pouches.

"According to the divine state's loot seizure law, you can share 3 choice beast fanny packs, or, you can choose to ask for credits."

Wang Nuo Tuo asked again.

"I want the beast selection belt packs."

Su Yue didn't think at all.

The beast selection belt pouch, more is better, in case you can encounter something in the wet realm in the future, more pockets can hold more.

As for the credits.

This time the undercover mission, Zhen Qin Corps could not possibly give too little.

"Well, it's okay!"

Wang Nuo Tuo nodded his head.

"Thank you for bringing back select beast skins, the various legions, they are all in great need."

Wang Yotuo thanked again.

He was not surprised that Su Yue chose the beast selection belt pouch.

After all, credits can be earned, but beast selection belt packs are not ordinary things that sometimes cannot be bought with money.

"This mission, the military department gave you the credit reward, is 100,000, not much, but the divine state has strict legal regulations, Zhen Qin army corps has maximized the fight."

Wang Nuo Tuo added.

"Well, no problem."

Su Yue nodded his head.

100,000 credits was actually not a small amount.

In Shenzhou, there were people who died in wars every day, and the payment of the Shenzhou pension was a large sum of money, which he could understand.

Besides, before he decided to become an undercover agent, the Zhen Qin Corps had carefully accounted for the mission payoff, Wang Nuo Tuo really tried his best.

"As for that batch of herbs, I have asked for 10,000 credits for you from the elixir group.

"In fact, you went a little late, those elixirs have been sprinkled with venom by the evil disciples of the Yangward clan, most of them can't be used, some pity."

Wang Nuo Tuo added.

"Sprinkled with venom?"

Su Yue froze.

Then, he sighed.

Sure enough, the cunning of the Yangward clan was forever refreshing your perception.

It looked like a group of honest first-grade evil disciples would go and destroy the medicinal herbs at the first moment of the pandemonium, simply with evil intentions.

Should be killed.

All Yang Xiang clan, should be killed.

"There is also the generation bark, has been given to Qingwu Ding Beitu, in accordance with your opinion, by his priority disposal.

"The reward credits for generation bark, for the time being, is also ten thousand credits, those things have no specific value after all."

Wang Nuo Tuo explained again.

"Well, that's fine, thank you General."

Su Yue nodded his head.

This undercover mission, he got a total of 120,000 credits, which was really quite a lot already.

"This is what you want most, a war medal.

"One successful undercover mission.

"Discovering four secret sacrificial sites and sending someone to destroy them, thus saving the branch martial, one.

"Eliminating the palm flag cantonment battalion, one."

Wang Yotuo placed three more war medals, in front of Su Yue.

This scene caused the eyes of several officers behind Wang Nuo Tuo to glow.

War medals.

Every time one was awarded, the military department would be cautious and cautious again.

And Su Yue, a freshman, got three of them at once.

It was impossible for them not to be envious.

"Thank you."

Su Yue's eyes lit up.

War medal.

This was what one's heart was longing for.

Together with these three, there were now seven.

Although the distance from 1000 is still a bit far, but Su Yue believes that the work will not fail.

Sooner or later, he can save his dad.

"These, roughly, are the rewards of this undercover operation, if there are any objections, you can call me at any time.

"To be honest, even I envy you, when I was young, up not as scenic as you, haha."

Wang Nuo Tuo laughed.

He had already left a dedicated phone number for Su Yue.

"Haha, this is all what everyone should envy."

Suetsu came up with a joke, and then he squared up and said.

"Thank you, General, the reward is something like that, it should be mine, and I deserve it.

"But to say the least, this is all out of body, compared to those heroes who have died, I am at least still alive.

"I have no objection."

Su Yue said with a straight face.

Material rewards, there is the law of God's state, all soldiers are the same.

In fact, anyone would feel that he or she has a lot of merit and less reward from the military department.

But martial artists are not businessmen, and the mission should not be catty.

If one really cares especially about these material rewards, it would be better to return to the field, as a qi blood martial artist, to go into business.

This is also the reason why soldiers, care more about medals.

"I know you are anxious to accumulate medals, you in order to exchange back to the Green King freedom, but you have not grown up after all, everything is measured."

Wang Nuo Tuo explained again.

He did not mention Su Qing Feng's matter in the fourth battlefield, there is no need to make Su Yue worry.

"Mm, thank you for your concern General, I understand."

Su Yue nodded his head again.

"You are now in the second rank, when your mentor agrees, you can go to the wet realm battlefield, once the second battlefield, the world of the Green King, you should have a good time there.

"Go for it, young man."

Wang Nuo Tuo stood up.

He still had a lot of chores and planned to leave, and it was time for Su Yue to return to Xiwu.

"Well, definitely.

"By the way, General, how is Wang Nan Guo?"

Su Yue asked again.

"He has already broken through the clan master and has made a great achievement this time, so his future will be bright.

"As for whether he will go to the military department as a Major General or stay in the government as a Governor, it all depends on his own choice."

Wang Nuo Tuo said, and Su Yue said goodbye.

Perhaps the place of conversation was a little too gloomy, Su Yue always felt that, between Wang Nuo Tuo's eyebrows, there was a lot of heavy baggage, his heart must be very tired, and even did not like the position of major general very much.

And his father-in-law, it seems to be a lot more open-minded, apparently the great general as a very cool.

Su Yue can even feel that Mu Jingliang even marshals want to do dry.

The city of Fanzhi also commissioned the Zhenqin army, sent some thanks for the reward, just some pills money, although not much, but also better than nothing.

After all, this operation is the Zhenqin legion took over, where the city did not allocate funds, so there is nothing left.

The Zhenqin Legion's car, personally sent Su Yue to Xiwu.


After a flurry of running, Su Yue finally came back.


The familiar gate of Xiwu, still lofty and majestic, Su Yue surprisingly had a feeling like a lifetime ago.

The small security guard at the gate, still the same, likes to leer at female students.

Everything inside, nothing has changed.

The most beautiful thing is the human world.

I hope this peace will last forever.

Half a month of dark undercover life, Su Yue surprisingly had a feeling of having lived for years.

Just stepped into the West Wu, Su Yue still want to shout: I Hu Hansan is back to kill.


Unexpectedly, there was a big enemy coming from the front.

Xiang Jingshan.

When he was choosing his own class, he had openly talked back to this guy.

This vice principal obviously does not deal with himself.

He's not here to cause trouble, is he?

Bad luck.

At this time, many teachers and students came and went, and also looked at Xiang Jingshan and Su Yue with curious faces.

What kind of conflict is this going to be?

Su Yue has inexplicably disappeared for half a month, and Xiang Jingshan is the vice principal in charge of new students, he wants to settle scores after the fall?

Mu Orange hurriedly came.

Xiang Jingshan may not know that Su Yue went undercover, her help Su Yue to explain.

The atmosphere was a bit depressing.

Xiang Jingshan stared at Su Yue, not moving.

And Su Yue was not walking, nor was he standing.

"Su Yue, thank you."

Suddenly, toward Su Yue, Xiang Jingshan nodded gently.

His relatives, were in the group of captives that Su Yue rescued.


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