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Chapter 112 - Gods and Ghosts

Southern Imperial Capital.

Graduation from the best Heavenly Pride Academy in the Imperial Capital.

Potential class meets in the most luxurious eatery, the boss fluffed up, even pulled up a banner at the door!

"Welcome high school students to visit our restaurant, today, except for alcoholic beverages, the whole place is 88% off."

Of course, the potential class of all consumption, the boss all free bill.

For the boss, the national college entrance examination students can come, that is the event of three lives.

The entire third floor, three quarters of the place, was wrapped by the potential class, the department manager himself, arranged for the most handy waiters in service, all young girls and boys.

That's right.

Although the college entrance exams have been three days, but the potential class only began to celebrate today.

No way.

The top student in the entrance exam, Du Jing Shu, has just taken time out of his busy daily routine, and has even been to the wet realm.

Potential class a year, others are still in the Earth cultivation, Du Jingshu has been in and out of the wet realm.

Throughout the South Empire, who of his peers does not envy Du Jingshu.

Family illustrious, strong back, especially its own also gifted.

High school exam, second grade realm.

This is simply a miracle.

You know, for some b class martial arts university students, they only seek to graduate before, to reach the second grade realm ah.

What you pursue in your life, others are almost born with.

With Du Jingshu's talent, as well as his life, he will definitely be a popular figure in the whole southern empire, or even the whole divine state.

The top student in the college entrance examination is just a starting point.

As for whether to wash the bones or not, it really doesn't matter.

Martial artists who do not wash their bones, there are many who have broken through to the Patriarch.

And many golden bone elephants, also died horizontally in the wet realm.

Being able to survive and be the first to reach the peak of the fifth grade is the top priority.

The boss looked at the potential class gathering from afar, his eyes were full of envy, he was a second-grade martial artist, which was already the end of his own.

But Du Jingshu's life has just set sail.

The top student in the college entrance examination.

How many candidates can kill one, this is the king of the same class.

As for the second place, who will remember!

"Has the cake been delivered?"

The boss called the department manager over the intercom!

"Report boss, it's on the way, the cake is bigger, so the transportation is a bit more troublesome!"

The floor manager reaches.

"Good, send it as soon as possible!"

In order to befriend Du Jingshu, the boss also sent a large cake, which was to congratulate the top student of the college entrance examination.

Whether Du Jingshu appreciates it or not is one thing, but he should at least do it himself.

If there are no accidents, this time next year, Du Jingshu may be a third-grade martial artist, or even ...... fourth-grade!

It's frightening to think about.


"Class leader, the Ministry of Education is also really stingy, the top student in the college entrance examination is surprisingly only a top student badge, not even a little material reward, simply!"

Du Jing Shu sat in the first place, just indifferently drinking a glass of ice water.

His face is fair and looks handsome.

The food in front of him, Du Jingshu did not move a bite, as a scholar, to keep different from others.

I just drink water lightly, you will feel even more that I am unreachable.

He likes to be complimented and likes to see the admiration of others.

From a young age, being one step faster, this has become a part of Du Jingshu's life.

"Hmph, what is the class president's status, how could he care about a little material reward, as for that first prize badge, it is simply in the class president's pocket!"

Another student said.

"We wish the class president great ambitions, and he can break through the fifth rank before graduating from Martial University!"

A female classmate stood up.

"You're wrong, your Class President, Lord, will definitely be able to break through to Zong Shi before graduation!"

Another person grabbed the words.

Du Jing was expressionless!

You are all right, I will definitely break through to the fifth rank, or even Zong Shi, before I graduate from Martial University.

Among my peers, I will definitely be the king.

Also bound to be the king.

"That what layer rock city, what a poor countryside, because of a city, affect the class president to take the badge, simply disgusting!"

Suddenly, a classmate cursed angrily.

The top student badge, is the Ministry of Education to the high school entrance examination top student's glory medal.

According to the practice of previous years, after the college entrance examination, it will be awarded by the local governor's office on behalf of.

But this year there is a layer of rock city delayed exams, so the top student badge has not been issued.

"That what lasagna city, seems to have finished the examination this morning, it is estimated that in a moment it is time for the class president to award the medal, let's accompany the class president to the Governor's Office!"

The students were laughing happily.

Class leader to receive the award, they follow the face also have light, after all, I and the first prize a class.

Du Jingshu kept an indifferent smile.

He just liked to see people with hypocritical faces complimenting themselves, and even in the bottom of these people's eyes, there was jealousy and envy.

Even, there was some hate.

He liked to be hated, it was the only way to prove that he was good enough.

"Students, in order to celebrate the awarding of the top student in the college entrance examination, the small store gives you all a cake, wishing you all at Wudao University, you can rocket up ninety thousand miles, everyone's patriarch!"

The boss personally pushed the cake over.

This cake is also really big, half the size of a ping-pong table, the surface of the cake is written with a few words: faltering straight up to 90,000 miles!

"Class president, cut the cake, haha!"

Classmates have started to coax.

Du Jingshu stood up and calmly walked over to the cake.

These ass-kissers, always love to do such formalistic things!

In order to please me, you guys really vomited your hearts and blood, this is the qualification of the strong.

"Class leader, it's not good, something big is wrong!"

Before Du Jingshu could get off the knife, a cry of alarm rang out from downstairs.

Du shocked Shu frowned.

"What are you shouting in a panic."

The toilet was on the first floor, and this student had just come out of the toilet.

"Class president, it's not good, there is a change in the entrance exam results!"

Everyone was playing upstairs, and he was bored brushing his phone in the toilet.

Since there was a make-up city this year, the website for the real-time ranking of the college entrance exam had been left open.

By definition, Layer Rock is only a very small city, and historically even the top entering 50 candidates are rare, so no one should be concerned either.

Even the 50 or so candidates are not bothered to pay attention, falling out of the top 10 in the country, the ranking really has little meaning.

You 11, and 12, again, no one pays attention.

Even the top three, people will only remember the top student in the college entrance exam.

The second place is a companion.

This student opened the real-time ranking by magic.

But this look does not matter, he was frightened of the jugular, and then ran up in a hurry.

That's right!

Du Jingshu, who was originally hung high in first place, had become second.

And the first place result, was directly refreshed!


Su Yue!

Platinum Bone Elephant with 42 cards of Qi and blood!

Touching results, directly pressed the second-ranked 147-card Du Jingshu head.

The ranking of the entrance examination, the official calculation of potential value by the Ministry of Education.

This is the most authoritative result in the divine state, even the Seventh Army Chief Marshal Yuan Long Han can't change it.

This is an ironclad fact!


At once, the atmosphere on the second floor froze, and a chill seemed to permeate the air.

The students took out their phones and opened the query site!

Sure enough!

It was refreshed.

It was a thousand percent true.

A candidate from Layer Rock City, named Su Yue, had strongly killed his way to first place, squeezing the towering Du Jingshu into second.

Platinum Bone Elephant!

42 cards!

This was definitely a gut-wrenching achievement.

When Du Jingshu was in the first grade, he was already cultivating in the wet realm, which had some increasing effect in the case of having a Qi ring.

But the platinum bone elephant does not have a qi ring.

Relying on the primitive limit breakthrough method, it is unbelievable to be able to spell 42 cards.

"This one called Su Yue, isn't he a brainiac?

"He's already a platinum bone elephant, why doesn't he hurry up and seal the product, he's still accumulating qi blood!"

A student said with a frown.

"To brush up his potential value, a despicable and shameless villain."

Another student cursed angrily.

"Yes, class president, don't be angry, this shameless bastard, he must be trying to brush up his potential value to not seal the product, simply shameless!"

Everyone nodded their heads.

After the platinum bone elephant, every 1 card of qi blood will increase the potential value substantially.

If Su Yue after sealing the product, his potential value after exceeding 40 cards, there will not be a huge increase.

After all, there is a qi ring after sealing the product.

But he surprisingly does not seal the product.

"The world is trying, nowadays, for the name of the top student of the entrance examination, have people already so unturned means!"

Everyone was righteously indignant.

"Class president, you take it easy, that one called Su Yue, must be despicable!"

The matter has come to this, ironclad.

Du Jingshu's first prize was snatched away.

They hurriedly comforted the class president.


Du Jingshu squeezed the knife for cutting the cake in his hand and trembled slightly.

It was simply hateful to get this kind of news before the cake had time to be cut!

"Let's all eat the cake, it's just a top student, reward him!

"If he's in the same Wudao as me, I'll make him behave as a pony for me.

"If he goes to another Wudao, I will beat him until he kneels down and begs for mercy at the Wudao exchange, until he swallows the top student's badge with his own mouth!

"I, Du Jingshu, don't care about the Scholarship badge, but a scumbag who relies on brushing up on his potential doesn't deserve to hold it either.

"This year's college entrance examination, there is no Scholar!"

Du Jingshu took the knife, directly also did not cut the cake, he directly is inserted in the center of the cake.

And his face, also began to white.

The whole room was silent.

Look at Du Jingshu's expression, he was really angry.

"That's right, two months after the opening of the Martial University, by then this fake scholar, will definitely reveal his true face!"

"Class president, do we need to inquire which Wudao he applied to?"

A classmate asked.

"No need, just remember this name, no matter which Wudao he is at, despicable people, don't live long!

"Some things, not everyone is entitled to take!

"Will ...... crush the leg."

Throw down the knife, Du Jing Shu also do not bother to pay attention to other people, he directly left the restaurant.

Looking at the huge cake, a group of students in situ looked at each other.

In fact, in the eyes of many students, there was some gloating.

For the sake of love, people do not want to offend Du Jingshu, but it does not mean that others do not disgust him.

This person is arrogant and arrogant, and has no one in sight.

This time someone stepped on his feet, also let many people secretly happy.

With Du Jingshu's narrow-mindedness, he could be angry and lose sleep for three days.


Layer Rock City!

When the final ranking came out, the potential class was uplifted.

Unfortunately, Liao Ping didn't kill the top ten and ended up stopping at the 13th place in the country.

One can only say that this year's candidates were too fierce.

Su Yue was kidnapped by the crowd at the restaurant, and a head was pressed into the cake by Liao Ji.

The opportunity cannot be lost.

The opportunity for everyone to bully the class president together, this is the last time.

The students were so happy that Dai Yuegui asked the waiter for a dozen raw eggs, which were then stuffed into Su Yue's crotch, one by one, and shot to pieces.

Su Yue wanted to cry.

I've been bullied into what kind of a high school scholar.

Bowling you still laugh!

Su Yue stretched out his hand, a bowling also pressed in the cake.

"I just did the hair ...... ooooo ......"

Bowling woo woo woo struggle ......

The cold egg liquid, flowing down the leg of Su Yue pants, Liao Ji laughing back and forth, he did not stand still, directly dog eat shit posture down, good coincidence, eat a mouth full of egg liquid.

"Vulgar world!"

Liao Ping like a worldly man, looking at the world from another angle.

Unfortunately, Su Yue's shoe slapped on his face.

Everyone was laughing uncontrollably and making a crazy scene.

Zhou Yunchun held the oyster sauce, red eyes.

He vaguely recalled the scene a year ago when everyone just went to the training base and made sauerkraut fish according to the video.

Starting from tomorrow, everyone went their separate ways.

And himself and Oyster Sauce, also faced with the fact that they had to be separated.

"When you are on vacation, you can still come back to Oyster Sauce, I will take good care of him.

Dai Yuegui knows Zhou Yunchun's reluctance, but this is a necessary separation, you can't take a dog to school.

"Well, I will come back often to see Oily!"

Zhou Yunchun suddenly cried.

The big head of oyster sauce rubbed against Zhou Yunchun, and the pupils were red.


Hong Yuan City!

"Su Yue that kid, is not the make-up exam finished.

"With his 30-card score six months ago, he should be between 20th and 10th place.

"Alas, still much better than me, I'm 28 cards, just 39th, shame on me."

Wang Lufeng swiped his phone.

He started from 20th place and went up to find Su Yue's name.

10 names a page.

However, 20 to 10 names, there was no Su Yue's name.

Wang Lufeng frowned, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Su Yue, this kid, will not be careless, even the top 20 did not enter it.

The top ten ranking, even more do not look.

That is the battlefield of the group of demons in the four empires, the first and second place, all tang second grade, Su Yue can not rush to the top ten.

There is no need to turn the page.

Wang Lufeng dropped his phone with an expression of hatred.

This indisputable thing, this half year must be a waste of time.

Even the top 20 did not get in, it simply makes my brother painful.

Wang Lufeng was so angry that his stomach hurt.

He dialed Su Yue's phone number, he wanted to educate this old brother properly.

Too indisputable.

The advantage is so good, you took the king bomb and ran after 20, this can be okay!

Su Yue went to the bathroom to wash his face, just in time to see Wang Lu Feng phone.

"Huh, old Wang ah, is not to congratulate me."

Su Yue took a deep breath.

To be too good is to be easily missed.

I also do not know how Wang Lufeng was hit.


"Su Yue, and I