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Chapter 101 - Terrible Luck (Ten Thousand More Subscriptions)

Under the reluctant farewell of Hua Xiong and Lao Zhao, Su Yue got on the long-distance bus back to Layer Rock City.

Hua Xiong a big man, crying into a tear, he has now become a complete fat businessman, too easy to sentimental.

Old Zhao also wiped his tears.

Unknowingly, a year has passed.

Thinking back to the first time they saw Su Yue, they actually had a feeling of a lifetime ago.

A year ago, the newcomer who was still in the accompaniment area is now a myth of the Fight Club.

The long-distance bus had already gone far away, and Hua Xiong and the others were still looking at the road and wiping their tears.

In the car.

In fact, Su Yue's eyes are also a little red.

One year, this group of drinking friends has long since become part of their lives.

Although prepared, but the time of departure, the heart is not a taste.

Su Yue is not a sentimental person, but Yu Liang City does carry too much of his joy, anger and sadness.

"Liao Ping and the others, they should have already gone back to the base!"

Su Yue muttered.

In recent months, Liao Ping and the others had already left Yu Liang City, not knowing where they had been arranged by Dai Yuehui for surprise training.



The long-distance bus stopped at the bus station.

The person who met the station was Yang Le Zhi.

He is anxious ah.

So long time, has not been successful in confession, now confession Xu Baiyan has become part of his daily life.

Even that damn cuckold hatred, are somewhat faded.

But the matter of signing, must not be delayed.

Looking at the college entrance exam, if Su Yue still does not sign after the college entrance exam, it proves that he did not instruct him.

The credits in case they are wasted, then the heaven and earth should be destroyed.

Yang Le Zhi is now at the peak of the third grade, he is ready for a breakthrough, and is now just short of Peipu Dan.

But Pei Pu Dan grows deep in the wet realm and can only be collected by clan masters.

If you want to buy it, you can only use credits and go to the official website of the Ministry of Education to buy it, and the price is expensive, almost sky-high.

Yang Le Zhi must get this credit.

"Brother-in-law, you're finally back, I'm still unsuccessful."

Yang Le Zhi diligently carried the bag for Su Yue.

"So useless ah, can't even manage a woman!"

Su Yue was a little hungry, and the two of them came to the buffet.

When Su Yue left in a hurry, the coupons for this buffet were still there.

Su Yue's luggage basically did not move, coupons are still lying in the bag.

But when Su Yue took it out, he was almost blown out by the waiter.

You've got an expired coupon from a year ago, and it's funny here?

Anyway, with Yang Le Zhi paying for the bill, Su Yue also ate at the original price, boozing it up for a while.

"Su Yue, seriously, you really should sign, if the college entrance examination is over, everything is too late.

"That credit is very important to me, you just need to sign it, and will not lose anything."

Yang Le Yi said with a gloomy face.

"I miss my sister, do you have her picture in your phone?"

Su Yue suddenly asked.

"No, manly man, how can you have a woman's photo in your phone."

Yang Le Yi froze.

"No wonder you failed, send a text message, find my sister to ask for one!"

Su Yue headache.

This kind of goods, what to rely on in the future to reproduce offspring.

"I've asked for it before, and she won't send it to me!"

Yang Le Yi face failure-like.

"You try again!"

Su Yue said.

"Okay, then I'll try!"

Yang Le Zhi edited the text message.


Within a few minutes, Xu Baiyan returned the message.

Yang Le Zhi's eyes twitched, and the hand holding the phone, were trembling a little.

"Holy shit, Xu Baiyan sent me a Daoist, what is it for?"

Open MMS, inside is a long immortal style Daoist picture of an old man, which is a Daoist priest.

"What did you send to my sister?"

Su Yue asked with a frown.


[Send me a picture of a real person].


Looking at Yang Le Zhi's text message, Su Yue wanted to cry without tears.

Xu Baiyan is also a clear brain circuit.

It turned out that the old white bearded Taoist, is Zhang Sanfeng, Zhang real person.

"Forget it, where is the signature book?"

Su Yue shook his head.

Yang Le Zhi hurriedly took it out, he was carrying it with him.

Su Yue also no nonsense, he directly signed.

This scene shook Yang Le Zhi's head and eyes.

He suspected that he was dreaming.

Su Yue has made things difficult for himself for half a year, and this is easily signed?

No more confession?

I'm fucking relieved?

"I ate your silt grass, it's nothing to sign.

"As for the matter of you and my sister, I sincerely hope that you are together, the boy and the girl, how well-matched!"

Su Yue sighed.

Seeing that the college entrance examination is about to take place, there is really no need to make things difficult for Yang Le Zhi.

The assistant teacher paddled, not him alone, in fact, Dai Yuegui also hope that Yang Lezhi paddled, so as not to mess up.

Even Xu Baiyan also symbolically showed up just.

The students of martial arts, more significance, is to motivate only, they do not know anything about teaching.

Yang Le Zhi harassed Xu Baiyan for half a year, Su Yue's initial bad anger, is also considered out.

Hopefully, this little evil mind, not Xu Baiyan noticed, otherwise the injustice will be when.

In the end, Su Yue is still a little afraid of Xu Baiyan.

As for how the two follow up, it depends on fate.

In case, Yang Le Zhi really fell in love with his sister?

The oldest is not young, it is time to talk to someone.

"Great kindness without saying thank you!

"Big brother, smoking Red Tarzan, I'll go buy a box?"

Yang Le Zhi got excited.

Su Yue shook his head, smoking is not a good habit.

"Then big brother, drink Jianlibao, Coke is fine, Fanta also have!"

Yang Le Zhi is really happy.

"Ask you something serious!"

Su Yue suddenly said.

"You say!"

Yang Le Zhi nodded his head.

"The platinum liquid for secondary bone cleansing, is one bottle enough?"

Su Yue asked with a stony face.

"Of course it's not enough, how can you ask that?"

Yang Le Zhi was like looking at a retard.

"Then how many bottles are needed?"

Su Yue's head hurts.

How can martial arts cost so much money!

"Of course the more the better, you have drunk so much bone cleansing water, you are not clear?"

Yang Le Zhi asked rhetorically.

"From where can I buy platinum liquid, how much is the market price?"

Su Yue's heart was beating wildly.

He was even a little afraid to listen to this figure, afraid that he would fall to his knees.

The cash in the card was almost about 7 million.

3 million appearance fee, 5 million ticket share.

This time, because he had to go, so the club did not have additional rewards, compared to the battle of Bai Zhaoge, a lot worse.

For the club, it lost a king and lost money on the deal.

The original 8 million, paid off a debt of more than 1 million.

No way, in Yu Liang City, the Education Bureau has stopped free medical treatment, and their own frequent injuries, can only pay out of pocket, without realizing it, there is not enough money.

Flower bear they funded a lot, Su Yue must pay back the money.

As for the Education Bureau to stop the medicine, Su Yue can also understand.

There is no way to blame yourself for being too costly, 1 million can only last less than a month, and then a large family business can not withstand the squander.

"Platinum liquid, the market simply can not buy, but when you go to the University of Wu, you can use credits to exchange.

"The exchange ratio between credits and currency, is about 100:1.

"I'll look it up!"

Yang Le Li used his cell phone to open the school intranet of Beiwu, which has the Ministry of Education's Wu Da business network.

It was also the first time Su Yue had seen the WU Business Network.


Wu University Business Network.

This is the Ministry of Education as the background, only Wu University students can open the network shopping platform.

All kinds of dazzling goods, there are battle methods, precious materials, and demon beast skins, as well as all kinds of elixirs, weapons, and even some small tasks.

Of course, if you have something in your hand, you can also hang it up for sale on the Martial Grand Network, and the platform will take a certain commission.

There is even a gratuitous donation picture in the most prominent position of the website.

It seems that the Ministry of Education also advocates students to donate for free, but Su Yue think brain-damaged to donate for free, everyone is selling their lives, who do not want to be stronger.

Yang Le Zhi also said that no one donated at all.

Although, donate more things, can be on the charity list, and get the medal issued by the Ministry of Education, but basically no use.

The transaction currency of the WuDa business network is the credits of each WuDa.

About credits, the Ministry of Education has a very strict ban on a perfect system of rewards and punishments, in general, the Wudao students down the wet realm, you can get credits.

You get the wet realm, you can also exchange credits, and finally, it is as Yang Le Zhi and Xu Baiyan, to help high school students in various cities college entrance exams.

Good luck, meet a golden bone elephant like Su Yue, credits fertile, comparable to the next three wet realm.

Secondly, there are many benefits to raising a first-rate martial artist, but of course not as much as a golden bone elephant.

Yang Le Zhi searched for platinum liquid.

The results came out quickly.

Platinum liquid: selling price 70,000 credits.

Discounted price: 68,000 credits.

Su Yue's mouth went dry.

According to the exchange ratio, this is 6.8 million, or the discounted price, Su Yue instantly broke ah.

"Brother-in-law, I really envy you, at a young age, you can lose so much money.

"Seventy thousand credits ah, think about it I have liver pain."

Yang Le Zhi let out a cry of shock.

Don't look at them all strong, but in fact, they are all moonlighters, and sometimes have to find a school loan.

No way, martial artists cultivation is too expensive.

Seventy thousand credits, simply can make many students faint.

Ordinary people down a trip to the wet realm, the top of the day can get 10,000 credits, which also requires luck.

"I'll transfer you 6.8 million, help me exchange a bottle!"

Su Yue bit the ah.

Bone cleansing this kind of thing, can not be delayed.

One night back to bankruptcy, it is simply to die.

"What ...... are you so rich?"

Yang Lezhi another cry of surprise, other diners frequently turn around.


Why I did not stay in the first-class realm, otherwise I can also go to the fight club to make money.

Damn it!

Too bad there's no chance.

In the end, Yang Le Zhi helped Su Yue exchange the platinum liquid.

The currency and credits exchange was convenient.

"When will it arrive?"

Su Yue anxiously asked, also do not know whether the logistics speed is fast, fortunately it is package mail.

But package mail is reliable!

"No accident, three hours later can arrive, the Ministry of Education in each province, there are logistics warehouses.

"Especially this large amount of valuable items, are martial artists personally to send, the speed will be faster."

Yang Le Way.

"A martial artist delivering a courier, the Ministry of Education is really wealthy."

Su Yue lamented.

"Not wealthy and generous, send courier martial artists, are some injured martial artists, they can not go to battle, but also do not want to be idle, so they help each to send things to the students. After all, the students will encounter a variety of problems, a little earlier to solve, but also very important."

Speaking of couriers, Yang Le Zhi had some admiration on his face.

"So that's it, it's great."

Su Yue nodded his head.

"No wonder the platinum liquid is so expensive, it turns out that the main ingredient is the blood of the high-ranking foreigners."

When Su Yue bought the platinum liquid, he incidentally read the detailed description.

The ingredients were simple: high-ranking fey blood, Zhe Yuan powder.

"Zhe Yuan powder, should be a preservation agent, specifically used to store fresh fey blood, could ...... this platinum liquid be fey blood at all?"

Yang Le Zhi analyzed.

"Fae blood?

"Then we are pitted, ah, in the wet realm, the foreign race so much blood, why sell so expensive!"

Su Yue meat pain.

"It's really not a loss, although there is a lot of foreign blood, but the most difficult place is storage.

"And this Zhe Yuan powder raw material, also the product of the wet realm, should be the most expensive instead of Zhe Yuan powder."

Yang Le Zhi said.

"Forget it, buy all already bought!"

Su Yue sighed.

Two bottles, is it enough or not?

Speaking of which, Pan Yizheng is also really meaningful.

7 million things, said to give away, before Su Yue did not think of so expensive.

"Wu Da business network are discounted?"

Su Yue was curious again.

"Nor, mainly this platinum liquid belongs to the lagging items, generally no one two wash, so discounted.

"Some of the best-selling goods, instead, also increased prices."

Yang Le Zhi shook his head.

"I'm ready to go back to the base, see you when you have time.

"Take care!"

Having enough to eat and drink, Su Yue and Yang Le Zhi said goodbye.

If there is no accident, he will go to Xiwu, and Yang Le Zhi is in Beiwu, there is no hope to be a classmate.

"Which school are you going to go to?"

Yang Le Zhi asked.

"It should be Xiwu!"

Su Yue said truthfully.

There is no need to hide, anyway, in a few days after the college entrance examination.


"You also want to find the [Moon Meditation True Code]?"

Hearing Xiwu, Yang Le Zhi's expression clearly changed.

"Moon Underworld True Code? What's that?"

Su Yue's eyes snapped shut.

"Uh, nothing, a legend passed down from the 24th century, it seems to be a super battle technique that can be cultivated by low rank martial artists, and even patriarchs are looking for it.

"It is said that the holder of this warfare method, is one of the Western martial arts principal, but that principal died in battle in the wet realm.

"After 300 years, many people went to the Western Martial Arts to look for the Moon Meditation True Code, but there was little clue.

"People suspect that the Moon Underworld True Code has long since disappeared with the principal in the Wet Realm, and is not in Xiwu at all."

Yang Le Zhi also heard only this point of the matter.

"So that's how it is, I was listening to the parents, I don't know what the true dictionary is."

Su Yue said.

"Then it's good, don't go to the West Martial specifically for a broken legend, no one is looking for the Moon Meditation True Canon now."

Yang Le Zhi laughed.

"Hey, it's your instructor Dai Yuegui's phone, this is a decent person, a good instructor."

Yang Le Zhi's phone rang and he casually said.

"Hey, instructor Dai ah