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Chapter 0464 - Who is beating who now?

Then he must recover the injuries in his body as soon as possible, and then refine those demonic qi in his body to be able to escape from that old man's hands ...... but after escaping, it is estimated that he will be wanted by the Rendered City Martial Artists Guild again, which is really a bit of a headache!

The time passed, the old man seems to be patient, regardless of the time Xiao Chen healing, as if this can give Xiao Chen in psychological pressure, so that Xiao Chen said the truth to.

However, this gave Xiao Chen time to heal, it is estimated that the old man did not expect Xiao Chen's self-healing ability is so strong, if it were an ordinary cultivator, at this moment is only able to regulate the suppression of injuries, want to heal, that is absolutely impossible.

It is estimated that it is because of this that the old man let Xiao Chen ignore it.

Finally, Xiao Chen healed all the injuries in his body, but he did not stop, but began to continue to dissolve the demonic Qi in his body! The demonic qi that the old man punched into his body was pure and violent, more rigid than that of the cold right compartment, but once it was dissolved and turned into yuan qi, it was also very significant for Xiao Chen's strength improvement!

Aided by the spirit jade together, it made Xiao Chen feel that his strength was surging, giving him a vague feeling of breaking through the barrier! Just how is this possible?

A few days ago, Xiao Chen had just broken through the rank barrier at the peak of the seventh level of the Qi Refining Stage and stepped into the eighth level, and even though he was now at the peak of the eighth level, to say that he could immediately enter the ninth level still made him somewhat unbelievable.

But the fact was right in front of him, Xiao Chen felt that the Yuan Qi that had been turned into Yuan Qi after the demonic Qi had been dissolved was being cooperated with by the spirit jade. One by one, hitting his level barrier, the original impregnable barrier, actually appeared a small crack!

Seeing this. Xiao Chen's heart was surprised and happy, if this time can successfully break through, then he definitely have the strength to fight with this old man! Thinking of this, Xiao Chen couldn't help but speed up the speed of the heart technique operation, accelerating the transformation of the magic Qi.

Devil Qi transformation, is a very painful process, the faster the speed. The more so, the more the devil qi transformed into Yuan Qi was not absorbed by the meridians, but piled up. This was a very dangerous and unpleasant situation.

But what Xiao Chen wanted was such a situation, these Yuan Qi accumulated into more and more, constantly impacting the barriers, once or twice ......


Finally. After that spiritual jade shattered into a burst of powder. Xiao Chen also at this moment, successfully broke the level barrier, and advanced to become a cultivator of the ninth level of the Qi Refining Stage!

Hoo ...... Xiao Chen let out a long breath and looked at the old man not far away.

"Not bad, still have two tricks up your sleeve!" The old man saw Xiao Chen look up and over, also at this moment opened his eyes, as if at any time enough insight into Xiao Chen movement general, opened his mouth and slowly said: "hit by my magic Qi. To be able to suppress it in such a short period of time, you really have some ability!"

Of course. The old man only thought that Xiao Chen suppressed the demonic qi he hit, to say that he could refine the demonic qi and use it for himself, he did not believe this, he could not do it, how could Xiao Chen?

"We have no enemies, and you asked me all the things I said, this spiritual jade is really what I use for cultivation, but you do not believe." Xiao Chen said with a bitter smile.

"Humph, you'd better think clearly before you speak, your life now, is in my hands, I can have you die at any time." The old man's face was a little ugly, he did not expect that Xiao Chen would dare not tell the truth at this time.

"I am very sober about this." Xiao Chen nodded his head and said, "But I really didn't lie to you either."

"Good, since that's the case, then I will fulfill you!" The old man's eyes flashed with a flash of sharpness as he stared at Xiao Chen and steeply struck out ......

At this moment, however, Xiao Chen did not dodge or dodge, he faced the edge and charged at the old man, secretly running the heart technique in his heart, urging a move that he had never urged before, the Darkness Inferno Palm 10th Form!

The old man was only thinking of teaching Xiao Chen a lesson and did not use his full strength, but Xiao Chen was going all out! Even so, the old man watched as Xiao Chen met him and actually dared to spar with him, and a contemptuous sneer flashed across the corner of his mouth.

"Boom boom."

Two loud sounds, Xiao Chen hit the old man's fist, and the old man also hit Xiao Chen's palm!

The next moment, both people flew backwards at the same time, Xiao Chen spat out a mouthful of blood, but likewise, the old man also spat out blood! He looked at Xiao Chen who flew down in the distance in shock, a little surprised and a little confused!

The power of this palm made him feel that Xiao Chen had the strength of the tenth layer of the inner strength! Of course, this was actually his illusion, Xiao Chen's palm, at most, could be comparable to the tenth layer of internal energy, not even enough to reach the peak, let alone the Great Perfection.

After all, Xiao Chen had just made a breakthrough, his strength was not solid at all, and it was purely barely even if he could push out the tenth martial art.

It's just that he was unprepared, so his power was infinitely expanded, and the one who could beat him like this, in his opinion, could only be an expert of the tenth layer of the Great Perfection of Internal Energy.

Xiao Chen quickly repaired the injuries in his body, but the old man obviously could not, he could only suppress his own injuries, and the two men stared at each other at the same time, secretly alert in their hearts, but no one moved.

Both people are healing, it can only be to see who moves faster, obviously, this person is Xiao Chen. Do not look at the old man's strength is higher, but the suppression of injuries, may not be better than Xiao Chen healing.

Xiao Chen stood up and walked step by step towards the old man, while the old man's eyes were incomparably frightened, how could he not expect that he, a half-step Martial Master level expert, was actually being beaten by a Martial Master level person.

"How is that possible? How are you okay? You hit me twice in a row, how could you be fine at all?" The old man looked at Xiao Chen in disbelief, judging from his state, this was a condition of not being injured at all.

"Old man, I've said that we have no enemies, I've told you whatever you asked, but why don't you believe it?" Xiao Chen was just intimidating, he also did not want to really take this opportunity to kill the old man, otherwise this hatred is too inexplicable, he did not even know who the other party is.

"Are you really using it for cultivation?" The old man asked.

"Not bad, I was at the peak of the ninth level of internal energy before, right, you can also see that, right?" Xiao Chen asked.

"Not bad!" The old man nodded, this was true, he was still wondering now how Xiao Chen had broken through in the blink of an eye.

"So yeah, I came close to breaking through before, then, I just used the spirit jade I just bought to complete the breakthrough, and now I'm at the tenth level of internal energy!" Xiao Chen said, "Although, it's expensive and the effect is slow, but others spend money, why wouldn't I buy it? And I can't find any other better cultivation materials, so I can only use this."

Xiao Chen said, reached into his pocket and pulled out the pile of broken jade ends and sprinkled it in front of the old man.

Although, the energy inside is all gone, but some places that are not completely broken, can still be vaguely seen, this is the previous piece of spiritual jade.

Looking at the broken jade in front of him, the old man also had to believe what Xiao Chen said, a little speechless: "Really? Then you really have money to burn, with this money, buy other cultivation resources can buy a lot!"

In his opinion, Xiao Chen was just a hair short of breaking through before, so he used Spiritual Jade to assist and broke through. Because he himself had also used spirit jade, the effect was very weak and basically negligible.

"It was said that other people spend money." Xiao Chen shrugged his shoulders: "And I also use it smoothly, do you have it in your hand?"

"No, your strength is not weak, how about we cooperate? If you agree, you can get a lot of spirit jade." The old man suddenly opened his mouth and said, and even, the attitude he spoke to Xiao Chen, from his previous superiority, became somewhat equal!

Ten layers of internal energy, yet the attacking power equivalent to the tenth layer of internal energy at the grand completion, enough to injure him, a half-step martial master, an expert of this level is similar to him!

Although he was a half-step Martial Master, he had not yet reached Martial Master, he could only say that he had touched the threshold and was a bit stronger than an ordinary tenth layer great consummation expert.

"Cooperation? How can we cooperate?" Xiao Chen faintly stared.

"Huh?" The old man did not continue, but carefully examined the white fox, and after a long time, suddenly said, "White fox, white fox ...... old man is Clayden!"

"Pfft ...... cough cough cough!" Xiao Chen heard his words, directly almost sprayed, Clayden? Isn't that the initiator who issued the mission to find himself together to explore the ancient ruins? How come he was here?

Clayden was also a bit embarrassed, he didn't expect the person in front of him to be the White Fox! Before, he felt that White Fox's name was familiar, but he didn't think that much about it, after all, White Fox couldn't be from Rend City, but from a piece of Songning, moreover, White Fox was a name he didn't remember too well, he just added his friend in the Martial Artist Guild's client.

He was a little surprised that White Fox wanted so many spirit jades, but it was not good to ask on the client! Before, he also used the spirit jade, but the effect is not very good, he came out of the customs, with curiosity intended to come to the antique market to buy a piece of spirit jade to see, to see what the magic of the spirit jade.

However, after going in, he found a piece, and when he asked the price, it was too expensive for him to feel a little bit not worth it, so he planned to change the house and look again, and then he saw Xiao Chen and Tan Keita come in and buy the spirit jade.

He followed out with curiosity, and saw the scene before, and thought that this Xiao Chen was odd, so he brought him in to ask, not expecting that this man was the white fox who wanted to explore the ancient ruins together, no wonder he was wearing a fox mask.

"You want the spirit jade in that ancient ruins, also for cultivation?" Clayden asked.

"Yes, what else could it be used for, it's not like you can eat it." Xiao Chen said: "I just think, use the spirit jade cultivation stable, accumulate less into more well!"

"Okay, you have money whatever you want." Clayton speechless, but also did not ask more, after all, now the strength of the white fox can he almost, ask anxious eyes, and then hands to their own, there is enough to suffer.

He is now injured but not yet well!