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Chapter 0431 - Faking it to be true

It seems that this little girl has grown up, not easy to control, and now, broken, completely worthless to themselves!

The old man was somewhat annoyed, had he known this, he should have threatened her properly at that time, and as a result, he had come to this point, and he had waited in vain, to know how difficult it is to cultivate a furnace censer, especially for a woman with this special physique ......

His expression was cloudy, thinking about how to give Lu Shuang Shuang a lesson, he absolutely can not just let it go ......

Xiao Chen ran his body inside the yuan qi dissolved the ecstasy, these ecstasy, for Xiao Chen, is really nothing, not long, he regained his will, although not yet able to open his eyes to speak, the body's muscles are still a little paralyzed under the effect of ecstasy, but he can use the divine sense of spiritual power to sense what is happening nearby!

At the same time, his eyes squinted a slit, can also see outside, only, Xiao Chen saw a scene, almost made his blood surge, directly high blood pressure attack!

I'm a big shit ah, what is this situation? Looking at Lu Shuang Shuang sitting on top of himself, waist twisting, up and down, Xiao Chen was suddenly dumbfounded!

Damn it, he was pushed backwards? This was Xiao Chen's first thought, and I don't blame Xiao Chen for thinking too much, this posture, this horse riding style, if not reverse pushing what is it?

But, next, Xiao Chen found something wrong, because, he did not have that feeling, ah? At least he is also done with Shen Jingxuan, and Tang sugar half done over the past, the feeling of such things still know ......

So, he was sober enough to find that Lu Shuang Shuang was simply simply moving on his own, and not really doing it, so to speak, more like acting.

It's the same as some third-rate movies. The male and female protagonists seem to be shooting passionate scenes, in fact, not so much, just a blind scream.

Just let Xiao Chen a little bit do not understand is, Lu Shuang Shuang do so what is the reason? This chick is sick, right? Gave himself unconscious. And then secretly play simulated lovemaking? There is no such lack of heart of the female now.

If you really like to play. Buy a dummy to go home and play with yourself! However, is Xiao Chen also had to admit. Although Lu Shuang Shuang is pretending, but the voice screaming is indeed very tempting, so Xiao Chen directly have a reaction ......

"Ah-- !!!!!!" Lu Shuang Shuang let out a miserable cry, she felt a sudden sharp pain coming from her lower body. It tore her heart out! Then, very quickly, she understood what was going on ......

It was Xiao Chen's little Xiao Chen, actually suddenly reacted, stood up, but she did not notice, still acting there acting happy. Crazy like a up and down, so the tragedy happened, the fake drama really did ......

Lu Shuang Shuang has feelings. Xiao Chen naturally also has, he is also a bit stunned ...... this ...... fucking in? I rub, can not it?

Lu Shuang Shuang almost did not cry, no, the first time so lost? The end, this can do ah? The game is very strong ...... and Xiao Chen also almost did not cry, somehow to their own reverse push, this is to make their own responsibility for the rhythm ah?

Xiao Chen has always looked at this aspect of things more seriously, although all day long in his head is thinking about when to come again with Shen Jingxuan, but only limited to his favorite people!

He is not the kind of casual man, even before the youngest Xiao family, but also never went looking for a lady or something, in his opinion, the woman to have feelings to develop to that step, and the development, will never give up again.

But, this Lu Shuang Shuang calculate what the hell is going on?

The first thing you can do is to take a look at the actual situation. Xiao Chen was slightly shocked and did not dare to slow down.

Although Xiao Chen does not know why there is such a feeling in the body, but it is like the time with Shen Jingxuan, it seems ...... can improve their strength!

Lu Shuang Shuang at this moment, some shock and regret, even froze sitting there, and did not forget to get up to open, just dumb, dull gaze at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen's heart is also a little depressed complex, so stabbed, it seems to give back stabbed, but, by definition, this is not done, can only be considered a misstep.

But Xiao Chen really can't find any reason to convince himself that he will have no relationship with Lu Shuang Shuang in the future, not to mention the fact that Lu Shuang Shuang has provided him with great help in his cultivation.

Now Xiao Chen can basically be sure that this can improve cultivation, but I wonder if it will have an effect the first time, or every time in the future?

No matter what, his future relationship with Lu Shuang Shuang is enough of a headache, Xiao Chen would like to be a stranger with her in the future, but is it possible? Xiao Chen is a macho man, since Lu Shuang Shuang and he already have a relationship, if Lu Shuang Shuang followed by someone else, then he will die of disgust.

Alas, let's take one step and see! Xiao Chen first these warm currents and magic gas in the body dissolved is the right thing to do ......

The yuan qi in the body week by week operation, the speed is getting faster and faster, and Xiao Chen, also quickly touched the edge of the level barrier ...... to break through again?

Xiao Chen some excitement and excitement, strength has always been his extreme thirst, he knows that only with the strength, to stand firm in Songning City, to investigate the black hand behind the curtain to!

As long as the black hand behind the curtain is taken care of, there will be no worries about finding clues to his father ...... These thoughts swirled in Xiao Chen's mind, and soon, his body shook, as if those warm currents and magic qi and yuan qi, intertwined together and exploded ......

"Boom ......" Xiao Chen felt a slight numbness in his meridians and dantian, and then the whole person seemed like he had suppressed it for a long time and exploded instantly, the previous blockage became completely gone, the warmth and magic qi, however, did not disappear completely, but still remained in part, but in Xiao Chen broke through the obstruction, and became honestly lying aside, no longer moving, and Xiao Chen's body of Yuan Qi, only left itself that one ......

Breakthrough, now Xiao Chen, is already a cultivator of the eighth layer of the Qi Refining Stage, theoretically, equivalent to a martial artist of the ninth layer of internal energy, or even the peak of the ninth layer ......

Just, the moment this true qi eruption, little Xiao Chen also seems to be stimulated by something, also in this moment erupted, so Xiao Chen is really speechless, even a little groundless.

Fast shooter, but not so fast, right? A burst? This is too weak, right? It really hurts his image of martial arts ah. And, the most depressing thing is that Xiao Chen, this is good, before you can also imply that they are accidental injuries, but now ...... say did not do themselves do not believe it, although, indeed, the pressure is not done!

Lu Shuang Shuang feel a hot underneath, this is a jolt back to consciousness, and quickly turned down, but stunned to see, Xiao Xiao Chen there sticky piece, but also with a trace of blood ......

At this moment, her heart a unexplained resentment surged, Xiao Chen this guy will really pick up the cheap, this also works? Although Lu Shuang Shuang does not know much about this kind of things, but before but a lot of vicious remedy small movie, this Xiao Chen's speed is too fast, right?

I heard that only virgin-boy will be so no, all at once, now it seems that this guy is also?

So ...... can he accept himself as his girlfriend? Think about it, Lu Shuang Shuang think there is still no possibility, Xiao Chen and do not know, still in a coma there, he said afterwards and him, it is not good to say ah!

Hey, Lu Shuang Shuang, why are you so unlucky? How unlucky things are caught up with you, since childhood, you and Lin Ke'er is really two big calamities, all day long each other bad luck.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Although, do not know the true or false, but if she does not care, completely can test it also has nothing to lose.

And now, inexplicably by Xiao Chen, she really does not know who to blame, after all, anyway, is not to blame Xiao Chen.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!" The old man outside watching the hot blood up, by the moonlight, he could see the sticky piece of Xiao Chen's body and that bright red blood, how the matter, the old man naturally a scene!

What has slept before, obviously just now is the first time! He had a feeling that he had been fooled, tricked by Lu Shuang Shuang! He wanted to kill the pair of dogs to vent his anger.

"Bang!" The glass of the room was kicked to pieces by the old man, and the old man came in with a whoosh and shouted, "Lu Shuang Shuang, you bitch, since I can't get it, you can go to hell!"

Lu Shuang Shuang was shocked, her face immediately became pale, she did not expect the old man would suddenly scurry in to kill, and even she just now, forgot that there was an old man around this existence!

Her mind, completely stuck in the annoyance of losing the first time, otherwise, also can not ignore the old man's side, but now, say anything has been too late, I believe the old man also found out the problem.

"Don't you mess around, it's not his business!" Lu Shuang Shuang was startled, although, she was annoyed with Xiao Chen's dishonesty and somehow mistakenly injured her, but in the end, it was still a mistake, Xiao Chen was the one she got to help, how could she just watch Xiao Chen being killed by the old man?

"None of his business?" The old man suddenly sneered: "Bitch, still quite infatuated ah, know to protect your man? But it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what you say today, both of you are bound to die, let you die together and be a pair of lovebirds, it's also considered that the old man is benevolent and righteous, Jie Jie Jie ......"