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Chapter 0418 - There is really something wrong

There is no doubt that this Ouyang Liang, is the sixth level of internal energy martial artist, for ordinary family's children that is quite powerful existence, he casually waved, Zhu hero was beaten into serious injuries.

But the people of the Yue family, and dare not leave it behind, after all, is a true martial arts family, although it is a side line, but that is also stronger than the Yue family, such a branch of the family are separated from the family!

What's more, the person who was injured was Zhu hero, and not Yue family, in essence, Yue Shanshan and Zhu hero is not yet betrothed, Yue family has no reason to force their way out.

Ouyang Liang, seems to have guessed that there will be the current situation, so sneered and said: "Yue family, I hope you put your position right, my brother looks at your family Yue Shanshan, is her good fortune! Don't miss the opportunity to join with our Ouyang True Martial Family just because you tied the knot with the so-called Zhu Family! This time, it's just a warning, next time, it won't be so easy, give you a night to think about it, I'll come back tomorrow morning!"

After saying that, Ouyang Liang turned around and left, leaving behind a horrified Yue family! Although, someone from the Yue family was able to leave Ouyang Liang, but they didn't dare, leaving Ouyang Liang, wasn't that like the Yue family declaring war with the Ouyang family?

Where is the Yue family a rival, no matter which way you look at it, the Yue family would not do such a stupid thing!

After listening to what happened, Xiao Chen did not blame the Yue family, there is nothing to say, the elders of each family consider the interests of the family, not personal gains and losses, only a family thrives, each person inside can gain the corresponding benefits.

Like at the time, Xiao Chen was driven out of the Xiao family, but also helpless, there is no way out of this kind of thing, the sacrifice of the small self to achieve the big self, so the Yue family practice although some ruthless. But there is no excuse.

"I'll just wait for him to come tomorrow." Xiao Chen said directly.

"That's really great!" Yue Shaoqun nodded: "With the help of the White Fox Warrior, then there will be no problem with Shanshan and the hero's matter."

However, Xiao Chen couldn't go to the Cheng family anymore. It was better not to go though. After going, Cheng Mengqiang and Cao Yuliang if he is guarded in front of him. It will not be easy to reveal the horse's foot.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen gave a call to Jin Beibei, and did not hide it from the people present.

"Cousin husband!" Jin Beibei ran to the side and surreptitiously picked up the phone.

"Beibei. There's something on my side, the Zhu hero was injured, I can't leave." Xiao Chen said.

"Ah? Oh, okay, then I'll talk to cousin Mengying about it." Jin Beibei nodded after hearing this.

"You guys stay there at night, tomorrow happens to be the weekend, I'll go over and pick you guys up during the day." Xiao Chen instructed.

"En. I know." Jin Beibei answered and went over to sneakily tell Cheng Mengying to go.

Cheng Mengying once heard that it was Zhu hero was injured, Xiao Chen just left, but is not much angry. Just hummed a chatter: "This guy, crushed someone's car, every time I have to help him wipe ...... his ass, otherwise how can Qiao Enze let him off easily?"

"Wipe your ass?" Kim Beibei asked.

"Know still ask!" Cheng Mengying kicked Jin Beibei.

As they were talking, Qiao Enze went to visit the elders of the Cheng family, and at this time, Cao Yuliang happened to come in and saw Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei in the banquet hall at a glance, so he ran over at a fast pace.

"Mengying, Bebe, you're here!" Cao Yuliang greeted enthusiastically.

"Isn't that nonsense what you said? This is cousin Mengying's home, are you here if we're not?" Jin Beibei slanted a glance at Cao Yuliang.

"Cao Yuliang, you are not needed here, you go ahead and get busy, Jin Beibei and I have some private things to say." Cheng Mengying was trying to branch out Cao Yuliang and then see what he would do next, otherwise, he was pestering his side and couldn't see if he had any bad intentions.

"Ah ...... so ah, then okay!" Cao Yu Liang heard Cheng Mengying have said so, naturally it is not good to say more, after all, people two girls talking about some private topics, he is not so much here, so nodded and said, "Okay, then I will go to pay a visit to Grandpa Cheng and Uncle Cheng and them first!"

"Okay." Cheng Mengying answered.

When Cao Yuliang left, Jin Beibei looked at Cheng Mengying and said, "Cousin Mengying, what are you going to say to me? Or is it just to branch out Little Liangzi?"

"Both." Cheng Mengying said, "You want to be Detective Bebe 007, right?"

"En?" Jin Beibei was stunned: "What for?"

"You help me track Cao Yuliang, see who he has contact with, and then all do what said what, but do not let him find out, this task can be completed?" Cheng Mengying said.

"Can, it's too easy, look at me!" After hearing this, Jin Beibei immediately patted his chest and leaped forward and said, his chest trembling, making Cheng Mengying a little envious.

"Then you go ahead." Cheng Mengying said, then turned around by himself and pretended to be a little tired, came to a corner of the restaurant, sat down and began to rest.

Cao Yuliang did not move and left the restaurant, turned around and looked around, after not finding anyone, only then touched out the phone, dialed a number and said, "Cheng Shao, it's me, I'm now at the Cheng family mansion, there's nothing going on now, I'll go over to you? ...... Okay, I got it!"

Jin Beibei is currently hiding behind a dumpster, for Cao Yuliang's words heard clearly, Cheng Shao? Is it Cheng Mengqiang? This Cao Yuliang went to find Cheng Mengqiang for what?

Cao Yuliang did not leave immediately, but stood in place, playing with his phone, which made Jin Beibei a little confused, his "Yes, I know" is to go or not?

However, after a while, Cao Yuliang took a step and walked towards a separate villa in the Cheng family mansion.

Cheng Mengqiang received a phone call from Cao Yuliang, who was actually with Xiao Xiao at the moment. Although he now trusted Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao did not become his person, which still made Cheng Mengqiang more or less guarded, and could not tell her everything, especially if it was also related to Xiao Chen.

At least, although Xiao Xiao seems to like himself now, but involving the principle of the survival of the Xiao family, Xiao Xiao should still be very sensitive, so Cheng Mengqiang let Xiao Xiao go to the room upstairs to watch a movie first, before he waited for Cao Yuliang in the living room downstairs.

It didn't take long for Cao Yuliang to arrive at the door of Cheng Mengqiang's villa, but instead of ringing the doorbell, he directly pulled the door open and walked in, apparently because Cheng Mengqiang had left the door open for him.

Jin Beibei watched Cao Yuliang enter the villa, there was no way out, she certainly can not follow in, go in will certainly be discovered, so he immediately dialed Cheng Mengying's phone.

"Bebe, how is it?" Although Cheng Mengying seems to be resting, in fact, she has been thinking about this matter, although Jin Beibei should not be in danger, this is the Cheng family mansion, even if Cao Yuliang found being followed, it is not possible to do anything to Jin Beibei.

But the main problem is that once Jin Beibei is discovered by Cao Yuliang, then he is bound to be alerted, and it will be difficult to catch the handle again after the grass is scared, and that will ruin Xiao Chen's good deed.

"Cousin Meng Ying, I saw Cao Yuliang call a person named Cheng Shao before, very respectful, and after he went to Cheng Mengqiang's villa!" Jin Beibei reported truthfully, this was Cheng Mengqiang's villa, and she also knew that she and Cheng Mengying had been close since they were young, and were as familiar in Cheng's house as they were in her own.

"Oh? He's gone?" Cheng Mengying's heart tightened, there was really something wrong! It seemed that Xiao Chen's guess, should be correct, Cheng Mengqiang and Cao Yuliang, were two age groups, it was reasonably impossible for them to be that close.

Moreover, what is even more impossible is that Cao Yuliang went to be a little brother to Cheng Mengqiang, after all, he is stronger than Cheng Mengqiang! Unless, there is some unknown reason in this to become so.

Cao Yuliang actually treated Cheng Mengqiang with respect, what does this tell us? Why would Cao Yuliang do that? However, these are not important, the important thing is that Cheng Mengqiang is probably the person behind the scenes against Xiao Chen!

Thinking about this, Cheng Mengying's back suddenly broke out in a gush of cold sweat, was he ...... targeting the Xiao family? But, how is that possible? Uncle Xiao's disappearance, could he also have something to do with it?

So ...... in that case, the disappearance of his own little uncle Cheng Zhongqian, could it also be related to Cheng Mengqiang?

Cheng Mengying is not stupid, as for Cheng Mengqiang's motive, she quickly guessed some, Cheng Zhongqian, is the future heir of the young family head of the Cheng family, but Cheng Zhongqian is not much stronger than Cheng Mengqiang, and only about ten years old difference.

In this way, if Cheng Zhongqian ascends to the top and becomes the young family head of the Cheng family, then Cheng Mengqiang will not have any chance, he will lose the position with the young family head, because, when Cheng Zhongqian grows old that day, he also grows old, a gap of ten years, it is impossible to be entrusted with an important task.

As for why he did not deal with his father, the current young family head, in fact, the reason is not difficult to understand, she is a daughter, will eventually marry, it is impossible for her father to pass down the position of family head, and her father's qualifications are mediocre, which is recognized by the family, in fact, everyone understands that Cheng Zhongming as the young family head, that is only an excess, once Cheng Zhongqian grows up, is to hand over the position.

If one's guesses are true, then Cheng Mengqiang this person is really too scary, he actually so well calculated!

But, why let Uncle Xiao also disappeared? Also, why target Xiao Chen? Why is this? Is it really because he wants to plot against the Xiao family? Marry Xiao Xiao, kill Xiao Chen, so that the Xiao family will become his possession!

Only, what did he want the Xiao family to do? Doing so, although you can get some benefits, but definitely not much! Because the Xiao family does not have much financial power, even if they get it, it is more just a name of a family, at most the Cheng family will promote one of their own beloved family to take over the position of the Xiao family at that time.