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Chapter 0380 - You're the one who likes him

"The thing is this, this white fox's girlfriend, Shen Jingxuan, used to be the son of the vice president of the Songning Martial Artists' Guild, Chen Yuling ......" said, Qiao Enze threw out the most ruthless move, in his opinion, this is conclusive evidence, there is no room for refutation:. "Moreover, the person involved in this matter, Vice President Chen Yuling is also present!"

"Vice President Chen, your son was killed by a white fox?" After hearing this, Song Hua Dao looked at Chen Yulin and asked.

"Not bad!" Chen Calling gritted his teeth, he wanted to mess with the white fox anyway, and at this time, he could only support Qiao Enze.

"What proof is there?" Song Hua Dai asked.

"Of course there is evidence, Song team leader please see!" Chen Yuling said, took out his cell phone, and then showed Song Huamai all the video evidence and so on there.

After reading it, Song Huamai looked at Chen Yuling and said, "What you mean is that the rape of Shen Jingxuan was not done by Chen Jinpeng, so he must have been killed by the white fox? What kind of logic is this for you guys?"

"There is no one else!" Chen Yuling said through clenched teeth, "He is the most suspected, so I request the Martial Artists Guild Enforcement Hall to investigate him!"

"Investigate because of the high suspicion?" Song Hua Dao but coldly said: "Then I think, you falsely accuse others, this vice president also do not do, the Mysterious Investigation Bureau will start an investigation on you! You are a person with too much selfishness, reckless use of authority, I will have my men take you away later!"

"You ...... what are your credentials!" Chen Yuling directly anxious eyes.

"On the basis of your rogue others, you distort the facts with your subjective consciousness." Song Hua Dai said indifferently.

"Song team leader, this is not in line with the rules, right?" Qiao Enze is going to explode, he came to investigate the white fox, how to investigate and investigate, to investigate Chen Yulin into it? Chen Yuling's intention to defect he did not fail to see, and he also made a hint before. He accepted Chen Yulin.

But in the blink of an eye, Chen Yuling has become a prisoner, to be investigated, how can this be? He still want to establish his authority. The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it. He is a young talent to impact the president of the martial arts guild ah!

"You're in line with the rules by investigating White Fox?" Song Hua Dai asked rhetorically.

"At least the evidence so far all points to White Fox. It proves that Chen Jinpeng was killed by White Fox." Qiao Enze said.

"What evidence? The so-called evidence only proves that Shen Jingxuan was not raped by Chen Jinpeng. Are there any other facts? How come I didn't see it? And in this, there isn't any white fox at all either, how are you pointing to this?" Song Hua Dai couldn't help but be happy: "Qiao Enze, can you be more realistic? If you can't investigate this thing. You should go back, the Mysterious Investigation Bureau doesn't need a deacon like you from the Enforcement Hall."

"Song team leader, I have said that it is only a suspicion, at present he is the most suspected, this is undeniable, but you mean that it must be obstructed?" Qiao Enze's face looked a little ugly.

"It's not obstruction. It is Chen Jinpeng was not killed by the white fox at all, this matter, I have been investigating, and already have the results. And about to take action, but there was a problem in the middle." Song Hua Dao said.

"You have investigated? There are results? To take action and then there was a problem? Song team leader, your excuse is also funny enough, how come I came to ask, you said that you have to take action, and there is a problem? Dare I ask what went wrong? Do you dare to say it openly and honestly in front of everyone?" Qiao Enze is also anxious, he came this time, if the investigation can not be investigated, the gray directly leave, then go back to the martial artists guild will simply have no face. ( 平南文学网)

So he also directly tear face, anyway, the Hall of Law Enforcement is subject to the management of the Mysterious Investigation Bureau, but the other departments of the Martial Artist Guild is not any direct relationship, the big deal is to fall out their own back after transfer to other departments, she also has no way to target themselves!

But now, absolutely can not retreat, or Chen Jinpeng how to see themselves? How do the other competitors for the president of the Martial Artist Guild look at themselves?

Therefore, even if he argued with Song Hua Dai, he had to get this matter clear.

"Of course you can, it's no big deal." Song Hua Dao said, "Otherwise you would still think that I am perfunctory."

"Okay, in that case, then show me the evidence, let me see what your evidence is!" Qiao Enze said.

Song Hua Dao took out her cell phone, dialed a number and said to the other side, "Bring all the investigation information on Chen Jinpeng's death here."

After a short time, there are two Song Hua-lai's men, also a member of the c team came to the office, they hold a laptop, in front of the crowd, the laptop turned on, the above played a surveillance video screen!

The image of the video, it is the door of No. 18 Cailu Street, Chen Jinpeng's Land Rover! Chen Jinpeng parked the car, a man got into the car, and then the car slightly vibrated a few times, this person got out of the car and quickly left.

Anyone will be clear what this man did, must have gotten into the car and killed Chen Jinpeng! And after this, until Shen Zhenghao and Chen Yuling they appeared in front of the villa, Chen Jinpeng's car have not come down and did not go up, so that the suspect can only be the one who got in and out of the car before.

"Li Shanying!" Chen Yuling's eyes to spurt out fire, he did not expect, the real murderer of his son is actually Li Shanying! But, why? Why did Li Shanying kill Chen Jinpeng, what was the reason?

"Li Shanying killed Chen Jinpeng?" Qiao Enze's face immediately changed, how could he not expect that he came to investigate the cause of Li Shanying's death, only to find out that Li Shanying was a murderer! To say that the white fox took out Li Shanying, that in all honesty is actually in line with the rules, because above the summit, life and death do not count, you die can only say that you learned your craft poorly.

But you kill indiscriminately in the secular world, this is a violation of the rules of martial artists, you somehow go to assassinate Chen Jinpeng what?

"Yes, so you should have seen, originally I investigated out, intended to control Li Shanying, but because of the summit, we held off action, intended to speak after the summit, but who would have thought, Li Shanying died on top of the summit, this is what I call an accident!" Song Hua Dai said, "Now you understand, why I said there is no relationship with the white fox, right?"

"This ......" Qiao Enze really has nothing to say, he some resentment looked at Chen Wuling, I x your mother ah! People white fox to help you kill Li Shanying revenge, is your family's benefactor, you fucking jump out of the wah wah wah a blind force, the result I was also compelled by you, thought the white fox is the person who killed Chen Jinpeng, but also to help you to head, in the end, but good, directly hit in the face!

And also slapped! I thought that the final killer was the cause of Chen Jinpeng's death, but who would have thought that turned out to be a joke.

"Deacon Qiao, do you have anything else to say?" Song Hua Dai asked.

"No more ......" Qiao Enze laughed bitterly, laughing even harder than crying, he really had no face to stay here anymore, he hated Chen Yuling, looking at it could not help but say angrily: "Chen Yuling, take the blame yourself and resign I don't want to see you anymore!"

"Ah, Deacon Qiao, this ...... I was also in the dark ah, I did not know before ......" Chen Wuling was a little confused.

"Humph! If you don't resign, it's fine, then you will settle this matter for me!" Qiao Enze grunted, got up and left.

Nowadays, he could not continue to investigate the white fox in any case, unless someone stronger pushed for it, or he got more absolute evidence, but for now, neither of them was available, so he could only leave in disgrace.

Chen Yuling was a bit dumbfounded, he looked at Chu Genuine and carefully said, "President Chu, I ......"

"Go back first!" Chu genuine is also hate iron can't steel, this guy disgrace, and even Songning Martial Artists Guild followed disgrace. Then, Chu Zhengwen looked at Song Hua Dao and Hong Candle and said, "Song group leader, Miss Hong, then we will first say goodbye ......"

"Let's go, this Chen Yuling, his heart is not right, I will have someone investigate him!" Song Hua Dai said indifferently.

"Ah ...... don't ah ......" Chen Yuling stumbled and almost fell on the ground to his death, if he was investigated, he would have to shed his skin without dying! Although he may not be a big deal, but still for the Chen family to get some benefits, if these are investigated, he will certainly not be able to continue as vice president.

However, Song Hua Dai is not looking at him, Chu Genuine pulled Chen Yuling, and took him out of the summit office in the dust.

When these people left the office, Song Huadao also intended to leave, but was called by Hong Candle: "Song Huadao, you wait, there is something for you!"

"En?" Song Hua Dao was slightly stunned and looked at Hong Candle: "Looking for me? What is it? Tell me?"

"Let's find a place where no one is around." Hong Candle said.

"Elder Wang, don't we both have something to do? Let's go, let's go do something!" Elder Su stood up very sensibly and said.

Elder Wang nodded, and he naturally knew that Hong Candle had something to say behind their backs, so he also left with Elder Su.

After they left, Song Hua Dai said, "Can we talk now?"

"Yes, you know Xiao Chen?" Hong Candle suddenly asked.

Song Hua Dai was stunned and her face changed slightly, but then she smiled and asked back, "You know him too, right?"

"Oh, each other, no wonder." Hong Candle laughed.

"Yeah, no wonder you didn't go against me this time." Song Hua Dai said.

"If you all talk on Xiao Chen's matter in the future, then I definitely won't go against it." Hong Candle said, "You like him?"

"You're the one who likes him!" Song Hua Dai glared at Hong Candle.

"Yes, I like him, otherwise how else would I let him help me kill Li Shanbao and Li Shanying!" Hong Candle said with a smile.