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Chapter 0364 Do you like my fiancee?

Xiao Chen was startled, thinking that it is not polite to look, but ...... sneak a look should be okay, right? If not for the ** moment when Ye Xiaoye helped him transmit magic qi yesterday, Xiao Chen would have closed his eyes and not looked.

But with yesterday, the soft feeling of the back, Xiao Chen a little can not close his eyes, thinking, anyway, yesterday has been like that, a look should be okay, right?

Ye Xiaoye glared at Xiao Chen, found that he was peeking at himself, but, Ye Xiaoye but nothing can be done, her whole person is on the verge of breaking through the barrier, there is no time to care about these things, can only desperately run the heart mantra ......

Shen Jingmao can not have the habit of listening to the corner of the wall, however, he was assigned by his sister Shen Jingxuan, came to the door of Xiao Chen's room to detect what he and Ye Biya were doing, just came to the door, and heard Ye Xiaoye's voice!

"This ......" Shen Jingmao's face was full of sweat, how could this be said to his sister? To be honest, just now injured, rescued and treated by the white fox, Shen Jingmao is immensely grateful to the white fox, but it is not good to disobey the sister, so helplessly, can only take out the cell phone to record these voices and conversations, and then send it to his sister, and quickly dashed away ......

Xiao Chen is concentrating on cultivation, it is also impossible to use the divine sense of spiritual power to probe the situation outside, but did not find Shen Jingmao came, moreover, Xiao Chen's attention, now all in Ye Xiaoye's body.

"Boom--" Ye Xiaoye's body shook, she broke through, and was already a devil cultivator at the peak of the fifth level of internal energy!

After the breakthrough, Ye Xiaoye directly lifted her foot and kicked Xiao Chen in the face, but in this very moment, Xiao Chen saw something he shouldn't have seen, only what he saw wasn't quite as expected ......

"Bang!" Xiao Chen was kicked under the bed, the mask almost kicked away, good in Xiao Chen eye quick hand to hold. Otherwise, this situation, let Ye Xiaoye know that he is Xiao Chen, that is simply embarrassed to death!

This thing can only slowly find the opportunity to say, Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. And did not get up from the ground. Just on the ground said: "You are typically over the river to tear down the bridge ah, breakthrough does not want me."

"What are you looking at just now!" Ye Xiaoye said angrily.

"Which have to look. It was you who lifted your own leg for me to see ......" Xiao Chen said unjustly.

"What?! Lift your leg? There you also looked?!" Ye Xiaoye more angry, she was in a hurry, did not think so much, flying up a foot will Xiao Chen kick down. Unexpectedly, instead, let him look more.

"Not on purpose ......" Xiao Chen sweated a little and realized that he and Ye Xiaoye were not talking about the same thing!

"Humph! Don't say anything, just pretend you didn't see it, you hear me?" Ye Xiaoye scolded.

"Okay." Xiao Chen said.

"Then you get up!" Ye Xiaoye had already covered the blanket.

Xiao Chen, on the other hand, got up from the ground, then glanced at Ye Xiaoye and honestly returned to his bed. Said: "I found that cultivating like this seems to have an effect on me as well ......"

"You also have an effect?" Ye Xiaoye was stunned: "You are also about to break through?"

"I'm slower than you, it's not as obvious." Xiao Chen shook his head. For one thing, he was a cultivator and his cultivation system was different from Ye Xiaoye's, and for another, his level was also a bit higher, so it would take a different amount of time.

"Then ...... we can still cultivate together in the future." Ye Xiaoye said, "Anyway, I have something of yours in my body!"

"...... Ye Xiaoye, can you not force me?" Xiao Chen finally couldn't help himself: "I'm a normal man hey, you're there a while faster, a while don't stop, a while and have my things in your body, can you not be so tempting - confusing? I pushed you you do not blame me!"

"Huh? I ......" Ye Xiaoye blushed, before she said, did not feel anything, but was so reminded by Xiao Chen, carefully so back, really found a little problem, ambiguity, but she where willing to admit: "Hum, it's just your complex thinking! Nasty people!"

"Ahem, anyway, if you do this in the future, push don't blame me ah." Xiao Chen reminded.

"Okay, okay, I won't say anything." Ye Xiaoye nodded, this topic is a bit embarrassing: "I'm hungry, you help me find some food, I can't get out in this condition!"

"Good." Xiao Chen nodded and got up to go out.

"Wait!" But Ye Xiaoye called out to him, "No, how do you know my name is Ye Xiaoye? You've investigated me?"

Before, when Xiao Chen called him Little Ye, she thought it was because of her surname Ye, so she was called Little Ye, but now it seemed that it was not so.

"Huh?" Xiao Chen was stunned, and then realized that he was a bit anxious before and accidentally said something out of turn, but it was good to explain: "Song Hua Dai said that."

"Oh, it's her." Ye Xiaoye nodded: "That Song Huadai is a bit prejudiced against the Magic Sect, and in the future you should not always take care of her, she is always afraid that we will go out and cause trouble like, go anywhere with anywhere, is really annoying!"

"Oh, I think she's okay." Xiao Chen said noncommittally.

"Good what! In the future, if you want to continue to cultivate with me, stay away from her, or you go find her!" Ye Xiaoye said.

"OK ......" Xiao Chen nodded and thought, "How can I find Ye Xiaoye to cultivate in the future? Is it possible to sneak into Ye Xiaoye's room quietly? It is a good way, but ...... days and days, will not reveal a breach?

No matter, take one step and see, Xiao Chen now, really appreciate the benefits of strength, the previous scraps, when so hardened? Now seeing how Chen Wu Shen and even the president of the Martial Artists Guild, Chu Genuine, were all subservient to him, Xiao Chen felt extraordinarily good.

Now, if he didn't know who was behind Cao Yuliang, he would have no problem restoring his identity, but now that he has restored his identity, I'm afraid the people behind him will either hide or come directly to him, although Xiao Chen is proud enough in Songning City, but out of Songning City?

Shaking his head, Xiao Chen did not think about this first, but went out of the room and went to buy something.

Unexpectedly, at the gate of the Zheng family, Xiao Chen saw several acquaintances! Cheng Mengqiang, Xiao Xiao, Yue Shaoqun, Tang sugar, Yue Shanshan and Zhu hero!

Among them, only Zhu Hero knew his true identity, but Zhu Hero acted as if he didn't see it, and Yue Shanshan was muttering, Xiao Chen couldn't help but shake his head, it seems that Zhu Hero and Yue Shanshan have a good relationship, so himself, how will he handle the relationship with the Yue family in the future?

"Ah, isn't this the White Fox warrior!" Yue Shaoqun saw Xiao Chen, a jolt, directly left Tang sugar, happily ran over, full of excitement and admiration: "White Fox Warrior, hello, I am Yue Shaoqun, do you remember, we have private messages on the Martial Artist Guild client!"

"Oh, I know you." Xiao Chen nodded, and in his heart he wondered why this Yue Shaoqun was so enthusiastic, not thinking of letting himself kill Xiao Chen again, right?

"Haha, great, and to be remembered by the White Fox Warrior, it's really an honor for me, by the way, White Fox Warrior, how do you see my fiancee?" Saying that, Yue Shaoqun then pointed at Tang sugar and asked attentively.

"Pretty good, very pretty." Xiao Chen said somewhat inexplicably, thinking, "What do you mean by that? Demonstrate to me? Could it be that this guy knows he is Xiao Chen? There is no reason ah!

"Haha, white fox warrior you also think it's beautiful? Then do you like it?" Yue Shaoqun lowered his voice and asked.

"You are sick, right? Like you can give me sleep or what?" Xiao Chen thought this Yue Shaoqun is not crazy.

"Can ah!" Yue Shaoqun nodded, a little excited: "White Fox warrior, you like my fiancee, right? Okay, I'll find a way to help you with the rest! Then I won't bother the White Fox Warrior, I'll leave first ah!"

"......" Xiao Chen looked at Yue Shaoqun who turned to leave with a shocked face, thinking that this guy has not only changed his sex, how come he also seems to have become stupid? What kind of thinking is this?

Cheng Mengqiang looked at Xiao Chen, he and the white fox did not know, and did not deal, but Xiao Xiao, some doubts up and down looking at the white fox, but finally shook his head gently, the first step on Cheng Mengqiang's car!

Cheng Mengqiang hesitated, came over and Xiao Chen greeted: "White Fox warrior ah, hello, long heard of you, I am Songning Cheng family's Cheng Mengqiang, hope we have the opportunity to get together in the future!"

"Oh, Songning Cheng family, the first of the four major families and five minor families, I've heard of it!" Xiao Chen extended his hand.

Seeing the White Fox warrior take the initiative to shake hands with himself, Cheng Mengqiang instantly felt that he was too dignified, before Yue Shaoqun did not have this treatment, ah, it seems that the name of the first family of Songning is different!

He hurriedly extended his hand to shake hands with Xiao Chen: "That's all a lift for everyone."

"Can't say elevated, it's all by strength." Xiao Chen smiled lightly, then said: "OK, that's your girlfriend, right? Quite a nice girl, you guys go back, I still have things to do!"

"Okay, okay!" Cheng Mengqiang nodded and walked back to his car.

However, Cheng Mengqiang sat in the driver's seat, but Xiao Xiao sat in the back seat, which made Xiao Chen's heart slightly painful, it seems that Xiao Xiao must not like Cheng Mengqiang, while he, himself, can't make the Xiao family become strong and can't let Xiao Xiao marry the person she likes!

At this moment, Xiao Chen secretly swore in his heart that he would make the Xiao family go back to glory and have the union between Xiao Xiao and Cheng Mengqiang cancelled!

Tang sugar watched Yue Shaoqun to go to the white fox to offer attentiveness, a burst of nausea in his heart, Yue Shaoqun recently more and more inexplicable, acting weird, talking weird, also do not know what stimulated, Tang sugar every day was disgusted enough.

See he finished talking, not much to say, not a word to get into the car, Zhu hero looked at Xiao Chen, and Yue Shanshan also got into the car, and Yue Shaoqun before getting into the car, but also did not forget and Xiao Chen waved: "White Fox warrior, I go first ah!"

Said, before getting into the car, started the car and left, Xiao Chen had a feeling of crying and laughing.