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Chapter 0339 - Promising a Marriage Contract

"Okay, no problem!" Elder Cheng did not have anything to say, since he agreed, naturally he would not back out, before the withdrawal of the marriage because his son was made to disappear by Xiao Chen's old man, Xiao Feng, it is strange that he could not be angry.

"However, in order to ensure fairness, it is also the same to include a clause, if because of your Xiao family, Xiao Chen does not want to return or can not return, does not affect the marriage contract!" Cheng Zhongfan, however, opened his mouth and added.

Xiao Yuanshan gave Xiao Xiao Xiao a somewhat unexpected glance, not expecting Xiao Xiao to agree to this request! Previously, when Xiao Chen was driven out of the family, Xiao Xiao showed indifference and indifference, but at this moment, because the marriage contract could allow Xiao Chen to return, Xiao Xiao chose Cheng Mengqiang.

It seems that no matter how much Xiao Xiao dislikes Xiao Chen, she always remembers that she is a part of the Xiao family, and what is good for the Xiao family, Xiao Xiao will do!

"Yes, but before the official marriage, Cheng Mengqiang cannot coerce me to do something that I am not willing to do." Xiao Xiao nodded.

"This is definitely, we can get along first to get along, by the time you have feelings for me, then we can talk about the rest." Cheng Mengqiang did not care, his main purpose of marrying Xiao Xiao was for the Xiao family, as for when Xiao Xiao could really let him touch, it did not matter, Jean was a person who wanted power more than anything else.

"Good, grandfather, then I have no more opinions." Xiao Xiao said to Xiao Yuanshan.

Xiao Yuanshan also did not expect things to go so smoothly, although there are restrictions, but Xiao Chen can definitely return to the Xiao family in the future, which he is relieved! However, he could not help but sigh in his heart, the Xiao family is down and out, let Xiao Chen return to have to look at the Cheng family's face, it's really a shame!

But there is no way, back then Xiao Feng was the best of the younger generation. And is the disciple of that great sect, the future is unlimited! It can be said that with the name of this disciple, coupled with the marriage contract between Xiao Chen, the third generation of the Xiao family, and Cheng Mengying. The Xiao family can be said to be like the sky!

But now what. Xiao Feng disappeared, that the background of the great sect also lends no strength. Most of all, his own family knows its own business, he has been poisoned deeply, how long he can live is an unknown!

The key is. This poison can not be solved! He has secretly seen several powerful pharmacists, all unable to help, Xiao Yuanshan has given up on treatment, he only hopes that with this marriage with the Cheng family and the cooperation with the Sun family, so that after Xiao Chen takes over the Xiao family, the Xiao family can be maintained!

If Xiao Chen's son can cultivate, then the Xiao family will be able to hold on. Otherwise it really will have to fall! The fist is not hard, there is no right to speak ah, looking at the surface of a harmonious, but the words of the old man Cheng condescending. Xiao Yuanshan knew he was in a vulnerable position.

"Well then, Old Master Cheng, since both sides have no more opinions, let's enter into a contractual instrument?" Xiao Yuanshan said.

"No problem!" Old Master Cheng nodded and instructed Cheng Zhongfan to just go ahead and operate it.

Cheng Zhongfan took out the laptop he carried with him and quickly printed out the engagement contract, then used a small printer to print it out, and the two family heads signed and sealed it on it, and the marriage was concluded!

In these large families, what oral agreement is not as important as the contract, with the contract, if the time to break the word that is equivalent to the loss of family face! Before is also because Yue Shaoqun and the Tang family has a contract, so Yue Shaoqun had to find Tang Fangbai over and over again to withdraw the marriage.

"Oh, in the future we are still in-laws, Meng Qiang, tomorrow is the day of the Songning Summit of the two schools of Zheng and Devil, our Cheng family is also among the invited, you take Xiao Xiao to see, long knowledge!" Old man Cheng said proudly.

With the level of the Xiao family, still can not be invited to participate in the Zhengmeng Songning Summit, although this summit is held in Songning City, but there are not many local Songning families are qualified to participate, except for the Tang family and Yue family, branches of the famous sect have the qualifications of the audience, and then is the Cheng family, the head of the Songning family.

The Xiao family has not even received half an invitation.

Xiao Yuanshan did not directly agree, but turned his head to look at Xiao Xiao, soliciting her opinion with a questioning look.

"Yes!" Xiao Xiao did not refuse, since she was already betrothed, she knew what she should do, although she agreed that Cheng Mengqiang could not force her to do what she did not want to do, but people asked her out, this is no reason not to agree.

Otherwise, what else is called an unmarried couple? Not even contact, what kind of engagement? In the beginning, Shen Jingxuan also had to accompany Chen Jinpeng to go out, didn't she?

"Very good!" Cheng Mengqiang nodded in satisfaction and said, "Xiao Xiao, we two get along well, I will also treat you well! You know, I actually like you a lot, not simply because of the combination of interests, after all, the Xiao family now is not the Xiao family of the past."

When he said this, he concealed his real purpose, it was because it was not the old Xiao family that he couldn't wait to find Xiao Xiao's marriage union.

The matter, so settled, Elder Cheng left the Xiao family with Cheng Zhongfan and Cheng Mengqiang, and at this time, Xiao Hai had just returned!

He met Xiao Chen today, and Xiao Chen said a lot of words, see Xiao Chen so reasonable, mature, so he was very pleased! After all, he also hopes that the Xiao family will continue, he can't do it himself, his ability is limited, he will put his hope in Xiao Chen's body!

As long as the family's heritage is strong enough, even if the head of the family is a waste of time, can not cultivate, but also can persevere not to fall! Lou family a gang family, actually can be among the nine families with Songning one of the nine families, also shows exactly this point!

The overall strength, also important! Although in many cases, there is a ruthless person in the family can feel everything, but the overall strength up, it is also possible to make up for the lack of genius shortcomings.

"Dad, Xiao Xiao? What are you all doing in the living room?" Returning to the Xiao family mansion, Xiao Hai saw his father and daughter both sitting on the sofa in the hall parlor as soon as he entered, judging from the number of tea cups on top of the coffee table, he should have just sent off a group of guests, not knowing who patronized the Xiao family?

"Xiao Hai, you're back?" Xiao Yuanshan glanced at Xiao Hai, then said, "There is something I'll tell you, before, the Cheng family's old man came, to the matter of the proposed marriage, Xiao Xiao also agreed to ......"

"Ah?" Xiao Hai was stunned, such a big thing, he was actually not at home? But think about it, big brother disappeared, the family's affairs are also the father to make the decision, they do not have any say, also smiled bitterly: "Dad, then ...... our conditions, do not insist?"

"Cheng family agreed to our terms, this is the contractual instrument of marriage, you will know when you look at it." Xiao Yuanshan pointed to the paperwork on top of the coffee table and said to Xiao Hai.

"Oh? Good!" Xiao Hai hastily picked up the contract instrument on the table and carefully flipped through it, after reading it, he sighed with relief, although there are conditions on it, but it's still fair!

Whether the Cheng family withdraws from the marriage, or the Xiao family Xiao Chen is not willing to return, do not affect the other effects of the instrument, that is, as long as there is no problem on their side, then there is no problem!

And the Xiao family naturally can not let Xiao Chen back, to say that the Xiao family several heirs, that Xiao Chen return may have resistance, but now the problem is the Xiao family up and down are looking forward to the return of Xiao Chen it!

"How about it, I think, can reach this condition can also be." Xiao Yuanshan said, he really does not have much time left, do not know when the crane will die, so it is necessary to get things all arranged while he is still alive!

Otherwise, Xiao Hai does not have enough vigor and has no idea in many situations, so I don't know if he can be competent for the position of family head, if he and Xiao Chen were allowed to discuss it, the Xiao family could be maintained.

"I have no opinion, mainly Xiao Xiao ......" Xiao Hai looked at Xiao Xiao, who was not far away.

"I don't have any opinion either!" Xiao Xiao said.

Xiao Hai was a little surprised, before Xiao Xiao Xiao acted very unimpressed with Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen was expelled from the family, she did not say much, I wonder why actually agreed to Cheng Mengqiang's marriage contract?

Seeing her father looking at herself, Xiao Xiao explained, "Anyway, who I marry is the same, and I can't choose, consider it a contribution to the Xiao family when I leave."

"Xiao Xiao, dad is sorry ...... for not letting you and Qi Zhigao be together." Xiao Hai said with some self-blame.

"Nothing ......" Xiao Xiao but shook his head and said, "I have more good feelings for Qi Zhigao, although more than Cheng Mengqiang, but this good feeling is only a childhood playmate, I did not like him as a child ...... just I think, marry Qi Zhigao than marry Cheng Mengqiang I can accept some, after all, Cheng Mengqiang this person, the heart is too heavy, I do not like ......"

"Oh?" Xiao Hai was slightly stunned: "Then who do you like?"

"I have not even touched a few boys since I was a child, who else can I like?" Xiao Xiao but shook his head: "Anyway, eventually to marry someone, whatever ......"

"This ......" Xiao Hai sighed, he also heard Xiao Xiao's tone with a hint of dissatisfaction and indifference to Cheng Mengqiang, but he could not change anything, and he did not have the ability to change anything! Xiao family's decline also has something to do with his mediocre qualifications, if he was also a genius and also worshiped in that sect, it would not be so ......

"I'm sleeping ......" Xiao Xiao's nature was very cool, and without saying much, he left the meeting room.

When Xiao Xiao left, Xiao Hai felt a little guilty: "Dad, it's a little unfair to treat Xiao Xiao like this, right?"

"This child, cold on the outside and hot on the inside, this is her choice." Xiao Yuanshan said, "Don't see that she doesn't care about Xiao Chen on the surface, in fact, she still wants this brother to be good in her heart, otherwise, she wouldn't have agreed to the Cheng family's marriage! In fact, the Cheng family and the Qi family comparison, not too much difference, more than just the return of Xiao Chen this one!"

"Yes, even if the marriage with the Cheng family, the Cheng family does not fall into the well is good, it is unlikely to give us too much help ......"