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Chapter 0333 - Shen Jingxuan's Attitude

"What are you looking at me for?" Shen Jingxuan was a little uncomfortable by Xiao Chen's look and asked with a slightly red face.

"The show is good." Xiao Chen continued to look.

"Hurry up and eat, I'll go back after eating, otherwise my father should be suspicious." Shen Jingxuan said, although she also quite wanted to stay with Xiao Chen for a little longer, but things have to be fine, according to normal logic, she could not stay for a long time on the first day of contact with the White Fox Warrior, Shen Zhenghao would definitely find it abnormal.

"Oh, good." Xiao Chen's seafood fried noodles also came, but the grade of this restaurant is obviously much more high-class than the small restaurant in front of the school, this fried noodles not only have shrimp, squid, crab meat, fish tofu, and all kinds of vegetables, at first glance, appetizing, Xiao Chen added some Yuan Qi into it, it is even more delicious, however, he suddenly thought of Shen Jingxuan: "Is your beef fried noodles good? "

"It's okay, what's wrong?" Shen Jingxuan asked.

"If you give me a taste, it will be even better." Xiao Chen said.

"En? Don't believe it." Shen Jingxuan knew that Xiao Chen could cook, but could not say that what he ate a bite would be delicious, this guy was not trying to take advantage of himself, right?

"Do not believe you eat eat my first." Xiao Chen pushed his seafood fried noodles to Shen Jingxuan.

Although Shen Jingxuan will believe, but also did not refuse, after all, she and Xiao Chen are like that, eat a bowl of things is not much, besides, before that, the two have kissed it!

Shen Jingxuan tasted Xiao Chen's seafood fried noodles, and was slightly stunned! This taste is simply too fresh, the noodles are strong but not hard, the seafood inside is also as if just salvaged from the sea, very delicious.

This restaurant, Shen Jingxuan had come to eat before, although there is no impression. But it is because there is no impression, it means that this fast food does not have any characteristics, otherwise if it is really so delicious, he will certainly remember!

But the previous beef fried noodles taste can only be said to be okay ah. And not so delicious. If this is made by a chef, should not be such a huge gap! Is it really like what Xiao Chen said. He ate it and it was delicious?

"How about it, I didn't lie to you, right?" Xiao Chen smiled and looked at Shen Jingxuan.

"Indeed, how did you do that? Could it be with supernatural powers?" Shen Jingxuan was a little surprised how Xiao Chen was so powerful, it seems she was really quite lucky. If Cheng Mengying had made the first move, there would be nothing for himself!

Oops, how can you start to exclude Meng Ying, your best friend? Shen Jingxuan, you've learned badly lately!

"Almost, you eat eat this again!" Xiao Chen handed back to Shen Jingxuan the beef fried noodles that he had eaten a few bites in his hand.

Shen Jingxuan took it over, ate a bite, and the taste really changed! It was a bit strange for her: "It can be delicious after being stained by your saliva? Then the two of us ...... that what before. How come I didn't find it delicious?"

"Ahem ......" Xiao Chen a little admire Shen Jingxuan's divergent thinking, can not help but say: "that and food and different, or a little later I feed you drinks with the mouth to try, certainly not the same! "

"Or forget it ......" Shen Jingxuan although she felt that this idea seems good. But she was a little reserved again.

After eating, Xiao Chen sent Shen Jingxuan back, he still parked the car in the parking space near the neighborhood, and then put on the white fox mask and Shen Jingxuan walked into the neighborhood.

Just in time, Xie Huang and Xie Chen were driving out of the neighborhood at this time and saw the two of them.

"White fox warrior, you're back! Use me to slightly you a ride back to the villa?" Xie Huang stopped the car and asked.

"No need, you guys go first." Xiao Chen refused Emperor Xie's offer.

"That's fine, White Fox warrior, see you later!" Emperor Xie said respectfully.

Xiao Chen nodded, while Shen Jingxuan, who was on the side, was expressionless, not happy or sad, Xiao Chen found that Goddess Shen still had a talent for acting!

Back to the Shen family, Shen mother, Shen Zhenghao and Shen Jingmao have learned something about the White Fox Warrior, Shen Jingmao at this time also dare not talk nonsense, if you say is good intentions to do bad things, after all, the White Fox Warrior where is so easy to provoke? If not, the Shen family is broken is a matter of seconds!

"Haha, white fox warrior, you are back, how is it, and the little girl get along quite happy, right?" This is the thing that Shen Zhenghao is most worried about, if Shen Jingxuan does not give face and annoys the white fox, then it will not be fun! After all, he did not think the white fox and Chen Jinpeng, Xie Chen as patient.

If Shen Jingxuan play temper and so on, the white fox a angry, anger to the Shen family, then things will be big.

"Not bad, I quite like the character of Jingxuan, she is a very kind person." Xiao Chen said: "I think, Jingxuan's impression of me is also considered good, I will often ask her out, I also hope that Uncle Shen will not stop ah!"

"How would that be!" Shen Zhenghao immediately shook his head and laughed: "Jingxuan themselves feel satisfied, I do not participate!"

"Then there's nothing to do, I'll go back first." Xiao Chen said, "On the medicinal material side, I still have to go and settle it."

"I should, I should!" Shen Zhenghao hurriedly nodded and said, "By the way, White Fox warrior, can I take the liberty to ask, are you really a supernaturalist? Or are you a martial arts or magic practitioner? Of course, I just think we are so familiar with each other, a little curious about where you come from."

"I'm a psychic and a demonic cultivator." Xiao Chen said indifferently: "As for my sect and the source of my abilities, I can't say anything about these, there are some levels of rules that Uncle Shen should know! Also, in the future, Uncle Shen just call me White Fox directly, there is no need to call any warrior, that is an outsider's name."

"Then I'll take the liberty to call you White Fox!" Shen Zhenghao nodded, although the Shen family is an ancient martial arts family, but can not be considered positive nor demonic, because the Shen family practice anything, this is a family to develop themselves as their own mission, has always believed in, as long as the family can develop, positive and demonic do not matter! So this is also the reason why the Shen family's young family head competition is more intense and unscrupulous.

However, Shen Zhenghao felt that the white fox must be a disciple of some great demon sect, because only those giant sects can have such a leader! Moreover, it is also possible to get so many treasured medicinal herbs all at once!

It's impossible for a small sect leader to come up with so many herbs at once! They might be able to collect them, but to come up with so many in such a short period of time is already a bit unbelievable.

"Okay, Uncle Shen, then I'll take my leave, if there's something, just have Jing Xuan call me directly! Your matter is my matter, as long as I can do it, I will definitely be at my disposal." Xiao Chen said in order to reassure Shen Zhenghao.

"Good!" Shen Zhenghao was instantly overjoyed! To get such a guarantee from the white fox was enough to see how much Shen Jingxuan was favored, I'm afraid the Xie family didn't even have such a promise, right? Otherwise, the Xie family would not have to ask many times in the matter of medicinal materials.

Xiao Chen just left, leaving Shen Jingxuan, sitting on the sofa holding her legs, her heart sweet, but the appearance is still very cold, but obviously, the tone is much better than yesterday!

After all, mood affects the tone, this thing is not pretend, but Shen Zhenghao but also thought it was a day after the incident, Shen Jingxuan's mood also gradually calmed down, plus the white fox warrior is really excellent, perhaps she is also very satisfied, right?

"Jingxuan, how are you and White Fox Warrior getting along?" Shen Zhenghao waited for Xiao Chen to leave and asked in a hurry, although Xiao Chen's side of the story had already said that he and Shen Jingxuan were getting along well, but were those polite words?

"It's not bad, he's better than Chen Jinpeng and Xie Chen." Shen Jingxuan hesitated for a moment and nodded: "I can see that he cares a lot about me, and this person is also very powerful!"

"Really?" Shen Zhenghao listened with joy: "Jingxuan, since you are satisfied with him, then you guys try to get along, but you also know your situation, and don't pursue too much the name of what girlfriend ah, proper wife."

"En ...... I know ...... pity I didn't know him before, if early on, I would have known him, and not so many things." Shen Jingxuan sighed, but her heart was happy beyond measure.

"Yes, this thing is all dad's fault!" Shen Zhenghao also sighed: "But the good thing is that the White Fox warrior did not mind this matter, this side, as long as you think he is good, get along and try, anyway, time has passed, the feelings also have."

"En, I will try." Shen Jingxuan said, "For the sake of the Shen family, for the sake of my brother, I will get along with him."

"Sister ......" Shen Jingmao's nose was sour and somewhat moved: "You really think he's okay? Not saying things against your heart to deceive us?"

"Of course not." Shen Jingxuan shook her head: "Don't you guys think he's better than Chen Jinkun, Chen Jinpeng and Xie Chen?"

"That's for sure!" Shen Zhenghao nodded without hesitation, "It seems that the Xie family has come to the right place this time, bringing a good marriage for Jingxuan!"

"Dad, I'm tired, I'll go up and rest for a while." Shen Jingxuan to have a good comfortable sleep, yesterday all night did not sleep well. Almost worried to death, now no more worry, can also sleep a good sleep.

"Okay, you rest!" Shen Zhenghao nodded his head.

Shen Jingxuan went upstairs, the bath are too lazy to wash, should have known that yesterday's person is Xiao Chen, she did not take a bath yesterday, so tired, but also in the bathroom for so long, are almost exhausted deflated!

Just ate something better, but a serious lack of sleep, she laid down, and fell asleep at ease.

Xiao Chen did not go to school, anyway, have not gone, a little later is nothing, he drove back to the small Hong pharmacy, as soon as the door, Hong candle ran over: "How about how, sold on so much money?"

"No." Xiao Chen shook his head, thinking that this Hong candle stomach does not hurt anymore? How to run so fast.