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Chapter 0323 - Another Breakthrough?

"Jingxuan, you can actually consider Xie Chen of the Xie Family, since he doesn't care about these things, this is also an opportunity for you." Shen Zhenghao said, "Although Xie Chen is not a core member of the second generation of the Xie family, but he is also a key training target!"

"Oh ......" Shen Jingxuan responded noncommittally, married to Xie Chen? Maybe ...... maybe so, Xiao Chen will be completely dead to himself, right? He is not worthy of him ...... he is still with Cheng Mengying!

Slightly calm down, Shen Jingxuan began to consider the matter of Xiao Chen, she is no longer pure, then you can not be with Xiao Chen, and Xiao Chen there are better choices, Cheng Mengying or Tang Sugar or Jin Beibei, are good choices, why do you still like yourself?

In the past, she was a high goddess, now, have been Chen Jinpeng turned into a broken flower, Xiao Chen certainly do not like themselves, right? He killed Chen Jinpeng today to vent his anger, did not even come in to look at himself, obviously does not want to face himself, right?

Must be! Xiao Chen did not know how to talk to himself, he chose to take the first step to escape, and why should he be obnoxious to get together again? Originally, Shen Jingxuan wanted to send a text message to Xiao Chen to explain to him.

But now think carefully, Xiao Chen obviously knows, obviously see themselves by Chen Jinpeng that, but also do not appear to comfort themselves, then why do you want to make him embarrassed?

Might as well just marry the Xie family, so there is no relationship with Xiao Chen, everyone even if it is a peaceful breakup, never again ......

Now Shen Jingxuan, into an extreme, she took it for granted, and she that person is Chen Jinpeng, and Chen Jinpeng is also killed by Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen killed Chen Jinpeng did not come in to find her. It's because he doesn't want to be with her anymore!

"Jingxuan, you are agreeing?" Shen Zhenghao heard Shen Jingxuan open his mouth and was immediately a little elated, although Chen Jinpeng had just died and let his daughter marry another person was a little unjustified. It seems like using his own daughter. But Shen Zhenghao actually also want Shen Jingxuan out of the shadow as soon as possible!

The Shen family is a family of ancient martial arts, it is true that they value men over women. But Shen Zhenghao in the end is also and modern society for many years, the daughter is also love, he also do not want his daughter's second half of life is too miserable, and now for. Xie family is undoubtedly one of the best options.

"En ......" Shen Jingxuan nodded, anyway, she is now a broken flower, can waste to marry to the Xie family, to give her brother in exchange for some resources to get to the top, is also Shen Jingxuan willing to see.

Her heart is already dead, since she can't be with Xiao Chen in this life, it doesn't matter who she marries. Just think of these few short weeks of happiness as a dream ......

"Good, then I will agree to Xie Chen's marriage proposal tomorrow, and by then you will appear as the daughter-in-law of the Xie family. Those gossips will naturally dissipate! Although the Xie family's roots are unfortunate, but now is the only supplier of the Songning Martial Arts Market, the current status is still quite prominent, the object of the people's attention!" Shen Zhenghao said.

"En ......" Shen Jingxuan gently responded: "Dad, I'm sleepy, I'll sleep first ......"

"Good! You relax, this bump in the road is nothing ......" Shen Zhenghao nodded, patted Shen Jingxuan's shoulder and left the room, he now immediately had to give the Shen family a call to report this matter before he could. ( 平南文学网)

Moreover, Shen Jingxuan's mother and brother, also need to be informed, Shen Zhenghao sighed, to say no heartache daughter is false, but some times must know how to trade-offs, in the ancient martial arts family, the man is the fundamental!

Shen Jingxuan covered her head with a quilt, and once again whimpered in bed ...... originally a good life, suddenly became dull, Xiao Chen 。。。。 I miss you.

Shen Zhenghao said what happened over here to the Shen family, and the Shen family was furious when they heard it! However, after learning that Chen Jinpeng has been killed, and some helpless!

In the Shen family's view, if Chen Jinpeng had not died, then everything would be fine, let the Chen family pay a certain price, and then Shen Jingxuan continued to marry Chen Jinpeng, which was a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.

But now Chen Jinpeng has died, Shen Jingxuan where can still marry the Chen family? The Chen family's third generation of children are all dead, can't be a plural marriage, right?

However, after hearing Shen Zhenghao say that the Xie family is interesting, Elder Shen immediately clapped his hands and agreed to Shen Zhenghao's decision to let Shen Jingxuan marry the Xie family, as soon as possible to calm the storm, and the Xie family is not weak, for the Shen family, although not as critical as the Chen family Chen Wuling that position, but also belong to very important.

A hotel inside, Li Shanying is concerned about the progress of things, he has spoken with his grandfather, the old man on his impulse although not much approval, but at the moment things have come out, or to try to help him set things right, so let him stay in the hotel first, the old man Li did not hesitate to use relations, personally for him to find out the news!

Now, the situation has become clear, Chen Jinpeng why to pretend to be Xiao Chen's appearance Li Shanying also know, this result let Li Shanying cry and laugh! He really damn thing, if not himself, tonight Xiao Chen has died, right?

But now, Xiao Chen did not die, Chen Jinpeng was killed by himself by mistake, he really meddlesome ah!

However, there is one thing that makes Li Shanying a little strange! When he first met Chen Jinpeng, Chen Jinpeng should not have succeeded, otherwise, why did he go to buy medicine in the face of Xiao Chen and return to the villa in the face of Xiao Chen?

According to the progress of the plot, Chen Jinpeng should appear in his original face in the pharmacy and the villa, after all, if there are people who want to investigate, found that Xiao Chen went to buy the medicine, and finally Chen Jinpeng to Shen Jingxuan eat, it will certainly be suspicious!

Moreover, all back to the villa, Chen Jinpeng has not taken off the mask is for what? He is not sick, right? If someone saw it at this time, wouldn't he be doing the front plan for nothing?

Did Chen Jinpeng not get his way? Then Shen Jingxuan was pushed down by who? Or that Shen Jingxuan was not pushed down at all, but the Shen family to do the show? Li Shanying wondered! Of course, he will not jump out and say this thing now, this is not to find themselves uncomfortable?

Now, in Li Shanying's opinion, the Shen family should have a greater element of drama, after all, several times through the contact with Chen Jinpeng and Shen Jingxuan, Li Shanying found that Shen Jingxuan did not seem to like Chen Jinpeng at all. ( 平南文学网)

This also makes sense, under normal circumstances, the Shen family can not withdraw from the marriage, now not only can withdraw from the marriage, and the death of no evidence, but also to ask for a benefit, this thing is really a good calculation ah!

Of course, as for Shen Jingxuan's reputation, it is not in the scope of Li Shanying's consideration, his family is not worse than the Shen family, patriarchy is still very serious, the women of this family are basically tools for the family's benefit, reputation or something completely negligible.

Well ...... However, this is a handle, Li Shanying is really ready to go to blackmail Shen Zhenghao! But not now, he went out is not to expose himself?

At night, Xiao Chen sat cross-legged on the bed, running the heart technique and began to cultivate, Shen Jingxuan's matter, like a lump in his throat, making him very uncomfortable, but the more so, the stronger his desire to cultivate!

He wants to improve his strength, and improve his strength again! Only with absolute strength could he enter the Shen family in a dignified manner! Now, in Xiao Chen's opinion, Shen Jingxuan had actually whisked herself away to protect herself, if the Chen family and the Shen family knew that she had done this, then they would definitely not let her go.

Even if Xiao Chen is now the peak of the fifth level of Qi refining stage cultivator, even if the Shen family is not too much effort, that just the Chen family is enough to make Xiao Chen suffer!

Plus, now that Chen Jinpeng has inexplicably died, if he comes forward, the Chen family will definitely think that Chen Jinpeng was killed by himself, then he really has nothing to say.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath, he now understood, in the world of martial artists, strength is everything! Xiao Chen now if the qi refining stage nine or even ten layers of cultivators, then even if you point to the old man's nose and say, Chen Jinpeng was killed by him, Chen Wu Shen is probably not even dare to put a fart. This is the powerful deterrent brought by strength!

After just taking the medicine and exercising, Xiao Chen is currently in the best state of cultivation, he holds the spirit jade in his hand, speedily running the heart method mantra.

Suddenly, in Xiao Chen's surroundings, a trace of heaven and earth spiritual qi began to appear, along with the operation of the heart method, began to pour into his body, and in the top of his head and around his body, also began to appear a small handful of heaven and earth spiritual qi began to hover ......

Is there a breakthrough? Xiao Chen's heart was suddenly astonished! Only, this time the breakthrough seems to be a bit too loud and a bit too fast? He had just broken through the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage not long ago, and had just reached the peak of the fifth level, and today there were signs of a breakthrough?

Normally, although the heaven and earth spiritual energy would be absorbed by Xiao Chen, but it would not be attracted over with such fanfare, hovering around him and flooding into his body in large quantities! Of course, the so-called large amount, relatively speaking, is also very little, the current era of heaven and earth spiritual energy is very thin, such a trickle of heaven and earth spiritual energy, simply can not meet the needs of Xiao Chen breakthrough.

Xiao Chen gripped the ancient jade and ran his mind quickly, but he always felt that something was missing, today's breakthrough, not the right time! However, just as he thought so, he felt that at his dantian, a heat flow suddenly surged up to the meridians of his whole body, and then suddenly burst out ......

"Boom..." The powerful and majestic impact made Xiao Chen feel a sense of release instead of pain!

And at the same time, that heat flow at the dantian, still gushing out, constantly occupying the meridians of Xiao Chen's whole body! This powerful heat flowing back and forth in Xiao Chen's meridians, soon, Xiao Chen encountered something like a barrier!