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Chapter 0309 - Shen Zhenghao asks for help

Once, she was treated as a disgrace to the Tang family, and was thrown out of the Tang family by the Yue family abandonment, now she came back and looked at her original relatives, she didn't feel any affection at all.

Tang sugar followed her grandfather downstairs and arrived at the front door of the Tang family, just as Yue Shaoqun walked in.

"Shaoqun, you're here! Today is our Tang family's party day, all the Tang family's children and grandchildren will come back for dinner today, you will also be our Tang family from now on, today is considered to be a familiar environment: "Tang sugar, you accompany Shaoqun inside the home and take a look around."

"Oh ......" Tang sugar nodded.

Yue Shaoqun could not help but frown, if before he would certainly be very happy and Tang sugar sneak around to promote the relationship, but now, he really lazy to look at Tang sugar more than a glance, completely uninterested, instead, at this moment, he thought of red hair!

"I think sneaking forget it, Grandpa Tang, are you free now, I have some things I want to ask you for advice!" Yue Shaoqun didn't even give Tang sugar a second glance, and said directly.

"Oh? That's good ......" Elder Tang was slightly stunned, he actually wanted to find Yue Shaoqun to talk about the cultivation of the Chrysanthemum Treasure Code, but in his opinion, Yue Shaoqun just came here, must be mushy with Tang sugar for a while, but what he did not expect was that Yue Shaoqun seemed to not even look at Tang sugar, which made him a little strange.

Tang sugar is also stunned, this Yue Shaoqun what happened? Seems to be unenthusiastic about himself? What is the meaning of even one more glance? However, this is better, she was too lazy to make false accusations with Yue Shaoqun, now not even need to make a show, directly said: "Grandpa, since Yue Shaoqun looking for you have something, then I will not bother you, I will go back to the room. Call me at dinner time later!"

"Then ...... good!" Master Tang nodded and watched Tang sugar leave, while Yue Shaoqun waited for Tang sugar to leave before saying to Master Tang: "Grandpa Tang. I may have a health problem."

"Something's wrong? What do you mean?" Master Tang was stunned and asked, "Is it a problem with cultivation?"

"Sort of." Yue Shaoqun nodded and said, "I am now. Although I didn't self-harvest, my sexual orientation and body condition has changed. I don't like women now, and that thing doesn't work anymore, I'm starting to be interested in men now instead, Master Tang. Do you have such a situation?"

For Elder Tang, Yue Shaoqun didn't hide it, after all, both of them practiced the same mind mantra, and they weren't afraid that anyone would tell.

"Oh? What's going on?!" Elder Tang was stunned upon hearing this, then said, "What's wrong with you? There's nothing wrong with me, I'm not interested in women now, but I'm even less interested in men!"

"I this ......," Yue Shaoqun sighed. On the matter of small crisp to say, anyway, the two have can not show the secret, is considered a rope on the grasshopper, simply also need not hide. These things were said, and Elder Tang could help cover it up.

"Then this is a big thing for you!" After hearing this, Elder Tang locked his eyebrows and couldn't help but worry: "With such a physical condition as yours, and with Tang Sugar, she won't leak secrets, right? You can't be humane, can't perform conjugal acts with her, when the time comes, your problem will sooner or later be revealed ah!"

"This issue I considered, you and I both cultivate this kind of heart technique, and I can't stay unmarried, sooner or later I have to get married, so I still marry Tang sugar is the safest, if I marry a woman from another family, when it really goes wrong, I'm not good at covering up!" Yue Shaoqun said.

"But now you have a problem, I give you to cover up no problem, Tang sugar side, I'm afraid she said out ah, she has to say out, you're finished, may not even involve the old man!" Master Tang's face is a bit unsightly!

To be honest, what Yue Shaoqun actually has nothing to do with him, but what he fears most is that after Yue Shaoqun cultivates the Chrysanthemum Treasure Code this kind of evil technique, it will be revealed, and then implicate him, then the loss will be more than worth it.

However, at this moment if you want to refuse Yue Shaoqun's marriage contract is also not possible, if Yue Shaoqun then break the pot, the matter of their own publicity out, then the old man Tang is really ruined.

So for the sake of insurance, Master Tang really can not refuse Yue Shaoqun's proposal, he pondered for a moment, nodded and said: "OK, this side, I will try to help you cover up, anyway, Tang sugar does not like you, when the time comes after the marriage and you do not have a room is normal, when the time can also be delayed. But I'm afraid your in-laws are pushing hard to hold their grandchildren ......"

"Really can't, let Tang sugar and others have one, muddle through." Yue Shaoqun gritted his teeth, a flash of determination in his eyes.

"And others to give birth? Let alone whether Tang sugar is willing, even if she is willing, if this matter is revealed, no less than our practice of Chrysanthemum Treasure Code, our two families will become the laughing stock of the family!" Master Tang's face instantly changed.

"It's okay, let her and Xiao Chen that bitch ...... that guy born, I see that she likes to be with Xiao Chen very much!" Yue Shaoqun originally wanted to scold Xiao Chen to come, but the image of Xiao Chen came to mind, he suddenly felt that Xiao Chen is so handsome, really cheap Tang sugar!

At the beginning, Tang sugar to help Xiao Chen mouth x photos, how they did not keep it, if you keep how good, you can fantasize into, Tang sugar is their own ......

"At that time to see the situation, but for the time being this thing or do not expose out, otherwise there is no benefit to you and me." Elder Tang admonished.

"This you do not worry, I am not a fool." Yue Shaoqun said.

At dinner time, the second and third generation of the Tang family's children all came back, and welcomed Yue Shaoqun's joining, because Yue Shaoqun and they had no competition, and if the marriage was successful, it would be a big helper for the Tang family, so naturally they all wanted to have a good relationship with him.

Tang sugar sitting next to Yue Shaoqun, but the two people did not say a word, which makes Tang sugar some wonder, Yue Shaoqun this is playing what trick? Or is it that he thinks he will be his person sooner or later, so he is not too lazy to please himself, when the engagement ceremony after, directly pushed himself?

The time of the engagement ceremony is not far away, so Tang sugar thinks, maybe there is really this possibility!

Only Master Tang is clear about Yue Shaoqun's situation, his heart could not help but a lament, originally he had little control over Tang sugar, if after the wedding, Tang sugar really found the secret, to expose it, then I'm afraid that he will also be implicated.

Can only hope that Tang sugar continue to have always hated Yue Shaoqun, also do not take the initiative to perform conjugal affairs with him, can delay as long as possible delay it!

After the meal, Yue Shaoqun also did not stay long, and left the Tang family, so he did not expect, at the door of the Yue family, Yue Shaoqun saw a person who surprised him, is actually Shen Zhenghao of the Shen family!

"Uncle Shen, why are you standing here?" Yue Shaoqun stopped the car and asked.

"I'm just waiting here specifically for you." Shen Zhenghao smiled, he wanted to contact the Xie family, so after thinking about it, he only thought of Yue Shaoqun as a connection.

Shen Zhenghao and Yue Shaoqun, is an old relationship, when Shen Zhenghao wanted to choose a fiancé for Shen Jingxuan, also considered Yue Shaoqun, because Yue Shaoqun is also considered a young talent, and most importantly, Yue family is also a branch of the famous Yue family, Yue family is a huge existence that is on par with the Shen family, and Yue family's connections are also very broad.

However, at that time Yue Shaoqun also said, he has a marriage contract in the body, and Tang sugar did not officially withdraw, not good to find someone again with great fanfare, and Shen Zhenghao and anxious, so this thing also ended up.

But Yue Shaoqun is such a shrewd person? Although not and the Shen family marriage, but and Shen Zhenghao's personal relationship is also very good, just Shen Zhenghao also used him.

"Waiting for me?" Yue Shaoqun was slightly stunned, but then laughed: "Uncle Shen you are too polite, I am a junior, how can I ask you to wait here? It's a sin, if you want to find me, I'll come over with a phone call, why do you need to wait here?"

"Shaoqun, I'm not going to hide it from you, Uncle Shen is here to ask for your help this time." Shen Zhenghao said with a smile.

"Begging me? Uncle Shen, then get in the car and say it!" Yue Shaoqun also did not take a stand, but respectfully asked Shen Zhenghao to get into the car, and then said: "Uncle Shen have things to say, I can help, will try to help!"

"This is so, I heard that you have a good relationship with Wang Xiongzhuang, the son of the Wang family in Lin City?" Shen Zhenghao asked.

"Oh, not bad, we are classmates, he is my senior brother in the student council, I was in junior high school when he was in high school, he did not less to promote me in school!" Yue Shaoqun said, and did not push back, because he these relationships, Shen Zhenghao afraid that he has long investigated everything.

"Then see if you can ask him to help introduce me to the Xie family, I heard, he is the son-in-law of the Xie family?" Shen Zhenghao came around in a big circle and finally stated his purpose.

"In that case, there should be no problem!" Yue Shaoqun didn't think it was a big deal after hearing this, just an introduction, it was just a handful for him, so he agreed readily, "Uncle Shen, I'll call Senior Brother Wang first, I'll ask him out, if he agrees, then there won't be any problem."

"Okay, then I'll trouble you Shaoqun, I'll wait for your good news!" Shen Zhenghao nodded, somewhat elated, he didn't expect Yue Shaoqun to agree so quickly.

"No trouble, it's fine." Yue Shaoqun waved his hand, directly took out the phone, dialed Wang Xiongzhuang's phone: "Brother ah, I am Yue Shaoqun, how about, are you free tonight, I invite you out for a drink?"

"Drinking is not necessary, your sister-in-law is pregnant, I have to stay at home with her ah!" Wang Xiongzhuang's words were filled with a proud joy, ever since he was cured of his heavenly castration by the White Fox Warrior, he was full of energy every day, no, it didn't take long for his girlfriend to get pregnant, this made him simply surprised and happy!