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Chapter 0295 - This jade of yours is a fake!

However, this kind of thing Lu Fangjin didn't want to get involved, Xiao Chen obviously didn't tell the Cheng family about him, so Lu Fangjin couldn't be nosy and just said indifferently, "The Cheng family is too arrogant."

"I think so!" Pill Master Sun nodded in deep understanding and said in a flattering manner, "In the future, I will not sell any of the pills and potions I refine to the Cheng family!"

"That's not necessary, in business, there's no need to drive them to extinction." Lu Fang Zhen waved his hand, originally he wanted to punish the Cheng family, but considering the complicated relationship between Xiao Chen and the Cheng family, he did not interfere.

"Yes, you are right, Pill Master Lu, the student knows." Pharmacist Sun nodded his head in a hurry.

"Xiao Shen, you are also from the Songning family?" Lv Fangjin asked after glancing at Shen Zhenghao who was driving, he was actually very clear about Shen Zhenghao's mind, but Lv Fangjin wouldn't promise him anything, after all, it was impossible to close the relationship just because of one car ride, that was not realistic.

"I am from the Shen family in West Wu Province." Shen Zhenghao hastily replied, he has been looking for the opportunity to talk with Lv Fangjin could not be it, now there is an opportunity naturally will not let go: "I myself in Songning City development, Lv Lao this time to Songning City, is?"

"Oh, I'm just walking around." I know your Shen Changlong, I've met him before, when he had a problem with his cultivation, I helped him with the medicine."

"Ah, so it is the second grandfather's life-saving benefactor, I thank Elder Lu for him!" Shen Zhenghao hurriedly said.

"If you lack any elixir in the future, you can let young grandson take care of you for a while." Lu Fangjin opened his mouth and said indifferently, this is also a promise, even if it is to thank Shen Zhenghao for his attentiveness.

As for asking Shen Zhenghao to find him, that is impossible, what is Lu Fangjin's status? Even if the West Wu Shen family wants to find him, that is not just to meet.

"Okay. Thank you, Elder Lu!" Shen Zhenghao said gratefully, but his heart was a little disappointed, Sun Pill Master's level was limited, and the pills and potions he could refine. The Shen family was not lacking either. Although it is not a bad thing to have a good relationship with Pill Master Sun. But the help is also limited.

Of course, Shen Zhenghao also does not think that he sent Lu Fangjin, Lu Fangjin will give him any benefits, that is also unrealistic. He is just a familiar face, and later to see if there are opportunities and Lv Fangjin close relations, if you can let his son Shen Jingmao acquaintance Lv Fangjin, then Shen Jingmao in the competition for the position of young family head will have an additional bargaining chip!

However, this acquaintance is also a limit, if only to know that no, at least in some of the activities of the Shen family. Lv Fangjin can be invited to the scene, and Shen Jingmao best also can worship, even if it becomes the titular disciple of Lv Fangjin, is also very beneficial.

But. The first thing that I want to do is to think about it, but Shen Zhenghao can't help but smile bitterly, what is the status of Lu Fangjin? Why should he help him? And there is nothing that Lv Fangzheng begs him Shen Zhenghao.

When they arrived at the martial arts market, Lu Fangzheng and Sun Yushi got off and left. Although Lu Fangzheng smiled and nodded to Shen Zhenghao when he got off, Shen Zhenghao knew that if there was no chance, I'm afraid it would be difficult to see Lu Fangzheng again!

With a sigh, he drove back to the Cheng family's manor compound ......

In the Cheng family's collection room, Cheng Mengqiang pointed to an ancient jade with a proud face and said, "This is an ancient waist plate used by the famous general of the Grand Xia Dynasty, the Protector General, it is very monumental, look, it says, Grand Xia Protector General!"

Xiao Chen's expression slightly moved, this is ancient jade? He needs it, how can he get his hands on it?

"It's just an ancient jade, what's there to show off." Qi Zhigao skimmed his mouth and said with some disdain, for this love rival of his, Qi Zhigao has long been displeased, in front of Xiao Xiao acted like a very bullish high wealthy and handsome, as if the Cheng family was the most high-class family.

"Not just ancient jade? I said Qi Zhigao, have you ever seen ancient jade? Not to mention other things, is the heritage of these families of yours, even if there is ancient jade, it can't be used by these celebrities!" Cheng Mengqiang said.

"Indeed, my family doesn't have, and I've never seen such valuable ancient jade!" Xiao Chen suddenly spoke at this time.

"Gah?" Cheng Mengqiang was stunned and looked at Xiao Chen with some consternation, he didn't expect Xiao Chen would actually reveal his shortcomings, could it be that he had recently become foolish as a follower to his sister and had started to have a slave nature in him?

Qi Zhigao was also a bit puzzled, what did Xiao Chen mean by this? However, he could not admit his relationship with Xiao Chen in public, so he did not move his voice.

Xiao Xiao also frowned slightly, she really did not expect Xiao Chen would actually say such words, this is not long others to destroy their own prestige? Even now he is not the Xiao family, but the words said also represents the Xiao family ......

"Can you give me an appreciation?" Xiao Chen was not ashamed, instead he continued.

"Okay, then let's show you!" Cheng Mengqiang's pride was greatly satisfied, looking at Xiao Chen's appearance of not having seen the world, the previous anger at the door also dissipated a few points, handed the ancient jade waist plate to Xiao Chen: "Take a good look, a poor pussy like you will probably only look at it this once in your life."

"Yes, yes! I still have a considerable understanding and knowledge of ancient jade, just the level there, but usually can not see ancient jade!" Xiao Chen nodded, carefully took the ancient jade and looked at it, but in his heart was calculating, how can I take it for myself ......

Jin Beibei looked at Xiao Chen, bared his teeth and smiled, so Cheng Mengqiang felt very strange, this little devil girl nothing to smile what?

Shen Jingxuan does not think Xiao Chen has not seen the world, but Xiao Chen recently in the collection of ancient jade thing she also knows, she always felt that Xiao Chen to pit Cheng Mengqiang! However, although she and Cheng Mengying are girlfriends, but Cheng Mengqiang and she have no relationship, and her current relationship with Xiao Chen, almost no one can be compared to it.

On the contrary, Cao Yuliang, in his heart, did not think that Xiao Chen had not seen the world, before Xiao Chen had just won two pieces of ancient jade from Li Shanying, how could he not have seen ancient jade? But what exactly Xiao Chen was going to do, he was not sure, he had the intention to remind Cheng Mengqiang a sentence, but did not know how to speak.

"Idiot, just run your heart technique and suck up the aura inside this ancient jade, anyway, it's such a small piece, it will be finished in a while! This is much worse than the jade pendant you had before." Xiao Chen was just thinking about it, when a reminder from Heavenly Elder's belly came to his ears!

"Right!" Xiao Chen said to himself, "But can I finish sucking it up in such a short while? The jade trigger finger I got after that, didn't it also not suck it all at once?"

"Before that time, you were already at the peak of the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage, wanting to break through, that little spiritual energy was not enough, so after that you had the opportunity to break through." Heavenly Elder explained, "But now you have only just consolidated the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage, there is still a distance from the peak of the fifth level, you sucked up not even enough!"

"Ohhhhhhh!" Xiao Chen answered in his heart and hurriedly ran his heart technique secretly, secretly absorbing the spiritual energy in the ancient jade, being a thief was really cool and exciting.

On the surface, Xiao Chen was seriously studying, a hick look, Cheng Mengqiang was happy to let him lose face, anyway, the ancient jade can not look bad, he is willing to look at it, then he began to introduce the Cheng family's other collections to.

As expected, just as Tian Lao said, the amount of spiritual energy contained in this ancient jade waist plate was actually not particularly large, Xiao Chen absorbed almost all of it after ten minutes or so, he only felt that his strength was improving at a very fast rate, although there was still a distance from the peak of the fifth layer of the Qi Refining Stage, but he was already much stronger than before, at least now, he should be able to beat a martial artist of the sixth layer of internal energy completely.

"Stop!" Just when Xiao Chen wanted to continue absorbing, Tian Lao suddenly called a halt in Xiao Chen's ear.

"En?" Xiao Chen was startled and hurriedly stopped the operation of the Heart Technique mantra as instructed, then asked with some confusion, "What's wrong? Tian Lao, is there anything wrong?"

"No, but if you absorb it again, this ancient jade waist plate will break, and it will end up the same as your previous jade pendant." Heavenly Elder reminded.

"Oh?" Xiao Chen's heart was shocked, almost exposed, if this ancient jade shattered in Xiao Chen's hands, then Xiao Chen could not say, but if ...... thought of this, the corner of Xiao Chen's mouth crossed a faint smile.

"Hey, have you finished reading?" Cheng Mengqiang drank to Xiao Chen.

"Ah, finished reading it ...... but, this ancient jade seems to be a fake?" Xiao Chen said weakly.

"Fake? What are your eyes?" Cheng Mengqiang froze and glared at Xiao Chen: "Don't talk nonsense if you don't understand, this is the Cheng family's collection, this is a very rare hard iron jade made of waist plate, in the battlefield, the existence of spears can not be pierced, how can it be fake?"

"Oh, I said before, I am very good at ancient jade, this is definitely a fake, you have been cheated." Xiao Chen said.

"Xiao Chen, don't say grapes are sour if you can't eat them!" Cheng Mengqiang sneered, "What, if this jade is real, how about you kneel down and admit your mistake to me at the banquet later and say that you have no pearls in your eyes?"

After Xiao Chen made such a move, it would never be possible to return to the Xiao family, and it would never be possible to get back together with Cheng Mengying.

"Oh, and what if it's false?" Xiao Chen asked rhetorically.

"Fake? I'll give you the fake one!" Cheng Mengqiang said with a hum.

"Fake ones you give to me? Are you sick? Did you let this jade smash your head? What do I need a fake one for? It's not worth a penny, I'm too busy to give it to me for nothing." Xiao Chen brushed his mouth and said.

"Then what do you say?" Cheng Mengqiang at this moment is not annoyed, just asked, as long as Xiao Chen agreed, then you can humiliate him.

"How about if I were to win, you give me a real ancient jade, right?" Xiao Chen said, betting in front of so many children of the world, he was not afraid that someone would not admit it afterwards, and what Cheng Mengqiang valued was exactly this.