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Chapter 0281 - The enemy is too strong

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But it has not broken through even now, and Zhang Tianhao's call, Xiao Chen intuitively felt that there was nothing good! Sure enough, after Xiao Chen picked up the phone, Zhang Tianhao said anxiously, "Mr. White Fox, the old demon of West Mountain saw you delayed in contacting me, some impatient, has personally gone to Songning City to find you!"

"What? When did that happen!" Xiao Chen was slightly shocked, this West Mountain Old Demon came?

"This morning, but I just learned the news, so I hurriedly contacted you!" Zhang Tianhao said, "West Mountain Old Demon went in anger, Mr. White Fox, if you are not sure, you should hide out for a while ......"

"Hiding out?" Xiao Chen could not help but smile bitterly, how could he hide out? He simply can't get out of Songning City now, for now, Xiao Chen's identity is Cheng Mengying's servant, how can he go out? Wouldn't going out make people suspicious? "The old demon of the western mountain can find me?"

"Mr. White Fox ah, this West Mountain Old Demon is a Jianghu people, but is not a little bit of modern technology does not understand, he is based on your cell phone signal positioning, should be able to find you, so I called to remind you, not if the first phone off!" Zhang Tianhao said.

"Oh? This West Mountain Old Demon is quite modern?" Xiao Chen was slightly stunned, but then, Xiao Chen was astonished, he slammed on the brakes! Because, not far in front of his car, stood a person with long hair, and, a man!

This person was dressed in ancient robes, with an indescribable demonic aura, which made Xiao Chen's heart sink, if he guessed correctly, this person should be the old demon of the Western Mountains!

Sixth-level evil cultivation, Xiao Chen knew that even if he drove into it. The other side can also easily dodge away, so he did not do that useless work, "creak" the car stopped!

"Mr. White Fox, what happened on your side?" Hearing the ear-splitting sound of brakes. Zhang Tianhao faintly froze. Asked.

"Nothing ...... should be the old demon of the Western Mountains came, let's not talk about it." Xiao Chen took a deep breath. Hang up the phone! Soldiers to the water, since they encountered, Xiao Chen also has no way to escape, can only try to fight a little.

"Jie Jie Jie. You are the White Fox, right?" The ancient-robed man with long hair looked at Xiao Chen and laughed evilly: "I knew that that kid Zhang Tianhao would call you to tip you off! However, that was a crack that I deliberately revealed in order to get him to call you! If you hadn't answered his phone, I wouldn't have found you so quickly, this monitoring equipment, 50,000 yuan was not spent in vain. But now it's no longer needed!"

The ancient-robed man with long hair slammed something in his hand on the ground and walked towards Xiao Chen!

"Old Demon of the Western Mountains?" Xiao Chen asked.

"Not bad, it seems that you are nothing special, that disciple of mine actually died under you. It's really a pity, Jie Jie!" The Old Demon of Western Mountain sneered, "But you will soon die as well, which sect's disciple are you, tell me."

"No need, say it out and you'll leave?" Xiao Chen asked indifferently.

"No matter what discipline or sect you are, you are dead today! I have never been afraid of anyone!" The old demon of West Mountain laughed, his body moved steeply, bringing up a black fog around his body, fiercely invading towards Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen's heart was slightly tight, quickly dodged backward ready to dodge, the old demon's speed is very fast, but Xiao Chen with the peak of the fourth level of Qi refining stage speed, completely able to circumvent it!

This is the difference between cultivators and martial artists!

But, Xiao Chen was only able to dodge it, and was almost swept by the black mist from the old demon's hand, but even if he didn't, the after-effects made Xiao Chen's face hot and painful, the black gas, it seemed to carry a corrosive effect!

"Reaction is quite fast?" West Mountain Old Demon coldly snorted: "But it's no use, I just tested you without using full power, this time you're dead! Death devouring!"

Said, the Western Mountain Old Demon body aura fierce, the black gas seems to be more intense, Xiao Chen even smelled the smell of something corrupt, like a rotting corpse!

Could it be that this West Mountain Old Demon is cultivated with what dead people, otherwise how this black gas is this taste and feel?

However, Xiao Chen did not have time to think about it, the old demon had already opened his palms wide, like a bat pounced on Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen subconsciously fast steps to dodge, this damn, he is really difficult to deal with this kind of evil cultivation! Last time there was the assistance of Ye Xiaoye, and Xiao Chen sneak attack also accounted for most of the role, but now Xiao Chen only himself, but also facing a higher strength of the Western Mountain Old Demon, that Xiao Chen can easily be strange!

Just, this is not the way to go on at all, this Xishan old demon is getting stronger and stronger, Xiao Chen can only dodge, this time dodge ...... did not dodge, Xiao Chen only felt his shoulder was swept by the black gas, in a flash, Xiao Chen's shoulder clothes are gone, and the body is a bloody flesh!

The toxicity of this black gas is simply too powerful, Xiao Chen even doubts that if he does not dodge, is not the black gas to be burned into a skeleton!

Xiao Chen stared at the Western Mountain Old Demon vigilantly, while running his heart technique to use his Yuan Qi to quickly repair his injuries, and secretly said to Tian Lao in his heart: "Tian Lao, what should I do now? This guy is two levels stronger than me ah! Moreover, it feels like the strength of the evil cultivator is higher than that of a normal martial artist, and it's not comparable to a cultivator!"

"Compared to a cultivator? That's not even close." Heavenly Elder snorted: "But now your strength is indeed too weak, he this black gas, in fact, just corrode some of your flesh and blood, you run the heart technique at full strength to hit him I see, how much damage can be created, I will then judge whether you can have the possibility of winning!"

"I'm testing the risk with my body!" Xiao Chen couldn't help but be speechless after hearing this, and at this moment, the old demon of West Mountain also attacked again and pounced like Xiao Chen! Xiao Chen also found that the old demon did not use any too fancy moves, just this move of darkness devouring was enough for Xiao Chen to suffer.

This time, Xiao Chen did not dodge, but ran his heart technique with all his might, then, with all his might, he threw his fist and met the Western Mountain Old Demon!

The Old Demon of West Mountain was stunned, he didn't expect Xiao Chen to meet the challenge, in this way, wouldn't he completely cover Xiao Chen with black Qi? As for Xiao Chen's punch, he didn't care, through his previous investigation he understood that this white fox was only a fifth layer internal energy martial artist, there was a strength level gap with him!

"Boom!" Xiao Chen's fist smashed into the body of the Old West Mountain Demon, and the black mist of the Old West Mountain Demon completely enveloped Xiao Chen's entire body! At this moment, Xiao Chen had the feeling of going deep into the sea of fire, and his entire body was burning!

The heart-breaking pain seemed to tear Xiao Chen's skin off, but Xiao Chen didn't care, anyway, cultivators can quickly recover from injuries, he didn't care!

The old demon of West Mountain flew backwards, he looked at Xiao Chen incredulously, he didn't understand how Xiao Chen could still promote his internal energy under the envelope of black gas! This was impossible!

A martial artist in his darkness devouring could not promote internal energy, because, the black qi had corroded and damaged the martial artist's skin and muscles, so he could not promote internal energy at all!

A disciple of the Mormon Sect! Seeing that Xiao Chen's injuries were not serious and had a self-recovery effect, the old demon of Western Mountain was violently shocked! So the White Fox was a disciple of the Demon Sect, and indeed, the rumors were true!

This heavy blow from Xiao Chen had already caused the Qi and blood inside Xishan Old Demon's body to surge! He didn't expect Xiao Chen to be able to push such a huge force under his darkness devouring, he had no defense at all before, so this punch, made his organs and bowels shift position, let suffer a not so light and serious injury!

"Good! Very good!" The Old Demon of Western Mountain laughed coldly, "Jie Jie Jie, you actually managed to make the old man injured, not easy, but the old man's temper is coming, you wait to die!"

After saying that, the black Qi all over the body of the old demon of West Mountain became more dense and strong, only to see a dazzling red light flashing around his body, and then, a ball of light made of black Qi steeply appeared in the palm of his hand, inside was black Qi, outside was a dazzling red light, much stronger than the black balloon of that evil cultivator's disciple before!

Only to see the old demon of West Mountain's palm flip, that black ball of light smashed towards Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen was startled and tried to dodge, but what he didn't expect was that the black balloon actually had the function of tracking! Xiao Chen ran, the black balloon also followed him, Xiao Chen turned a corner, the black balloon also turned a corner!

This damn, really let Xiao Chen speechless, the old demon did not wait for how, did not release any big move, have made Xiao Chen inch difficult to move, it seems, this level of difference, not casually ah!

But what Xiao Chen did not know was that although the old demon was the strength of the sixth layer of evil cultivators, but he fell out of strength because he was injured back then, the martial arts techniques he could develop, but above the sixth layer!

Although the effect is not as good as his peak strength state, but for the same level of martial artists, has been very astounding! This is also the reason why Xiao Chen felt that the other party was too powerful!

You know, in the peak state of the old demon of the western mountains, his move black balloon, enough to exterminate a martial artist of a level difference like Xiao Chen!

Just see the black balloon speed faster and faster, finally Xiao Chen can not dodge, directly "boom" smashed on Xiao Chen's back!

Xiao Chen's body trembled, a tearing and burning pain spread all over his body, so that Xiao Chen could not help but shiver, the next moment, he felt that his internal organs also began to be burned by the black balloon.

"Xiao Chenzi, hurry up and run the heart technique to resist and repair, this black balloon has a large content of black qi luck, it will not dissipate for a while, and when it does not dissipate, it is all devouring your internal organs and body!" Xiao Chen's ears came the urgent voice of Tian Lao!