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Chapter 0279 - A Pleasant Afternoon

"Cousin Meng Ying, sister Jing Xuan, you have to be able to resist! How about we elope with our cousin's husband?" Jin Beibei said.

"Pfft ...... you think everyone's family is the same as your family?" Cheng Mengying was instantly angry and happy: "You just go happy! Besides, this young lady does not like Xiao Chen, why elope with him? At most, I just don't hate it!"

"Okay, then cousin Mengying still needs to work hard!" Jin Beibei said, "Beibei's sexual happiness depends on you!"

"If you like it, you can give it to you. This lady is not rare!" Cheng Mengying said.

"That's different, I belong to the sister-in-law robbed brother-in-law, and sister sharing brother-in-law to sister-in-law is two different things, the former to be scolded, the latter in the martial arts family is normal ......," said Jin Beibei.

"Then don't put your ideas on my body ......" Cheng Mengying did not pay attention to the topic of Jin Beibei.

The three people chattered about some other things, and Xiao Chen's side of the meal was ready, and called them to come over to eat together.

"Wow wow wow wow! So sumptuous! Bebe likes to eat the most!" Jin Beibei looked at the table of delicious dishes, and immediately salivated.

Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan looked at Jin Beibei, there is such a live treasure at home, is also a joyful thing, several people sat at the table, Shen Jingxuan suddenly found that Jin Beibei did not lie, Xiao Chen's craft is really awesome, not worse than the five-star hotel! Have not eaten, just smell the aroma and look at the color of the dishes is very appetizing!

"Sister Jingxuan, this is delicious! You eat it too!" Jin Beibei picked up a piece of lamb chops and said to Shen Jingxuan.

"Good ......" Shen Jingxuan see Jin Beibei said so, also not good to refuse, also followed the clip a piece of lamb chops, but not wait to eat it, in the blink of an eye Jin Beibei side has finished eating!

"Jingxuan sister, this crispy duck is also delicious! You eat it too!" Jin Beibei picked up a piece of crispy duck and said to Shen Jingxuan.

"Good ......" Shen Jingxuan followed and clipped a piece of crispy duck.

"Jingxuan sister. This big squid is also delicious! You eat it too!" Jin Beibei chucked up a piece of squid and said to Shen Jingxuan again.

"Good ......" Shen Jingxuan followed and clipped a piece of squid ......

"Beibei, not who all eat so fast as you, you eat it yourself, you do not see you eat three pieces. Jingxuan did not eat a piece? Just follow you clip the dish!" Cheng Mengying glared at Jin Beibei. Rebuked.

"Ah ...... oh ......" Jin Beibei hurriedly stopped continuing to talk to Shen Jingxuan, but after thinking about it, she turned her head to look at Xiao Chen: "Cousin brother-in-law. This little crispy meat is delicious!"

"Mmmmmm! Little crispy pork is delicious!" Xiao Chen followed Jin Beibei clip up a piece of small crispy pork eaten: "Beibei, this spicy abalone is a new practice, you also eat!"

"Mmmmm! Abalone is delicious, cousin brother-in-law you also eat!" Jin Beibei ate an abalone.

"......" Shen Jingxuan looked at Jin Beibei and Xiao Chen. Some crying and laughing, these two people ......

"They two are like that, like hungry ghosts, no matter what they are." Cheng Mengying said: "We eat our, but, Xiao Chen cooking is really quite delicious!"

Soon, Shen Jingxuan understood why Cheng Mengying said that. This is not only quite delicious? It is simply too delicious! She suddenly envied Cheng Mengying's good taste, Xiao Chen was really a full-time expert.

So, don't look at Xiao Chen made a lot, the result of eating to the end. The table is almost gone, even Shen Jingxuan are exceptionally ate a lot, the main food did not eat, just eat the food, brace up!

"Jingxuan, I didn't expect you to eat so well." Cheng Mengying said with a smile.

"And say it, so delicious, did not take me to eat before, is not bosom friend ah!" Shen Jingxuan felt too delicious, since childhood have not eaten such a delicious meal ...... if, in the future and Xiao Chen together, that is not every day can eat ah? No, can not eat every day, will become a fat girl, Xiao Chen certainly do not like! But ...... Tang sugar seems to be an exception?

"It's not that there was no chance before!" Cheng Mengying said: "Besides, the last grilled shark meat, you did not also eat it!"

"Okay!" Shen Jingxuan remembered the delicious shark meat last week.

After a meal, we are not willing to move, so Jin Beibei proposed that a few people play mahjong, so you do not have to move, but also to eliminate food ......

Cheng Mengying and Shen Jingxuan have no opinion, Xiao Chen naturally also has no opinion! In this villa, there are a lot of things left by the previous owner, among them is mahjong, Xiao Chen went to find out, and then a few people on the table to support the mahjong game!

The mahjong table was set up, and there are ways of playing mahjong everywhere, and they were all from Songning City, playing Songning mahjong.

After playing a few hands, a few people lost and won, but Xiao Chen suddenly felt a pain in his thigh, he was stunned, turned his head to look at Jin Beibei sitting in his next house, and saw Jin Beibei secretly winking at him.

Xiao Chen was a bit puzzled, Jin Bebe pinched himself what? However, Xiao Chen did not wait to figure out the situation, he felt a heat on his thigh, actually Jin Beibei hand on his leg!

What is this situation? Jin Beibei is playing a rascal? Could it be that before Jin Beibei pushed back a little bit and got used to pushing back and started to play ambiguous? But Xiao Chen thought it was unlikely, so he did not move a glance at Jin Beibei!

As a result, this doubtful glance, but let Jin Beibei side became more daring, actually with fingers also hooked in Xiao Chen's thighs, this is to do what ah?

This thing if Shen Jingxuan do, Xiao Chen can understand, but replaced by Jin Bebe, Xiao Chen really do not understand! Even if Jin Beibei usually speaks a little bold, but in fact really did not do anything out of the ordinary!

"Three cakes!" While Xiao Chen was wondering, Jin Beibei suddenly shouted and played a card, while the hand placed on Xiao Chen's hand fiercely pinched him again.

Xiao Chen ate pain, but this pain is actually nothing for Xiao Chen, but it just makes him even more strange, what is Jin Beibei going to do this!

"Bebe, what are you doing so loud? What's wrong with you? You scared me!" Cheng Mengying immediately glared at Jin Beibei, reproached.

"Hey, it's just that the first few games are too unlucky, so I'm shouting loudly to wash away the joy." Jin Beibei said on this side, and on the other side, she started to scratch around on Xiao Chen's legs again.

However, Xiao Chen quietly, but found some problems! Jin Beibei was writing on his leg, if it were anyone else, it might be difficult to tell what Jin Beibei wrote, but with Xiao Chen's super perception it was easy to tell that Jin Beibei wrote the word "eight"!

Dare to say that this is Jin Beibei joint cheating ah, this makes Xiao Chen some cry and laugh, play a card cheating! However, he and Jin Beibei had always worked well together, it was just a game anyway, and he happened to have eight in his hand, so he just played it out: "Eight!"

"Eat!" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

"Beibei, calm down, what are you doing?" Cheng Mengying glared at her.

"Oh oh, I'm not easy to come good tiles too excited, thank you cousin husband ah!" Jin Beibei said, and winked at Xiao Chen!

However, this in other people's view, Jin Beibei just thanked Xiao Chen for the misstep, only Xiao Chen himself understood, Jin Beibei this is sincerely thank him for his cooperation!

After that, with the cooperation of Xiao Chen's side, it was impossible for Jin Beibei to lose, and he won several hands in a row, continuously sitting on the banker!

But Jin Beibei's practice, so Xiao Chen is really heart-breaking, say is enjoy it, he is afraid of Missy especially Shen Jingxuan see, say not enjoy it, but also quite exciting!

This is like before and Jin Beibei in the closet cheating, only the role changed to Jin Beibei! To be honest, every day facing Jin Beibei, it is impossible to say that Xiao Chen has no idea at all, but there is, he did not show it.

"Not right? Xiao Chen, how come you play whatever cards Bebe lacks?" A few hands down, Cheng Mengying found the problem.

"That's right!" Shen Jingxuan also looked at Xiao Chen with a suspicious face, "Xiao Chen, did you help Jin Beibei cheat?"

Shen Jingxuan did not think so much, Xiao Chen's perception is strong, the big pit can find it, let alone see Jin Beibei's cards, in her opinion it was Xiao Chen who saw Jin Beibei's cards to help her.

"How is it possible?" Jin Beibei hurriedly drew back her hand that was on Xiao Chen's thigh, then said with a careless face, "I was lucky, my cousin's husband and I have a heart to heart, how do you call it cheating?"

"I see something wrong, how about we change the position, not let you sit under him!" Cheng Mengying stood up and said.

"Oh ...... that's okay, bebe good luck, what to have what!" Although Jin Beibei can not cheat, but the mouth is still very hard, of course, this thing to death can not admit, otherwise, Cheng Mengying no longer play with her.

After changing seats and re-coding the cards, everyone began to catch the cards, Cheng Mengying suspiciously glanced at Xiao Chen, and then looked at Jin Beibei, although she did not know how the two actually screwed up, but in her opinion there must be something wrong!

Xiao Chen and Jin Beibei are usually very good together, the two people often get weird, maybe they are really secretly doing something fishy! But, give them two separate, forgive them can not make ghosts!

"This lady would like to see, bebe this time you can still win!" Cheng Mengying said.

"This Bebe's luck is invincible, that is the same can win, besides people did not cheat at all!" The first time I saw you, I said, "I don't want to be a part of it.

As a result, it really let Jin Beibei to be right, although changed the seat, but Xiao Chen still kept on "pointing cannon", playing what Jin Beibei Hu what, Hu card without the upper and lower house limit, Jin Beibei still win!

This time, Cheng Mengying does not think that Xiao Chen is actively helping Jin Beibei cheat, the two people are eight feet away, even whispering and hinting are no longer effective, how Xiao Chen still continue to play the cards she needs?