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Chapter 0264 - News of Spiritual Jade

However, to say that one is a medicine master, that barely counts, anyway, cultivators are all-powerful, bullish and shiny well!

"You don't have to deny it, Tang sugar was cured by you, right?" Lu Fangjin didn't give Xiao Chen a chance to explain, but continued, "You bought the Heavenly Clear Herb in order to formulate medicine for Tang Sugar, right? And the other herbs, although I do not know where you bought them from, but it should be that these herbs you bought before have useless leftovers, your prescriptions have more useless herbs, this I also understand, pharmacist well, do not want their prescriptions leaked."

"......" Xiao Chen was a little speechless, he really did not do it! This medicinal material is so expensive, who the hell has the spare money to buy more ah! Lv Fangjin is a smart ass! But Xiao Chen did not refute, just said: "You investigate me?"

"Naturally, a devil cultivator suddenly appeared in Songning City, Xiao Hong candle and I naturally have to pay attention to it." Lv Fangjin also did not deny, directly admitted down, so quick to make Xiao Chen more or less a little surprised.

But also feel the straightforwardness of Lu Fangjin, this person, should not be so much crooked mind.

"Sort of." Xiao Chen nodded his head.

"Now I'm wondering, who exactly did you learn from that could teach such a powerful medicine master at your age, you know, I didn't even dare to say that I could cure Tang sugar, but you did." Lu Fangjin said.

"She is not cured, just treating the symptoms but not the root cause, temporarily cured." Xiao Chen said.

"I know, the problem with her body." Lu Fangjin nodded: "I have no malice, there is time for us both to discuss, there is no limit to learning, although you are powerful, but there should be something in me that you do not understand, so you consider it?"

On the side of Hong Candle are a little surprised. Although Lu Fangjin often had the performance of an old codger, but in the path of a pharmacist, he had a deep attainment, and now he could say that. This means that Xiao Chen is really very tactful!

But what makes Hong Candle wonder is. Xiao Chen is a playboy of the Xiao family, he has not left Songning City for more than ten years. And for more than ten years has been also obscure dude scum.

It was only after being expelled from the Xiao family that he secretly revealed some strength that did not match his original identity! This person, hidden is really too deep, Hong Candle had to admire! Moreover. Xiao Chen's determination, unprecedentedly strong, Hong Candle is really more and more interested in Xiao Chen!

Only, after investigating Xiao Chen's ancestors, except for Xiao Chen's mother, whose origins were unknown, who disappeared when Xiao Chen was very young, there was nothing special about Xiao Chen's biography. Totally a brainless arrogant dude!

"Oh? Okay, let's talk about it sometime." Xiao Chen took a deep breath, not happy or sad, he knew that the road he was walking now was seemingly flat though. But it is full of thorns!

Tang sugar, Shen Jingxuan ...... Xiao Chen do not want to give up.

However, want to include them all in the room, not to mention the current Xiao Chen, the previous Xiao Chen can not do! The Xiao family is not as powerful as the Shen family, even if the Shen family is as powerful as the existence of the Shen family, the Shen family children may not dare to say that they can let the equivalent family women to serve together with others.

Xiao Chen found that he really dared to think ah! In the past, when he had just been driven out of the family, even when he had just become a cultivator, Xiao Chen did not dare to think about this, but now, Xiao Chen would actually bring up such thoughts.

Shook his head, Shen Jingxuan a bit far, even now Tang Sugar ...... is not now Xiao Chen can pursue.

And now reveal the identity, even with the favors of the Lv Fangjin, the Xie family's cozying up, the Jin family's support, that may not make the Tang family and Yue family in line, to know that the Tang and Yue old man is not a vegetarian.

Moreover, most of Xiao Chen's current abilities are based on the unknown, the Xie family and Lu Fangjin are so to him, but because of the ability that Xiao Chen has shown, once this ability is not enough to make people afraid, then they will still be so?

Xiao Chen is not sure, and he does not dare to risk. Father still no news, white fox and martial arts guild, there is no too deep interactions, want to investigate this matter, it is much harder! Can only wait for the news from Shen Jingxuan's side.

"If I'm not here, you let Little Hong Candle notify me, and I'll show up." Lu Fangjin said.

"How does it sound like Aladdin's lamp ......" Xiao Chen said.

"Haha, almost, I shoo came. Lu Fangjin said.

"......" Xiao Chen felt that this person was a little bit nervous, so he walked away.

Out of the pharmacy, Xiao Chen had not yet arrived home when he received a call from Chen Jinpeng.

"Xiao Chen boss, this is Jin Peng ah!" Chen Jinpeng said.

"Oh, small shed ah, looking for me for something?" Xiao Chen guessed in his heart that there was news about the spirit jade!

Sure enough, Chen Jinpeng said: "Lin Chao side, agreed to the ancient jade bet, and the ancient jade also brought, that is, tomorrow noon, at the Ma Liwan construction site racing, three games two wins, how? Of course, five games and three wins is also okay, depending on what Boss Xiao Chen you want."

"Oh, okay, let's talk about it then." Xiao Chen said indifferently, "If the ancient jade is not good, let alone three games, one game is not!"

"Haha, don't worry, brought several pieces of ancient jade! Guaranteed to make you satisfied!" Chen Jinpeng laughed.

"Alright then, see you tomorrow." Xiao Chen agreed.

"By the way, Cheng Mengying, you also called?" Chen Jinpeng asked, which was requested by Cao Yuliang.

"Okay." Xiao Chen didn't refuse, even if he didn't bring it, Missy and Jin Beibei were going to come and join the fun.

"Then I won't bother Young Master Xiao." After Chen Jinpeng got an affirmative answer, he also put his heart down with a sigh of relief.

Xiao Chen returned to the villa, and Jin Beibei was also there. Today was Friday, so Jin Beibei was staying here and did not need to go back at night.

Just entered the door, I heard Jin Beibei and Ye Xiaoye talking about something, then Ye Xiaoye was so angry that she went upstairs, Cheng Mengying was all giddy.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, the original haughty girl also has a dark time, Jin Beibei does not come, I'm afraid it is Cheng Mengying suffered a loss.

"Xiao Chen, this lady wants to eat delicious spiked meals, you go do it." Cheng Mengying said.

"Good." Xiao Chen did not say anything, serving Missy, is also a pretty interesting thing, before Xiao Chen wanted to cook for her have no chance, Cao Yu Liang envy jealousy hate it.

"Xiao Chen, why are you so spineless." Ye Xiaoye went halfway up the stairs and heard the conversation between Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen and couldn't help but speak out sarcastically.

"Ye Xiaoye, why are you so nosy?" Jin Beibei said.

"I ......" Ye Xiaoye thought about it, yes, this matter has nothing to do with himself, he is purely ...... she shook her head and went upstairs.

"By the way, tomorrow at noon, I go to race with Li Shan bubble's senior brother Lin Chao, at the Ma Li Wan construction site." Xiao Chen said, "Are you guys going to go?"

"Go ah go ah, cousin brother-in-law cheer." Jin Beibei said excitedly.

"Why did you agree to race with someone again? Don't you know that you can't die unless you do? Don't you know they want to kill you?" Cheng Mengying was furious after hearing Xiao Chen's words.

"They won't kill me if you don't race? This at least I know, and still within my control, after all, racing I am still good at, if get a other such as assassination, I can not deal with it." Xiao Chen said with a bitter smile.

"This ......" Cheng Mengying although I think what Xiao Chen said is sophomoric, but it seems to be a bit of sense.

"Right oh right oh, cousin husband this is called to complement the shortcomings with the long, use their own good, to deal with the enemy!" Jin Beibei said, "Get rid of that Lin Chao, he will not deceive!"

"Oh, that how can say get killed, get killed again should find me revenge." Xiao Chen looked at Jin Beibei and said.

"Then get killed secretly, just like that Li Shan bubble!" Jin Beibei said.

"Didn't Li Shanbao die in a driving accident by himself?" Cheng Mengying some strange asked.

"Ah ...... right." Jin Beibei nodded: "That's what I mean, let's pray together and pray that Lin Chao drives himself to death!"

"Oh ......" Cheng Mengying always felt obedient ......

At night, after Xiao Chen took the potion, he began to exercise, just let Xiao Chen some helplessness is, although the jade trigger finger can provide heaven and earth spiritual qi for cultivation, but the spiritual qi is really too little, and can not be compared to the previous, so the speed is always not up.

One night, Xiao Chen felt that he was getting closer and closer to that realm, but it was always a hair's breadth away, just a little short of a breakthrough, and even touched the edge, just can't break through in one fell swoop!

Xiao Chen was a bit frantic, but he could not do anything about it. After washing up, Xiao Chen ran in the direction of the morning market street, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, this period of the morning market street days are over.

Tang sugar still came early, in the grocery store's there packing things, a few days without business, everything has to be prepared again.

"Xiao Chen, you're here?" Tang sugar's eyes were a little dark, and the eyes were covered with bloodshot inside, like they hadn't slept for a few days.

"En, what's wrong with you? Didn't rest well yesterday?" Xiao Chen asked with concern.

"Last night, my grandfather called me, let me and Yue Shaoqun together ......" Tang Sugar's interest was a little low, glanced at Xiao Chen: "We can no longer sell doughnuts in the future, even if I want to, Yue Shaoqun will not agree."

"Is that so ...... I think he will agree." Xiao Chen took a deep breath and came up with an idea, anyway, it can be dragged out for as long as possible.

"You want to blackmail him again? But ...... forget it, my grandfather has already stepped in, and then blackmail him, if the Tang and Yue families join forces against you, then ......" said here, Tang sugar can't help but be a little worried.

"Do not worry, I will hold a balance point." Xiao Chen said.

"That's good ......" Tang sugar nodded, the two people loaded up, Tang sugar sat behind the tricycle, Xiao Chen rode the car, and headed to the morning market street.