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Chapter 0234 - It must be Chen Jinpeng

How could it be believed? This is clearly the stolen goods lost by the Sun family, how can it be the unified arrangement of the Hong Chamber of Commerce?

"If you don't believe it, just ask Boss Tai yourself, or you can ask the several presidents of the Martial Artists Guild, I, a treasurer, can't answer such a profound question from you." Ma Lao said indifferently.

"Gah!" Pharmacist Sun's expression was stagnant, how could he dare to ask? Wouldn't that be exceeding his authority? He was a chief pharmacist, although he seemed to be very powerful when he spoke out, but it also depended on who he was in front of!

In front of the Hong's Chamber of Commerce's Tai and those presidents and vice presidents, it's nothing.

Thinking of this, Sun Youcai took a deep breath and calmed down: "Sorry, Ma Lao, I'm doing this for the good of the Martial Artist's Market, I'm afraid that the quality of the medicinal materials is not good, since it was arranged by the upper peak, there must be no problem, then I'll take my leave first!"

"Good." Ma Lao heard this explanation from Pharmacist Sun, his face was quite good, and nodded his head.

Pill Master Sun also did not dare to say that this is the Sun family was robbed of medicinal materials, that is not to question the upper peak? And Ma Lao also does not know, so say a little behind the back to denigrate the peak, he would not dare to do so.

Ge Pharmacist was a bit surprised by Sun Pharmacist's actions afterwards, but did not think much about it, shook his head and followed Sun Pharmacist out of the warehouse.

After Sun Pill Master went back, and did not communicate with others, he directly out of the martial arts market, once again drove to the Sun family, such an important matter, he had to tell Sun Xiaonong first!

And, the matter is very important, he can not talk nonsense inside the phone, if someone is bugged, it is not good.

For Sun Pharmacist's go and return, Sun Xiaonong some strange, does he know that the Sun family has not yet finished holding the family meeting, he came back to continue to participate?

However. Now it is basically near the end, what is the use of Sun Yakushi to come back?

However, Sun Xiaonong still gave Sun Yakushi a face and saw him walk into the conference room. So he said, "Youcai. Back, then let's continue the meeting!"

"Uncle. Let's talk about the meeting, I have something important to say to you guys here." After Sun Youcai sat down, but waved his hand and said, "We have news about those medicinal materials that were robbed in the morning!"

"There is news? You found them? It's not like someone went to the Martial Artist Market to sell the stolen goods, right? This is simply audacious!" Sun famous speculated after hearing this.

"Good. It was found, and it was also in the warehouse of the martial arts market, but ...... not through my hands income." Sun Pharmacist nodded and said with a straight face.

"Then it is that surnamed Ge?" Sun Li frowned, he also knew that the Martial Artist Square City there is a Ge Pill Master, the level of pill refining is not worse than Sun Pill Master, is a potential competitor of Sun Pill Master.

"It's not him either, according to the old horse who looks after the warehouse. It is the intention of the top." Sun Pill Master said here, his face was a bit odd: "That is to say, the scope of my ability, up to this point. I do not have the authority, and I do not dare to ask upwards."

"What?! Up the peak?" Sun Xiaonong's eyes widened, "Youcai, you mean that this medicinal material was robbed by people from the Martial Artists' Market or the Martial Artists' Guild?"

"It's hard to say, but Old Ma shouldn't lie to me, this kind of thing, he doesn't have the need to lie to me, and he wouldn't dare to talk nonsense about what the upper peak arranged." Pharmacist Sun nodded and said.

"Which superior peak is the superior peak, did he say that?" Sun Xiaonong frowned and asked.

"No, just said that it was Tai Boss who personally greeted him, but Tai Boss is responsible for all the matters of the Martial Artist Square, but the upper peak may be Tai Boss, or it may be the president and vice president of the Martial Artist Guild." Sun Pharmacist said.

"Martial Artists Guild Vice President ......" Sun Xiaonong pondered for a moment and slapped the table: "Holy shit! I know, it must be that vice president surnamed Chen!"

"The vice president surnamed Chen? Chen Jinpeng's father Chen Yulin?" Sun famous also thought of this person at once. The Sun family still knows a lot about these lineage matters, so it was a direct connection to the right number.

"Yes, didn't you say before that the batch of medicinal materials might have been snatched by Xiao Chen's little brother Chen Jinpeng? This is not the right number!" Sun Li also nodded and said, "Chen Jinpeng, Chen Yuling, this is a fucking family ah, really good calculation, the son robbed the old son to sell the stolen goods, but also take the high-level route, so that our Sun family eat a dumb loss dare not ask!"

"In that case, then it is really possible." Sun Pharmacist thought about it, and then suddenly dawned on him! So this is how it is related! However, even if he knew that Chen Yulin had done it, there was nothing he could do, he was a chief pharmacist, how could he dare to fight against the vice president?

The vice president, that belongs to the senior leadership and almost the boss, he can only be considered a mid-level steward.

"Youcai, in that case, according to what you mean, if we go to Chen Wuling to theorize, is it possible for him to return my medicinal materials, or, give us a portion of money in compensation?" Sun Xiaonong thought about it and asked, "For example, if we pinch this handle on him now, if we react to the president of the Martial Artists Guild and Tai, the head of the Martial Artists' Square, is he going to eat his words?"

"Uncle, you are too underestimate the Martial Artists Guild's President Chen, although this person can't say that one hand can cover the sky, but the power is still very big, when he is punished, as long as he doesn't step down, our Sun family will have to suffer in the future!" Sun Pharmacist bitterly laughed.

"But, they are robbing ah! The Martial Artist Guild and Martial Artist Square, can't they still condone them?" Sun Xiaonong was a bit annoyed.

"This matter, the public say that the public has a reason and the public say that the public has a reason, people Chen Jinpeng can say that they are standing up for the boss, there are feelings and righteousness!" Sun Pharmacist said somewhat helplessly: "This matter will be investigated in the end, it will become our Sun family's Sun Rongjin bullying men and women, how do you think the Martial Artists Guild will be judged then? I'm afraid that each of them will be beaten fifty times, right? And the cause is in our Sun family, and our Sun family is the first to sue, when the time will be good for us?"

"You have a point." Sun Xiaonong think carefully about the causes and consequences, this matter in the end, that may really have to rely on the Sun family itself, there is really nothing to do!

"And this thing is only a guess, Rong Qin has died, dead without proof, red hair is not our Sun family, the words spoken, the effectiveness is much weaker." Sun Youcai said: "So the first order of business is, let's see, from the body of Chen Jinpeng, first investigate whether he did this thing, if so, hey, since the Chen family likes to play dirty, we also play a dirty, when the time comes, also give him an accidental death ...... "

"Oh? That Chen Wuling can not be investigated then?" Sun Xiaonong froze, he wanted to get back a justice is good, but never thought of Chen Jinpeng to kill, after all, Chen Jinpeng is the son of Vice President Chen, this kind of high existence ......

"Chen Wuling's power in the Martial Artists Guild is great, but he is a newly appointed vice president, there is no available belly on hand, really want to investigate the truth that is also unlikely!" Sun Pharmacist sneered: "Besides, what we want to concoct is an accident! Their family's Chen Jinkun, did not die in an accidental car accident?"

"But, another car accident, isn't it too much of a coincidence?" Sun Xiaonong was somewhat moved, to be honest, it was obvious that he had already seized the first opportunity to suppress the Xie family, only to have the herbs snatched away, which was really fucked up.

"Rong Qin and Rong Jin both died from the wind on the horse, so coincidentally or not?" Sun Youcai smiled lightly: "There are too many coincidences in the world, besides, the car accident is an example, we can let him die in a robbery!"

"This ...... Youcai, are you sure Chen Wulin will not find out the truth?" Sun Xiaonong asked.

"If Chen Wuling served as vice president of the Martial Artists Guild for a while longer and cultivated some of his inner circle to spy, there is still a possibility, but now he only took the position this year ...... hehehe." Sun Youcai laughed, "If he hadn't become vice president, he would be nothing."

"Okay, cheers!" Sun Xiaonong lost two grandchildren, very upset, he put the accident on Chen Jinpeng: "Famous, advantageous, you first put down the work in hand, full investigation Chen Jinpeng this person, see his suspicion!"

"Yes!" Sun Ming Ming and Sun Li replied in a loud voice, taking out Chen Jinpeng would be considered as revenge for their dead son in disguise.

Sun Pharmacist could not stay too long, the meeting ended, and hurried back to the Martial Artist's Square, while the Sun family's people, on the other hand, acted!

To Sun Xiaonong's surprise and non-surprise, soon, people from below came with news!

The Volkswagen sedan that Chen Jinpeng drove was the one that Sun Rongjin had lost at the beginning, although the license plate had been replaced, but according to the investigation, the license plate was a fake, set by a car of the same style from the Chen family group.

The car's frame number identification code exposed the car's real information, of course, these small details, few people will notice.

"Damn-it, it really is Chen Jinpeng!" Sun Xiaonong angrily slapped the table, now he can be completely sure, before saving Lin Ke'er from the villa, is definitely Xiao Chen's little brother, 80% is Chen Jinpeng, otherwise why is the car is driven by Chen Jinpeng?

And today's robbery, drove this car, and then linked to the arrangement of the top of the Sun Pharmacist said, this time Sun Xiaonong more unquestionable.

"Father, when do we do it?" Sun famous hated Chen Jinpeng very much, in his opinion, if it wasn't for Chen Jinpeng robbing his son Sun Rong Qin's medicinal materials, Sun Rong Qin wouldn't be able to go home and find a small model to vent, this is all related, so he acted most eagerly.

"Of course, the sooner the better! Youcai is right, let's create a robbery!" Sun Xiaonong said, "In this way, famous, you take our family's Zhao Guardian, he is a sixth level internal energy martial artist, killing Chen Jinpeng is sufficient!"

Sun Xiaonong is also ruthless, he does not make a move then, a move, to kill a blow!