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Chapter 0104 - Are you also at the peak of the third level of internal energy?

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And at this moment Xiao Chen finally understood what Lou Zhenming wanted to trick him to come here to fight boxing is the idea, it turns out to want to find a master to kill himself! Originally, Xiao Chen did not want to fight this kind of top competition life and death battle, but, Lou Zhenming's target made him change his mind.

This expert was invited by Lou Zhenming to deal with him, even if Xiao Chen did not appear today and did not fight with this person, then Lou Zhenming would probably let this person use other ways to finish himself.

At that time, instead of letting this person die in Xiao Chen's hands, it would be better to let him die in the hands of the "White Fox". Xiao Chen does not want to reveal his strength yet.

"Mr. White Fox, I've kept you waiting!" The white shirt returned to the lounge and respectfully said to Xiao Chen: "Just now I asked the boss, because there are not many fighters in the third level competition, so this period of time, only these two people signed up to participate, but both were defeated by Mr. White Fox, for a period of time, I am afraid that no third level fighters can fight with Mr. White Fox, so Mr. White Fox must continue to fight today. Then there is only one top competition fighter left, you see ......"

The white shirt's words made Xiao Chen want to laugh a little, he pretended to be quite like that, huh? But Xiao Chen already knew he would say so, forced to hold back his laughter, Xiao Chen lightly said: "Top fighter ah? What kind of strength is that? Is there any information I can look at first?"

"This top boxer is a martial artist at the peak of the third level of internal energy, of course, there is information, please wait for Mr. White Fox." This opponent's strength, white lining will not be hidden, as long as the boxing ring's old boxer, there is information compiled. I believe that after today, the information of "white fox" will also be compiled.

"Okay, you bring it to me, I'll think about it." Xiao Chen did not promise, nor did he refuse, just to see.

The white liner nodded and went to get the information, while Xiao Chen asked in his mind, "Elder Tian, do you think I'll fight?"

"A martial artist at the peak of the third level of internal energy, ah, that's a formidable opponent!" Heavenly Elder's voice rang out, "However. Theoretically speaking, it's similar to your current strength, you just stepped into the third level of Qi Refining Stage, while he is the peak of the third level of internal energy, the victory is divided 50-50! But the flower in the greenhouse. Can not grow, I suggest that you try. Anyway, you do not try. Sooner or later, this person will be looking for your trouble, you still expect to kill a Cheng Biaojin to help every time?"

"That can't be." Xiao Chen also felt that it was enough of a coincidence and good luck to kill a Cheng Biting Gold halfway twice before, how could there be such a good thing every time? If his Xiao Chen's luck was really so good, he would have hugged Missy and Shen Jingxuan. If his luck was really so good, he would have hugged Missy and Shen Jingxuan. With a Lin Ke'er in his arms, he would not be the outcast of the Xiao family.

"So ah, early fight late fight is the same, what else are you considering?" Tian Lao said.

"Then let's ...... try!" Xiao Chen took a deep breath. The current situation is indeed the same as Tian Lao's analysis, sooner or later there will be a battle, then use the identity of the white fox to solve instead better.

After a while, the white liner came back and brought Xiao Chen a copy of the top fighters' information, and Xiao Chen read it carefully.

"Niu Zhijian, Lou's gang gang fighter, with three layers of peak internal strength martial artist strength ......" see here, Xiao Chen some amusement, this person seems to be obviously Lou Zhenming his family, of course how the white liner can not think that Xiao Chen is the white fox, so only unreservedly took the information to him.

"This Niu Zhijian looks very powerful ah! If I can't beat him and beg for mercy with him, then can I be spared?" Xiao Chen looked at the information and asked.

"This ...... is possible, but exactly whether you can let go depends on your opponent." The white shirt explained, "If the opponent stops there, then it is considered to have won the game, but if the opponent does not stop and has to put the opponent to death, this rule is also allowed."

"So ah ...... then I know." Xiao Chen nodded thoughtfully, then said, "You go arrange it, I want to challenge the top competition, in addition, my entire prize money, bet on this!"

"Okay, but Mr. White Fox, your odds are now only 1 to 0.1, are you sure you want to continue betting? You already have $632,000 in prize money." The white shirt reminded, of course, he was hoping that Xiao Chen would bet and then roll away after losing his own prize money as well, but this could not be said.

"Bet on it." Xiao Chen said affirmatively.

"Okay, I'm going to operate." The white shirt answered and went to make arrangements.

After a while, the voice calling for the ninth white fox to make an appearance came from inside the radio loudspeaker, and Xiao Chen walked out of the lounge.

Top match! Xiao Chen had already stepped into the ring before that Niu Zhijian came in late with a bullying look. He was originally a member of the Lou Family Gang, so he didn't need to hide anything when he came here to fight.

"Kid, I heard you won a lot of fights, huh?" Niu Zhijian didn't care about the odds on himself at all, because his appearances were very infrequent, and few people chose this kind of top-level life and death match, so the last time he fought was more than half a year ago, and almost no audience remembered him anymore.

But his main purpose here is to beat the white fox to death. Once he got on stage, he first punched twice, showing his strength at the peak of the third level of internal energy, before lowering his voice and saying, "You should have won hundreds of thousands of dollars, and leave in moderation, so be it, but you are insatiable, our young boss already sees you in a bad light, you can only stay here today. "

"Your voice is too small, what you said I did not hear clearly." Waiting for that Niu Zhijian on the stage, beeping a lot of words after, Xiao Chen only asked with a face full of doubts.

"You ......" Niu Zhijian just spoke that is a breath of fresh air, with a master's pretentious temperament, but Xiao Chen actually did not hear, let him say it again, there is no previous momentum and feeling, which makes him very unhappy, can only coldly snort. "Nothing, just want to beat you to death!"

"Oh, I actually wanted to say that." Xiao Chen nodded: "Then make your move!"

Niu Zhijian froze, he went on stage before to show his strength, is to combat Xiao Chen's self-confidence, after all, to be able to win two consecutive three-tier competition boxer strength is not to be underestimated, Niu Zhijian today and he fought, but can not consume all his physical strength, behind there is a fellow student who offended the young boss is the main character he needs to take out, before the white fox is just an appetizer.

But let him stunned, the white fox actually did not fear? He saw his own strength, but also let himself first move, that is the one who does not know fearless, or have the bottom line?

However, Niu Zhijian did not talk nonsense with him, he is the Lou family gang's fighter, usually fights and brawls that is a daily routine, this kind of underground black boxing without rules is exactly what he is good at!

"White Fox warrior is powerful, finish this black yakuza!"

"Go on, finish him off! Go White Fox Warrior!"

"The White Fox Warrior is always winning! I've bet a million dollars, you have to be strong, kill that little bastard!"

When they saw that the two were not going to do anything, the audience immediately shouted, they did not know anything about the trial between the masters, they just felt that Xiao Chen would definitely win.

Hearing the people below the field cheering for White Fox, Niu Zhijian's blood instantly surged up and he was infuriated! When he was still three meters away from Xiao Chen, his upper body was fiercely side, but his left foot was "whoosh", and he kicked Xiao Chen's temple with a flying kick!

As expected of the gang's fighter, the moves are deadly, no fancy false moves!

This is one of Niu Zhijian's tricks, he cultivated is a very domineering martial arts skills, named a thousand legs, back in the year in order to cultivate a thousand legs, his legs broke ten times, several years like a day in the morning kicking trees and poles practice, only to practice this thousand legs!

Is the reason and the power of his leg is amazing, if it is an ordinary opponent, by this leg kick, even if not dead, it must be disabled!

Sensing that Niu Zhijian's strength is not weak, Xiao Chen did not mean to evade, but the old man told him that the battle of the masters, sometimes you miss the first opportunity to retreat, is a passive situation to be beaten!

So Xiao Chen quickly stretched out his arm to protect his temple, at the same time, when Niu Zhijian's leg came over, he fiercely shot out his hand and smashed the flying foot that Niu Zhijian kicked over.

The collision of hands and feet made a loud bang, especially through the loudspeaker on the side of the ring, like muffled thunder, which immediately drew a round of applause from the audience!

"You ...... are actually also the peak of the third level of internal energy!"

The two figures parted at the first touch, Niu Zhijian was bounced back two steps by the tremendous force, a flash of horrified incredulity came in his eyes! By now, he had already sensed the strength of the white fox, which was the peak of the third level of internal energy!

Although, before the white fox did not show, but that moment of impact, let Niu Zhijian real feeling, the white fox and his strength is comparable.

However, Xiao Chen also retreated two steps before he could stand firm, although his strength and Niu Zhijian about the same, but Niu Zhijian attacked Xiao Chen with his good leg work can only say that the normal arm strength, or Xiao Chen suffered a loss!

He felt as if he had smashed his fist on an iron bar, and the bones of his fist seemed to be misaligned!

In fact, Niu Zhijian was not very good, although he had practiced a thousand legs, his legs were fine, but Xiao Chen's punch was smashed on top of his feet, and as a result, the recoil jolted his big hip bone to raw pain!

This is like someone taking a hammer to nail a nail, the nail is fine, but the board below the nail was smashed out of a hole, and Niu Zhijian felt his crotch bone was smashed almost bone fracture!

The shock in Niu Zhijian's heart is simply beyond words, he did not expect that his foot, which can break stones and crack gold, was dissolved by such a seemingly random punch of the white fox, not only that, the force of the rebound, but also made him almost did not stand still, the crotch bone suffered some internal injuries! (To be continued.)