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Chapter 0101 - Continuing the Challenge

This time even ten seconds countdown is not necessary, because the python rat on the ground has more than thirty seconds, and then countdown is a bit redundant.

The whole audience was silent.

How could they have imagined that only a few minutes into the fight, the python was knocked down and couldn't get up? How is this possible? This is not the boxing ring to see them all bets, deliberately find a trust, right?

However, considering the reputation of this underground boxing ring, it seems that nothing like this has ever happened, and only after a while did someone start to lament.

Soon after, the medical team got into the ring and examined Python Rat. After the leading doctor finished his examination, he announced, "Python has three broken ribs and a fractured right arm, and is now unconscious."

As several other medical personnel lifted Python up, everyone saw that his right arm was already bent abnormally! Apparently it was broken by Xiao Chen's hard slap when he was sending out the Rising Dragon Fist earlier!

Now, the audience was convinced that it couldn't be TO, there was no way Python would let someone beat himself into this state just to match TO! For underground fighters, the arm is quite important, if it doesn't recover well, I'm afraid it won't be able to come and fight in the future!

Xiao Chen got out of the ring and entered the lounge to rest, while on top of the big screen, the odds for White Fox dropped from the previous one to five, directly to one to one! Because Xiao Chen's match this time was too quick, it forced the organizer to make a substantial adjustment.

Previously, few people bet on Xiao Chen, and even if they did, they were only a few betting for fun, and the amount was not very big, so they did not win much money, and they all regret it at this moment.

Xiao Chen won this game and got back his principal of 20,000 yuan, and also got a bonus of 110,000 yuan.

"Mr. White Fox, in the next match, do you still want to challenge the first level match?" The white shirt was a little worried when he asked this question, after all, if Xiao Chen continued to play the level one tournament, there would be few opponents.

"No, I'm going to challenge for a level two match!" Xiao Chen said indifferently.

"Okay, then I'll prepare for you! Because you are the winner, you have the priority to challenge, we will go and arrange it now, are you sure you want to continue the challenge?" The white shirt sighed in relief, Xiao Chen challenged the second level match, then the audience on the field could not all go to bet on Xiao Chen, after all, Xiao Chen just now even if he was powerful, it was only for the first level match.

"No problem." Xiao Chen nodded, "In addition, this 130,000 yuan, I'll continue betting on myself."

"Okay." The white shirt nodded and went to make the arrangements.

White Fox's odds became one to one, and the audience still wanted to place bets because Xiao Chen's overwhelming advantage was too obvious, but when the crowd saw that, White Fox's next match was a challenge for a Level 2 match, they all withdrew their excited minds.

It can be said that any player in the second level match can ko a player in the first level match in a very short time, so it's a bit too risky to bet on Xiao Chen at this time, not to mention that Xiao Chen's odds aren't high anymore, they've become one to one.

Besides, there are many people like Xiao Chen who lost after challenging the first level of competition and thinking they were good enough to go to the second level. So Xiao Chen may not continue to win anymore.

When Xiao Chen's opponent appeared on the big screen, the people present were not too optimistic about Xiao Chen, because the person who was facing Xiao Chen was a veteran, this person was called Fierce Dragon, who had already won seven consecutive Level 2 matches, if he won three more matches, he would be disqualified from the Level 2 match.

Because the boxing ring can not let you always be the winning general, then you not only get the prize money every game, then the audience also bet on you to win, then the boxing ring still earn money?

But this person happened to be sent to meet Xiao Chen, in fact, it is also the second mule's intention, he made a simple judgment of Xiao Chen's strength, he felt that Xiao Chen was going for the three pole competition, so the second level competition is certainly not a problem, he just use Xiao Chen to earn a fortune!

So in this way, the number of bets between Xiao Chen and that person was basically two to one, with Xiao Chen taking the minority, but Xiao Chen's odds were slightly higher, and Raptor's odds were only one to zero.2!

But even so, the audience still felt that Raptor should have a better chance of winning.

After a brief break, Xiao Chen came out again, and he got into the ring with a man with dreadlocks, and this man was Raptor.

Fierce Dragon still didn't wear a mask, I'm afraid he wasn't afraid of people knowing his face.

"Kid, I heard that you are very powerful, jumping directly from the first level of competition to the second level to come, but if you meet other people, there may be a possibility to win a game and a half, but when you meet me Fierce Dragon, you can only blame your bad luck." The dragon said arrogantly with his arms clasped in front of his chest.

"I have a hobby as a person, specializing in curing difficult cases and solving all kinds of disobedience." Xiao Chen said indifferently, "I also have a nickname, called the Pretender Terminator, those who pretend in front of me, usually have nothing good to end up."

"Ha, kid is quite humorous, but later I'll see if you still have the strength to be humorous." The fierce dragon is not in the least bit impressed, there are many opponents who put out ruthless words in the ring, but in the end they still fell under their own fists? And he believed that this time was the same.

"Two players, take your positions, three, two, one, go!" The referee shouted with the microphone.

"After the referee said the word "start", the fierce dragon kicked Xiao Chen with a fierce kick! It seems that although this ring is underground black boxing, these players all like to play black kicks!

Xiao Chen was afraid of delaying time and did not want to be silly with Raptor, there was time to fight two three pole matches that would be profitable, so Xiao Chen directly pulled the heel of Raptor's kick, then so hard round, Raptor's body turned twice in the sky, "whoosh" a moment, was thrown out of the ring by Xiao Chen!

That fierce dragon is feeling good about himself, thinking that he is experienced to give Xiao Chen a direct attack, first to kill Xiao Chen in seconds! He had tried this trick time and again when dealing with such pretentious newcomers, but he didn't expect that Xiao Chen would react so quickly and directly tug his feet and throw him out of the ring!

The fierce dragon is at least a second layer of internal energy martial artist, originally even if Xiao Chen is the third layer of Qi refinement stage, equivalent to the third layer of martial artists cultivator, it is impossible to kill him so quickly in seconds, but who let him underestimate Xiao Chen?

Xiao Chen threw him out, Fierce Dragon secretly said bad, Xiao Chen this force, where is the second layer of internal energy martial artists have the force ah, clearly is the third layer of martial artists have the force, he tried to struggle but it is useless, directly head down, boom planted under the ring, fell a face full of blood!

His nose was sunken in, and all his teeth had fallen out, but this was all on the surface, seeing as he was twitching on the ground, it was clear that he had suffered considerable internal injuries.

The audience, again, was stunned and silent.

Previously, Xiao Chen killed the python rat in seconds, so they were surprised, but now, Xiao Chen again killed the fierce dragon in seconds, so he was a little overwhelmed!

This Xiao Chen, really is not a TO, but indeed people have this strength! The python rat could not see anything before, but the fierce dragon's face was full of blood and kept twitching, anyone could see that this guy's injury was really too heavy.

"This match, the white fox wins!" The referee reacted a little faster this time than last time, but it was past the ten-second countdown, and he ran up to the ring and directly announced Xiao Chen's victory.

"Ow--" At this time, those who had bet on Xiao Chen's victory all shouted out that they had won.

Although the odds were not as high as before, becoming one to one, but there was still money to be made.

In the monitoring room, the second mule looked at Xiao Chen's easy victory, could not help but frown, the people sitting beside him, it was Lou Zhenming and Slim Monkey!

The second mule is a bit apprehensive, today it is not easy to Lou family gang's young proprietor Lou Zhenming to come here to inspect, the result is out of the white fox such a powerful guy!

White Fox is different from the previous Python Rat and Fierce Dragon, every match he played, he killed his opponent by an absolute advantage in seconds, in this way, if White Fox continues to fight, then all the spectators present will not be surprised to bet on Xiao Chen, and a high amount of bets!

Although, these casinos can also bear, but in front of Lou Zhenming loss, let the two mules face or a little.

In other words, Xiao Chen is only ten games away from being a great player, so it's a good idea to lower the odds and sweeten the deal for the audience, so that they can spend more money on betting here in the future.

"If this white fox keeps going on like this, what kind of money are we going to make? The white fox's odds have become one to zero.5, the next game has not yet started, he has already bet more than ten million, if we lose, several million will be lost ah! Lou Zhenming said unhappily.

The second mule laughed bitterly, indeed Lou Zhenming a little upset, the money lost is the money of the Lou family gang, to put it bluntly is Lou Zhenming his family's money.

"Ming young, we operate gambling boxing, that is, there are losses and gains, this is also a normal thing." The second mule said, "However, the goal of this white fox's challenge is the Three Extremes competition, when the time comes, it may not be so lucky."

"It's good." Lou Zhenming nodded his head.

After Xiao Chen rested for a moment, he chose the Three Pole Match challenge, but now his odds were low, the last match Xiao Chen won 160,000, plus the previous 130,000 capital, a total of 290,000, the speed of coming into money was still quite fast.

"Two hundred and ninety thousand, all bet on myself and challenge the three poles match." Xiao Chen said to the white liner.

"Okay, I'll go arrange it." The white liner nodded and went to make the arrangements.

The third match soon began, this match, Xiao Chen's opponent was a third level internal strength martial artist, but it was a martial artist who had just advanced to the third level of internal strength, called "Xiao Aoi", who was said to be a retired martial arts school coach.

So, although his strength may be just stepped into the third layer of martial artists, not particularly powerful, but the actual combat experience is quite rich.

Three more, nearly 10,000 words, monthly tickets!

Three more, nearly 10,000 words outbreak, monthly tickets, there is no!

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