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Chapter 0089 - Tudor Gold Bebe Car

There is food, the puppy limped over happily and ate with a big mouthful, really a well-served dog.

"So cute!" Cheng Mengying also pushed the door out, saw the puppy wolfing down the leftovers, leaned down, and went to touch it.

The puppy seemed to know that Cheng Mengying was its "savior", and immediately wagged its tail at Cheng Mengying, and was very affectionate.

Xiao Chen was slightly surprised, this dog's memory is actually so good? Can still remember Missy?

"Where is Jin Beibei?" Xiao Chen didn't see Jin Beibei and asked casually.

"Who knows what she's tinkering with, getting her car, it's that Porsche." Speaking of this car, Cheng Mengying was a bit helpless, she didn't even know whether to explain to Shen Jingxuan.

"Oh ......" Xiao Chen nodded, Jin Beibei is that kind of person, there are things that like, go like a non-stop.

"Xiao Chen, let's give it a name?" Cheng Mengying held up the puppy, liking it so much.

Xiao Chen had a hard time understanding how Cheng Mengying liked a dirt dog, but still said, "This dog is a cripple, or let's call it a lame dog!"

"Fuck your lame dog, how come you're not called diao silk Chen now that you're down and out!" Cheng Mengying glared at Xiao Chen: "Now, this lady gives you a chance to help name the puppy dog, you take another one."

"That's called goddess dog?" Xiao Chen looked at Missy's unkind gaze and laughed bitterly: "How about calling it Lai Fu? Wangcai? Little Bai Bai?"

"Xiao Chen, are you blind? This dog is black sè, you call little white white?" Cheng Mengying was furious: "also Lai Fu Wang Cai, can not be so cheesy? Goddess dog, thanks to you can think of? This dog is a male, there are small ** it, you call the goddess dog ...... er ......"

Cheng Mengying was Xiao Chen gas dumbfounded, a angry mouth, even small ** said out, this immediately blushed, in order to cover up their embarrassment, Cheng Mengying said: "I think it is called the universe super invincible dog!"

"......" Xiao Chen felt that he could hardly keep up with Missy's thinking: "Call it whatever you say."

"What do you mean what Missy says to call it? Xiao Chen, now give you a chance to praise this young lady." Cheng Mengying hugged the universe super invincible earth dog and felt that the name she gave was cool and dazzling.

"That's nice, Cosmic Invincible Super Dog." Xiao Chen nodded his head.

"Wrong! It's Cosmic Super Invincible Dog, not Invincible Super Dog!" Cheng Mengying was furious: "Say it again!"

"......" Xiao Chen felt a little sympathy for Cao Yuliang, if this chased Missy home, his life would be ruined, eh, so it's better to ruin me.

"Cousin Meng Ying, cousin husband, you come and see my car!" Xiao Chen was about to repeat the puppy's name when Jin Beibei ran over to him with gusto and relieved him.

Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen followed Jin Beibei to the front yard of the villa to look at the car, a glance was startled, in the rear window of the Paramela above, by Jin Beibei paste a few big gold glittering words: "Tuhao Jin Beibei car".

"This car ......" Cheng Mengying felt a little unconventional.

"This time Chen Jinpeng see also not to go back, this car has my logo on it!" Jin Beibei said proudly.

Xiao Chen looked at the car above the eye-catching "777" plate number, some speechless, so obvious identification mark is still there, how Chen Jinpeng may not recognize? And the color of this car is a limited edition, the entire Songning City may be this one.

However, compared to Chen Jinpeng, Xiao Chen is still on Jin Beibei's side.

After seeing the car, Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei went upstairs, while Xiao Chen returned to his room before he started to check the changes in his body, but under the check, it made Xiao Chen a little disappointed: "Elder Tian, why do I feel that there is no obvious effect after taking this medicine?"

"What other effects do you want? Haven't you heard of it? Cultivation is like walking against the heavens, every step is difficult, you have become a Qi Refining stage third layer cultivator in a few days is already very good!" Heavenly Elder's reproachful voice came over, "Besides, you merely took the medicine, and have not continued to cultivate, where on the change to go?"

"This ...... is also right." Xiao Chen then remembered that he had just finished exercising, before he had time to run the heart technique recipe was called out by Cheng Mengying, and his own strength if replaced by a martial arts practitioner, the third layer of internal energy martial artist, where is so easy to reach?

"But martial artists and cultivators are also different, martial artists are first difficult and then easy and then difficult again, while cultivators are always difficult." Heavenly Elder said, "You can burn high incense now that you have this speed."

Xiao Chen nodded, sat on the bed with his knees crossed, and began to run the heart technique mantra and cultivate.

However, do not know without cultivation, cultivation, Xiao Chen found a difference! Before, Xiao Chen had a vague feeling of saturation when he absorbed the heaven and earth spiritual energy into his own Yuan Qi, but now, it was as if a hungry person saw food, desperately absorbing the heaven and earth spiritual energy around him.

The night was silent, and early in the morning, to Xiao Chen's disappointment, he did not break through to the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage. After simply cleaning up, Xiao Chen went to the grocery store near the morning market street.

When Xiao Chen arrived, he found Tang Sugar making something, and asked with some curiosity, "What are you doing?"

"Making the marinade for tofu brains." Tang Sugar said without raising her head: "Our business is so good now, it's a pity not to sell bean curd brains, it can increase a lot of income every day!"

"Okay." Xiao Chen nodded: "What do I need to do?"

"Oh, you learn a little, I think the taste you make must be better!" Tang Sugar was very convinced of Xiao Chen's cooking skills.

Xiao Chen nodded, in fact, the marinade for bean curd brain is very simple to make, just a few seasonings, and then the dried cauliflower, dried fungus hair, hooked into it can be.

After finishing these, Xiao Chen began to load things on the tricycle, but when loaded to the hair noodles suddenly felt a heavy hand, some strange asked: "Tang sugar, today how to prepare so much hair noodles?"

"Every day we don't have enough fried dough, honey fruit or anything to sell, so we prepared some more, anyway, we can't use it in the end, we can also give it to the nǎinǎi of the grocery store, and it won't go to waste." Tang sugar said, "The cost of this thing is low, fried out is all money ah!"

Looking at the appearance of Tang Sugar's small fortune, Xiao Chen's heart was slightly sour, she could not hesitate to give herself the hard-earned money, and did not even say she wanted to return it, so Xiao Chen was very touched.

Riding a tricycle to the morning market street, Xiao Chen began a new day of business, although yesterday to help the rich woman looking for a dog earned 120,000, but Xiao Chen also knows that this kind of money can not be earned every day, or down-to-earth fries it.

Xiao Chen and Tang sugar belong to the early, this time there are not many people in the morning market street, Xiao Chen will gas tanks and other equipment moved down, set up a stall, ready to start a day of business ......

Lin Ke'er recently some sullen, Xiao Chen transferred away from the first school, there is no news, she is just an ordinary girl, there is no news channels, naturally do not know Xiao Chen went to the second school.

The fact that she wanted to ask Xiao Chen's friend Zhu hero, but did not dare to ask, because she did not know whether Zhu hero is good or bad, whether there is a mutiny, Chen Jinpeng mutiny, so she hated this person, in Lin Ke'er's opinion, Chen Jinpeng was Xiao Chen's little brother, but betrayed Xiao Chen, is unforgivable.

In the past, Lin Ke'er avoided Xiao Chen, afraid that he would ask for something, but now that Xiao Chen is gone, Lin Ke'er's heart suddenly has a kind of empty feeling, not that she likes Xiao Chen, but she feels that Xiao Chen is very poor, before Xiao Chen helped her, now that Xiao Chen is in trouble, she should do something to help.

It's just that Xiao Chen never appeared in the first middle school again.

Lin Ke'er helped her parents push the tricycle, walking in the morning market street, her parents are laid off workers, every day to do some small business to live, in the morning market street to run beef plate noodles has been many years, Lin Ke'er every morning before school will come here to help her parents do business.

This girl, at this age, is already busy with her family's life.

Like every day, Lin Ke'er was pushing the cart behind her towards her family's stall. A breeze blew, scattering Lin Ke'er's hair in front of her forehead, and she subconsciously shook her head, but then, with an unintentional glance, she saw a familiar figure!

Lin Ke'er stopped in her tracks and covered her mouth in disbelief so that she wouldn't scream out in surprise!

It was Xiao Chen! It was actually Xiao Chen!

Xiao Chen's shadow had long been imprinted on Lin Ke'er's heart, although, it was the kind of fear and defensiveness towards him, but now, it did not prevent her from recognizing Xiao Chen at once.

What is he doing? How dare you, out here in the morning market stall? This busy figure in front of her, it is difficult to overlap with the campus dude in Lin Ke'er's heart.

Previously, Xiao Chen walked everywhere, surrounded by a few little brothers yelling five and six, everywhere he passed was awe-inspiring, but now, Xiao Chen is actually in ...... is he preparing fried dough?

"Damn girl, what are you doing? How not to push? You want to exhaust your old mother ah!" A broken voice rang out, startling Lin Ke'er, and her thoughts returned to reality.

Lin Ke'er's father has severe rheumatism, can not pedal, also can not make the strength to push the car, can only sit in the car, Lin Ke'er's mother pedal, Lin Ke'er pushed in the back, Lin Ke'er this stop, Lin's mother immediately strained.

"Ah ...... sorry." Lin Ke'er hurriedly pushed up the car with great force, and the afterglow of her eyes retracted from Xiao Chen.

Lin Ke'er never thought that Xiao Chen a high and mighty young master would come here to sell doughnuts, which are only poor people would do, Lin Ke'er once thought that her world and Xiao Chen are far from each other, but at this moment it is so real.