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Chapter 0073 New ability, illusion!

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"In the past, I didn't have the strength to hide from things, but now, I'm afraid that if I encounter those two martial artists that I first encountered before, I will be able to kill them, right?" Xiao Chen said confidently.

"One on one then definitely can, two against one then you will definitely die." Tian Lao poured over a pot of cold water.

"Shit, then what advantage do cultivators have anymore!" Xiao Chen rolled his eyes.

"There are only advantages in other aspects, for example, you can anticipate the enemy, when the opponent is about to throw a punch, you can capture this information the moment his arm is raised and then respond." Heavenly Elder said, "In this way, you invariably occupy the upper hand, the third layer of the Qi Refining Stage, your ears and eyes are more intelligent, your perception is more powerful, even if you do not deliberately observe, the opponent's every move is also clear to your mind, of course, appear just breakthrough that powerful perception, or impossible."

"Oh? In that case, even if I face a martial artist at the fourth level of internal energy, I can anticipate his moves beforehand, and even if I can't defeat them, but there is room for self-preservation?" Xiao Chen asked, "But, doesn't the second level of Qi Refining Stage have this advantage?"

"The second level of Qi refining stage has, but not so obvious, the most critical thing is, the degree of flexibility of your body, do you not feel that the current you, already have a kind of off-base feeling?" Tian Lao said: "refining qi stage two layer and refining qi stage three layer for cultivators, is a watershed, it can be said, as long as there is some spiritual roots of people, can cultivate, but want to cross from the refining qi stage two layer into the third layer, but not so easy, which will eliminate most people, these people even if they drink a year of medicinal liquid, it is impossible to break through to the third layer! "

"So that's how it is!" Xiao Chen nodded, indeed, his body now, had a feeling of being as light as a swallow, much more flexible than before, he tried to swing his fist a few times, and kicked out a few kicks, his face suddenly revealed a horrified expression!

What he was fighting was a set of martial artist's boxing and kicking techniques, but the movements that he couldn't complete before were now easily performed. and flexibility had reached a height that surprised him.

"The current you, after anticipating the enemy's moves, can give instructions to your body in a flash and complete some incredibly difficult movements to avoid the attack, but not at the second level of the Qi Refining Stage, you can't dodge it even if you anticipate it." Tian Lao explained.

"So that's right ...... right, didn't you say that cultivators have special abilities at each level? So what special abilities does the third level of the Qi Refining stage have?" Xiao Chen was still very excited about this.

"Who told you that every layer has special abilities? But the third layer of the Qi Refining Stage does have them, and I have already transmitted all these abilities to your mind, so just look it up yourself and you will know." Heavenly Elder said.

"Also right ......" Xiao Chen hurriedly found the description of the special abilities of cultivators from the one that Tian Lao gave him in his mind and found the third layer of the Qi Refining Stage. "Illusion", two words reflected into Xiao Chen's eyes, but what is this illusion? "Elder Tian, how can this illusion be used?"

"The so-called illusion is actually to give people an illusion, similar to magic or mirage!" Heavenly Elder said: "This is commonly used in combat, not all cultivators, can illusion, you have this ability because of the cultivation of the Heaven Seizing Creation Battle Skill! This ability is also very powerful, for example, when you are fighting with someone, create an illusion of throwing a punch, you are actually throwing a kick, in this way, if the opponent is confused by you, then you have succeeded in your purpose."

"Holy shit, so awesome!" Xiao Chen was a little surprised when he heard that, "Then in the future, even if I meet an opponent with higher strength, I can still use the illusion, and as long as he falls for it, I can sneak attack him?"

"That is impossible, the illusion, can only affect and your strength is equal to the person, slightly stronger, may also succeed, but too much stronger, basically useless." Heavenly Elder said: "And, the impact of the time can not be too long, depending on the strength of the other party, it is only a matter of a few dozen seconds or a few seconds, and you have to pay the physical strength of the true qi, is also quite a lot, you can not use all the strength in the non-stop creation of illusions, right?"

"That's true ......" Xiao Chen felt disappointed when he heard that, "In that case, this thing, and the ability to affect other people's minds, it's pretty much the same, nothing special."

"That's not the same!" Heavenly Elder explained, "Influencing someone's mind is a passive influence, you can only influence one person at a time, while the illusion, it is an active influence, you create the illusion, and when several people see it next to you, it will affect several people, the two are not a concept."

"That's right." Xiao Chen nodded: "But it seems, some chicken ribs feeling, if the other party is too strong, I use it is useless, the other party is not strong, I also do not need to use."

"You are only at the third level of the Qi Refining Stage, what good ability can you have? Don't be overly ambitious, it's already good to have the current achievement, can you become a more advanced cultivator when you think about other things!" Heavenly Elder actually also felt that these abilities in the early Qi Refining Stage were not very useful, he threw out these baits to just urge Xiao Chen's cultivation.

"I will work hard and strive to enter the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage as early as possible." Xiao Chen after listening to the words of the Heavenly Elder, but some excitement, the ability of the third layer of the Qi Refining Stage, although for combat, not of great use, but if for ordinary people, that is already very bullish, of course, he is more looking forward to the ability after the fourth layer, will not it be even more bullish?

"Want to get to the fourth layer, also not so easy, in this place where the spiritual energy of heaven and earth is thin, you must also rely on the support of spiritual medicine." Heavenly Elder reminded: "I'll give you another prescription, still boil and take in the same way as now, three days as a cycle! Of course, the specific need for several pairs of medicine, I can not say, your situation is rather special, when to breakthrough when to count it!"

"Uh, still need to buy medicine ah?" Xiao Chen's excitement cooled off at once, originally thought he was a genius, two pairs of medicine and it was done, no longer need to worry about money, but what I didn't expect was that this was just the beginning! Although the previous medicine is not used, but a change of medicine!

"Nonsense, cultivation is really a path against the sky, if you can cultivate by sitting there in vain, this world would have been a world of cultivators long ago." Tian Lao hummed.

Xiao Chen was a little sweaty and also felt that his thoughts were really too simple, yes, if cultivation was that easy, what else was there to be bullish about?

However, after Xiao Chen took a look at the Tian Lao's prescription for his own medicine, almost did not faint, other geometry Xiao Chen did not know, but the two bitter Ji fruit, but Xiao Chen yu cry without tears!

This thing is worth a lot of money, two still do not want their lives ah? Xiao Chen did not expect the old grandfather of the pharmacy to give himself a discount or something, that is not realistic, he and they are not relatives, these two pairs of medicine is already considered very helpful.

Now, Xiao Chen can only put his hope in tomorrow's mock exam, but even if it is the first place in age, it is only 10,000 yuan scholarship award, there is still a big gap.

This pair of medicine, how much is it? Xiao Chen also does not know, thinking here, Xiao Chen decided to go to inquire about the market, a target, or to raise money.

Xiao Chen put on his coat and went out of the villa, once he went out, he saw Ye Xiaoye watering in front of the flower garden, Ye Xiaoye also saw Xiao Chen, gave him an odd look, hesitated and still asked, "What kind of medicine do you boil every day?"

"Medicine for strengthening the body, what's wrong?" Xiao Chen asked.

"Strengthen your body and body? Seeing that there is nothing wrong with you, do you have any disease?" Ye Xiaoye felt that Xiao Chen seemed to be perfunctory to her.

"I have a problem with my body, I couldn't cultivate internal energy since I was young, my father gave me a prescription to boil a medicinal soup to take regularly, so maybe I can cultivate internal energy and become a martial artist!" Xiao Chen said, "This is not a secret, if you are from Songning City, just ask around and you will know the name of the young master of the Xiao family's scraps."

"Ah?" Ye Xiaoye heard Xiao Chen say so, feel as if they are a little bit of a villain's heart degree gentleman's belly, it seems Xiao Chen seems to be quite famous, otherwise these things casually inquire to know the truth, Xiao Chen also has no need to lie: "Then there is the effect?"

"Not yet." Xiao Chen shook his head, in fact, Xiao Chen also did not lie to Ye Xiaoye, he indeed has not yet cultivated internal energy, only cultivated true qi to.

"Oh ......" Ye Xiaoye hesitated, seemed to have something to say, but did not say, lowered his head to continue watering, and no longer pay attention to Xiao Chen.

Ye Xiaoye not looking for him to talk, Xiao Chen naturally will not take the initiative to find Ye Xiaoye, in Xiao Chen's opinion, Ye Xiaoye this person is very odd, since she has such a thing as bitter Ji fruit, obviously know this thing, then the chances of her discovering his secret invariably increased a lot, Xiao Chen can not be found by her what.

Quickly running to the mysterious pharmacy, Xiao Chen pushed the door and walked in.

"Huh? It's you again!" Hong Yan didn't expect Xiao Chen to come again, or did he come to buy that strange medicine? However, although she was curious, she didn't ask more questions, but said, "Wait, I'll go get grandpa."

"Please!" Xiao Chen nodded politely, after all, both the grandfather and grandson of this pharmacy were good to themselves.

"Young man, you've come to buy medicine again? But, this time it's a deal, it's 20,000 yuan!" The old gentleman came out from the back, looked at Xiao Chen and said.