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Chapter 0001 - The Down and Out Young Master and the Commoner School Girl


The basketball in Xiao Chen's hand was slapped away, and with it, a cheer and applause from the audience, but the applause was incomparably harsh in Xiao Chen's ears.

Cap! This almost humiliating way to take the ball, so Xiao Chen stared at Chen Jinpeng, gasping for breath!

Inner strength! Chen Jinpeng actually used internal energy privately!

Martial artists would not use internal energy under normal circumstances, so if they used internal energy in an ordinary friendly basketball match, what was the point? Unless the opponent takes the initiative to provoke, otherwise, martial artists generally do not care to use internal energy to bully people.

Xiao Chen looked at Chen Jinpeng, who passed by his side and then snatched the basketball away, with a sullen face, and he even forgot about his swollen palm! This is his own former little brother ah, actually in the ball game on his own yin hands?


With a whistle that time was up, there was another cheer outside the arena as Chen Jinpeng made a last-minute shot!

It was internal strength again! Only Xiao Chen could see that from such a distance, with Chen Jinpeng's strength, if he wanted to shoot successfully, he had to use his inner strength!

"Chen Jinpeng ...... you are very good ......" even if Xiao Chen's mental quality is very strong, but the successive blows, but still make his chest heaving, angry!

"What are you looking at? You still think you're the former Young Master Xiao, huh? You've been kicked out of the family, why don't you find a place to hide, and actually run to the court to look for abuse, you really think you're a ball god, huh? If I hadn't been playing infernal affairs, using money to buy off my teammates to lose to you on purpose, what do you think you are?" Chen Jinpeng looked at Xiao Chen derisively and playfully, that gaze was high and superior, just like looking at a mole.

"Fake ball, huh? No wonder we lost so badly, I thought Xiao Chen was really a ball god, but it turned out to be a fake!" Xiao Chen's teammates at this moment listened to Chen Jinpeng's words, seemed to understand something and began to sneer and crusade.

"Scum ah, keep playing fake ball, I say today Xiao Chen technology how so bad, one after another by Chen Jinpeng break the ball, really a big trash!"

If it was in the past, these people really did not dare to do anything to Xiao Chen, although Xiao Chen is currently attending an aristocratic school, these people's families are also rich or noble, but compared to the Xiao family, one of the four families in Songning City, it is really a world of difference!

However, now that Xiao Chen has been expelled from the Xiao family, and is still a thorn in the side of the Cheng family, the head of the four great families, these people do not care whether what Chen Jinpeng said is true or not, they all follow the voice to echo!

Xiao Chen coldly looked at the people on the court, but had nothing to say, could he say to them that Chen Jinpeng's ball skills were actually inferior to his own, and that he could win only because he used his internal energy?

But, who would believe it? How many of these people know about the internal energy? Even if they did, who could stand up for themselves at this moment? He is no longer the young master of the Xiao family, the son of the young master of the Xiao family, the former youngest brother, stepped on his head ......

"Heh ......" Xiao Chen shook his head, why? Why was he still driven out of the Xiao family? It's because, can't you practice internal energy? But since childhood, all these years Xiao Chen's hard work, and who will see it?

Xiao Chen was the only son of Xiao Feng, the young master of the Xiao family, but because of his physique, he was never able to cultivate internal energy.

Over the years, Xiao Chen has withstood tremendous pressure, the heirs of the four great families, none of them is an excellent martial artist, only a martial artist, can be able to overpower the herd and push a family to a higher level.

In front of people, Xiao Chen had to act like a fop young master, squandering money like dirt, only in this way, to preserve themselves, a waste of the heir, but also the other three large families and five small families happy to see things.

No ability to preserve themselves, they must make others feel that they are harmless to them.

After the people, but a dozen years as hard as a ri cultivation, every late at night, in the basement of Xiao Chen's room in the Xiao family, there will be the sound of exercise, but Xiao Chen's efforts have not been rewarded by the heavens.

His father disappeared, he was driven out of the family, was withdrawn from the Cheng family, and he, still a scum with no ability to defend himself!

Xiao Chen took a deep breath, regardless of whether he used to behave harmlessly or not, at this moment, the Cheng family's elder hated him, and that people who had fallen into the well abounded.

The basketball game is over, the people around have dispersed, those who hold the stinky feet of the Chen family have surrounded Chen Jinpeng and went to celebrate together.

"Xiao ...... Xiao Chen." A somewhat nervous, but nice voice, accompanied by a beautiful silhouette, appeared in front of Xiao Chen.

It was a young girl wearing a school uniform that was unusually plain, but all of this could not conceal her natural beauty.

"Lin Ke'er?" Xiao Chen was somewhat surprised to look at this young girl in front of him, who was known as the commoner school flower, and of course she was also the object of Xiao Chen's pursuit and sāo in the past.

In fact, to say the least, Xiao Chen can be considered as Lin Ke'er's savior, Lin Ke'er was molested by hooligans in the alley behind the school, just when Xiao Chen who was passing by saw it, so he instructed Chen Jinpeng to beat up those hooligans, and thus staged such a heroic rescue scene.

Originally, Lin Ke'er is still very grateful to Xiao Chen, but what I did not expect is that the next day Xiao Chen began to pursue Lin Ke'er in school, love letters, roses so that only want to study Lin Ke'er some collapse.

So, can only avoid Xiao Chen.

The good thing is that Xiao Chen just pretend dude, but also did not make what excessive things to do.

However, Lin Ke'er took the initiative to come to himself, still made Xiao Chen a little stunned.

"I ...... I heard that you were kicked out of the family ...... and ...... and also withdrawn from the marriage... ... "Lin Ke'er face s red, stumbling speech, breathing a little shortness of breath: "But ...... you do not sad and self-loathing la, you work hard now, study hard, later can also be outstanding ...... that ...... that time, I ...... I can ...... can let you chase ...... chase me ......"

After saying this, Lin Ke'er seems to have used up all her strength, her forehead also emerged fine sweat, jing face, covered with scarlet, lowered her head, did not dare to look at Xiao Chen again, turned around and ran away ...... fast.

Looking at the distant Lin Ke'er, Xiao Chen could not help but smile bitterly, sighing Lin Ke'er this chick's naivety and kindness at the same time, but also had to lament, these years, this dude pretended to be quite like? Could it be that she thought she would not be able to think about it?

Just, let Xiao Chen does not know is that the school, has begun a small-scale circulation of a rumor! And Lin Ke'er is heard this rumor, only to pluck up the courage to come to Xiao Chen.

This for the simple Lin Ke'er, how much courage to pay to say these words? ;