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First Chapter 6

Grandfather Buddha said, "One thought of greed opens the door to millions of obstacles." The first of the twenty difficulties in life is greed. However, I'm just an attempted immortal spirit, not high, the realm of nature will not be much higher, this time out of the flower world is greedy to find a convenient formula to enhance spiritual power. I live here in the fox fairy is quite old and comfortable, except for the occasional fox fairy carried a taste of spring Palace evaluation of love, the rest of the time is to think about this thing.

It is a pity that the fox fairy was born with an immortal root, for the cultivation of the law completely without study, nothing can be taught to me. However, the heavenly realm is full of high people and abundant treasures, as smart as I naturally came up with a method in less than two days.

The marriage house may not be able to find immortal pills and magic weapons, but it is rich in red thread.

Silk workshop in a group of fat white sky silkworms all day long between eating and drinking the same fat white moon will be happy to spit silk play, the sky silk in the red dust after dipping into a shiny red silk thread. But not every red silk thread can be made into the red thread in the hands of the immortals under the moon, need to be sticky firm tear can not stand the tossing can be used, the rest, the immortal attendants will sweep the dust and dirt general clean out of the House, occasionally fell so one or two clusters fell into the mortal world by the uninitiated mortals picked up to do "Tian silkworm soft armor" or something to resist the sword and sword rain.

Come and not to, not a gift.

In order not to let these ask me to ask the flowers of the fairy waiters and nuns feel indebted to me, I had to reluctantly accept the things they gave me. Two months down, but also abundant, I unified, a list: can be invisible leaves five, Wenchang immortal used a wolf hair, the star of the wishing lamp a, Yuan Shi Tianzun inscription of a limited book of Tao, the night god castor hair fallen a strand of green silk, the fire god Xu Feng's tail feather a ...... incredible.

However, there must be a treasure among the hundred wastes.

This treasure is the fire god Qiuwu temple small immortal waiter to listen to send two vermilion bird eggs.

The day before yesterday, the listened to me a handful of fragrant flowers, reached into the arms of the twisted pull out ah pull out half a day, I look at him that painful twisted look, really scared, thought he wanted to dig out his heart and lungs, just want to say that only two small flowers fairy waiter despite taking, but unexpectedly he pulled out two red and peeled hard-boiled eggs solemnly on the table.

The two eggs rolled on the table, simple and simple red light, I dryly laughed twice: "Oh, congratulations to listen to the fairy waiter happy to get a fairy child."

Had listened to froze, face miso miso burned than that table of happy eggs more festive, "Jinsuo half ...... half ...... half immortal ...... had listened ...... listened to the immortal age is still small, there is no ...... no ...... no immortal nun ...... marriage ......"

No marriage then send happy eggs? Is this is the fox fairy a few days ago said that he was distressed unmarried pregnant? The mysterious ah!

"This happy egg ......" I opened my mouth, listened to the fairy waiter choked on his words, the party is still happy face now but some purple gas. I ended up with a mouthful of water with him, easy to smooth out the breath, to listen to it will pull my cuffs painfully said: "This is the fire god highness in the palace of the spirit bird vermilion bird eggs, eight hundred years to get once ah!

I touched the red vermilion bird eggs, my heart bursting with joy. I heard: "Eat it, one can rise a hundred years of spiritual power, two can grow three hundred years of spiritual power."

Today I woke up early and saw that the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant, I looked up the calendar and added a stroke with the wolf's hair dipped in ink: an auspicious day for boiling eggs.

One was stewed and one was fried on high heat. The taste of the vermilion bird's egg was really unusual, with a fragrance of duck egg in the tender egg, and a wisp of quail egg in the mouth, which was to my liking, so I added two more bowls of rice.

A short time after eating, there was a steaming steam rising from the Baihui point, running to all the veins of the body, I was very happy and meditated.

I was surprised to see that the steam rose up like a flame a few moments later, and a few moments later, I intuited that my body was as hot as if it was on fire, and as if it was boiling with oil, burning inside.

I stumbled out of the courtyard door and ran into the fox fairy who came looking for me and was so shocked to see me that he helped me into the house. I endured the pain and told him the cause and effect.

The fox fairy took my pulse with a solemn face, bent his head for half a day, wrote a prescription and handed it to the fairy attendant at the bottom, and ordered the medicine to be decocted quickly.

Although my body aches, my mind is still clear, only to see the surrounding water mist, confused, barely pulled the corner of the mouth and fox fairy talk, "I do not want to moon fairy is also proficient in the theory of medicine and stone."

The fox fairy curved bright eyes modestly said: "slightly understand."

The first seventh chapter

Half an hour later, a group of people came to the in-law house, all wearing armor and swords, with solemn faces and straight bodies, and walking unconsciously with a thunderous murderous aura.

This group of people into the small courtyard without saying anything will put me on a stretcher, carried and ran.

The fox fairy staggered after the chase, crying heartbreakingly: "You and other unscrupulous people! This is to rob my family to where to find child!"

I looked up at the blue face of the innocent sky, bear the pain.

The fox fairy hoarsely pounded his chest: "Foraging child ah! Father is sorry for you! I saw the thieves took you to cover the debt, but I could not do anything! ......"

"Uncle continue to sing, I'm afraid the little demon will not be an hour will be ashes to ashes." From the beginning to the end in the side of the cold eyes watching the Phoenix faintly said a sentence.

The fox fairy immediately wiped the tears and stood up straight, smiling and saying: "I have long wanted to play a bully to grab a woman, life and death."

The hands of the celestial soldiers carrying the stretcher trembled. I gritted my teeth and continued to bear the pain.

It turns out that the fox fairy for the medical arts really only "slightly" understand, he that a dose of medicine down, my body's burning heat is not reduced, but increased several times. The vermilion bird eggs that I took were from the Fire God's palace, so the Fox Fairy burned a pillar of incense and urgently recruited the Fire God, Xu Feng, to come.

The phoenix is training heavenly soldiers in the schoolyard, think is not know what his uncle had a big event, with heavenly soldiers in the blink of an eye will descend in the marriage house.

The fox fairy and his nephew said the reason, that Jiao Phoenix picked two arrogant eyebrows look askance at me and ordered the celestial soldiers to carry me to the Qiuwu Palace for medical treatment.

Before leaving the marriage house, the fox fairy waved a silk handkerchief, biting his lips and red eyes: "Foraging child, this to Qiuwu Palace can be good and clever, to serve the Xu Feng official."

The corners of Phoenix's eyes jumped. I finally passed out as I had hoped.

Once again woke up, opened his eyes and saw the vermilion bird eggs generally round and red sky dome, above floating a mass of vermilion bird eggs generally festive red flaming clouds.

Alas, but ate two vermilion bird eggs how the world has become this way.

Turn your neck, at first glance to see an object not like a vermilion bird eggs really scared me. But see the mist in a teenager sitting cross-legged on my side, face cool, long eyes slightly closed, half-phi ink hair as if extracted by the spring breeze with the wind form.

Is puzzled, the eyes opened abruptly, the sword out of the sheath like sharp light. How is the phoenix this, this scattered hair I thought to make up for the head into the Department of the Underworld to see the ghost of the soul.

He reached over his hand, fingertips on my pulse, I looked down at the hand, white and slender, fingertips Ying and straight, really annoying people, even fingers are this arrogantly born.

"Hold your breath, internal movement for twelve weeks." Phoenix ordered.

I did as I was told and realized that the original pain was gone, but the spiritual energy seemed to be much weaker than before.

The phoenix hummed, "You little demon, born with a cold body, only suitable for water, how dare you eat the eggs of my spirit bird vermilion bird, vermilion bird nature to fire, if not for uncle's request, you would have boiled into a wisp of smoke."

I silently tears, "people are grapes, the human parent in the soil, people are not water-raised, people thought the vermilion bird is a relative of the pig, where do you know is a relative of the fire, people's spiritual power is lost half ......"

"Just, you do not have to spare the tongue around my dizzy, just allow you to live in the Qiuwu Palace first to recuperate." The phoenix brushed the hem of his shirt and stood up, recruited a small fairy waiter and instructed: "You and pack a room to place this little demon."

I wiped the water beads that had not yet had time to roll to the cheeks, with the small fairy waiter to go.

"That ...... Jinxian half fairy, how the highness called you 'little demon'?" The world has this kind of insensitive people, I surreptitiously looked at the side of the flabbergasted little fairy waiter, is not someone else, it is to give me the vermilion bird eggs of the listen.

"I've got a lot of energy and I need to make up for it." I found a pear chair in the compartment and leaned on it.

"Huh? Oh." The first time I heard this, I froze and touched the back of my head, "I wonder what kind of herbs Jin Fu wants?"

I lowered my voice and said sorrowfully in his ear: "We as demons naturally only eat children, fairy children will be better."

Had listened to the white face ran for his life.

The First Eighth Chapter

The Pleiades had just soaked the **hot** sun into the sea when twilight came out like a nest of bats, and all of a sudden, the sky was covered.

I lay on my back on a begonia tree and closed my eyes to rest. Underneath the tree is a piece of blue water that is entwined with the moon's shadow. This pond of blue water, which could not be seen, was called "Liuzi Pond", and was considered the best place in Qiuwu Palace.

Seemingly sleep, I heard the sound of vague tinkling water, I looked down in response to the sound, but I saw a person at the end of the blue water, is lifting the water to the body bath.

With the moonlight I stared at the view, well, it was the Phoenix.

Fairy nuns and fairy eunuchs are privately happy to talk about him, according to them, the six worlds of the phoenix is considered the best-looking male gods and goddesses in the eight thousand years, I did not look closely before, today I will be on the surface of the water to take a closer look, did not see anything special, is trying to cast a spell to see if there is anything special in the water half of the immersion, I felt a light body, was the original form of people fell into the pool.

When I got up from the water, I saw Phoenix had put on a green robe, hair with a jasper hairpin ÒÒ and stood on the shore with his hands clasped looking down at me.

"What are you doing up there in the treetops instead of practicing?"

"Wuzen." I chanted the trick to remove the water from my body and answered without panic.

"Did you remember all the Brahma mantra you were taught today?" As usual, the phoenix pinched the hair on my head, and as usual, I failed to dodge it, and reluctantly answered "I remembered it all".

"Recite it to me." The phoenix stepped on a low cloud and floated in front of me, I also stepped on a cloud unsteadily and followed behind, stumbling to recite the seventy-seven or forty-nine Brahma mantras.

Looking at the door of the Temple of Cleansing and finally finished reciting, Phoenix abruptly turned around, I almost hit it, but he suddenly smiled, the corners of his mouth smile vortex shallowly swirled, rippled, "just a Brahma Mantra asked you to recite such upside down, only five of the forty-nine correct, but also really not easy."

I smiled dryly and looked at my toes.

"Go back and memorize it together with the Heart Sutra, and come back tomorrow at dawn to recite it again."

I watched him respectfully as he turned around, then raised my foot and crushed the shadow trailed by the moonlight behind him.

Since eating the vermilion bird egg more than a month ago, the spiritual power lost a big half, I live in the phoenix Qiuwu Palace to recuperate, usually and the small fairy ears leisurely knocking teeth heard that although the phoenix is only 15,000 years old, but already in charge of the five heavenly generals, is the most powerful spiritual power in the generations of fire gods.

I was moved, shy to find the phoenix wanted to ask him to transfer some spiritual power to me, he did not allow.

The fox fairy said that one of the secrets of dealing with men is not to attack, but only to take weakness, to show weakness is to retreat as an advance.

I stored tears in front of the phoenix pretend to be good for two days, and then from time to time clear eyes will look at him sorrowfully on a look. It really worked, three days that the phoenix will be relaxed, although still refused to transfer the spiritual power to me, but promised to teach me some cultivation techniques.

I was happy to report to him day after day, but I did not see him teach me a little secret, but just buried in the tired book case to deal with some official documents, from time to time asked me to add ink to make a cup of tea, on the school field also called me to follow him, often standing on the side to watch him drill the heavenly soldiers is four or five hours.

Three days down, I guess this "show weakness" seems to show too weak, we made the fruit is also a principle, brewing a bit, about to find him theory, he wrote two pages of light paper to me, "This is the Shasta trick, go back to write down, do not understand tomorrow I come over to teach you again. "

Touch my dead center. Since I have a memory, the top is tired of memorizing, but whenever it comes to memorization I will start to be restless.

I pinched the two sheets of paper, quite a sad frown.

The phoenix hand does not release the volume, without raising his head, and I said: "I see that you are still qualified, the reason why the spiritual power is not high must have not laid a good foundation, cultivation is not in order, now it is necessary to start with this theory."

"Well, that's what the fairy under the moon said." I remembered that the fox fairy also said something similar.

"Oh? Uncle also said so?" Phoenix raised a long, thick eyebrow.

"Well, the moon fairy said that love enlightenment should start with theory." I responded honestly.

Phoenix's face darkened.

I reluctantly tucked the paper back to recite, the second day to wash the dust hall, the phoenix, as usual, buried in business to ask me to add ink and make tea, see me indignant then frankly said: "cultivation must not be impetuous, calm and quiet is the fundamental. This two days you can not stand, how to cultivate into the upper immortal."

Public revenge is this, I thought about it. About because I originally wanted to take his inner essence let him remember the hate, although after watching a few days of spring palace I finally know that it is not inner essence, but the fox fairy said that for men that is also almost as important as the inner essence, [Netro eBook:] if it is lost is a great event.

The fact that he gave me yesterday's Shasta trick still has some use, and I am justified in the front, and not to bother with him.

So, I sat with Phoenix in the temple of washing dust day after day, except for being monitored by him to recite some sutras, secrets, chants, incantations, or being in a happy mood by him. For more than a month, I felt that I was more like his schoolboy than the two immortal attendants, listened and flew.

It's true that being Phoenix's schoolboy isn't an uninteresting task, and every now and then someone always comes to my door to relieve my boredom.

Well, all because of the phoenix that is said to be the top of the six worlds skin, confused more than ten million.

Phoenix in the temple of washing dust when dealing with official documents, there are always fairy nuns and fairy eunuchs or Taoist female demons to take advantage of my rest and air out of the temple of washing dust, handed through the incense sticky powder letterhead to me on behalf of the transfer.

I do not suffer such as I, on behalf of the transfer before the natural on behalf of browsing. The rumored love letter is really all-encompassing, delicate writing, can be called the perfect combination of euphemism and the new mandarin ducks and butterfly school of the peak of the work, so I greatly long knowledge.

The phoenix is a pink color letterhead, will be a frown, and then pull out the letter, with the view of fruits and vegetables, then look on a look, and then abandoned to the side.

If the phoenix out of the temple of washing dust on the clouds in the sky street floating on a float, is bound to float not three or four steps, there are so one or two weak beauty can not step on the cloud is close to fall over.

The phoenix will certainly be courteous to help the beauty to stabilize, with a smile, considerate care: "Today the wind is strong, beauty can be careful under the feet, do not let the head of the cloud by the wind rolled away."

The fairies will cover their mouths with brocade handkerchiefs to eat a smile, dainty back on a sentence: "Thank you, Your Highness, the wind is very strong, your Highness how to wear such thin, small fairy weave a brocade robe, why not tomorrow will be sent to Qiuwu Palace?"

The phoenix must have smiled again, "The fairy took the trouble."

I looked at the motionless clouds and the grinning sun, trembling on a tremor, well, the wind is really big some