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First Chapter 5

The time passed by, the time escaped to die and live.

The full count, I have been nourished and comfortable in the moon immortal's marriage house full of two rounds of the full moon.

That day, after the moon immortal left, I and the arrogant phoenix how to see how to look at each other, so I left him, stinging out of the garden door, all the way to shop. But I did not want the sky is really big, and I do not care to drive the clouds, walked for a long time until the sky haze up the Moon Palace lights did not see a satisfactory scene or meet an interesting relief people. I was sickly hugging the clouds and gnawing on them, I felt a red color drift past the corner of my eyes, and looked up, but the fox fairy I met in the Phoenix Garden was happily holding up an embroidery needle and humming a little song from the clouds in front of me.

"The immortal under the moon and slow down." I tossed the chewed clouds in my hand and called out to him.

The fox fairy not only did not stop, but also drifted forward a mile and a half, seeing that there was a red dot left, but suddenly turned back, curved a pair of stream-like eyes kindly asked me: "Just now but fairy friend called me?"

I wiped the corner of my forehead, "It's me."

Fox fairy looked at me biting the red lips seems to be desperately trying to remember what, and finally a clear cloud on the face dispersed brightly said: "Ho! This is not the Stargazer Pavilion's immortal ambassador to stay in the moon? Decades have not seen, more and more youthful ah!"

I fainted.

The fox fairy saw my face confused, too half feel not quite right, suddenly laughed at my hand, "Look at my eyes, obviously the Galaxy Palace of the copper sparrow messenger well! The messenger is not to blame, see the weaver also for me to send a message of greetings, thank you."

At this moment, only feel a herd of wild asses in my brain running whistling trampling through, and then, I zen to understand a thing, this fox fairy's memory is afraid of some unreliable, than the old Hu is afraid of ever.

"Uh, I have met with the fox fairy at noon, my name is Jinxian."

The fox fairy crooked head looked at me for a long time, frowning and biting his lips some celestial warfare, finally came to a great understanding: "Well! Xu Feng's garden ...... half immortal ...... broken sleeve ...... Jin Forou!"

It's really not easy, I smile approvingly.

Fox fairy is obviously very happy, warmly asked me to eat is not eaten, live in which mansion.

I am as good as a stream and he said I came up from the flower world today, have not yet found a good place to eat and sleep. The fox fairy was so enthusiastic and happy to hear that he invited me to his house.

I then logically lived in the red marriage house of the fairy under the moon until now.

Leaving aside the enthusiastic fox fairy and the fairy nuns who like to touch my face in the marriage house, the heavenly realm is indeed a strange place, the first item, it is necessary to count the extinction of flowers and plants this matter.

Although I am not an orthodox flower fairy, but at least a cultivation of the grape spirit, excluding the cultivation of this first priority, the rest is to pick flowers to make honey to get a wound or something good honey brew can be treated, which know that day I sat in the basket in the fox fairy's garden turned half a day did not pick half a leaf.

And do not look at the garden of the grass, a hundred flowers blooming good scenery, but where I reached down to pinch a flower, the flower will blink into a cloud of smoke and drift away, very strange.

That night, ask the fairy under the moon, he shook his head and sighed and lamented for half a day, before he said to me: "Spring does not come back, flowers no longer open. The cause of this matter is not easy to explain, it is a long-standing love affair." And even three sighs, "love one word ah ......"

Uh, "love" is a what object? Just, but all and enhance the immortal power of things unrelated, I too half are not interested.

In the fox fairy upside down brief narrative, I generally know that a few thousand years ago, now the emperor and the first flower God made a great beam, the first flower God under the wrath of the law destroyed all the flowers and plants in the heavenly world, from then on, the heavenly world not an inch of grass. But a long time so bald down is not a matter, so the emperor will use the clouds out of thousands of flowers and plants all over the sky, finally let the sky and restore the color. But the flowers and plants are not real, but where picked will reveal the original appearance, turned into clouds of smoke.

I also finally understood one thing - in the heavenly realm I do not want to make honey.

Therefore, I day by day in addition to meditation practice law, very leisurely. In contrast, the fox fairy is very busy.

Every day at the junction of Yin and Dao, there is a small fairy herder carrying a heavy cloth bag to the door, the bag is filled with all kinds of strips, the marriage house of the fairy ambassadors busy these strips of paper into a book, according to the volume handed to the fox fairy, the fox fairy will sit in a ball of red silk thread began to turn the booklet while threading the needle.

I do not know what strange spells are practiced. I have also curiously looked at the bag of notes, nothing more than written "small woman Liu Yan, Hangzhou Liu parent daughter, the age of two eight, please ask the boss of the month for the small woman to find a good son-in-law, I hope that the boy's appearance than Pan An, only better than Li Du, love than gold ......" and so on, and so on.

The words on this note I can understand each one, but grouped together I am not very clear, only know is to ask the fox fairy to do something. Ask the fox fairy, he looked at me solemnly for a long time, "Jinxiu is still young and does not know the love is reasonable, but since the future to break with my second nephew, it is better to understand early."

The second morning, I sleepily pushed open the door to see the doorway of the darkness thought it was not yet light, just to turn back to sleep but was suddenly out of the moon immortal jumped.

"Little Jinxiu, this is my years of treasured love book spring palace secret map, first lend you a look, enlightenment to start from the theory oh." The fox fairy smilingly dusted his forehead hair, raised his hand to command the side of the fairy waiter, "fast fast fast, and all moved into it."

I let aside, watching the fairy attendants in and out of the door that pressed several people high books and scrolls one by one transferred to my house, like a fire, breathtaking.

After the immortal attendants withdrew, turned around to see, the fox fairy was lying in the book documents do not know what to look for, while turning while reciting the words: "Everyone loves, bad, no characteristics." A booklet was thrown aside, "Immortal love, no, too ethereal." Another book was tossed out, "Man-beast love, forget it, too heavy taste." Another book was thrown out, "Immortal mortal love, Dong Yong, seven fairies, too vulgar."

Finally, standing in a patchwork, the fox fairy satisfied with a book waved toward me, I went over, only to see that the cover of a column of lines written with teeth and claws - a thousand years waiting for a return.

"Today, we will start from the human-demon love to speak."

A whole hour, the fox fairy sometimes generous, sometimes poignant and sometimes tears to turn the book to me said a snake demon and the story of the young scholar.

At the end, the fox fairy solemnly closed the pages of the book, sighing with emotion and concluded, "This, is to make people thumping heart, weeping love."

I held the corner of my forehead, so, this, is to make people drowsy, inexplicable love.

But because the fox fairy so earnest, I can not bear to brush off his good intentions, so warmly echoed: "really heart, heart very moving which!"

The fox fairy was encouraged, after that day by day will come to my courtyard to tell me a so-called love story, from time to time also turn some spring palace with me to see, I saw after, did not hold back, commented: "the posture is very ugly." The fox fairy despised me with a rotten wood can not be carved also eyes.

However, after watching the spring palace for a few days, I completely understand where the male and female really don't, but also know the benefits of this and double cultivation, according to the fox fairy said, you can take Yin to nourish Yang, take Yang to make up for Yin, very good. I thought, if one day I really can't raise my spiritual power up, I might as well find someone to repair it a repair.

But the fox fairy mouth "love", according to my opinion but all is not a good object, those stories of people mostly for the object of the soul to sacrifice life and forget life but also willing to syrup, unbelievable to the extreme. But in view of the fox fairy daily thing is to do for these so-called smitten men and women matchmaking, and he himself is also very happy in it, I will swallow the idea as much as the belly.

It turns out that the little fairy herder daily delivery is a mortal in the temple to the moon immortal promised to pray, the moon immortal every night as long as the red thread connected to the two on the little tail finger, the two even if they are separated by thousands of miles and thousands of mountains or two generations of enemies, but also with this red thread to come together to tie the knot, the mystery is very subtle.

Under the moon, the immortal, in charge of marriage, but the management of people and demons regardless of immortality, all immortal marriage is not in his calculations. However, this does not prevent the daily fairy nuns and fairy ambassadors come and go to the moon to ask the old man for a red thread to dip the happy.

I live in the marriage house people always inevitably seen by them, there are always fairy nuns like to touch my face and fox fairy said: "fairy house this child born is very pleasing ah, if a big eight thousand years old, I do not know how many fairy nuns on the sky to charm it.

Another fairy nun said: "I think this kind of growth, I'm afraid that even the two highnesses will be compared."

Fox fairy necessarily happy to look at me on a look, such as a mother to see her own son general love, and then joyfully added a sentence: "is not, the future Xu Feng is with him to break the sleeve I am also relieved."

Then, I saw the fairy nuns dark clouds, eyes as if not very cool to look at me, all without touching my cheeks when the happy.