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First Chapter 3

"You little demon, who said to you that I am a crow!"

I looked at him dumbfounded for a long time, said numbly: "Can not, can not be a magpie?"

The bird swept me a glance with an iron face, and then stopped paying attention to me. I privately thought that this is the acquiescence. The mind calculates, I will him as a crow, he will me as a demon, but also very harmonious balance.

His long arms stretched, a brush in the air to stand up, his body has been more than a red gold brocade robe, dazzling dazzling compared to the rising sun, I look at some, think he is thicker than my eyebrows than me, the end of the eyes than me up some, nose than me some, the height of the body than me, and there is an unknown body, but really did not see a so-called "difference between men and women The "difference between a man and a woman" is not in what.

"Can there be a spring?" A sweep of sharp eyes, and finally stopped high on my face.

"Fellow Taoist and follow me." Even though this bird is not very good-tempered, but we do fruit naturally can not be ordinary with a bird, from the good as the flow is the right way.

There is a clear spring in my court, dense and lingering all year round, Old Hu often praised: "Tao Tao here is really comparable to the heavenly palace fairyland." Although I thought Old Hu may not have been to the heavenly palace, but the spring pool is also very satisfied with themselves.

The magpie saw the spring, the face only better, reached out a move, hands will be more than a white jade ear cup, scooped up half a cup of spring water, tea general look, smell and ask some questions before entering, long said: "The spring water is still sweet and cold, barely into the mouth."

I did not listen carefully to what he said, just look at him so that a change of hand can change such a beautiful cup very envious. Although I know the art of transformation, but ultimately need to rely on a grass ah leaves ah what, out of thin air is not change out. Old Hu also can not, but the long Fang master can be. It is clear that this magpie is not only a fairy, but also a fairy of high rank. I really regret that I did not move quickly enough, otherwise I would have taken his inner essence while he was unconscious, and perhaps I would have been in the immortal class by now.

I sighed three times in contempt!

Suddenly I felt a difference in my head, and raised my eyes to see that the magpie pinched my hair bun to play with, said up, my hair bun is so fun? Is this the legendary "fetish".

"You little demon, what are you sighing for?"

The magpie seems to have a much worse memory than Old Hu, calling me a little demon at the drop of a hat.

I sat by the spring, in addition to shoes and socks, soaking feet into the spring water, cool and comfortable, kicking the water kick is very happy, but see that the magpie black half face, "this spring is for what?"

I was very puzzled, "the spring water is naturally for washing feet, bathing and raimenting."

"You! ......" the magpie face again from the black swollen red, covering his mouth and began to dry vomit, half a long time later angry at me: "barbaric little demon, nasty!"

I do not understand, just now said "sweet" is he, now said "nasty" is also he, magpie really temperamental ah. It is really disgusting.

The magpie touched his forehead with his hand, pinched the corner of his forehead and said, "It's just that." Then he looked around and asked, "Is this the flower world?"


At this point, I had a general overview that the magpie was an eccentric, poorly remembered, fetishistic, temperamental and unresponsive bird.

He glanced at me, reached out and beckoned a seven-colored auspicious cloud, and looked like he was about to step on the cloud and leave, before I realized that he was leaving the flower world, and grabbed his sleeve and was very aggrieved, "Daoist has not yet repaid me for saving his life."

He smiled and asked me, "Oh? I wonder how you want me to repay you?"

I twisted my fingers and thought, "If you take me out of this boundary to the Heavenly Palace, this kindness will be written off."

I was about to be indignant, but the magpie put me in his palm and said, "It's not a problem to carry around." Then he put me in his sleeve pocket and flew away in the clouds.

I don't know how far he flew, but I only know that I rolled from left to right, and from right to left, from top to bottom, and from bottom to top in his sleeve bag, and rolled dizzily.

When he stopped, he heard a surprised voice saying, "His Highness is back! His Highness has returned! Quickly inform His Majesty the Heavenly Emperor!"

A mixed fragrance of pollen came immediately afterwards, and several voices said in unison: "Where has Feng Jun gone? I'm really anxious for my slaves!"

"But I went to the outside world for a day or two, so the beauties were frightened." I knew the magpie's voice.

A soft and angry voice said: "Feng Jun is really bad, but scared the slaves."

I heard another old voice: "Congratulations to Your Highness on your rebirth. Please punish Your Highness for the unfavorable protection of the law by the old immortals!"

Nirvana? Although I was banned in the water mirror not much knowledge, but still read a lot of classics, so I still know that only the phoenix has a "fire nirvana" this said, can not help but some shock, so that the bird is actually a phoenix bird!

It turns out that the black feathers are not necessarily a crow, it may also be a burnt phoenix.

A burst of silence, the smell of pollen gradually dissipated, Fang heard the phoenix slyly should say: "the original blame for the matter of the prairie of the gentleman immortals, only a hundred years to do thieves, did not hear a hundred years to prevent thieves. Mortals this sentence I think is very reasonable."

"Your Highness is saying ......"

Before you can hear a reason, I slipped and fell out of the sleeve bag, took human form and sat on the ground, painful tears and raised his head, but saw a white-bearded old immortal looking at me in a daze, for a long time: "This, this is where the child?"

The phoenix bird but did not care much glanced at me, "but a little demon to repay the favor."

The old god stroked his long beard on his chin, "Your Highness is benevolent and kind, he is in trouble, but he still does not forget to help the world."

I angrily plucked out the bird, why did not say clear subject predicate object definite form complement, so that this old man mistook me to repay him. Just about to open his mouth to argue, an immortal officer flew to the door, dragged a long voice and declared: "His Majesty the emperor of heaven declares Vulcan to see you quickly."

"Xufeng receives the order." Jiao Fenghuang vainly bent down and hugged his fist, turned around and said to the old immortal: "Liaoyuanjun and go with me." And also with that immortal official said: "Huixian and lead the way."

A group of people in three times to go empty scattered, only I sat in the middle of this large hall, and the hall at the top of the plaque "Qiuwu" two words to look at two disgusted.

I patted my clothes to stand up, out of the door to look around, can not this is the Palace of Heaven? Around the look is not very strange, just more layers of lingering fog, the ground will be hidden as if hidden, in turn, people can not see the road, deep a shallow foot, walking a good hard.

At that time, I still do not know but where the gods never go out with flying, walking is really a bad move.

That said, the Phoenix's garden is really big, but the flowers and plants are monotonous and boring, count them, a total of three kinds of flowers: the crocus flower, Phoenix flower, jade phoenix flower. It is not very good.

I circled around, in the fire red as the Phoenix flower fallen Ying see a bulge of things together, from a distance and not really, so close to the layers of petals to peel off, but saw a small beast of fire red fur, curled up as a ball of whooping sleep in it. Showed half a small pointed ears and a furry claws outside. Very interesting.

I reached out and squeezed the paw, there was a soft little fleshy pad in the middle.

Well ~ looks very tasty.

So, I squeezed it again.