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First Chapter 27

The loud fairy attendant outside the hall waved his dust and said aloud, "The Heavenly Emperor has arrived! The Queen of Heaven has arrived!"

Before the words fell, all the immortals in the hall stopped talking, restrained their unrestrained behavior, and stood up in unison, respectfully folded their hands and hung their hands to welcome. I wanted to probe a fresh look, see the immortals such a look, it is not good to arrogantly look east and west to do that the head of the bird, only half hang the head, a pair of eyes as far as possible to change the angle to try to see farther.

This look does not matter, a pair of good eyes nearly shaken into glaucoma, before seeing the emperor and queen of heaven, first saw a sky rays of light blossoming in all directions, fixed eyes, but two rows of graceful fairy e to play the lead, each hand are holding a glazed hollow jar, jar each put a just-formed star, although the star just formed, the light is not reduced, through the glaze shaking people dizzy, no wonder the immortals are afraid to look up! No wonder the immortals did not dare to look up. My eyes were sore, and I finally couldn't hold on, so I lowered my head.

"All immortals, please don't worry about it, enter the table!"

Amitabha Buddha, after about three teas of work, only to hear the hair can be heard in the hall of an imposing and majestic reward seat.

The flower world has never had this many rules, so I am hanging my head for a long time can not help but some blood vessels are not smooth, will be about to sit down but feel a false footsteps, the chassis did not palm stable, a crooked into the side of the quick-eyed puffing gentleman's arms, until I sit upright to stabilize their posture, a look up, did not see the emperor and queen of heaven, but a glance right into the phoenix a pair of long, thin phoenix eyes.

The eyes, tsk, how to describe it? Heard of mortal kung fu called "flaming palm", but never heard of any "flaming eyes", also heard of mortal kung fu called "cold ice palm", but never heard of any "ice eye", but now, I think the phoenix that long, slender eyes and then with that look, really half of the flame, half of the ice, alternating, confusing, very ornamental.

This bird is really petty, but just take his three hundred years of spiritual power.

I disdainfully inclined my head and turned my attention to the two great gods offered on the main seat at the head of the temple. The phoenix top right end of the pendulum, wearing a gold embroidered hundred satin robe, head full of cui cui, cumulative silk gold phoenix gold beads trembling down at the temples, reflecting the body full of noble temperament extraordinary, a pair of long, thin phoenix eyes dangerously up. Well, this faction, this eyebrow, the phoenix is all true.

"This god today birthday feast, rare immortals have time to appreciate the face, so that the purple side of the cloud palace is full of glory, this god is very happy." Although the words so said, the face full of arrogance but highlights another rightful meaning.

His Highness, a group of immortals echoed: "Where and where." "You should." "The Queen of Heaven is very kind."

"Let's start the feast." Another great god at the head of the temple spoke. I took a closer look at him, purple gold crown, white jade belt, the four as Yi cloud robe, face is not like the Queen of Heaven majestic, crystal eyes unconsciously curved, the corners of the mouth held a smile lines, but a few spring breeze full of peach blossoms in the stream, and the mortal temple placed in the worship of some differences.

"Speaking of male gods and goddesses in the example, the first one is the emperor of the sky, a smile, the world's peach blossoms all the net. I heard that back in the day, the god of flowers was also charmed by him for tens of thousands of years." The puffing gentleman patted my shoulder and looked at the Heavenly Emperor, full of admiration, "We as male gods and goddesses if we can achieve the Heavenly Emperor this realm, this paragraph is the top. Little two immortals can take this opportunity to observe and observe, if you want to pick the heart of a fairy in the future, there is also a reference.

Both, and said: "However, now this Vulcan I see that there is a blue out of blue and better than blue qualifications. But, you say the fire god why a hall will be a straight stare at me? It seems that what the gods said is true, the fire god really likes male style." I always knew I had some suave looks, but I didn't think I could attract even men apart from women, but I only love that gentle woman, so I have to let the Fire God down at first sight. Xiao Erxian you think so?"

Uh ...... I froze, dry should say: "really very sinful ......"

"Little God Runyu wishes the Queen of Heaven a long and blessed life." Hearing a familiar voice from the head of the temple, look up, but see the small fish fairy herder raised a goblet of wine to the Queen of Heaven to wish birthday. It turns out that the toast has already begun, the small fish immortal herald is the Grand Hall, should be from him to start.

The Queen of Heaven lifted the wine goblet in front of her and took a little sip, slimmed her eyes and slowly said: "The God of Night has become more and more simple nowadays, the hall of the heavenly world under the Grand Hall to attend the birthday feast, only pin a rattan hairpin, I can still appreciate the God of Night's frugality, but, outsiders do not know the God of Night's nature as well as I do, I am afraid that there will be some misunderstandings, thinking that the God of Night does not appreciate my face, then, it is inevitable to send Some rumors that you and I are not compatible with the mother and son. I wonder if the God of the Night thinks so or not?"

The little fish immortal herald drank his cup of wine, smiled spontaneously and replied: "In that case, the Queen of Heaven has misunderstood. The white jade chi dragon hairpin, the silver gilt hairpin, the tortoiseshell jade hairpin, these may be valuable, but they are just empty objects, and to Runyu, they are definitely not as valuable as this vine, which is a gift from a dear friend and is of great significance. Today, for the birthday of the Queen of Heaven, Runyu thinks that this hairpin is not worthy."

The first time I saw this, I was very impressed with it.

Next to me, the puffing gentleman took me by the shoulders and said, "Well, this night god said that his friend is not the little two immortals? I see that this hairpin on your head is the same as his."

The actual fact is that there are no two identical people in the world, and there are certainly no two vines that are identical.

"The company of the marketplace refreshment store that day was not the incarnation of the night god? You and the night god ......" the puffing gentleman shook his head repeatedly, "I said that the emperor of the heavens has taken advantage of the affair, it is certain that things will turn out to be the opposite, and now it is as I said, I do not want two sons are actually broken."

I was listening to the puffing king's high opinion, but I saw the phoenix face clanging and flying down three thousand feet, a pair of sharp eyes in the light of the sword shadow tentative and rise.

And then look at the Queen of Heaven, the face is profound, but aside the Emperor of Heaven laughed and said: "This vine is some idle interest, I do not know my son's best friend can be at the table today?"

The phoenix retracted his eyes, raised his eyes to look at the small fish immortal herald, the small fish immortal herald face does not change color heart does not jump, cloud lightly said: "Runyu friend is not immortal non-god, is a genie ear, so not in the invitation today."

"It's a pity. I think it is a high person outside the party, the next time there is a banquet, may also place an invitation." The Heavenly Emperor said kindly.

"Yes." The small fish immortal herald made a bow and returned to the table.

The high priest? I stroked my chin, the emperor's eyesight is good, with a grapevine can see my supreme character, the review is very pertinent.

The phoenix frowned and was about to lean over and say something to the little fish fairy herder. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

Fortunately, the phoenix lost accuracy, I do not know what a powerful spell to deal with me, I patted my chest, before I had time to celebrate, only to feel behind me what a cold cold object is sticking to me.

I reached out and grabbed it, a watery smooth touch, and then pinch, a little soft belch.

Slender, icy smooth, soft ...... is not ......? The back of the neck a row of cold hair swish stand up, I slowly turn back.


Even if it is calm and rational like me, even if it is outside the square aloof like me, also jumped up at once. The Buddha's grandfather, the Buddha's grandfather, a green body of bamboo leaf green so boldly coiled on the futon behind me, the natural enemy of our grapes ah natural enemy, I shivered my teeth.

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

I turned around, but I saw the hall full of immortals sitting properly, all suspiciously looking at me, which stood straight, the Queen of Heaven hooked eyes also looked at me, I think she asked me just now.

The Queen of Heaven thought and Phoenix is generally a big temperament, more than one thing is better than less than one thing, I carefully trembled voice, "nothing, oh, no matter."

I turned around and wanted to find the puffing gentleman to change seats, but the Queen of Heaven narrowed her eyes and looked at me, a little dissatisfied, "I wonder where this immortal friend is immortal saint, to participate in the birthday feast of the gods even made the illusion of a false body appearance? Can you show your real body?"

Someone coughed gently.

I touched my face, "aye, out of the rush, forgot to change back." The phoenix can turn into a snake out of anger, the queen of heaven temper than the phoenix has never been worse, or do not offend her good. I kindly reached out and brushed my hand across the face.

"Slow down!" It seems to be the voice of the Phoenix.

I moved quickly back to the original face, puzzled to see the phoenix, I do not know what he wants to "slow".

All the immortals in the hall, some raised their chopsticks, some raised their cups, some talked with their ears, but now all of them were frozen on the spot, as if they had been fixed.

"Hiss ~" someone drew a breath of cold air.

"Sizzle ~" a snake also drew a breath of cold air.

A few moments later, a clanging sound, I do not know who hands of wine cups fell on a few cases, broken.

The first twenty-eighth chapter

"I'm late, I'm late!" Just at the mouth, a red fluttering shadow from the door burst in, saw frozen into the crystal elbow of the immortals, so follow the line of sight to look at me, confused for a moment, brightly said: "Ho! This is not the hundred flowers Palace Zifen! Really a beautiful embryo, more and more watery."

As soon as the words fell, the immortals were shocked, but where the hands held some chopsticks, fans, cups or whatever are crackling to the table.

I am very well fixed dizzy, some sympathy for the hall full of immortals, if I look at a should be obedient to sleep in the grave of the people happy in front of jumping around, inevitably also to fall on a fall. The fox fairy's eyes, this memory is more and more profound, boundless and spectrumless.

I stepped out of the shadows, stood in front of the fox fairy, kindly corrected: "under the moon fairy afraid not to look at the eyes, first flower gods her old man immortality has not a year or two, in any case quite some years."

The fox fairy bent his eyes, suddenly realized and smiled: "Well ah! So it's Forge! Just now you stood in the dark, only a hazy silhouette, the old man forgetfulness, only remember a Zifen can be so beautiful a mess, but forgot that there is a foraging child. I should be punished." In between the words, he took my hand and turned around to face the head of the temple.

Among the stars and glazed jars, the emperor's eyes were inexplicably warm and despondent after seeing my face, and after a few moments, the ashes rekindled into a face full of doubts and amazement.

And then look at the Queen of Heaven, her old man, a face of fear and confusion, to see my face in the light of the moment after the shock and uncertainty.

Phoenix sighed to support the temples, the small fish immortal herald full of profound.

The water god looked at me blankly, the white jade ear cup in front of me fell into several pieces, very heartbreaking lying in a puddle of wine stains, reflecting the water god's spring-like eyes is also a school of heartache. On the side, the dignified wind gods with a dignified curiosity also looked at me.

I mourned the appearance of this multitude of people, so I grew so frightening, no wonder the long Fang main to get a hairpin to pin me.

"This immortal is ......?"

"This immortal is ......?"

The sky emperor and the water god in the same breath, worthy of the two in-laws, tacit understanding is very.

I shake the cuffs in a dazzling way and clasp my fist: "My name is Jin Fu. Meet the Heavenly Emperor and the Water God." After saying that, but remembered that he is no longer a man, so he twisted and gathered his hands to make up a woman's bow.

At this news, some bird fairies exchanged noises, "Jinxiu? Is it the same spirit that wronged our tribe?"

"I do not know where Fairy Jinxiu is now cultivating immortality?" The emperor is five parts eager, five parts anxious. Seems to have expectations, but also fear of disappointment.

The water god's expression was very consistent with it.

I was about to answer, the fox fairy impulsively replied for me: "Big brother is not a bit closed-minded, foraging child is not living in Feng Wa's Qiuwu Palace. Speaking of which, it is also regarded as Feng Wa raised, and also with Feng Wa did a little schoolboy for a while."

I looked up at the sky, the phoenix continued to pinch the forehead. The emperor was dumbfounded, the water gods froze, all completely unexpected appearance.

Some heavenly gods exchanged noisy ears: "The schoolboy? Isn't it the immortal who seduced His Highness and got involved with the Nine Obsidian Palace?"

The Queen of Heaven stared at me with cold phoenix eyes but asked Phoenix: "I wonder where my son found such a heavenly fairy?"

Phoenix looked deeply at me, a few worried hesitation, seems to have a thousand words in the heart but difficult to say.

The fox fairy beside me cheerfully grabbed the answer: "Forager is said to be picked up by Xu Feng."

"This under the moon immortal will be the opposite, the second highness is I picked up." I argued, by the way in front of the Phoenix's parents invited a credit, "I'm ashamed to say, I did not save the second highness two times life."

"Oh~?" The emperor of heaven that unexpected unbelievable expression makes me very dissatisfied, "Jinxiu fairy has saved Xu Feng?"

There are people outside of people, outside of heaven, there are accidents outside of accidents.

"Exactly." Rarely Phoenix today is very frank.

"So, the gods and the emperor of the sky to thank the fairy for saving Xu Feng's grace." The Queen of Heaven said thanks, but the eyes are arrogant and cold.

"A handful of work, by the way, just by the way." I also mean to polite a little. The phoenix that I was passing by narrowed his eyes and swept me, seems to have some dissatisfaction.

"I do not know where the fairy found ...... er, coincidentally met the fire god?" The water god obsessively looked at me, seems to be non-obsessive out of a so.

"Well, in the water mirror." After blurting out, I immediately repented, the twenty-four Fang masters are waiting to detain me back, this hall above the various gods are in, this time a trace of all revealed.

"Water mirror!" Water God's voice sunk, hands clenched cuffs pressed in a few cases side, seems to have a tremor, rare this desireless gods can also be excited a back. I don't know how this father-in-law of the small fish fairy herder and the Fang masters of friendship, but not to sell me to good.

"Fairy Jinxiu is not even a flower fairy?" Heavenly Emperor body leaned forward, face cut.

This heavenly emperor is not good, very bad, a question will poke my seven inches, one I am not a flower, the second I have not yet cultivated a fairy.

"No." I evened out my face and reluctantly responded, "I am a fruit spirit."

The Heavenly Emperor, the Queen of Heaven, and the Water God all looked up and down with my words. "Fruit?" The Water God was surprised.

I nodded my head, "Grapes."

"May I ask, how old is Fairy Jinxiu?" The Heavenly Emperor asked again, and the corners of the Queen of Heaven's mouth sank.

I think, today if you add a piece of bang bang ring alarm wood, is out of the perfect three chambers of the trial. The sky and the ground count the emperor the oldest, he asked me, I naturally have to consider some back to him, always heard a thousand years before sitting, so an estimate, I think I became a grape should also do before a thousand years, so a stack, I carefully back: "at least also have five thousand it.

At that, three people's faces and each of them rippled a bit.

"This standing talking strange tired panic." The fox fairy came forward, whispering with the emperor and queen of heaven said: "brother and sister-in-law for Xu Feng looking for a good wife mood Dan Zhu empathize, but people little girl thin skin, ask the words to wan turn, know it?"

Ignoring the strange face of the emperor and queen of heaven, the fox fairy enthusiastically pulled me in the phoenix and the small fish fairy herder to find a seat between.

Easy to sit again, I was very happy, so I smiled and sat down, smiled at the Phoenix, and then smiled at the small fish fairy herder.

After this laugh, suddenly feel around seems not quite right, except for the emperor and queen of heaven, the three water gods each with a mind to stare at me, but see the male gods and goddesses are all heartily intoxicated look at me, the female gods and goddesses are indignant look at me like a thorn in the body. Phoenix beside me cold "hum" cuff a brush, small fish fairy herder hands tea "Ta" on the case.

"All immortals do not have to be polite, today prepared a small dish of wine, please enjoy." The Queen of Heaven coughed and said aloud, breaking the magic nightmare in the hall.

Someone got up and raised a cup to stand in front of the Queen of Heaven and said, "Auntie's birthday is a great joy, Suihe and the bird fairies wish auntie a long life with the sky!" The bird fairies all raised their cups to the Queen of Heaven, the peacock leader waved his hand, and two long-tailed golden birds flew outside the hall, and flew around the roof of the hall, and one by one, the wooden birds on the carved beams came to life as if they had drunk fairy water, and flew out from the beams of the hall to dance with the birds. Finally, the two birds of prey spread their wings a Shu, fluttering glide to the emperor and the queen of heaven, with an object in the mouth suddenly fell, I look, the original is a couplet.

"The August goblet laurel flowers throwing delicacies to extend the eight rank, a thousand sounds playing music daylilies welcome smiles to wish a thousand years." The peacock fairy read aloud.

"Good, good, good. You are indeed a filial and good child!" The Queen of Heaven nodded repeatedly, very satisfied with the appearance, turned his head and the Emperor said: "No wonder mortals on earth are said to daughter sweet, this God thought very some truth. If Xufeng can have half of Suihe, this God will be satisfied."

The Heavenly Emperor nodded in agreement, but some distracted look.

The Queen of Heaven turned back to the peacock fairy and said: "Suihe, in the future to come to the heavenly realm more often, said originally a family, do not want to alienate the good."

The peacock fairy said yes, very good.

"I guess you haven't seen Xu Feng for some time." The Queen of Heaven looked at the seat where the peacock fairy was sitting, "The family is sitting so far away, inevitably seems to be separated, why don't you go and sit next to Xu Feng, so the gods and you talk closer."

"Yes." Peacock fairy drink birthday wine will find a seat next to the phoenix curly seat, the posture is very beautiful, I was across the phoenix inclined head to appreciate some, good good good.

This tossed half a day, I can not help but belly rumbling, so, turn back and began to deal with the immediate food wholeheartedly.

The peacock fairy lived up to the expectations of the Queen of Heaven, I don't know what to say to the phoenix, the phoenix should also be two sentences from time to time.

"Your Majesty, you see Xu Feng and Sui He sitting like this, can be like the people in the painting hanging in my compartment? The spring rain is falling, the umbrella under the shadow of a couple, I remember that painting has a name that fits the scene, called the 'pearl joint'." I was eating happily, heard the head of the temple and the Queen of Heaven has a high opinion, so stopped.

Peacock fairy face a red, pouted: "aunt make fun of Sui Wo."

A side of the Phoenix frowned, a little line on the bridge of the pretty nose up.

The beads together? Alas, some familiar, I remember as if the fox fairy gave me to read the spring palace booklet vaguely there is a picture also called "pearls together".

And look at this peacock fairy full of spring, red flooded appearance, MoFei ...... I probe and she said: "Well, so the peacock fairy also with the fire god highness double practice ah?"

Phoenix a choking, small fish fairy herder a meal, the water god a shock, the emperor a shake, the queen of heaven a rage, peacock fairy a hurt, fox fairy a happy.

The whole hall is quiet.

With my one, two, three, four, five, six sense, this is a bad omen.