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First Chapter 2

Raised the blade, I sat with my back to the raven's belly, grabbed the mass of things is ready to fall knife, suddenly heard a thunderous shout behind: "bold!

Such a night is quiet in the beautiful night blast out such a not very harmonious sound is really frightening.

I was shocked to fall to the ground, hand blade nearly cut his hand.

I saw the crow sitting up naked from my collapse, a pair of dangling eyes bursting with light to look askance at me, so I was looking down on people suddenly made me feel very uninspired, so I put away the blade to stand up, just barely able to level with it, sighing in my heart: worthy of a fairy crow, even the size of the cane comparable to the old Hu Tingzi.

I can't help but think that I have cultivated 4,000 years of dao but not much progress, and now I still look like a ten-year-old child in the human world, much more youthful than Lian Qiao who has only 1,000 years of dao. At that time I did not know that I was not an ordinary grape spirit.

I was ashamed of my size, but the crow had already sternly sized me up and down and asked, "Who is this little demon?" Although it is not an inch, the majestic frame is quite a head of people, we realize for the first time that power and clothing is not half related.

However, although I am shallow, but at least is a cultivation of immortality as a noble goal of the righteous elves, by a crow called "little demon" really made me sad and angry.

I think about this crow was nearly dead, I got a drop of honey brew to recover as good as new, I still know how effective my own honey, it is clear that this crow is very shallow, if I fight with it is a tragic defeat, not to mention that I wanted to take its inner essence, if it knows, I am afraid that today is the time when I become spring mud more protective of flowers.

Brewing some, I put on a kind and humble expression and said, "You can call me 'En Gong', doing good deeds without leaving a name is my fine tradition of water mirror elves."

This statement to explain with it I am its life-saving benefactor, uh ~ although I intended to save it after eating it, but, different paths, different paths, well, always saved it. It naturally can not give the benefactor to the law extinguished. The second is to mention it, I am a genie, really not it mouth of the little demon.

"The benefactor ~?" The crow smiled and looked at me coolly.

Looked at my heart trembling, thought I was revealed, but still forced to pretend to look like a frank look: "But it is. You fell in my garden today, injured very seriously, in order to prolong the life of you, I will own secret flower brew whole jar to pour with you, and then with you to get the air to you, you wake up. The sky can see, except for the word "whole altar", every word is true.

The crow suddenly smiled, although gorgeous compared to the garden peach blossoms, but at this time it seems to be some shocking meaning, quietly opened his mouth, "you just wielded the knife is not also to save my life?"

I solemnly thought for a moment, compassionately lifted a silk quilt over it, "I see you in rags, originally wanted to change your clothes, but did not want to see you have a tumor under the small abdomen, although the body may not be a good thing, but ultimately different from ordinary people, I have saved you, natural good deeds in the end, so I want to help you pluck out the tumor. "

After the words, the crow face a strange, blue and white switch, very strange, up and down and looked me up and down, asked: "You are a female body?" And then said: "Since you are a woman, don't you know that men and women are different? How can you be so reckless!" There was some anger.

Now I do not know how to respond, I only know that there is a flower, grass, trees, wood, people, fish, birds, beasts, but never heard of a difference between men and women, is very confused. Then one day, after hearing me say this, Old Hu was very sad and angry, teary-eyed complaint: "I am a man's body, how can Xiao Taotao say he has never seen a man!" I did not care much to calm him down: "I thought all carrots would look like you." Old Hu pounded his chest.

Just as I was confused and shocked to learn for the first time in 4,000 years that I was a woman and that there was another genus called "man", the crow that claimed to be a man pinched the hair on my head and said, "Since you are still young and born outside the wilderness of this heavenly realm, I won't bother with you. ."

I was indignant and was about to argue, but the crow recited a trick to show me my original form, and I didn't stand still and rolled around the edge of the bed, but the heavenly raven picked me up with his fingertips with great interest, "I thought what is it, it turns out to be a little grape spirit."

Look at his two thin lips in front of me a closed, I suddenly remembered the words of Old Hu: "You and I such fruit essence, fruit fairy is rare, did not have to be eaten once out." I closed my eyes trembling, Laohu ah Laohu, the teacher died before he could get out of the water mirror, I now have to be filled by a crow, and allow me to take a step ahead.

The consequence of closing your eyes is that, closed and closed accidentally to sleep over.

When I woke up from a good sleep, but I saw a darkness in front of me, how not yet dawn, and felt a titanic pressure, thinking: Is it possible that the crows have entered the temple of the five organs, if I change back to the person, I do not know whether it will open its stomach.

Just change.

Transformed into a human body in front of a clear vision, but not I will be the crow's belly to open up. The original is that the crow somehow changed back into a bird, opened his wings and slept on my bed, it was his feathered wings that held me down.

It turns out that crows don't eat grapes. I am very relieved.

I remembered that I hadn't delivered the petition to Lord Changfang yesterday, so I was ready to go to the boundary again.

I was about to go to the door when I heard a voice behind me saying, "You should prepare breakfast for me." But the crow woke up and turned into a person, leaning lazily on the side of the couch. Listen to his tone think is to call people to call very accustomed, but unfortunately I have never been a bad habit of being called.

However, the most annoying thing is this "but". He is more powerful than me, last night, just read a trick will be my shape, offend him is probably not good for me.

So, only with tears and hatred out of the door, behind also heard a voice: "Go back quickly."

But, see but again. When I will easily find the food handed to the crows, the crows face again as yesterday general blue and white staggered change some, disgusted a push, "you eat it yourself."

I looked down at the whole plate of earthworms crawling around and felt nothing wrong, "Don't crows eat worms?" I had to plow the backyard once to find these earthworms and barely got a plate.

This time the crow's face is richer, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple alternately, finally opened his mouth: "You little demon, who said with you that I am a crow!"