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First Chapter 14

"Humph!" A demonic and difficult voice radiated from overhead, I squatted at the edge of the puddle and looked up, but saw a thin-skinned woman picking a sword and pointing it at the two men in the dream shadow, gritting her teeth and saying, "Say! Who is this woman?"

Seeing her such a red-eyed look, I subconsciously covered my face, and then remembered that the Phoenix had cast an illusion on my face, the real face can not be seen except in person, so put down his hand and answered frankly: "I do not know ay."

The woman suspiciously looked at me carefully, and generally felt that I looked peaceful, and then turned to look at the light and shadow on the ground, and waved her sword and chopped the head of the woman in the dream.

Amitabha Buddha, I touched the back of my neck, watching the dream on the ground by this sword down to dissipate, suddenly felt that the woman is not very generous, disturbing my interest in watching the spring dream.

"You are the followers of the Night God, right? Say! Vulcan is here?" The almond eyes are wide open and aggressive.

Seeing this kind of frame ...... I guessed, should be the Phoenix's enemies, they replied attentively: "Exactly." The company also pointed out to her a clear path, "turn left, turn left, turn left again, go straight to the right into the door, in that hall."

The woman lived up to my expectations and ran to the left with her sword.

I clapped my hands directly to the right and walked into the hall. But see Phoenix and small fish fairy herder two people sitting face to face in front of a four-sided peach blossom table, each holding a cup of tea tasting, the table small dishes half untouched.

The most important thing is to watch a good seat, this time the play Phoenix sang the main, naturally sitting opposite him seems to be more enjoyable, so I did not hesitate to choose the seat next to the small fish immortal herald.

As soon as I sat down, the phoenix will raise his eyes clear and cold to me a look, ordered: "You come here."

The words did not fall, I heard the door curtain bar a sound, open the play. I ignored the phoenix, end of a cup of tea silently sit down, the thin dress woman was I swindled a circle can be found in, the phoenix enemy is not yet aware of, only wrinkled eyebrows and stared at me.

I saw that the woman carried the sword straight over, looked at us first was a daze, and then the sword flower a pull Ying worship, "Liao Ying see the fire god two hall, night god hall."

Uh ~ the original is not revenge to come ...... I can not help but be greatly spoiled.

Little fish fairy herder nodded to her, but smiled, the phoenix that guy finally moved the ice refinement like gaze away from my face, glanced at the visitor. The woman's face along with the phoenix's gaze over the miso miso a Shun'er red.

The phoenix shallow smile, "So it is the princess of Biancheng, long time no see, still well?"

I followed the phoenix for a hundred years, is to understand his temperament, all face to face with a woman, he will certainly be a modest and elegant surface work to do enough, and then with that face, the heavenly immortal nuns immortal e will be willingly fluttered down.

This time the princess also seems to be a can't escape, see her eyes with the phoenix's flirtatious smile hard, the whole person will be paralyzed a few points, next to the empty seat next to the phoenix little bird to sit down, all missing the courtyard sword wielding momentum, "Liao Ying is not good, the second highness to the magic world also did not ask the brats to inform, and the big hall live in this simple inn The second highness came to the demon world, but did not ask the kids to inform, and stayed in this humble inn with the great hall.

"There is a reason for this, this is not a visit to the demon world, it is for an official case, so it is not good to come to your house to disturb you." The phoenix avoided to the side without a trace.

"Is it true that Your Highness has someone in mind and that we, the demon girls, can no longer enter Your Highness' eyes?" The princess' eyes were red, and she wanted to cry, "Just now Liao Ying saw that nightmare beast stammering in the courtyard, and the woman in the dream was acting intimately with Your Highness, isn't that the person Your Highness has in mind?"

Cough, cough, cough, I choked on a mouthful of tea in my throat, coughing more than, small fish immortal herald reached out to help me pat my back to smooth the air.

"The woman in the dream?" The phoenix's face sank, "the nightmare beast of the Great Hall is now more and more skilled in stealing dreams, even the dreams of the gods can be stolen, are not afraid to violate the rules of heaven, relegated to reincarnation?"

"There is a boundary for the gods to sleep, even if I have the ability to enter the boundary, the nightmare beast can not enter the boundary, the fire gods do not know?" The small fish immortal herald calmly caresses my back one by one.

I secretly said bad, I am afraid that last night I brought the nightmare beast back to the room, mistakenly intruded into the Phoenix boundary, it was mistakenly eaten by the Phoenix's spring dream. Look at the phoenix that leaden cloud-like face, I shivered, coughing can not be stopped.

Phoenix long eyebrows slightly raised, long and thin eyes looked at the small fish immortal herald on my back to me to smooth the hand, to my order: "you and come over, the night gods hall marriage in the body, if you the little immortal maid brought bad reputation, called my Qiuwu Palace how to bear."

Seeing his eyes are not good and imposing, I hung my head, forced to suppress the cough to stand behind him, so that his face a little more relaxed.

The princess Xu was also appalled by his aura, and did not dare to pursue the spring dream, I also have no way to know what the Phoenix heart is actually an object.

"I have heard that the Emperor of Heaven has entered into a marriage contract for the Night God, but I do not know which girl in the six realms of heaven and earth has this honor?" After a moment of silence, Princess Liao Ying turned the conversation around.

The little fish immortal herald smiled, her eyelashes half drooped a faint shadow, the corner of her lips hooked, quietly said: "The eldest daughter of the Water God."

"The water god's eldest daughter ...... water god and wind god is not so far not yet produced?" That gilt-edged princess regrets the moment the words fall, awkwardly frozen there.

Obviously this turn of phrase is very unrounded, in other words, the small fish immortal herald of the main court heavenly consort is not yet born, this mention, naturally called him despondent very.

I sighed in my heart, the Goddess of Mercy is not giving face to the heavenly family.

Small fish immortal herald but not much care yawned and said: "This day, it is a good time to sleep, you guys and chat, I go to sleep on." Said in the shift and lost the trail, think is back to the house. I just remembered that the small fish immortal herald is the god of the night, is naturally on duty at night, daytime to make up for the sleep, no wonder the old nonsense before he only came out at night.

This compartment Biancheng Princess persuaded Phoenix to come to the door to live in vain, it is full of infatuation in the inn for a room next door to live down. The princess is not another one, it is the ten temples of the six Biancheng Wang's pearl. She this some movement down, the whole devil world are aware of the heavenly world double temple team up on the devil world to eliminate the evil, and their six princess is a small inn carefully accompanied by left and right. So, this small inn day by day, the door is a market, demented female grievances demon general turn to the door.

I summed up the experience: the sky and the ground if the peach blossom on this skill, really no one can out Phoenix its right.

Besides, the demon beast poor Qi and evil ghosts Zhu Gandhara, originally you put a demon fire, I made a plague, fighting you and me, it was a great, but during the death of some mortal grass, it is not a big deal, but I do not want to reach the heavens, the fire god and the night god to a pair of catch, quite a few grievances.

However, even if there are a hundred kinds of grievances, now there is nowhere to tell, two demons were Phoenix were packed in two gourd jars, plus sealed with a fire seal, only to be put to a penalty of ashes after some time.

The phoenix and the small fish immortal herder some unrighteousness, the two catching demons cast a fixation method will leave me alone in the inn, such as this, I missed the wonderful fight scene, that poor and Gandhara is round is flat I was not able to see, I saw the phoenix took two yellow gourd back alone, small fish immortal herder also because some urgent business temporary intention to return to the heavenly realm.

The phoenix is not very warm to me, recently in the magic world is not sure if it is what the demon, the attitude towards me more and more strange up. Obviously a look at my eyebrows is not eyebrows, nose is not nose look, but I will be limited to his side, except for today's demon hunting, he used the immortal barrier to lock my whereabouts, so that I can not pace around him a hundred paces away.

The "common saying" is the hard truth. As the saying goes: dreams are the opposite. Therefore, I think that the day the nightmare beast accidentally captured the phoenix spring dream in reverse to see, I think it must be his true intentions.

Even though my identity is just an insignificant second highness personal maid, the princess of Biancheng but around to see my eyes very much, always changing the square want to get rid of me and the phoenix alone, in fact, I also want to fulfill her, but the phoenix is not willing to fulfill my kindness, my magic is not as good as his, only can not help but continue to undertake the princess of Biancheng and a cadre of demons women's cross-eyed glare.

I often lament that I don't know which woman in the world can get the heart of His Highness; I secretly lament that I don't know which immortal demon in the world can pick the inner essence of the phoenix.

Of course, can not pick the phoenix's inner essence, pick a demon's inner essence is also good, now there are two ready-made. The dark and windy night, everything sleeps well, take advantage of the fact that today he did not use the immortal barrier lock me, and he just returned from a fight with the demon is meditating in the house to recuperate, I will seal the demon's small gourd Shun a to.

Muttered a spell, I looked through the gourd shell inside the light, but saw a gray puffy things lying on the bottom of the gourd, look a bit like mortal rats, closed eyes have gas but not into the air, see the breath is getting weaker and weaker. I estimated that it is this kind of residual spiritual power is far from being able to defeat me, so I was confident and bold to uncover the fire mark on the gourd, it will be taken out.

"Get down!" Suddenly I heard a shout behind me, I saw the little rat's eyes swish open, as if there were thousands of silver needles shot out, I did not have time to move, it was a long, warm body pounced on the pressure.