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First Chapter 13

This time the phoenix flew quite steady, did not let me roll around in the sleeve pocket, but the road is just as far away as some, I lie in the pocket of two sleep to wake up, only to feel the wind whistling in the ears to stop, think is to arrive.

"Does this gentleman want to ferry?" Suddenly heard an old, hoarse voice sounded.

"Exactly, trouble the old man." A sway, think the phoenix stepped on the boat. It turns out that to go to the demon world is actually to cross the river.

"The gentleman stood firm, the fairy in the sleeve pocket also hold steady, the old man this will open the boat!" The old man shouted.

"Well ~ the fairy in the sleeve pocket but hold on to it?" Phoenix leisurely repeated.

How come one and two are found?

I slipped out of the sleeve pocket into human form, looked up and clapped my hands: "Oops! How did I sleep in the wrong place last night? It's really not a good coincidence."

Phoenix hooked the corners of his lips, the hands behind his back to ignore me. I laughed and looked around. A small boat swayed forward, with no water dripping under it, not to mention the river, and the bottomless depth between the two banks.

I just stretched out my hand, want to tease a cup of this inexplicable water, but I do not know what hit my hand, scared jumped back, but it turned out to be a phoenix feather knocked on my hand.

"This is the River of Forgetfulness." Phoenix retrieved the phoenix feather, "If you do not want to feed the river ghosts under the wild ghosts will stand firm."

I haughtily converge the hand, look up to see the old grandfather of the boat staring at me, so happily smiled at him. Phoenix coughed softly and frowned, "Where is the locking spirit pin?"

"Lost it." I answered truthfully, saw his face sunk, hurriedly added: "Yesterday to the marriage house driving clouds driving in a hurry, I think it is left in the clouds."

Phoenix was about to speak, but the boat grandfather opened his mouth and interjected: "The old man guarded this forgetful river for more than 100,000 years, the second time I saw such a beautiful girl."

Well, this grandfather business is a bit too cold, more than ten thousand years to see a total of two girls.

"I remember 20,000 years ago there was a woman who asked the old man to ask for a handful of forgetful water. That woman was born with a beautiful face, walking between the steps of flowers, face is really beautiful but look miserable, not as bright and innocent as you, girl."

"And then?" I asked with great interest, thinking that if it is an interesting story to go back and listen to the fox fairy, he must be very happy.

"Later? Later, the shore chased a gentleman in brocade, anxious to the girl's hands knocked over the water into the ground, the two argued, the girl actually jumped into the forgetful river, the gentleman in brocade anxious, crazy like the girl to stop back, after the two will disappear together."

"Forgetting the river, forgetting the river, forgetting to look back has become the river." Grandpa shook his head and sighed.

The original is a tiger's head and snake's tail story, I can not help but spoil the fun. Phoenix but a thoughtful face will me a look, as a deep state.

Between words has been to the opposite shore, Phoenix took a Laojun elixir and boat grandfather for the boat, the first to get off the boat, I got off the boat when I looked up to see the magic world at first glance, a foot on the edge of the boat did not stand firm, lunged forward, but Phoenix that guy back in time, just in time to catch me.

I touched the bridge of the nose pain from his arms to lift up, but his body a beat, abruptly scattered to hold my hand, and suddenly head forward without looking back. I steadied my steps and almost fell again to follow behind.

The sky of the devil world is as arrogant and bright as blood, green ghostly fires flying around, ghosts and shadows, I shivered, fine voice: "That ...... phoenix, you wait for me ...... I ...... I'm afraid of ghosts."

The phoenix in front finally stopped, turned back, the corners of the mouth smile vortex a spin, crying and laughing: "You a goblin afraid of what ghosts."

I thought about it, also right oh. Think again, also not right, I am an elf, not a demon. Fortunately, the phoenix finally no longer leave me behind, I will not bother with him picked up the road with him to go.

Halfway through, the phoenix made the illusion that we both changed our appearance, the body of the robe also turned into a gray color, and I said: "You want to go with me also, but from today in the demon world you are my personal maid, to serve around, I will ensure that you are not caught by the ghosts." I thought I've been his schoolboy for a hundred years, the personal maid is not much different, so I promised.

Inside the demon world is very lively, the street walking around the demons have a general human form, but there is always something more on the body, or dragging a tail, or the top of the horns, or the canthus to fangs, see I was overwhelmed, not happy.

A small demon came up to my waist, holding a large tray, flattering up to the phoenix said: "This magic master, buy a tail. All fresh goods, loaded with a guarantee that people can not see the real body!"

Phoenix shook his head eyes are not willing to glance on a glance. I am interested in looking at, really a big plate of tails ah, above the stack of a cow tail, sheep tail, rabbit tail, fish tail, bird tail, I reached out and turned over, soft and hot, really fresh and realistic very much. Then asked the little demon: "This tail is good, I wonder if there are ears?"

The little demon said, "Yes, yes." Busy from the pocket to pull out several pairs of ears, I saw a pair of long white rabbit ears, well, if such a pair of ears, I think the next time the old Hu again to catch me will be able to put on to scare him back.

Little demon tsk: "demon mother good eye, this rabbit ears but according to the ears of the jade rabbit in the wide cold palace change." I touched the rabbit ears, happily tucked into my arms, the phoenix snorted on the side: "But the blindfold small art."

Just about to leave, but the little demon called anxiously: "Demon lady can not pay yet?"

"What's money?" I turned around in confusion.

The little demon stared at me with rounded eyes and feet. The side but suddenly into a pair of hands, throwing the little demon a silver shiny thing, "I paid for the demon lady."

I turned around, I saw a demon in a body of basalt-colored robes holding a deer smiled at me slightly. Oh, there is really warmth everywhere in the demon world.

Phoenix but cold face, pull out an ingot of red gold things thrown to the little demon, the demon threw the silver ingot back to his hands, "my maid to buy things naturally I pay, how can bother the great hall."

The demon took the silver ingots with a disbelieving face and said, "Since we are a family, why do we have to 'bother'?"

A family? The heavenly family is really magical, this phoenix first has a fox as uncle, and now there is a demon and his relatives. I took a look at the demon, some familiar.

The phoenix smiled lightly, "long time no see, the great hall today how the interest to the magic world a trip?"

"I heard that Phoenix brother asked for orders to go down to the demon world, my brother inevitably curious, I do not know how the case is so important to the Fire God personally." The demon's voice is very warm.

Phoenix stroked the hem of his sleeve, did not care much: "Demon beast poor Qi and evil ghosts Gandharva fight, create demon fire, put the plague, involving the innocent, corpses everywhere. Can this be considered a big deal?"

"In that case, my brother should also go along to help a hand." The demon suddenly turned to me, "Jinxiu fairy goodbye." After the words, reached out and gently touched the neck of the deer beside him.

I took a closer look at the deer, and remembered, "Little fish fairy herder ah?"

The little fish immortal herald smiled warmly, "It is the life where we do not meet."

"Little fish immortal herald?" Phoenix expressionlessly repeated, "I don't think you two have actually met."

"Yes, yesterday Runyu immortal herdsman just happened to meet when the deer release." I said with him.

"Release the deer? Fish? I don't know when the Night God Hall is not even as a dragon, but as a fish?"

Runyu immortal herald bowed his head and smiled, "Vulcan both as a crow, I made a fish is not harmless."

Such a question and answer, I finally learned that this small fish immortal herald is actually the Phoenix's brother true dragon night god. So there are scales tail is not necessarily a fish, it may also be a low-profile dragon.

After that, the small fish fairy herder will go with us all the way, the phoenix face more and more cold, really really do not know how he is such a cold person as the god of fire.

At night, Phoenix asked for a suite, ordered me to live in the outer room, and rightfully so: "You are my personal maid, naturally to wait on the living." Small fish fairy herder then lodged in the next room.

Sleeping until midnight, Phoenix said he was thirsty and asked me to bring water with him, I was confused and went downstairs to find the little kid watching the store to ask for a pot of tea, but I saw the night god's deer cowering at the mouth of the wooden stairs and looked at me, strange and pathetic, I think it was also afraid of ghosts, so I brought water and took it back to the guest room.

The next morning, I looked for the grass in the backyard of the inn to feed the deer, but it was stubborn neck refused to eat, someone behind a soft laugh, turned around and saw the Night God standing there, said: "Jinxiu fairy and do not want to embarrass it, I this deer called 'nightmare beast', only eat dreams, but can not eat grass. At night, just release it, it will find someone nightmare will eat it."

I patted the deer tsk praise: "really heavenly baby, interesting." The deer suddenly burped, I touched its round stomach, I think last night I do not know how many nightmares to eat, now hold up.

"Two guests, breakfast is ready, the store that magic master think is hungry panic, the face is not good, and please two guests go in to eat." The little ghost poked his head outside the courtyard door.

I said with the Night God: "Why don't you guys eat first, I see this little deer eat up, I lead it around the courtyard to eliminate food."

The night god smiled, "Good."

After he left, I will be the nightmare beast belly left pinch right pinch, "you can eat dreams, may spit dreams? Spit a dream with me to see." It dodged left and right, but I wrapped around it and rubbed its belly around.

I think the nightmare beast really eaten up, and finally really spit out a nightmarish pearl-sized thing, I was happy to reach out to pinch the bead, the bead suddenly disappeared into the earth.

In a flash, a layer of thin light image floating on the ground, I squatted on the side to watch with interest. The image of the scene but there are some familiar, I recalled a moment, seems to be yesterday's forgetting the river ferry disembarkation place. I saw nothingness forgetting the river side, a yuxiu upright man is holding a woman standing, light and shadow slowly shift, to sweep to the man's face, I took a closer look, but it was the Phoenix guy.

The woman lying on the chest of the Phoenix, see not very clear, only to see her slowly raised her head, the Phoenix slowly lowered his head, the two pulses a look, well, kissed down.

In this case, this is too half of the fox fairy said "spring dream".

The nightmare beast slept in my room with Phoenix yesterday, I seldom dream, I think this spring dream is Phoenix's.

I watched with great interest the light and shadow of the phoenix and the woman kissed, kissed, kissed, and then the woman panted, the phoenix can be calculated to put her away, but still wrapped around her waist, the woman a weak look leaning on his chest, the scarlet face turned over.

It is very familiar.

I took a look at my face through a small pool of water in the courtyard and compared it to some.

Finally came to a conclusion, the woman in the light and shadow indeed looks exactly the same as me.