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Chapter 54

The most beautiful but April day. In April, the gardenia red pepper is beautiful and different, peach blossoms are chaotic plum blossom fragrance, mortals will think that the most beautiful, however, in the world of flowers, but is no more ordinary scenery, the month is April day, the four seasons are early spring. The blossoms do not remember the year, and do not decay over the years. The plum and summer lotus bloom together, and the snow lily and stone geranium compete for fragrance is not a spectacle.

The warm breeze makes people sickly and lazy, like a tear falling on rice paper, layer by layer, haloed and stained all over the body. The first few days after I returned to the flower world, I was always too sleepy to wake up, and I always fell asleep during the day when the twenty-four Fang masters came to visit me. This evening, I played a game with a small fish immortal, but barely lasted half a game before I couldn't stop the drowsiness and fell into a dream on the stone table. Half-asleep, half-awake, I seem to hear Lord Changfang and the small fish immortal herder talking, intermittently.

"Jinxiu this child ...... alas, the fate of many Jie. Dare I ask the night god but pillow core treat her, all unadulterated thoughts?"

"Since it is sincere, long Fang Lord all do not need to doubt it."

"But all pay true love, are looking forward to the other side to reciprocate the love, such as if the Jin Rou is a barren inch of soil, no matter what seeds sowed what fertilizer, no matter how carefully watered care are not even a flower spike to return, and her talk about love is like a stone sinking into the sea without news, so time-consuming and expensive, the night god can fear?"

"Oh, what is there to fear? If time is destined to be wasted, then I would like to waste this life with her ...... Just, why does Lord Changfang have such a pessimistic view of the child?"

"Cough, cough ...... Jin For is a small immortal since childhood to look at growing up, she is good natured, but since childhood was born cold and unfeeling, except for the long spirit ascension of immortality, all things in her can be put aside, no one and no matter can enter her eyes, let alone into her heart. This time the water gods immortal go, the night gods can have seen Jin Fu dropping a tear?"

"In that case, there is no. But, great love has no trace, huge sorrow has no tears. How does Lord Changfang know that the foraging child is not the pain of losing her father into her heart? Don't be so slanderous foraging child, Tang suddenly said a word, this word I do not like to hear."

"Hey ...... words have come to this, it is said that rivers and mountains are easy to change nature is difficult to change, the only thing I wish the night god is sincere to the gold stone for open."

Small fish fairy herder rubbed my open scattered phi on the back of the hair, there is a hitch not a hitch, I comfortably lying on his arm rubbed, all fall into the black sweet.

I don't know how long it took, I found in a trance that the arm I was pillowed on was no longer there, it seems to have been replaced by a side of silk pillow, I think the small fish fairy herder has left, in a trance I only heard a sigh from the peony long fang master, "I don't know whether this meteoric Dan and you are a blessing or a curse ......"

Woke up again is already dawn, a night dream went without a trace.

The first flower god incense mound side up there is a stone pavilion, called the memory of the pavilion, inside a full moon stone table four stone drum stool, around the pavilion a circle leaning rail, I will sit in this stone pavilion during the day to guard the spirit, the night only back to the tomb side of the temporary bamboo house to rest. The book of words borrowed from the fox fairy has been hastily flipped through more than half of them, but they are just some men and women's love affairs that blow flowers and chew pistils and make ice strings, and you and I are in love and he is also in love, which tastes like wax, but I forced myself to read it from beginning to end, trying to figure out the trick.

Today, I got up late, and after reading it for half a second, it was really boring, so I laid out a stack of Chengxin Tang paper to practice my calligraphy, and casually picked up a book of words to transcribe the verses.

I saw that the paper flew with some interest, so I simply abandoned the pen and folded the dozen or so poems one by one into a butterfly shape, and with a little magic, they flew around the pavilion one by two with flapping wings. The white paper butterflies were carrying the ink writing up and down without slowing down, the sun was just right, I looked up and saw the light coming through the paper wings, the veins of the paper were clearly visible, it was really as thin as a cicada wing, it was even better than a real butterfly.

I was lamenting that the paper was of good quality when the pavilion suddenly had a wisp of breath, I retracted my gaze, but saw the phoenix long body leaning on the side of the pavilion pillar, the hand pinched a few unfolded paper butterflies are watching, perceived my gaze, raised his head coolly smiled and said: "seems good."

"Hmm." I nodded my head, "It's really good. Tough but can moisten, light but not slippery, skin like egg film, firm as jade, pure texture, thwarted without damage, strong ink moistening, if Vulcan likes this paper, I can send some to you."

Phoenix raised his eyebrows, dusted a corner of the paper with his fingertips, and said, "I mean this poem is good." He took a piece of paper with his hand and read, "Infinite spring thoughts are endless, but how many times do I ask you. The bridge presents paper to stare at the eyes, Biyuan hold hands brow lock late. ...... Even though there are thousands of knots in the red dust, if you can solve the love for each other how extravagant obsession. There must be love when there is a fate, ice heart a piece of two wistful persistence."

The face of the water does not rise again page, "swallow grass like blue silk, Qin mulberry low green branch. The day when the gentleman returns, is the time when the concubine breaks her heart. The spring breeze does not know each other, why do you enter the apartment?"

After reciting two songs, he seemed to be not yet satisfied, he looked askance at the end of the hanging eyes, two fingers lifted, lightly tweezing a butterfly flying past his temples, unfolded and read: "Not to write love words or poems, a plain handkerchief to send love, the heart knows to pick up the upside down look, horizontal and vertical silk. Who knows this kind of heart?"

"The horizontal also silk to vertical also silk, hmm ~" Phoenix raised the corner of the eye, faintly came over a long tone, "I do not know which gods you are thinking of, so straightforward?"

I paused, opened my mouth to answer, but then thought, in the belly over, turned to say: "apparently not straightforward enough, otherwise the fire god how can not see who I think?"

Phoenix long fingers, the paper was folded out of a deep trace, "Oh? What does it say?"

I looked at the pavilion outside the graves, slowly inhaled, said: "not only the handkerchiefs have silk, the rice paper held up to the light to see, not also horizontal and vertical are silk. It's a pity that you don't want to give it to you."

Phoenix face unchanged look at me, brow indifferent, but the fingertips but a light movement, stained with a touch of ink stains and did not know, the wind crossed a trace of turbulent breath. Half a sound, finally opened his mouth, word by word cautiously said: "What did you say?"

I looked at his unfathomable face, suddenly remembered one thing, then mentioned in passing, "Can you not marry that Suihe Princess?"

This time the phoenix face finally moved, surprised to look at me, the light in his eyes seems to have the wind passing, bright and uncertain, "Oh ~? Why?"

"I read some medical theory some days ago, it is said that marrying a wife should not be the same clan, otherwise, the baby is born with either a finger or multiple toes, it is not good. You and Princess Suihe are cousins, also belong to the same clan, it is really not good to tie the knot." I sincerely will he a look, rare bitter words of advice in people.

The corners of the phoenix's mouth were slightly raised, but there were a few tears and laughter, "So, thanks for thinking of me like this. Just ......" turn of phrase, a pair of phoenix eyes straight to my eyes, like to look into my heart general serious, "If I tell you, you said that is mortal, the gods do not have this disturbance, you want me and Sui Wo marriage? "

He looked at me, such a invincible and invincible fire god, now between the eyebrows there is a touch of trembling vulnerability, a desperate gamble on life and death general.

I thought about it and said back: "No."

A long breath, the phoenix eyes stretched a closed, open again, full of light, the corner of the mouth pear vortex appear from time to time, "Why?"

"Where in the world there are many reasons, not willing is not willing." I bite the bullet.

"If I don't marry Suihe, can I marry the Moon Node of the Nine Obsidian Star Palace?"

I deliberated for a moment and said cautiously, "It's not quite right."

Phoenix lips smile vortex deepen, "then Biancheng Princess Luying is good?"

"Not very good either." I shook my head to deny it.

So, the phoenix relentlessly pursued the six worlds in the sky and underground, but all the names of the beautiful gods and beautiful demons asked one by one, I put myself in his shoes to weigh some, all thought not quite right, simply denied all. Phoenix but smiled more and more profoundly, the spring breeze swirling defeated.

Finally, he sat down to me

The first fifty-fifth chapter

Small fish immortal herder more and more busy, he did not say, but I read from between his eyebrows, however, he came to see me more and more often, often all night and all night at my bedside.

Close your eyes before going to sleep to see him all elegant bright moon not stained sitting on a bamboo chair drinking tea, open your eyes when you wake up dreaming he is still all elegant bright moon not stained sitting on a bamboo chair, but the hands of the tea cup has been replaced with a volume of poetry. Look up and a warm smile, always just right to call people feel ironing incomparable, the temperature is just the right body comfort.

I occasionally have a couple of nights without sleep, accompanied by him to talk and play on the spell, to the first appearance of the Golden Crow is already weak and sleepy drunken general sad, can not help but admire him often sleepless night, after hanging star cloth night also rushed to the flower world to see me, but he smiled faintly, said inadvertently: "how will be tired? Watching you sleep sweetly is the best rest for me, more useful than even sleeping for ten days."

Regardless of more mundane matters, the god of the night is always cloudy and impeccable, gentle treatment of a flower, a grass, a person and a thing around the body, not tired of putting themselves in the place of people to envision the whole, an understanding heart of seven.

The rabbit is afraid of rabbits, the small fish fairy herder will find a thunder drum for him, palm-sized, pinned to the waist, when the rabbit only need to tap the drum surface will have the early summer rumble of thunder rumble roll over, the rabbit is timid, the slightest movement will be afraid to leap away, the old Hu got this thing that happy ah, praised the night god out of the sludge and not dyed, is the only one in the sky to earn a good bamboo, even sighs in the past to generalize wrongly accused him.

Lian Qiao spiritual power is low, is limited to live in the water mirror is very stifling, always want to see things other than flowers and plants, small fish fairy herder gave her a mirror, the event of all things can be seen from this square inch mirror. Lian Qiao satisfied her curiosity and always asked me if the small fish immortal herald would take a concubine in the future, she wanted to recommend herself.

The master of the first flower god, Xuan Ling Doum Yuan Jun, is said to have written a set of flower scriptures, spilling 32 parts, which have been lost for more than 100,000 years, and now there are only 14 parts left, which makes the master of the first flower god very heartbroken. It was not expected that the little fish immortal herald was so powerful that she was able to find a full set of these lost items and give them to Lord Changfang, who only thanked her indifferently but showed a rare admiration and approval in her eyes.

In addition to the long Fang master the rest of the twenty-three Fang master, including the irascible Ding Xiang small Fang master are all praise for the small fish immortal herald, it is evident that its goodwill charm far and wide. And, small fish immortal herald for people do not deliberately, always inadvertently between the successful and appropriate solution to everything, as if the most difficult things in his hands, so that the people who are helped by him also do not feel anxious heart has a deficit, the most rare "natural" four words, as the so-called moist and silent.

In a short time, the flower world in the grass fairy flower essence, bees, butterflies, insects and fireflies, even micro to the size of the seven star ladybug are aware of the six worlds in the most harmonious and elegant gods belong to the night god.

The flower world fairies like to use the night god as a handle, naturally, inevitably, and his brother Vulcan to compare some, such as I am now walking around the tomb, you can hear a grasshopper and a jasmine flower essence in chewing.

"Ay ~ to Night God is really ...... how can I describe it well? Last night I saw him outside the window tucking in the corner of the electron, that action, that look, really just a glance will call people willingly melted, tsk ...... "grass green grasshopper essence smashed mouth, reminiscent of the endless.

The next jasmine flower essence disdainful: " What is it. You have never seen the night god and electron play chess, electron that stinky chess basket not to win her is simply unconscionable, but the night god has the patience to accompany her to spend, but also can always calculate the right to pinpoint the win or loss between two or three pieces, so that electron no matter whether to lose or win feel decent happy. It's a pity that she's playing the piano to the cow, but as I've seen over the years, she's just a decent-looking stone.

I meditated, I really do not understand when I spoiled the little fish immortal herder? That's all, I am generous, do not care about this.

The grasshopper spirit said: "Speaking of night gods, I remembered that recently also often come to the flower world of the fire god, I heard that in the heavenly realm had taught electrons some spells, and electrons have a teacher-disciple relationship, the skin is really good-looking impeccable, worthy of the six realms of the rumors of the beauty of the son, than the best-looking water gods also better than the color of three points. Just that the eyes ...... ice is ice, the momentum is also great, I have heard him and other gods talk in the past, really a word like gold, say one or two of the Lord, and high spiritual power, and he befriended the gods did not deter him three or two points. I don't know how the two opposite natures of Vulcan and Night God will be the same from the Emperor, it's really a strange thing."

"The two gods are not the same as each other, but they are both equally coveted and admired." The jasmine flower spirit laughs and laughs, the tone is very fascinating.

"The actual fact is that the actual people are not only the most effective, but also the most effective. I say, instead of trampling on the night gods, we should match the fire gods with the stubborn stones and the hard ice.

"Don't be a jerk, the electrons will also call the Vulcan a little uncle in the future!"

The world is getting worse and these flower elves are becoming more and more noisy, more and more like the fairy sisters in the heavenly realm. I shook my head, hating the irony and returned to the pavilion along the same road to keep watch over the spirit.

Before I got to the pavilion, I saw from afar that the phoenix, who is said to be a good match for me, was leaning lazily on the stone railing around the pavilion, holding a half-unrolled scroll in his hand and looking down at it. Looking at him from the ink collar to reveal a section of the soft back of the neck, I got a whim, changed into a snowflake fluttering, and finally a cold drop on his neck, cold against his skin in the hope of freezing him a jolt.

The phoenix was not only not shocked, but also smiled happily, and wondered if he had touched his itchy point in the wrong place, and was not willing to do so, so he stuck to the back of his neck and threatened in a thin voice: "Quickly hand over your inner essence! Otherwise ......"

Phoenix teasingly picked the corners of his mouth, a smile swirled, "or else how?"

"Or I'll bite you!" I said viciously.

The phoenix set aside the scroll and turned me back to my original form, a handful of my arms, smile more and more happy, "so exactly what I want." The words did not fall and leaned down to cover my lips, his close eyebrows covered the corner of the sky in front of my blue itchy heart, as if a goose feather lightly floating down the center of the lake, a ripple slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly leisurely rippled open. I closed my eyes and bit his soft and delicious lips in response to him, he gave a beat, and then the two lips on fire, more and more intense, grinding me burned me, like the red lotus karma fire ...... tongue pavement rolled in, the breath straight into my lungs, leaving no room for half... ...

I felt like I was going to be out of my soul when we were panting apart, and my cheeks were hot, trying to fan my face with my hand, but he was looking at me with his eyelashes and head down.

Phoenix reached out to touch my cheeks, like a cat's hair, fingertips down slowly lift my chin, " most like to see you this shy look. Do not lower your head, give me a look, okay?" Every time, for almost three years, he was in a good mood whenever he saw me blush, and the more embarrassed I was, the happier he was.

I squirmed around and said, "No, no, no."

The Phoenix laughed and swept me into his arms, obeying me for a rare time, "Okay, okay, don't look then don't look." After a few moments, and said: "Not to mention the inner essence, you want anything I will give you, is you want the sky river flow, fish flying sky birds swimming water I will do it for."

Buried in his arms a comfortable smile, pertinent evaluation: "Good boy, good boy."

The phoenix reached out and flicked a hand on my forehead, with a light and proud look on his face, "Which good boy did you say?"

I have been teasing him for more than a day or two, and now I have some experience, so I am not afraid of him, so I flattered him and said, "Little uncle is good."

The phoenix held my shoulders and broke me away from the arms, long eyes narrowed, the mighty raised, still smiling, the corner of the mouth pear vortex but no trace, low voice is not cold slowly said: "Little uncle? You call which little uncle?"

My heart trembled, secretly said bad, look at his smile so shocking, is not to touch his scales? I said, "They all say I should call you 'Little Uncle'."

"I do not know now you are still heartless and want to marry with the Night God?" Phoenix let go of me to stand up and look down on me, already pressed head of the aura now more and more appalling, I guess when Sun Da Sheng by the Buddha's grandfather's five-finger mountain oppression also felt just like this, is chest stuffy thinking about the answer, then listen to the Phoenix and languidly added a sentence, "you recently night and night and Runyu companion want to be very comfortable, right?"

I swallowed a dry throat, weighing some: "You do not have to say this to hurt my heart. Do you not know whether I am comfortable or not?" Then he said righteously, "How can I want to marry the God of Night, I only want to marry you." The

Phoenix's face shuddered.

"But ...... heavenly emperor ordered the marriage contract and there is no reason to change ......" I melancholy aggrieved will he a look.

The phoenix smiled back, hated iron and flicked my forehead, "worry about the sky! This matter does not need you to worry about, I have my own plan. However, you have to be patient before the wedding ceremony ceremony in January ......" his long fingers tightened the palm of his hand, as if there is something under the heart that can be tolerated which can not be tolerated, but also to suppress the matter of patience, the eyebrows are tangled.

I broke his fingers one by one, saw the palm of his hand was pinched out five bloodstains, chest and lungs in a moment of aphids rampant, was gnawed very uncomfortable, I frowned holding his hand panting and blowing.

The phoenix a relaxed look, looking down at me, but as if the pain is very comfortable general, reaching out to touch my hand without traces by his thunder and rain play not pain but itchy forehead, said: "Jinrui, in times of crisis, I or the night god, which you help?"

I did not raise my head, should say: "naturally help you!"

A long breath, the phoenix seems to have 50,000 years of spiritual power general comfort foot, said: "Today you have this word is enough, not in vain I ......" behind the voice is too soft, murmuring general, but the face is red red.

When he was parting, he handed me the painting scroll that he had just examined, "This painting I had time to do the day before, you take it."

I unfolded it, but I saw a vigorous grape vine wrapped around a bamboo frame, the vine beard and leaf veins are clearly defined, a bunch of purple grapes hanging upside down under the frame, the back of a woman in the distance seems to be absent, only a hairpin pinned in the bun color dazzling, I echoed the praise: "The brushwork is divine, your recent painting skills have become more and more refined. This fairy's posture is like a willow, not bad, but a bit thinner."

Phoenix pinched the corner of the forehead, Qi sunk into the Dantian to try to calm the mind and said, "This painting is you."

I was stunned, and then look carefully, well, see out, the hairpin is exactly the Huanti phoenix plume, so said: "So no wonder this looks familiar."

"It's just that ~" the phoenix cried and laughed for a moment.


Three years, but the Buddha's hand a rosary bead slipped through the time, a short moment.

The seventh of March, the night before the wedding, the small fish fairy herder according to the rituals to avoid suspicion, shall not meet with me.

I sat on my knees in front of my father's grave, and the sky was filled with fireflies flying. I took out my hairpin, long thick hair ran down, picked up a section of vine transformed into a blade, hand up the knife, sharply cut off a section of hair, with a Chengxin Hall paper wrapped properly, called a moth, the small paper wrapped around its back, and carefully instructed it must be handed to the fire god.

The little moth seemed to understand the solemnly accepted my entrusted wings and flew away, blinking and disappeared in the thick of the night.

"Father, I said I wanted to honor your old man. I have not forgotten, I wonder if you have forgotten?" I bowed three times to the grave, stood up, and tilted my head and smiled.

Green silk, love silk carry on.

The auspicious time has arrived! Rise the palanquin! --The palanquin!

On the eighth day of the third month, in the evening, the twenty-four masters of the flowers married to see each other off, the flower fairies flying insects and monsters fall Rui heavy Fang up outside the boundary of the water realm to the flower world, the ten doors of the three continents, a thousand miles away, three thousand six hundred and sixty-six million flowers in full bloom carpet spread all the way to the sixteen immortal attendants who came to welcome the bride drove up decorated with a solemn atmosphere and treasure overflowing palanquin stomped on the auspicious clouds of haze, and stepped over the long carpet with great pomp and circumstance, step by step, flying all the way out Flower world to the heavenly court.

I sat in a large palanquin, head topped with a heavenly silk woven wedding handkerchief, blocking the eyes, but fortunately the wedding handkerchief is not so densely woven, but also semi-permeable to some light, so I can still barely see outside through the handkerchief, just not so clear. Flower world, but all can be counted among the famous exotic flowers and exotic grasses are now spread in this sedan chair, strong and fragrant aroma smoked me for a moment do not know the direction, only with this big sedan chair languid a shake, waves in the general.

A short while later, the sedan chair stable, landing.

The palanquin curtain was lifted from the outside, and a long white hand reached in, and a gentle voice whispered in the spring breeze: "Seeker." It was the little fish immortal herald.

I put my hand into his palm, he held a gentle squeeze led out of the palanquin.

At once, the fairy music sounded, the music of the sky played bright. Colorful butterflies flying around the beam, cranes dancing around the neck.

I stood shoulder to shoulder with the god of the night, looking at him through the wedding handkerchief, but I saw her head wearing a jade dragon crown, dressed in a new red wedding robe, dark eyebrows and watery eyes, elegant face, with a light luster like pearls, and the surrounding noisy and colorful decorations to form a sharp contrast, like a drop of dew in the thick ink, and hold on to the pure heart, not at all by the surrounding clouds.

He looked at me with a smile, solemnly holding my hand, all the way through the six worlds of immortals who came to observe the ceremony to the head of the temple. Long-lost plum blossom nightmare beast neck also tied a red ball of flowers to follow me, from time to time lowered his head with his head and neck against the cloud tile floor peeked up from the bottom of the wedding handkerchief timidly look at me, see me glare at it before jumping and continuing to follow.

All the way to the heart of the temple, a few cases on both sides into the drainage of wine altar, all walks of life, the gods gathered, even the ghost world, the Department of the Underworld, the Yan Luo also invited in the list, sitting in the lower right head of the Emperor.

The emperor sat at the head of the temple, gold crown cloud robe, look grand, eyebrows slightly lowered, see me and the small fish immortal herdsman holding the hand of labor gladly faint smile.

The emperor stood next to the moon immortal also looked down at me and the small fish immortal herds holding unbreakable hands, and looked at our side by side intimate distance, full face wrinkled into a bitter melon, the folds between the eyebrows furrow distinct, tight to pinch a fly or two think not a problem, a short time then listen to him with a secret voice transmission and I said: "small foraging child, how can you like the old and the new to fall in love Ungrateful red apricot wall abandoned chaff? This told my family's miserable Feng Xu how to be good? Only hear the new man laugh, not hear the old man cry ah!

I cough interrupt the fox fairy poetry flourishing broken years, concern and he said: "under the moon immortal do not get excited, and sit down and slowly say, standing to say strange tired."

The fox immortal demeanor tangled some, secret language

The first fifty-seventh chapter

Small fish immortal herald blandly said: "No it. The king is defeated, the chess is not a good move, do not want, the mantis catching cicada yellow bird in the back."

Phoenix calmly looked at the small fish immortal herald who was bound by the golden rope, "the yellow bird is not good enough, the night god today is just a cocoon."

Small fish immortal herald smiled, a gentle shake of the head.

"Our allegiance to the night god, willing to liver and brain for the night god!" I do not know who shouted among the celestial soldiers and generals who just poured in. In an instant, a call for a hundred responses, the crowd rushed to the gods in the seat, want to capture the immortals as hostages, the people in the seat of the immortals, naturally can not resist the brute force of the celestial soldiers, a moment of panic.

Must know, the phoenix and will not come unprepared. But see his eyes flashing, a slaughter fire order, the temple outside the influx of several times the number of soldiers to contain the rebellion of the gods of the night, a time, the wedding banquet turned into a sword battlefield.

The emperor was furious, a slap on the golden armrest to get up to rebuke, but unexpectedly, before standing up straight and suddenly stumbled back into the seat, only to return to his senses, jaw-dropping angry scold night god: "What water you just gave me to drink?

Small fish immortal herald not slow said: "but a small amount of fury incense ash, only two hours to take off the power."

"You! ......" the emperor's jaws cracked, angry speechless, the moon under the immortal a hold the emperor, angrily looked at the small fish fairy herder condemned: "Runyu, I know you have a deep heart, just, you are so disloyal and unrighteous unkind and unfilial will not be afraid of heaven's wrath! "

Small fish immortal herald lightly looked at the emperor, said: "disloyal, unrighteous, unkind and unfilial people and what right to ask others to its loyalty, benevolence and filial piety? The Heavenly Emperor back then to ascend to the throne, kill his brother, abandon the flower gods, marry a wicked woman, humiliate my mother, throw my son, if not for the war with the devil race, wrshǚ.сōm and would not have recalled me? The first has forcibly separated the god of flowers and water, the god of the wind to marry the god of flowers, so that the god of the spirit of injury for the destruction of the Queen of Heaven's poisonous plan; after my mother to destroy the marriage with the son of the East Sea Fish King and then abandoned him to the Queen of Heaven to kill the evil. Heavenly justice is clear, there will be a reincarnation."

The Heavenly Emperor's color faded.

"Runyu does not seek to walk between the top and the bottom without shame to heaven and earth, but seeks a piece of pure land in his heart to give back to his mother's gift of birth and nurture." The small fish immortal herald eyes bright and quiet remote look at me, a strong red also can not cover his from the inside out of the moon white wind clear, "no shame in this life, only owe one."

I looked at him with clarity, lowered my eyelashes and turned to look at the gods and generals who were fighting back and forth in the hall, in a short time, some people were flying in the dust, some were annihilated, the momentum of the night gods' soldiers weakened, the fire gods' generals were getting braver and braver, the victory was already known. The phoenix did not move to block in front of my eyes, "Do not look, beware of the sword without eyes." The hand outstretched obediently to separate a diagonal spear, a palm strike out of the sneak attack on the celestial soldier with an egg, palm in the karmic fire blazing, not bothered, the rebellious soldier has instantly burned ashes.

I water waves do not rise to look at his soft and broad shoulders, and then follow his movements to look at his palms, to look at the flame between the palms, three years, I repeatedly look at these hands, a hook and a stroke of each stripe are clearly remembered in the heart, so that they clearly remember, it is these hands, is the fingertips of the red lotus karma fire took away my only father, burned his seven souls and six bodies.

I couldn't understand what the little fish immortal said, I only heard him at the end of the sentence is not thick or light accented four words: "the grace of birth".

Who said that the heart of grass, to repay the three spring sunshine?

I was awakened by the sound of rain, and with just a glance, my father, who was leaning on the bed with his eyes closed, opened his tired eyes and said kindly: " Sleep again, I will go and bring you medicine."

However, I never waited for the bowl of bitter medicine, did not wait for the bowl of bitter medicine after a icing sugar ......

Dad's accompanying immortal attendant escaped with all his might, inch by inch crawled to the door of my room, a breath of wandering air even a word could not be exhaled, exhausted the last bit of energy in his body but repeatedly made a mouth shape.

I pushed his corpse away and rushed to the stove, and saw my father slowly fading away in a clean mess, I reached out in a panic, but only managed to grab a half-destroyed corner of the robe, the residual warmth was still there, the figure had passed away, and what remained at my fingertips was just a lock of faint vapor.

I read, the fairy waiter desperately trying to say only one word - "fire".

In heaven and on earth, there is only one fatal wound that can destroy the water god - red lotus karma fire.

In heaven and on earth, there are only two people who can make red lotus karma fire, the Queen of Heaven and the God of Fire.

The Queen of Heaven was convicted and imprisoned, except for Vulcan, there is no one else ......

"Water God to avenge the murder of women want to take the life of the queen, Vulcan on behalf of the three palms, a serious setback, his mother was convicted and sent to prison, Vulcan resentment in the heart, but also fear that the water God can not be relieved of his mother again, so destroy the water God, forever!

Memory in my brain inch by inch tear and then piece by piece together, headache, good pain, good pain, I closed my eyes.

"Jinxiu! Jinxiu?" The phoenix turned back and lowered his head in my ear and called softly.

"Nothing." I blandly returned.

"Don't look again." The phoenix did not hesitate to block the view in front of me to the full, turned around again, opened his hand to the night god, a bright lotus flower on the fingertips, the nine heavenly clouds in the hall of the strong wind up, with his wide sleeves and robes flying, proudly said: "further war only to add innocent casualties, now, is not the only first to destroy the night god, your highness the rebellious generals will stop the war? "

At this moment, I could not see the Phoenix's face, all I could see was his long back, with his back facing the empty door wide open. Seeing the beam of water light through the center, I smiled, as expected, the book of love is true.

The green silk, love silk, I would like to give the green silk to send love, but I hope your heart is like my heart ......

The hair is really placed on the most important part of my body, not in vain I took the trouble to seduce him for three years. It turns out that the place where his inner essence is placed is not between the eyebrows and not the heart, but in the middle of the chest!

I looked down at the willow leaf ice blade that I had held a thousand times, thin as a leaf, transparent as ice, double-sided open edge, hard and sharp.

The next moment, it had plunged into the center of Vulcan's back.

Father, I said I wanted to repay you, but I did not know how to do it. So, now, if I kill the person who killed you with my own hands, is that not a tribute to filial piety?

I didn't hesitate to stand up and use all my strength against the hilt of the knife in my hand, until the blade was all the way into the unsuspecting back of that side.

I watched it plunge to the bottom without the slightest hindrance ...... and saw it inch by inch through the lock of green silk placed close to the chest, penetrating the front chest ......

The tip of the blade, a drop of red blood slowly slipped down, fell on the light can be seen on the cloud brick, a small flower, bright red bright red.

The surrounding area is quiet, so quiet that I heard the sound of that flower blooming.

He turned back slowly against my chest, nose to nose, so close that I could not see his face, I could only see the pair of dark shocked pupils, which was written all over my eyes, written all over the frank betrayal in my eyes.

He asked me, "Why ......?"

I said, "You know."

He asked me, "Have you ever loved me ......?"

I said, "Never."

When we spoke, it was close, so close that the faint brush of lips between the opening and closing of the mouth ...... reminded me of that afternoon, those many afternoons when the clouds were light and the wind was clear ......

"Love, what is it?" I murmured in confusion.

However, he did not answer again.

I never knew what love was, but I just read through the stacks of thick books, carefully pinched and guessed, repeatedly said the lines inside, repeatedly traced the actions inside. I learned to blush, learned to squirm daughter attitude.

Who will tell , how well I learned it ......?

The warm liquid drenched my hands, seeping through my fingers into the embroidered hooked edge of the big red wedding dress, in the bright red robe on the bloom of a large, dark red flowers.

The long phoenix eyes were quietly closed, like a sleeping child. I watched him become more and more transparent, more and more thin, little by little smoke dissipated ...... finally, into a handful of ghostly flame, in a flash, everything behind me are burned. But I, but the hairpin with the huanti phoenix plume, unharmed ......

"The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. Even if you are annoyed with me, or you resent me, I will never let you marry the Night God!

"What if I go to hell? There is nothing I am afraid of between the earth and Xu Feng!

"Jinxiu, I think, one day I will kill you."

"This rice paper you said to send me can still do count?"

"You ah ...... heartless ......"

"You do not worry, these fairies even if they are good again can not enter my heart."

"The world is big, the woman even more, my heart only one good."

"Xufeng only marry one person in this life."


A cloudy gas rushed to the heart, I fell to the ground, wow spit out a mouthful of black blood. A sandalwood-colored bead rolled in a pool of blood, and moments later, disappeared into thin air.

Across the street, the night god broke free from the binding gold rope ......

The first fifty-eighth chapter

"The original beautiful violet and sweet red bloom everywhere, like this are paid to the broken well and decadent wall. The beautiful scenery of a good day, who's house is a pleasure for the heart! The morning fly and the evening roll, the cloud haze cui xuan; the rain and wind piece, the smoke wave painting boat - Jinping people also look at this Shaoguang cheap!

On the shores of the lake and the mountain, the clouds are entwined with rain. Outside the carved fence, outside the carved fence, the red flip cui parallel. The bees are sad and the butterflies are in love. It is not because of a dream. A pillow of Huaxu, two sudden."

I turned over, opened my eyes, and saw two little fairy girls leaning next to the bed, with their heads hanging a little bit from time to time, napping. I propped up my arms to sit up, which I know the arms a soft, but fell back to the bed. A movement woke up the two fairy nuns. "Who is singing a song outside?" I asked.

One of the fairy nuns, with wide eyes, suddenly turned around and ran out of the room, shouting, "Quick! Quickly tell His Majesty the Heavenly Emperor! The Water God has awakened!"

The other nun, who was much more dignified and steady, looked at me with a trembling voice and said, "The Water God has woken up after sleeping for half a year, and Your Majesty is worried about it day and night."

I frowned and asked again, "Who is singing a little song outside?"

The nun said, "His Majesty the Emperor is enthroned today, and the immortals are helping to cheer him up, so some immortals have set up a stage in the forecourt and are singing mortal tunes."

I closed my eyes and asked, "What is this singing?"

The immortal nun respectfully replied, "The song is a Kun opera, called 'Frightening Dreams'."

"The dream of ...... the dream of ......" I mumbled and repeated between my lips a few times, and suddenly looked up at her: "The Heavenly Emperor? Which heavenly emperor?"

The immortal nun covered her mouth and smiled: "The water god is joking, which other heavenly emperor, naturally there is only one, is the night god temple. Just now the emperor also took a break to come over to see the water god, but coincidentally just left, the water god woke up."

"Night God ......" my brain is suddenly a mess, "Night God ...... you say which night God?" I climbed on her cuffs, "Where is Vulcan? You said I slept for six months? Why didn't Vulcan come to see me?"

"Vulcan ......?" She was stunned for a moment do not know how to answer, I grabbed the sleeve again and again and again and again repeatedly asked, only then carefully said: "Vulcan ...... Vulcan is not half a year ago will be ashes?"

"Boom" a loud sound, my brain exploded into a blood fog.

Green silk ...... willow leaf ice blade

Back ......

Inner elixir ......

Blood, full of blood, along the white cloud tiles, one step down, only the source, no end

Yes, he is dead ah! It was my own hand that plunged the blade into his essence! It was I who killed him with my own hands! I watched his soul fade away with my own eyes!

I cupped my hands, and my chest hurt like flesh. I curled up in the corner of the bed, so painful that I couldn't stand up, and suddenly my heart, liver, spleen and lungs were all plucked out, alive, bloody and shockingly abandoned on the floor. I twisted my wrists, brute force, wondering why it was not these hands that were plucked out?

"Senkami! Senkou! What's wrong? You mustn't hurt yourself!"

My toes cramped with pain, and I looked at her in panic, "Quick! I've lost my heart! I've lost it! Help me find it! Find it! It must be in this house, I must find it! I can't live without it! It hurts, it hurts so much ......" I covered my empty chest and shrunk into a ball.

The fairy is full of panic, said straight: "Okay, I help you find, help you find ......" she knelt on the edge of the bed, lifting the pillow and turning the quilt a search, the group turned around to find a circle, "no ... ... no ...... ...no ...... Senkou, no ah ......"

"No bed, under the bed, and outside the compartment! It must be there!" I howled tears, huge pain.

"What are you looking for?" Someone stepped in, a long body, red gold robe.

Xu Feng?

I teary-eyed paused there, and all things stood still.

"Looking for the heart ...... Heavenly Emperor ...... His Majesty the Heavenly Emperor ...... Xian Shang asked me to help her find the heart... ...she said her heart fell off ......" that fairy shivered, her soul was not attached

"Seeker, what's wrong?"

The mirage collapsed in a flash, the phoenix never called me for the child ...... chest was plucked again, a bloody flesh ...... I tangled wringing hands, bile in the throat ruptured like bitter.

"So bitter, so painful! Am I going to die?" I lost my breath and looked at him helplessly. The little fish immortal herald pressed my hands, holding me into his arms, patting my back, and said softly: "No, with me, how will the forager die? Besides, we have to work together for thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years, even if the sky and the earth are not enough. I just slept for too long, so I'm not feeling well."

I broke away from him, "Don't touch me, I'm in pain!"

"Where does it hurt?" The little fish immortal herald looked at me gently, "I'll give you the qi crossing, use the yuan spirit to help you calm the pain, okay?"

I covered my chest, only to feel that the pain from the chest flooded, straight to the limbs, needles and knives stabbing general, can not say where the pain, but everywhere pain, I curled up tight body, tears can not stop flowing down, "I do not know, I do not know where the pain ...... so bitter, the mouth is bitter. You save me ......"

Small fish fairy herder smiled, "eat sugar will not be bitter." He casually changed his hand to an iced sugar, hand-fed into my mouth

The sugar in my tongue melted away, into a yellow juice like, only to feel more astringent throat more bitter, bitter I clenched my eyebrows to spit it out, but see that the sugar has been dyed blood red. It turns out that only father's icing sugar is sweet. However, father is long gone ......

The small fish immortal herald looked at the blood-stained sugar, hidden worry between his eyebrows, reaching out his hand to inject spiritual power into his fingertips slowly rubbed over my back, "Forage child not afraid, it will be fine, everything will be fine."

I choked and sobbed until my throat was hoarse and I couldn't make a sound, the tears were still falling down, seemingly never ending.

The little fish immortal herbalist took a golden elixir with honey water and let me take it, gradually calming my panting. I felt lighter and lighter, and I slowly fell asleep, but even in my dreams there was pain that followed me.

I don't know how long I slept, slept through the day, slept through the night, slept through the pain, slept through the bitterness from my throat to the finest hair, the silk is clear, the slightest hint is visible. I woke up again, another spring, the warm spring light spilling in through the window pane, the sound of birds in the courtyard, someone turned his back on me and played the zither outside the screen, the flow of water from the mountains was flowing.

I got up barefoot and stepped out of the screen, past the person playing the piano, and pushed open the window. The warm breeze came in with clouds of fluttering clouds, and a pair of lingbirds were nesting in the mud under the porch eaves, fluttering their wings and busy, sometimes rubbing each other intimately as a sign of encouragement, sometimes chattering and quarreling, seemingly disagreeing over the placement of a straw. The first time I saw them, I stopped arguing and hid my head under the wings to look at me through the gaps in my feathers.

"Forager, you are finally awake. Don't go on sleeping like this, okay? I was afraid that before I could marry you, before I could love and cherish you, you would sleep like this until the end of time."

I didn't dare to look back at the piano player ...... Actually, I just didn't dare to see the piano, once upon a time, there was also a proud person with his back to me playing the piano. In the end, the piano, broken; that person, gone.

I touched my cheeks, dry without a trace of water stains. It turns out that tears can also flow backwards, they flow backwards in my chest into a river, but the face can no longer flow a drop.

The small fish immortal herald from behind my waist, will gently rest his jaw on my shoulder, moist nostrils like a feather sweep over the side of my neck, "look, look, the flowers are blooming. When are we going to get married? How about this spring?" I staggered slightly and didn't answer.

Yes! The window is open and the flowers are blooming, but why can't I see you?

The first fifty-ninth chapter

"Immortal system Yin cold, here dry fire, really should not stay for a long time, hope that immortal return quickly. If there is a mistake, I am afraid that His Majesty the Emperor will have to be hurt and worried again."

I rolled up my cuffs, wiped the beads of sweat running out on my forehead, fanning my face: "It's okay. It's just a little hot, where is it as serious as you say. You can relax, the emperor is busy with political affairs, can not be distracted from these trivial matters."

I am a small fish fairy nun sent to serve me, all things are good, but the point of making a big fuss is very fatal. And everything is always like to use the smallest thing to read some, open and closed mouth always want to admonish me, generally speaking are to "I am afraid that again to call the emperor's heart to worry" to do the end of the statement. Even if I usually if I drift off for a long time, she also has to worry about the country and the people with a solemn face to interrupt, as if I did something evil, lest I go astray into the devil general. At a young age, she learned to look like this, the future of old age into the fairy grandmother may also be how nagging.

I shook my head and sighed for her.

I don't want to see me sighing, immediately a worried face like a big enemy, and stand ready to say: "What is the immortal sighing? Forgive me for saying a word of advice, some things in the past will let it go, mortal people know that people have to look ahead, not to mention that the immortal practice for many years is now a superior god, think about it, is contented and happy, in addition to the emperor treats the immortal heart and soul, never to the emperor's rain and dew of the vice, the immortal if you think of him again, is that I am such attendants will be cold, not to mention the emperor. ......"

My head again as usual sudden attack on a puncture pain, took out a candy in the mouth, interrupted her: "Here warm, I sit again, you and go back for me to feed the nightmare beast fed."

"Xian on ...... this flame mountain top Laojun Dan room outside, you say warm? Also, the nightmare beast eats dreams, but where to find this many dreams to feed it?" Her face twisted and stomped her foot.

"This nightmare beast has been with me for many years and is not a picky eater, you can feed it with grass leaves or bamboo." I waved my hand and sealed my mouth, so I had to look at me reluctantly and turn back.

Today Tai Shang Lao Jun came out to open the Dan Furnace, I had scouted for good news early in the morning and purposely sought to come over, but I did not know that Li Zhu, the little woman, had followed me all the way here, but now she was sent away, so I had a clear ear, and even the steaming heat outside the Dan Room became not so unbearable.

Once the noon hour arrived, I heard the golden bell ringing in the Dou rate palace compartment, I adjusted my clothes and handed an invitation to the fairy attendant, and within a few moments, the fairy attendant returned and respectfully welcomed me in, with my head hanging low, not even daring to look at me.

According to the bead, that day, the small fish immortal herald a break free from the binding gold rope, it will take advantage of the immortals of the heavenly soldiers and generals lost confusion when a move to take down the emperor, a moment to control the dominant momentum on the field, and the Vulcan army lost the commander of the moment a group of leader by the night God's division with less than miraculously suppressed. After a great victory, the heavenly world held the law conference, at the small fish immortal herald listed the emperor 18 sins all into reason, plus its virtue and good reputation, the immortals are convinced, so pushed as the next emperor. And the original emperor of heaven will be exiled by the small fish immortal herald to the divine sky Jiu Chen Island recuperation with three times a day.

Who do I do not care, but since I was the previous emperor sealed the position of water god, now all the immortals in the sky to see me respectful and polite face always with a trace of imperceptible fear, as if I was a flood of beasts, so I can not help but feel some sense of frustration.

Through the complex gossip garden corridor, before entering the main hall, it was almost knocked down by a fairy waiter dressed as a medicine boy with an incense burner.

"Watch the road more carefully!" The immortal attendant who showed me the way was quick to separate the incense burner with his eyes and hands, and his movements were so skillful and smooth that he was used to it, but he still forgot to scold me, "Always so impatient."

"Mr. Lingshang?"

I dusted off the hem of my clothes incense ash is about to lift the feet into the main hall, but see that the bold immortal waiter jawed in front of me, a call that I have a little familiar.

"Duh, what Ling Guang son, why don't you quickly pay respect to the immortal." The immortal attendant who was leading the way tugged at his cuffs.

"Your Majesty?" The immortal attendant was stunned.

I took a closer look at his face, well, it was the same bandit land immortal who taught me that eating, drinking, whoring and gambling were the four pleasures of life! It was rare to see an acquaintance who dared to look directly at me, so I nodded my head and said warmly: "Long time no see, how are you doing?"

"Oh, it's really Mr. Lingguang! I didn't know you were an immortal, but I didn't expect you to be an immortal, I'm sorry." The land immortal bowed to me and said respectfully, "I am still well these years, although the heat here is not bad, just pick up some leftover residue of the old ruler's alchemy stewed and eaten can also grow up to a year of power. Can be said to be a blessing because of the disaster."

And also: "But is sent to the small immortal of the fire god, hey, I think it is a close friend of Prince Ling Guang, right? Unexpectedly, such a big event has happened. Please be grateful for your sorrow. By the way, I don't know much about immortals, so I'll take the liberty to ask, since you are an immortal, I wonder what you are in charge of?"

I paused and said lightly, "Water."

"Water God! ...... fire god ...... so that is ......" the land immortal blurted out, looking at me also changed his gaze, with those immortals look at me in general.

I touched a malt candy from my sleeve pocket and put it in my mouth, leaving the shocked and unbelievable gaze of the land fairy behind me as I stepped into the hall.

In the main hall of Dou rate palace, the old ruler is unveiled curtain from the backyard dan room step out, see me a few steps and arch hand said: "water god salute." After giving me a seat, condemned the left and right children to go down to see the tea, reached out to smooth a waterfall on the chin white beard, picked a handful of slightly burnt curly twist, not too fast and not too slow said: "Water God this time to come to the door I wonder what insights?"

Good, this old man straightforward nature I like, but save you and me those tedious polite words. I looked at his handful of apparently burnt beard when refining pills, brewed some, said: "I have heard that the old god's pills are a treasure in the heavenly realm, small can make the human decay of the skin and face, large can condense the soul of the living dead to eliminate a hundred diseases." I paused, and looked at his head on a wipe not clean fire ash, continued: "What's more, I heard that the old ruler also refined three nine golden pills, can return to the immortal soul to extend the life of God. This time, I want to ask you to ask for a nine golden pills, I wonder if you can give it to me?"

Tai Shang Laojun hands a stop, pinch the beard pause there, but apparently some unexpected, the feet of the green cattle ride also looked up at me, "moo" continued to snooze.

I waited for the old gentleman face melancholy, tangled, twisted, cut flesh, hideous, reluctant, helpless, reserved all kinds of expressions alternately over a tea, and wait for his face reserved, helpless, reluctant, hideous, cut flesh, twisted, tangled, melancholy to replace the incense burner, can be counted to see him put down the beard pick up the tea jar sip tea slowly said: "the effect of this Dan Not as magical as the water gods say, but the world exaggerated by blackmail. Must know that God has seven souls and seven bodies, combined into forty-nine circumference, unless there is still a soul and a body or a body is still alive, I'm afraid that the use of the old man's golden pills have some effect." He looked at me and said, "The water gods to ask for this golden elixir fear not to die want to call back the first water gods? Forgive me, the first water god lost his soul and body has died, is this golden elixir is also weak."

I gripped the cup, and then let go, "My father has passed away for a long time, I no longer have the luxury to return to heaven. Today I am here to ask for the golden elixir for other purposes ...... hope that the old monarch will give me the elixir, Jinrui will definitely thank you a lot, if there is something Jinrui can help in the future, I will also be willing to go through fire and water."

The old ruler hesitated about a snap of the fingers, said: "know that the three golden pills consumed 60 azi before they were made, water gods and allow me to think carefully for a day, come back tomorrow."

I also know that this golden elixir has been refined for 3,600 years, very rare, not to force the old monarch, only to leave when the step three times back to the Dou rate palace door plaque eagerly looked again and again.

When I got back to Gui Gong, it was already late at night, and the window of the small fish immortal herald was still showing some wavering lights, so I thought I was still reading all the petition forms, so I gingerly crossed from his door to go back to my room in a low profile, but I just pushed the door open and heard the small fish immortal herald say behind me, "Forager, you're back?"

I sighed and turned back, "Exactly. The little fish herald is also still awake?"

He came forward and brushed the dew from my hair, smiling slightly, "You have not returned, how can I sleep soundly. I told you, you can call me Runyu, two words are much more convenient than four words, do you think so?" The soft voice has a little bit of coaxing flavor.

I coughed and lowered my eyes and said, "How can the name of the Heavenly Emperor be called easily, I don't think it's appropriate."

He reached out and took my hand in his and said, "If you and I were to worry about these rules, it would seem that we are not getting along."

I responded vaguely, "I'm a little sleepy, you should go to bed too."

He lowered his head and looked into my eyes, and said, as if inadvertently, "I heard that you went to Dou rate palace today to ask for the golden elixir?"

This big tongue! I lowered my eyes and looked at my toes and said, "I just strolled around."

The little fish immortal herald softly "Oh", and said: "I do not know what Seeker wants this nine revolutions of the soul of the golden pills for?"

I flickered my eyes for a moment and said, "I have a disaster in my life, so I think this golden elixir can be a life-saving item on my body in case I need it."

The little fish immortal herald looked up at the star, and then looked down at me, said: "If you want something, you may want to tell me, maybe I can help a little."

I looked up sharply.

He shook my hand and released it, saying, "It's late at night, go and rest."