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Chapter 45

The rules of the heavenly realm are complicated, one of which is that every seventy-seven or forty-nine days all immortals must gather in the Nine Heavenly Halls to discuss the law of reincarnation and discuss important matters in the six realms; another rule is that heavenly animals and immortal birds may not be brought into the main court of the Nine Heavenly Halls and stop walking outside the cloud steps.

I looked at the giant horn on top of the head with black fur bared iron, and then looked at the tiger pattern bird wings, and the purple body bird beak under the wings of the long double-eyed far-flying chicken, although the beast but all hideous and ferocious, none of a good look, weighing some, will be tethered to the nightmare beast in the Erlang Xiangsheng true monarch of the Heavenly Dog body. After all, I know that the dog only likes to eat the moon, for venison should not be very interested.

It is clearly the meeting of the gods, but I do not know why a few days ago, the emperor sent sixteen immortals to make sixteen immortal e to father's Luo Xiang House under a gold glittering invitation, inviting me to this area of the genie to come. When the grand and lavish array of the post came, father was practicing his words in the study, only slightly raised his eyes to look at the post and then dive into the pen between the flying dragon and the snake, although not read but seems to have understood the contents of the post.

I will be the nightmare beast tethered securely after the fairy child to guide the finger into the hall sat next to Dad, and the emperor under the first small fish immortal herald across the heart of the hall distant opposite, small fish immortal herald and the wind and warm sun towards me a warm smile. I subconsciously slightly swept the surrounding, the phoenix this fury of the fire bird is not in today, I can not help but a relaxation of the backbone, unload a breath of relief to, pick up in front of the agar jelly comfortable to drink.

The emperor of heaven and the queen of heaven sitting at the head of the temple, the queen of heaven her old man today rare not contemptuous contempt to take the corner of the eye overlooking me, father is light clothes sleeves hands Jun body YiZhi steady accompanied me, and not to the two of them salute, from time to time the immortals to father greeting, father will gently nod greeting. Just a moment, the four seas and eight directions of the nine heavens and six worlds of the immortals in this large temple gathered together, the emperor raised his hand solemnly, is whispering pleasantries to each other the immortals are held back, and listen to the emperor Lang slow voice cautiously said: "All of you immortals know, my seat and the water gods at the beginning of the wilderness has made a pact, for the eldest son and eldest daughter engaged in marriage. Now that the Water God has gotten his daughter back, this marriage should be a success. Today's invitation to invite all of you here, is to discuss with the Water God to draw up a good auspicious day for Runyu to marry Fairy Jin Fu into the main Gui Gui Palace, please all immortals as a witness."

Although I have always known that I will eventually marry with the night god, but today the emperor so solemnly announced, I somehow some unreal strange feeling, look up to the opposite side, but see the small fish fairy herald and I rubbed and elegant eyes placed elsewhere, neck light green veins next to the light pink, as if the sky full of stars have fallen into that dotted pupil, glittering.

"The eighth day of next month is an auspicious day." A brittle voice rolled in to interrupt my thoughts, following the sound, but the three altars of the sea will be the great god Nezha, the side of the South China Sea Guanyin's good fortune child red child a solemn nod of concurrence. I Zen Zen, I thought that although these two immortals, but is two are wearing a bib of immortals, how look are not grown up baby doll, really not enough to take credit. I don't want to, the rest of the immortals here said: "Yes, the eighth day of next month is auspicious."

The emperor turned his head and respectfully asked his father: "So, why not set it on the eighth day of next month, what does the water god think?"

Father looked at me, a slight nod of the head, a "good. The word "yes" is definitive.

Sitting next to my left hand under the moon immortal full of tangled whispering, "How can, how can? How can my Feng Hua be good?" Then he said to me, "Little Seeker, how can you abandon my Phoenix?"

I was about to ask him what is the connection between the phoenix and the eighth, the door of the temple "rumbling" was pushed open, a thunderstorm in the sky will be the temple immortals jumped. But I saw a man standing against the light, holding a long sword, posture, backlit front shrouded in shadow some eerie air, the tip of the sword reflecting the daylight that bit of light is the only brightness around him, but not to ease the eerie feeling but shudder.

After I adapted to the blinding light gradually see the face of the visitor, it is the Phoenix.

Behind him, the small immortal attendant said fearfully to the Emperor: "Your Majesty, Vulcan he ...... Vulcan he ......"

The emperor sighed and waved his hand, the immortal attendant as relieved to cover the door and retreated.

"Report to the father emperor, Xu Feng has taken down the northwest rebellion of the Gong Gong clan, came to return to the order!" Phoenix holding a sword, a double fist, a drop of bright red liquid along the blade of the sword dripped down the cloud white clean ground, I was horrified, only to see the cold cold sword body is still with blood.

The emperor of heaven to cover a cough, praise: "the ability of the Xu Feng really see refined day by day, only this morning under the war order, before the noon hour has returned, not to disgrace the mission. Now must be tired, go back to rest and rest it."

The phoenix does not retreat but advances, step into the hall, the water and sky of the white dress in the first place under the Queen of Heaven fluttered down to the seat, unstained white and the blood of the long sword in stark contrast, shocking to the eye. "Thank you father emperor, however, Xufeng but do not feel a lack of, do not know today's gathering is on what family dao law?

The Queen of Heaven frowned and glanced at me, like looking at a demon general resentment. The emperor did not know how to speak for a while and generally coughed a cough.

The corner of the eye red light a move, but a red-robed fox fairy, can not wait to say: "Today is the original emperor and the water gods together to discuss the night gods and fairy Jin Fu's wedding date."

"Oh? What date is set?" The phoenix swept me a glance, with the top of the heavenly mountains of the aura of the bitter cold called me unconsciously bowed my head.

None of the people in the hall seemed to be able to withstand the inexplicable aura, and none of them replied. "The eighth day of next month." Only the small fish immortal herald seems not to sense the pressure of this compelling, a slight smile gentle reply.

"The eighth day of the month." Phoenix softly read, lip color TongYan smile people creepy, as if not yet finished general and leisurely repeated, "the eighth ......"

The immortals in the hall have a tacit agreement to hold their breath for a moment, but see the phoenix spontaneously raised an eyebrow, the peak circuit said, "So, Xu Feng will wait and see!"

Small fish immortal herald smiling nod of thanks, "Thank you, Your Highness, the Fire God."

The emperor and queen of heaven are relieved, a few moments later, the hall of congratulations and congratulation of the voice, I learned from the small fish immortal herald will smile at everyone, raw will be these words of congratulations down.

At night, the twenty-four masters of Fang visited the Luo Xiang house overnight, father went out to welcome them, I saw from afar the long masters of Fang's meticulously coiffed bun and felt a faint pain in my head, so I slipped out the back door when no one was looking.

After a leisurely turn, I was planning to go up to the marriage house to chat with the fox fairy, but I saw two fairy attendants sitting on the stone steps outside the Pan Gu temple hall, counting the nine palaces and playing with them. I also squatted over, looked carefully at the nine palaces painted on the ground, reached out and pointed out: "Here is wrong, should be filled ......" before the end of the words, the opposite buried head concentrated on the hard thinking of FeiShuo "ah! The stone used to fill in the word in his hand was thrown out with a shock.

The listeners also patted their chests, "I was scared to death! In the middle of the night, Jinxiu you are more and more ungenerous! Just now the second highness bluffed, you now come to scare us, really unethical!"

I blinked my head, I really don't think I have scared them, "What did Vulcan do to scare you again?"

"I don't know, but His Highness came back from the Palace of the Nine Heavens today with a bad look on his face, and at night he even blew all of us fairy attendants out of the Qiuwu Palace." The second highness is kind and has never been so angry, but every anger is caused by you."

I was dumbfounded. Qiuwu Palace of a cadre of immortal service fairy e worship their second highness has been nearly blind, the phoenix is in their face stabbed me a sword, they will also feel that their second highness actually did not cut me up really "kind" to the extreme,.

In addition, the phoenix is born with a strange, angry with me what is relevant?

I do not listen to the matter, but there is always some blockage in the heart of the strange, on the way to think, I'm afraid it is not the Phoenix this guy today to capture the Gong Gong when the injury, or is too much Lingzhi a few days ago to eat too much to make up for the head of the false fire is too strong, so it is angry, right?

So some thoughts, I turned my head to Qiuwu Palace, the door was open, the palace was empty, I looked around and did not see the Phoenix, I was confused, was about to leave, but the heart of the spirit of a move.

The wind blew from the wind in the shoulder, water in the water convergence. As if I could not hear the wind in the wind, can not see the water in the water, but can detect their existence in general, although I circled around the pool did not find the phoenix arrogant end shadow, but a mysterious intuition, he must be in the vicinity.

At the end of the day, I was finally attracted by the amber light swirling in the pool, squatting down to lift a handful of pool water to purify my face, just closed my eyes, and was dragged into the water by a sudden and irresistible force on my wrist.

I was horrified, but not before I could make a move, I felt the pool water without a roof, those thin streams of water from all directions to me pervasively pressed to me. The water spell, fire spell, earth spell ...... all the incantations recited during the day were thrown away to the clouds, I was at a loss for words and tried to open my mouth to breathe.

The lips are slightly open before you can breathe in, it was attached to an object with a strong fragrance of cinnamon, the object is moist and soft, fragrant and overflowing, so that people are momentarily confused, I was lost in thought for a moment, the thick darkness of the water curtain someone reached out and pinched the tip of my nose, not heavy, but the breathing was blocked.

I pushed hard to push away this dominant shackle, but was replaced by a tighter captivity, both wrists were held tightly by a slender hand fixed in a wide, strong and flexible place, and the strong movement under the hands finally made me realize in the chaos that it was a chest, and over my lips were two thin lips.

I couldn't break free, and I instinctively opened my mouth to draw life from that mouth. I sucked hard on those slightly open lips, plundering every bit of air inside, and the master of those lips did not know if he also felt trapped in breathing, and after a moment opened his mouth more viciously, enveloping my lips in it, licking and sucking furiously, and even arrogantly stretched out the tip of his tongue between my gums in a messy lick. I am naturally not willing to show weakness, in order to live, I follow the example of the tip of the tongue to grab the few remaining vital energy.

A fight to the death, although I did my best to take some air, but increasingly thin into the air but I could not resist the body gradually limp, consciousness gradually blurred away, just when I thought I was going to be drowned in the pool. The person strangled my arms and gently flung me out of the water.

I coughed violently, reaching out to brush away the tangled hair in front of my forehead while gasping for breath. Secretly thankful that they have not been drowned, if the daughter of the water god died in drowning in the history books, I am afraid that the future is not to be passed on to future generations as a shocking joke.

To see the opposite and I generally dripping wet but still not lost suave, but also with that pair of soulful phoenix eyes looking at me, a fire instantly jumped up to the top of my head, is not tolerable, really really regret how he did not take his bones and skin stewed to eat, but also to eliminate this many future problems. I have lived this more than 4,000 years never had this kind of anger.

"You ...... you ...... you ......" trembling fingertips, I pointed at the phoenix, but do not know what to find a good The word rebuke in him.

Finally, I pointed to his crotch, remembering the fox fairy said that the man's that is more important than the inner essence, gritted his teeth and said: "you again this unkind to me, I will let you live forever can not humane."

The first forty-sixth chapter

After the words, I turned around indignantly and forgot to recite the water spell to clear the wetness to clear the whole thing. But just take a step, the upper arm will be a sudden force captured, the fierce force will I turn around and pushed down on the pool side of a phoenix tree trunk.

The phoenix tree suffered a violent shock, a tree of flowers have fallen to the ground, such as the fire of the petals swept past my cheeks silently floating down to the ground. In the midst of the spill, the phoenix is dressed in white, the lapel is slightly half open, the hair and eyebrows are water, dripping downward, suddenly vaguely visible one by one crystal along his smooth and gentle chest sliding down, not into the depths, no trace can be found.

I leaned my back against the rough tree trunk, wet according to the body and paste the clothing to make me more sensitive to the surrounding objects, only to feel a hot pain against the back, I struggled, but the Phoenix Yin sting full of color and leaked around the killing gas to subdue, not to move.

"You ...... you ...... what do you intend to do ......?" It is easy to break free from the throat of a few broken words but in the phoenix that long, cold hands on my neck broke apart.

"What do I intend to do? I naturally want to know how you would like to make me inhumane? Well ......?" The upturned tone was like a sharp blade breaking the taut strings in my head, and I couldn't restrain a shiver. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they've been in the business for a long time. It is reminiscent of a dormant beast before it pounces, bloodthirsty and cruel.

The moon is in the middle of the sky, the evening breeze sends cold, clear light like a wash, the Milky Way leaks traces.

The Moon Palace must be lit up like a torch, a piece of the moonlight shining out bright and clear, reflected in a pool of silver glitter, the sky and water between the two echoes, shining brightly called nowhere to hide.

The phoenix with the fragrance of the laurel silhouette slowly approaching, soft ten fingers in my throat slowly close, I struggled helplessly twice, the breath is getting weaker and weaker, more and more short, at this moment I know I really made Mr. Dong Guo, kindly save this he, he now wants to put me to death and then fast. Nearly suffocated, I caught the last thread of wandering air, intermittently mumbled: "Feng ...... phoenix ...... phoenix ...... phoenix ......"

The phoenix suddenly let go of the fingers that clamped my throat and neck, overturning the charm of a smile. I looked at him in disbelief, my chest and lungs rose and fell. A gust of wind, a light night clouds slowly floating, covering the sky white moon, between us suddenly darkened.

In this quiet moment, I felt him lower his head. The moist lips pressed against my equally moist lips, tossing and turning without leaving any room for error, the slightly cool lips like a stream of water washing the pebbles over the years, lubricated and shiny, charming and intelligent. He reached out and clasped the back of my head, leaning in to cover it, and the two of them were pressed tightly against each other, with no gaps. I opened my mouth slightly to gasp for breath and was swept away by the tip of his tongue. I was relieved to get rid of the fear of life, I was inevitably relieved, slightly curious, also explored the tongue kissed him, the Phoenix shuddered, the body surged on a blaze of gas, the sun like fire. The back of the tree trunk texture rough grinding I do not know whether it is pain or heat, back and forth between the sandwich, only feel like boiling oil refining wastewater frying, knee bending force is lacking, actually to go limp.

A few moments later, the back of an empty, a cool, but the phoenix placed me on the edge of a shallow pool of water, the body clothes have been removed at some point, I did not shy away from looking at the strong chest smooth belly, is in such a stillness there is a momentum of strength.

The line of sight gradually down, I saw a different thing, the heart of a move, can not help but wonder, I first saw him in the water mirror, does not seem to be such a ......

The phoenix gasps thickly, I looked up again, hitting his warmly blooming eyes, read not to understand the sensible. The jade-like texture and well-defined bones were spell-binding, and I reached out to touch his collarbone and suddenly felt no longer afraid of anything.

I could not restrain a slight tremor, ten fingers linked to the heart, and suddenly, my heart was drenched.

The fragrance of cinnamon flowers lingered around me in the lotus-colored moonlight, and I only dimly realized that it was clearly the fragrance of wine brew. After ten fingers, he included my earlobe, all the way down. At this point, I realized that not only he, my clothes also did not know when to fade away, only the remaining sky of starlight to cover the body.

The shallow water with the beautiful petals floating sporadically underneath me, washing my body, however, more dense than the water is the kiss of the phoenix, from behind the ear to the side of the neck, from the chest to the tip of the foot, this usually arrogant and unimportant man just creeping beside me, long drought to rain as passionate possession of every inch of my skin.

My mind is confused, but my body is so sharp and clear that it's almost a hair's breadth. I only felt burning, burning, my whole body was going to burn as if burning. In the midst of the chaos, I felt that the nirvana of the phoenix was no better than this.

He did not check me, and I forgot to escape.

My heart was beating like thunder, something was coming out of it, I opened my mouth, and some strange broken sound escaped in fragments. I do not know what it is, confusion between the momentum of the piercing into the body. The pain of the moment, as if a spring thunder of the dormant, opened up the sky. However, this moment of clarity was followed by a fall into the void and clouds of mist.

I subconsciously barefooted to stomp away the person who gave me pain, but the mouth closed force to bite his shoulder, not to let go. The searing breaths next to my ears rose and fell.

At that moment, the wind did not move, the water did not move, the clouds did not move, time stood still. The only thing that remained was the ups and downs of the person on top of me.

The line came to spring three rain, sleep away a cloud of witch mountain.

It was as if I had fallen into the drama of the dusty mirror, and I heard the little opera sing in that silky and beautiful voice: "The red flips the cui parallel, causing the bees to worry and the butterflies to love. The fate on the stone of the third life is not due to a dream. A pillow of Huaxu, two sudden."

The sparkling sinking water ripples with bright red phoenix flower fallen Ying, a thin line of red from my body escaped, with the water far away, no trace.

"Xu ...... Feng ...... Xu Feng ......" do not know whether it is pain is warm is chaos, I in his chest under the piteous repeatedly call his name I don't know whether to tell him to stop, or to continue.

Our long dark hair tangled in the water, our naked hands and feet entwined under the sky dome. After the tide in the water calmed down a bit, he pulled me on his chest, the thumping heartbeat seemed to be loaded with something, too full, too full to hold anymore, and finally spilled out from the lips.

"Jinxiu ...... Jinxiu ...... Jinxiu ......" He looked at me intently, called me intently, and focused on holding up My jaw, the passionate light in my eyes is blazing, as if as soon as I reach out, I can pick this full of stars.

The sky is the cover, the water is the hut.

This night, under the red flowering trees, in the clear water of the pool, again and again, again and again, I and this moment before wanted to crush me to death tangled together.

So, this is the double cultivation that the fox fairy said. So painful so painful cultivation.

Today, the eighth day of February, suitable for wedding, marriage, nachai, fixed alliance, sacrifice, blessing, into the house, travel, open light, start foundation, repair, moving earth, building houses, erecting pillars, beams, doors, burial, breaking ground ......

In short, all things are appropriate, no taboos!

The First Forty-seventh Chapter


A brittle crack clear sound, I abruptly opened my eyes, awakened from the dream.

In the mist of the morning sun, the slender back of the little fish immortal herald called to mind the Bodhi branch in the western sky, with a verdant and distant Zen. He stood in front of a boxwood table with his back to me, a broken porcelain dish in his hand, the nightmare beast crouched timidly at his feet, and on the ground, a cloud of light was slowly dissipating.

I rubbed my eyes, sat up from the wisteria recliner, only then did I realize that I was waiting in the flower hall for the small fish immortal herdsman for a period of time unknowingly lack of sleep, a chaotic sleep, as if I had a very long dream, and as if I did not dream anything ......

I'm used to having a breakfast at the Gui Gong every day, and today is no exception. I don't know if my spiritual power has grown a little, but I'll check again when no one is around.

"Awake?" The voice of the immortal herald Runyu is low, the spine is upright and a little stiff.

I "mmm ~" a, get up barefoot to the table, looking at the table full of dishes in the belly of the greedy, is about to go forward, but the wrist is small fish immortal herald force a clutch, the grid open, "careful foot!

Low a look, two sharp broken porcelain but can be more than inches from the tip of the foot, really close. I moved my wrist, want to cast a spell to disperse these broken porcelain, but the small fish immortal herald but raised his hand to stop, fingertips a turn, light wind, broken porcelain drips gathered, and in a flash back into a polished and rounded half-moon dish. He used the small dish to hold a shovelful of water and sat down opposite me, eyes downcast and silently sipping.

I buried my head and ate for a while, and looked up again to see that he still maintained that posture and did not turn his eyes, seemingly drinking water and concentrating, but the dish of water did not diminish half, I do not know what I was thinking about, I reached out and waved my hand in front of his eyes, "Are you not eating?"

He just suddenly returned to his senses, picking up a pair of ivory chopsticks at hand to clip a tender bamboo shoot, somehow, the hand action poked hard, all lost the usual perfect elegance of the temperament, a pair of chopsticks made and a fierce weapon general, clip a few clips finally did not lift the slippery bamboo shoots, simply put down the ivory chopsticks, a pair of ink eyebrows slightly rise Lan, spin frown. The nightmare beast of a plum blossom is hesitantly rubbing against the door, looking like he wants to go out but does not dare to go out.

I kindly clip a chopstick for him crisp bamboo shoot heart, and give him a bowl of rice, but also meticulously bamboo shoot heart he does not like to eat green onion to pick up clean, almost for him to eat the food down the belly, I really feel really virtuous but more considerate!

I don't want the usually gentle little fish immortal herder now but even a smile is not willing to return to me, still dwelling in the thoughts, eyebrows deep can not help, only words are stingy to give. I was forgiving and generous, and I was content to bow my head to the temple.

"Last night the night fragrant jade opened." After a long time of silence, the small fish fairy herder before the village after the store to a sentence, and then said: "Unfortunately, but the foraging child is not in ...... flowers bloom no one to appreciate, lonely fragrance without a master, a flower's greatest sorrow think than this."

"How can no one appreciate it? I have given it to the small fish immortal herald, small fish immortal herald is its rightful owner, last night's flower bloom, small fish immortal herald both in it is not in vain open." After the meal, I held a cup of tea placed under the nose to savor. Unexpectedly, an external force came, my body fell, fell into the embrace of a party. When I looked up, I saw the elegant face of a small fish immortal, and my arms were holding me to my chest.

"Am I really her rightful master?" The most important thing is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get the most out of your life.

Suddenly, the hard, icy iron touch under my hand will bring me back to my senses, I moved away from my lips, but saw a silver sparkling magnificent dragon's tail under the palm of my hand, as I first saw, in the dazzling daylight but with the essence of moonlight calm and detached light.

I lie on the chest gently stagnant, as if some unexpected unexpected, for a long time, a long breath said: "nearly 10,000 years, only twice now the original form, but are called for children to see, I laugh at it."

I wondered: "Now the original form of what to laugh at? Besides, this dragon's tail looks very good to me!"

Runyu immortal herald lightly smiled, faded into the wind.

"I grew up in the Taihu Lake, my mother was a common red silk koi in the Kasazawa, I have been with the surrounding red carp since the day I was born, do not know the sky is high and the sea is far, but I do not know why my mother is always tired of casting a spell on my body day after day ......

"As time went on, I slowly discovered my own differences, my tail was getting longer and longer, a pair of abrupt horns appeared on my head, claws were gradually taking shape under my belly, and there was, no matter how my birth mother cast the spell, with her shallow spiritual power could not cover the faded white body scales. The surrounding red lithium began to slowly alienate me, they ridiculed my hideous body, the white color, they called me 'demon', see me as an ominous thing. I hid in the corner of the lake, looking enviously at the fiery red color of the koi, the satin-like languid tail, that mood, I think, is inferiority ......"

"My mother told me that mortals have a saying that 'diligence makes up for lack', and I seemed to have caught a glimmer of light at that time, cultivating day and night in the hope that having a strong dao would earn me respect again. I cultivated * human form, then no longer want to reveal their true body, always choose those fire red color of the raw silk clothing wear, is the change is only changed into ordinary koi look, I thought, that will be close to a normal fish ...... later thought, then really the frog at the bottom of the well." The small fish fairy herder shook his head, and gathered me low laugh.

"A thousand years later, the heavenly soldiers descended from the sky and brought me back to the heavenly realm. At that time, I began to know that I had done a thousand years of futile work. I was never a carp, just a white dragon who wanted to become a fish." He lowered his eyes and closed his eyes, and said in a light-hearted manner, "In fact, even if I had been a frog at the bottom of the well that was discriminated against, it would not have been happy ......"

I quietly listened to this tattered, incomplete, no beginning, process and end of the story, moistened his throat, comforted the small fish fairy herder said: "In that case, we are a good match, I made 4,000 years of uninspiring fruit essence, only to realize that I am a frost flower made of water. It is really mutual!"

The little fish immortal herald opened his eyes, dotted with black amber pupils gazing at me, bent his head to hold my lips, after a long kiss, he said to me: "I do not ask for much, I do not ask you to love me as much as you can, as long as you like me a little bit every day, day after day, month after month, year after year, year after year. Is that okay?" ......

He said, "There is no harm in loving me lightly, but ask to love me long."


What is love, exactly? It seems to be much more abstract than cultivation ...... I am in a confusing muddle.

The pond of Liuzi still seems to be soaked with the phoenix drunk by the cinnamon brew ......

The first forty-eighth chapter

I plucked a few clouds in my father's backyard, created a side of land, picked a damp and shady place to scatter a few banana seeds, but a moment's work, that flowing with smoke and water next to the rocky lake rock rockery will be pulled up flat three or two verdant banana, broad leaves spreading, how to see how happy, I now this planting skills do not live up to the name of the daughter of the god of flowers. I moved a bamboo chair in the shade of the leaves, I brought a cup of water to prepare for the rest and meditation.

"Fairy Jinxiu, His Highness the Fire God requests an audience outside the door." I was about to sit down when the fairy boy guarding the door of Luo Xiang House came up to report.

I waved my hand with my eyes closed and simply said, "No." Considering that not only did I not improve but also lost a little bit of my spiritual power, even if my nature was smooth, I couldn't help but feel a little bit sad.

I listened to the sound of the bubbling spring in my ears and took my chances 武动乾坤 傲世九重天Devouring the Star The Divine Seal of the Throne Shade the Sky The Night of the Shogun The Legend of the Immortal Killing God The Royal Family of the Great Zhou Seeking the Devil The Cultivation World The Official Family All-time Master All-time Master JinYiNanJing Super Strong Soldier The Edge of Immortality Making God The Chu and the Han vying for the Tripod Immortal Dan God The Strongest Abandoned Youngster Gifted Phase MasterSaint KingEndlessly armed again into meditation. After a short while, the fairy boy went and returned, "His Highness the Fire God said that today in any case to see the Fairy of Jinxiang, otherwise it will be resident outside the door of Luo Xiang House."

This phoenix ...... how for a good reason overnight will degenerate from noble into a scoundrel? Such talk is really not his style. Today the Buddha grandfather in the western sky Da Leiyin Temple to open the altar to speak meditation, the six worlds of the gods and immortals are going. Father went, Runyu immortal herder went, the moon immortal went, in short, the gods including the emperor seemed to go, the phoenix but how have not gone?

"So, you can tell him that I will not see him today no matter what." I brewed up a fairly symmetrical sentence for the doorkeeper to reply. The phoenix has already left, and I feel a little relieved, and I opened my eyes to see the phoenix standing in front of me with a white face. The fairy boy holding the duster twisted his fingers and stood by the side, "Your Highness the Fire God ...... Fairy of the Fairy ......"

The phoenix waved his hand to signal him to stand down, the little fairy boy immediately respectfully a sweeping dust bowed down, I ground the back teeth, prestige this thing really complemented with spiritual power. The phoenix and I stared at each other for a moment, gaze shining as if to see through what, I have some emotions, looked at him and then don't look away, but he suddenly reached out to hold my shoulder, I looked up in surprise, after seeing the faint apprehension on his face more strange.

"You resent me since it is reasonable, last night ...... I broke the commandments ......" Phoenix usually gaudy arrogant long eyes at this time water light austere, the color unexpectedly vivid soft and firm, lips Not open smile, the corners of the mouth but stone cast quiet lake like shallow swirl over the pair of hundred years rare pear vortex, cheeks by the sunrise stained with a touch of unnatural haze, I dumbfounded guess that Murphy surprisingly is not shy? It seems that in order to cover my ears, he suddenly leaned down to include me in his arms, after a long time, a piece of softness gently fell on the top of my hair heart, "but I do not regret. Even if I were to repeat last night, even if I were not half drunk, I would still do so."

His hand was warm and caressed my back, and the pain in my body instantly disappeared, "Jinxiu, you know my heart. The actual fact that you are annoyed with me, is that you resent me, I will definitely not let you marry the Night God! The words are domineering and open, again looking at my eyes but restlessly balking at my face, as if looking for something to support.

Inexplicable! I pushed him away, somehow lost my usual composure, raised my foot and stomped on his toes, "Those who ruin people's marriages go to hell, I naturally want to marry the god of night!"

The broad leaf surface of the banana undulated with the wind, shading the warm rising sun, the leaf shade dipped into the Phoenix face a dark Shen, he stood still and let me stomp on it, the quiet was appalling. After a long silence, he said in a low voice: "How about going to hell?" After that, look askance a smile, "this heaven and earth will not have I Xu Feng fear things!"

Phoenix temper temper uncertainty, only a moment, and his face changed, into a thick cloud of sadness, light sorrow between the eyebrows, "you actually said this to me ...... after last night, I hastily full of hope to come, and you gave me a sentence is actually sworn to marry the Night God ......" he pinched his temples, "Jinxiu, I think, one day I will kill you."

I was shocked, and suddenly remembered that he twice wanted to take my life.

In the end, we were not happy to part. The phoenix before going to the Great Thunder Sound Temple cast a glance to me but called my heart inexplicably a shiver, drowning like a stagnant. I saw his crystal pupils behind the dwelling of confusion, like a little boy only sad.

I sat in the backyard in a daze for half a day, until the sun rose at three o'clock outside the door, the boy came to report that the old man opened the furnace to release the Dan, please go to the water god father tasting Dan, I was wondering, did the old man did not go to listen to the Zen today? Even if his old man did not go to listen to the Zen, should not forget that Dad is certainly out. I thought about it, the old man usually do not ask about the world except for refining and researching pharmacology, and often once in the dan room will not know the time un Yin Mao spring, summer, autumn and winter, forgetting today's date is not strange, so the immortal attendant handing the invitation said: "Water God today to the west to go to the Great Thunder Sound Temple to listen to the Buddha open altar **, not in the House."

The immortal attendant suddenly realized, a slap on the head, "Oh, but exactly. My old ruler just came out of seclusion, but again remembered the wrong time." Then he hesitated for a moment and said, "A potion has no one to evaluate and appreciate it, so the old ruler will be frustrated. I wonder if Fairy Jinxiu has time to spare? If you can't invite the water god, the water god's daughter can come, so I can give the old ruler an explanation."

I thought about it, anyway, there is nothing to do, Laojun Dan room is famous, the pill is either to raise the dead or to prolong life and ascend to Buddha, I can take advantage of this opportunity to go to see see, so I said: "That's good. Please lead the way in front of the immortal."

The immortal servant bowed and led me to the east, and I followed with a water mist. To a residence, I walked along the winding corridor inside, but the more I walked, the more suspicious, as a matter of fact, Laojun is very fond of the eight trigrams of Taoism, the layout of his house must be in accordance with the four phases of the yin and yang eight trigrams and change, and this corridor formation, but I feel rusty, walking half a day, but like a foreign totem.

Was puzzled, the fairy waiter stopped in front of a double-page oak door, the door is not carved, strict and heavy, no half of the elegant style of the celestial world but some like mortal meat cutting board, the fairy waiter smiling knocked on the door to me to do a "please" action, I stepped into it to see the inside, but was a ruthless brute force behind a strong push. My feet stumbled and I fell into the door.

Behind me, "Bam!" A closed door sounded, and my heart thumped.

Looking up, I saw a delicate gilt tulle-lined taffeta train with the dignified and proud figure turning its back on me, spinning out behind it in the shape of a meandering flower pistil.

I finally remembered that the layout of the cloister was precisely the totem of the bird tribe.

"Fairy Jinxu, can call this god good wait ~" condescending, overbearing. People for the chopping block, I am the fish meat.

It turns out that today's play is singing "invite the king into the jar", Amitabha Buddha, good good!

The first forty-nine chapter

"Fairy Jinxu, can call this God good wait ~" the Queen of Heaven cloud temples high, from the top to look down, is this look down, proud chin also did not hang down a cent, only the tail of the eye gracefully drops a little.

The actual fact is that you will be able to find out more about the actual actual actuality.

I got up from the ground, dusted off the hem of my coat, a slap on the forehead, "Hey? I'm going to see Laojun alchemy, but I don't think that the lead fairy waiter doesn't know the way to lead me here by mistake, disturbing the Queen of Heaven, it really shouldn't, Jinrui this will be goodbye." I made a gesture to the ground and retreated to the door. But before I reached the door, I was stabbed by a golden light boundary and bounced back to my body.

"Today is indeed the alchemy is true." The Queen of Heaven's nose hummed a cold laugh, "only, not Laojun refining hundred herbs ......" dragging the trailing skirt, she slowly paced two steps, "the gods have always been curious, I do not know what the Fairy Jinxu real body is sacred, why not, taking advantage of Today is a good time to refine a refinement? I also want to open my eyes."

I just saw where I am now is a gossip wheel, gossip Yin and Yang poles, the Queen of Heaven stood in the eye of the Yang pole, and I was bounded in the Yin half of the pole, the wheel surrounded by a circle of gurgling water, the water, three or two fiery red carp tail, leisurely swim between them.

I touched the hairpin, touching the rough feeling called my heart a shock, yes, a few days ago because of my father's instructions, I have put away the phoenix that Huanti phoenix plume, now only pin a common grape branch, body without a thing to protect, but asked me how to fight with the Queen of Heaven.

"Queen of Heaven joke, last time above the ninth heaven cloud temple, the water god father has not already told all immortals that the real body is a six-petal frost flower?"

The Queen of Heaven contemptuous snort, "that year Zifen that demon girl with a few points of beauty to tempt the emperor confused water gods, who knows your father actually who? I think that Luo Lin water god may not be sure in his heart to confirm. Hearing is not believing, seeing is believing, so far no one has seen your little demon's real body, today this god will have to test it."

As she spoke, her hand will be a jade ear altar, lightly support the body of the altar a flip, the mouth of the altar down, which contains a thin overflow and out, into the surrounding water around the eight trigrams wheel. I smelled a strong fragrance of alcoholic wine, I think that the altar is filled with the strongest wine in the heavenly realm.

But I saw the liquor mixed quietly flowing, nothing unusual. However, when the mixed liquor flowed through a red carp, "Teng! The sound, the stock of crimson flame instantly rose up, it turns out, that quiet swimming is not what red carp, but a waving fire. The fires were set ablaze when they met the wine, and after only a few moments, the eight gossip wheel was surrounded by a fence of fire that surrounded us.

My forehead jumped, I only felt hot, five inside gradually boiling feeling.

"Karma fire is divided into eighty-one categories, firefly, candle flame, pay fire think for Jinxiu fairy is not very useful, the time is not much, we will try from the fourth level of alcoholic brew fire, how?" After the empty altar in the hands of a light throw, "clang!" sound smashed in the gossip right in the middle, the fire more vigorous. "Back then, your mother suffered to the last stage of the red lotus karma fire of the most - poisonous fire, but I do not know you but can hold up to several stages, this God is very much looking forward to."

Goddess of Mercy, Grandfather Buddha! This Queen of Heaven is really poisonous, I had hoped that I do not offend, people will not offend me, but unexpectedly, some people are naturally evil. It is really the nature of man to be evil. Not to mention that I am a piece of water made of frost, even a real grape can not resist her former God of Fire to roast me with karmic fire, this is not a test of my true body, it is clear that I want to put me to death, determined to eliminate the root.

Now escape is already delusional, can only last a moment is a moment. I shrewdly used the meager spiritual power to protect the Qi She point, Tanzhong point, Baihui point, Fengchi point, Tianzhu point, luck 武动乾坤 傲世九重天Devouring the Star The Divine Seal of the Throne The Divine Seal of the Throne Shading the Sky Shogun's Night The Legend of Mortal Immortality Killing God The Great Zhou Royal Family Seeking the Devil Cultivating the Real World The Official Family All-time Master JinYiNanJing Super Strong Soldier The Edge of Immortality Making God The Chu and the Han vie for the pentacle Immortal Dan God The Strongest Abandoned Youngster Genius Phase Master Saint King Endless Arms stationed a wall of Qi around his body to resist the dense and unending heat.

Before half a cup of tea, I heard the Queen of Heaven in the sea of fire coldly smiled, raised his hand and waved, the pool of wine instantly became a rolling boiling oil, the flame color gradually thickened, oil froth spattered in all directions, directly to my door. "The seven paths of karma fire, the fire of boiling oil!"

I raised a true qi from the Dantian, reinforcing the surrounding boundary, but I did not want to, that the face splash of oil fire like a hateful horse whip on the boundary, without the slightest momentum, but adhering to the surface of the wall, burning more and more vigorous, look alarming.

The Queen of Heaven's eyebrows twitched, seemed a little surprised, "So, it is really that Luo Lin out ......"

I didn't have time to pay attention to her to dwell on whether I was born of the Heavenly Emperor or the Water God, only to see that the sparks came in dense, step by step, to surround me during. I just saw that the original wall of air I was stationed is made of water vapor, although water can put out fire, but ordinary fire, oil than water light can float on water, so the oil fire is not afraid of water, but attached to the water more and more intense.

Just now the water vapor boundary extinguished the wine fire, but now it has become a burden on me to draw the fire, I think the Queen of Heaven is based on the fact that I have some water control skills to determine that I am the God of water out.

Putting three fingers together in front of my mouth, I shouted, "Break!" Instantly, the wall of water broke and scattered. The oil fire that was originally attached to the wall of water to surround me also immediately dissipated. However, the burning fire, but also to protect the body of water, right now, around the eight trigrams of the hot flames of boiling oil rolling attack, my body instantly pain, like a whip, a wisp of water smoke slowly escaped between the spiritual platform, was instantly engulfed by the fire, vaporized without trace.

"Cough, cough, cough ......" I fell to the ground and covered my chest, could not restrain a loud cough, finally barely concentrated, only then reluctantly spoke: "The Queen of Heaven... ... the Queen of Heaven if now burned my spiritual element within five, afraid ...... afraid is also a kill Fire ...... Son of the Fire God!"

The Queen of Heaven's face changed in shock, "What do you say?!"

I raised my hand trembling, pointed to the brow between the hall of seals, "here, there is the second highness of the yuan marrow forming ...... not ...... not ten years ...... ten years ......"

"Impossible!" The Queen of Heaven sternly interrupted me.

I weakly pulled the corners of my mouth and pulled out a smile, "How ...... how impossible? I have ...... already double-cultivated ...... double-cultivated with Vulcan."

The Queen of Heaven stood in the center of the demonic swaying flames, her face sunken like Han ink, hands clenched, I do not know if it is gas or anger, is surprised or suspicious.

I licked the epidermis cracked lips, adding a sentence, "If ...... if you do not believe, you may come to explore ...... to explore my Yuanling ...... "

People often say that the tiger poison does not eat the son, but I do not know that the tiger poison eats not eat the grandson. However, the surrounding fire did slightly weaken a little, I breathed out a big breath. But see the Queen of Heaven immediately step across the eight trigrams two poles of the boundary, came to my body squatting, raised his hand will come to explore my wrist pulse between the Yuan Ling, "you demon, how dare seduce Xu Feng ......"

I lowered my eyes and gritted my teeth, and struck a palm with all my strength, and the Queen of Heaven palm to palm squarely against each other! Fire can burn water, I don't believe that water can't overcome fire! I'm a proper elf, I hate it when people call me "demon"!

The palm wind out, cutting through a harsh snow-white arc, like a sharp sword to open the edge of the light with a thunderous force to attack the Queen of Heaven, not other than it, it is the polar ice Sanjiu hail. The sharp ice blade pointed directly to the Queen of Heaven palm Laogong point stabbed.

The Queen of Heaven's face changed, wanted to withdraw the right hand, but it was too late. The heaven and earth seemed to stand still for a moment, suddenly heard her suddenly opened her mouth, murmured incantation, right palm jumped up a cluster of fire, red lotus like spreading leaves bloom.

Red lotus karma fire!

I quickly retracted my hand, in only a fraction of a second before touching the heart of a palm, nearly retracted my palm, was already released by the full force of their own knocked back three feet, shocked chest tumbling, I do not know whether the bones broken.

The Queen of Heaven was only chipped by the ice blade of my palm wind under the palm a piece of flesh. Covering the spilled blood, she got up with a sudden start, her face twisted with anger, "Demon! How dare you try to kill this god! How dare you! Today, the day you will be scattered in smoke!"

Goddess Guanyin, Grandfather Buddha. Between life and death, but I have some resentment against the puffing gentleman, if he did not say with me double cultivation over can have a baby, I would not have come up with such a next best thing, made up such a set of words to the Queen of Heaven to kill her.

Originally, perhaps after burning to death, can still hope to leave a small wisp of soul to the king of hell to reincarnate as a lowly mortal, but now it seems to be to be ash and smoke half of the dregs are not left.

I trembled and closed my eyes to resign myself to fate, but I heard a harsh cry: "Jinxiu!"

The first fiftieth chapter

The Queen of Heaven's palm is in the middle, the red lotus karma fire flies, just a glance will shake my eyes burning pain like needles, instinctively closed the dry eyelids, forehead crossed a wind, full of hair scattered open, listen to the sound to identify the location, the Queen of Heaven has raised the right palm straight to the top of my head hundred Hui point.

In the nick of time, I heard a harsh cry: "Jinxiu!"

When I looked up, I saw a man standing ten paces away through the light of the fire, the fire was so powerful that it spread over the sky, but he was like a nobody's land. I have lost five senses, only a vague vision of an upright silhouette, do not identify who, hazy feeling that the cry is like the loss of three souls and six spirits general shock and disorientation.

The Queen of Heaven in front of me turned back sharply, "Xu ......!" The words have not yet fallen, vaguely see a slim light sliding down, is hitting her not yet had time to swing back, the empty door wide open back. With a painful muffled grunt, the Queen of Heaven was shaken by what vigorous, covering her chest and spitting out a mouthful of blood.

As she instinctively withdrew her palm to protect her heart, the red lotus karma fire pressed against the top of my hair was instantly removed, dissipating the life-threatening and suffocating sensation, I gasped and breathed a sigh of relief, squinting at the long, slender phoenix eyes in the distance for a long time before I could identify the person. One day I will kill you."

It seems that today will eventually die in the hands of his mother and son ...... heart crossed, bear the sternum pain, sealed the body 12 meridians, 361 points, closed the breath, ruthlessly up and down canine teeth a closed, bite the mouth cheek meat, immediately, a blood in the cavity diffuse, warm liquid flowed out along the corners of the mouth. I frowned, the original half-supporting arm on the ground lost its last support, the body tilted sideways, and finally fell into the dust, so that the two wanted.


A long time, the quiet is eerie.

"Jinxiu?" Phoenix a light question is not a question seems to be a breath of air stuck in the throat, extremely indistinct and illusory, like being taken out of the meridians to the heart and lungs in general, a line of silk. After a few moments of silence, I heard him say in a lighter tone: "You killed her."

Even though this kind of windless can't ripple, not the slightest harsh momentum of an empty statement, but with a chill that seeps into the marrow of the lungs. Even I am such a fraudulent death people also nearly set up a row of rash on the arm.

The Queen of Heaven coughed, I do not know whether it is hurt or weak, the tone is a little unstable, a few moments later they came back to their senses, angrily scolded: "You actually for such a demon on their own mother?

The surroundings are no longer scorching hard, but a little cool breeze, I do not know if the fire went out, the body calmed down, my mind also slowly found a trace of clarity, only to come to the realization that just hit the back of the back of the Phoenix is a phoenix plume, so the Phoenix is saved me, and did not hesitate to hurt the Queen of Heaven ...... I can not help but think some do not understand ......

"Yes. I am for her hand, however, but point to that." Still is the usual water splashing jade voice, but more and more hollow general no flat no narrow, "and mother, but for what is this ruthless hand to put Jin For in death?"

"Get out of the way!" Phoenix's words are calm and appalling.

"You! ......" The Queen of Heaven drew a breath, as if she was furious to the extreme, "What is your attitude? This is how you talk to your mother? Besides, this woman has a lot of moths, who knows if she died by fraud?"

I was shocked, I wanted to escape this disaster through fraudulent death, if the vicious and suspicious Queen of Heaven fears that I fraudulent death and then add a slap, then really a life . I was thinking this, when I heard the Queen of Heaven overhead coldly snort: "Even if I die, what is the use of keeping this corpse?" A karmic fire again pressed toward .

Phoenix did not answer. I only felt a change in the surrounding air currents, a short time, but the flying sand and rocks, gale force, did not open my eyes, but I seem to see the phoenix hair flying robe train open standing in the eye of the wind, cold face hanging eyes hands gradually close, thin lips pursed, tongue incantation, only a short time, the incantation portable with blinding golden light, as if breaking free from the darkness of the road of the rising sun mansard thorn shot to the Queen of Heaven.

The Queen of Heaven probably never expected the phoenix will really strike her, aware of the breath above her head, she is quickly retracted karma fire, build a boundary to resist, at the same time, I do not know whether it is instinct or for their own son anger, actually struck a palm to meet. Although the power of this palm is not enough to hurt her own son Phoenix, but my heart fell, the left shoulder attacked a burst of inexplicable cutting pain, the brain in a flash of white.

"Tuan Yao! ......" the phoenix and the Queen of Heaven two fights, powerful spiritual clanging sound suddenly inserted a low voice, seems incredulous, but also seems disappointed to the extreme. Not someone else, it is the Heavenly Emperor.

The Queen of Heaven wanted to distracted from the big surprise, only to hear "Bang!" Ground a muffled sound, I do not know who was hit by the thick mana, the body bounced away. I smell a wisp of moist vapor.

At the same time, my fraudulent stiff body fell into a warm embrace, a pair of cold, bone-chilling hands gently caressed my face, careful, dreamy general, "for the child ...... for the child ...... "Seems to have what broke the dike out, falling apart.

Well ah, is the water god father, around it seems that the phoenix also leaned close, but the breath is disordered and mixed, do not speak.

There seems to be a human body around, evenly relieved, elegant and long, I am speculating who, then I heard him speak: "Immortal do not hurry, the shape has not been destroyed, and not long, the soul should not be scattered, in addition, I know that the foraging child has a ......" seems to ponder for a moment, finally with silence The second half of the sentence was drowned out. The original is a small fish fairy herder, but, how come all of a sudden people gathered this complete?

One drop, two drops, three drops, there are three cool water droplets slipped down my cheeks, one of the drops fell on my lips, seeped into my mouth along the gap between the lips, spare my mouth is thick with blood, the tip of my tongue also tasted a faint salty, I do not know who actually fell for me tears, although only a total of three drops, but my heart gave birth to a trace of untimely joy, I also feel strange.

I am hesitant to continue to fraudulent death, suddenly heard a long silence of the emperor spoke in a deep voice: "so many years, I have always told myself that you are just a quick-tempered, unforgiving words, the heart is never bad ...... If not today Runyu received the lower world rebellion urgent report urgently called me back, if not witnessed ...... I never thought that you would be so ruthless! Tuan Yao, you have been the supreme of the heavenly realm, there is still what is lacking, these, and for what ......?

The Heavenly Queen who was opened by her father thought she was not lightly injured, only to smell her coughing out a mouthful of blood, laughed, so not miserable, rather like the last moment was burned by the karmic fire is not me but her general.

I have never been in the heart of your Majesty? Although Tuan Yao is a god, but no different from the world's women, want only a wholehearted ...... and your Majesty ...... eyes except for that person, have you ever seen a star and a half of other people?" The Queen of Heaven laughed at herself, "even that lowly a red carp spirit, just because there is a similar back and that person, your Majesty actually charity for a year long pity! ...... Has Your Majesty ever thought of me? Have you ever thought about what it's like to be a wife ...... to know the sadness of following a pair of eyes that never see you?"

"Mother ......" is the voice of the phoenix, through the sadness of faint.

The Queen of Heaven was called by him but suddenly the tone of voice hideous, "Jinxiu this little demon! It is completely that person's description of regeneration! The gods will have to get rid of her! Can't let her like the year Zifen general for the disaster of the celestial world confuse the hearts of all people!"

Dad was originally luck 武动乾坤 傲世九重天 Devouring the Stars Throne of the Divine Seal Shade the Sky The Night of the Generals The Legend of the Immortals Killing God The Great Zhou Royal Family Seeking the Devil The Cultivation World The Cultivation World The Official Family All-time Master JinYiNanJing Super Strong Soldier The Edge of Immortality Making Gods The Chu and the Han vie for the Tripod Immortal Dan God The Strongest Abandoned Youngster genius philologist Saint King Endlessly armed to protect my body and save my heart, but at this moment suddenly moved my "corpse" gently into the arms of the little fish immortal herald, only instructed a sentence. "Protect your soul for your child."

"Yes." The small fish immortal herald took me and used his true qi to cover my three souls and six spirits, his breath was dense and gentle, and entered my body in just a moment, so I felt less pain in my chest.

"Kill my love, kill my daughter! This revenge cannot be shared!" Dad's tone was cold, and his killing spirit was evident. In a few moments, the ice is cold, the snow is overwhelmingly flying, listen to the father three palm push, palm wind sweeping, never knew that the compassionate but indifferent to the world's father will have such a moment of anger, I momentarily froze.

Do not want three palm potential out, in addition to a painful sound from the chest of the Queen of Heaven, immediately after hearing a muffled grunt of the Phoenix.

My sternum jerked, opened his eyes, but saw the Phoenix chest was inserted with two pieces of crystal clear snowflakes, overflowing blood is slowly soaking it, like the sunrise river flowers, winning fire poignant ...... blue and white thin lips insisted on the last open and close, "Xian on ... ...cough ...... immortal on the revenge Xu Feng would like to take mother to suffer the ...... only please leave my mother's life ......"

"Forager ......" only felt the ears buzzing, small fish fairy herder in my ears said something I do not know.

"Xufeng!" The emperor of heaven cast a spell to shake out the two pieces of bloody frost flowers, the exhaustion of the eyes fainted phoenix reached out and dragged, Jairus angrily looked at the queen of heaven who fell aside, "Zifen is actually for you? There was an imperceptible tremble in his low voice, "Men! Take the Empress of Heaven to the prison of Vihara! Take away the Queen of Heaven's position, and forbid her to enter the divine family forever!"

The first fifty-first chapter

"Jinxu ......"



Han ink into the water, a large group of thick masses of thick heavy, there is always a person blurred impact lingering, the format expressions go in turn alternating, twelve cold arrogance, sometimes crying and laughing, sometimes gnashing of teeth, and sometimes go, mourning detachment. Even though the tone changes, read white but unchanged from the beginning to the end only my name name Jin For two words. Take me every time I want to see this person's face, those shadows will quickly dissipate away, traces of hard to find ......

"Forager, forager" someone tapped my cheek, I suddenly opened my eyes, dripping with sweat, back sticky body, chest still thumping bully, breath uncertain.

"Can it be a nightmare again?" The water god father cool hand caressed my forehead, bringing a breeze, the body that sweaty hot feeling immediately receded.

"Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, daddy is by your side," daddy sat on the edge of the bed leaned over to wrap my shoulders and back, coaxing three-year-old doll like patting me one by one, the action is simple, but effective to soothe my not.

Since I was the Queen of Heaven with karmic fire lungs, fraudulent death and fraudulent corpse, for several days is the father this kind of clothes without taking care of me, decocted medicine to serve also do not leave the hands of others, day after day I woke up from sleep is also father tirelessly soothe me. When my spirit is a little better, father will allow the small fish immortal officer to come over to accompany me, every time I come, the small fish immortal officer will gently hold my hand, infusion of some conditioning condensation of true qi to me, the eyes are undisguised heartache, when leaving always reluctant step three look back. Twenty-four Fang master also came to visit several times, the face is very ugly, and even once, the watchman immortal attendant said that the emperor and the moon immortal came to see me, but my father refused on the grounds of "little girl body lack of God".

These are new and strange experiences for me, in the past in the water mirror, I will occasionally because of the cultivation of a gas off a fire or something physically weak for a few days, but the old Hu is always in my recovery for many days, only after the fact to look at my waxy face, send some of the text is not the right tranquilizing herbs to sleep. And the most recent off-balance is borrowed in the marriage house under the moon immortal to send me a room of spring Palace figure when the night, the next day, the fox fairy looked at my black heavy eyes, cheerfully said "for children did not sleep well last night? But by those pictures of the spring palace to make the spring heart sprouted? Very good very good." The patronizing smile of a face tersely foot, the language serious dragged my hand said "thinking of spring can strengthen the muscles and bones benefit life longevity." Although I have not yet had the time to look at his so-called, secret treasure version of the map, but it is not good to interrupt it hand dance celebration, it will be good as a stream of acquiescence.

So, I was generally self-sustaining for more than 4,000 years, but also very accustomed to the nourishment, and did not feel there and improper, this time read a water god father, more than a fiancé will I love to take lightly put in the heart of the hand carefully care, fresh after inevitably born actually die a death is also good, might as well die a few more feelings.

I see my body is getting better every day and gradually recovered, the indefinable nightmare is not broken, the indefinable shadow but where I touch the pillow will be hovering like a dream, I do not know what is the reason.

Today, after my father fed me the medicinal soup, he handed me a sharp weapon, shaped like a willow leaf, long and thin, double-sided open edge, cold light, a closer look is indeed transparent and crystal clear.

"This blade is made of Yisheng Xuan ice, when forging, I have half of the body cultivation to refine it, looking for children will carry it with them, if again encountered with criminals also at least have a defensive object.

Half of the cultivation?

Father said as lightly as possible, but I was dumbfounded, father in order to call me all around, actually went so far as to give up half of his own cultivation! No wonder dad's face recently pale, even the light blood color in the past are no trace, a one-time loss of this much spiritual power must be called dad's vitality is greatly injured, perhaps even the spirit is also injured some ......

"Father, in the future for the child must be well filial to you." Stunned for half a day, I do not seem to say what good, I only hope that I can repay the water god father after repairing into the immortal citizenship in the future.

"Silly child." Father touched my forehead, smiling quietly and elegantly.

At night, father finally in my persuasion to go back to rest, I tossed and turned in bed, the willow leaf ice blade placed close to the body, from under the pillow to feel a golden supposedly can also be a defense object, to the candle flame to look at half a day, well, is the phoenix of that valuable gold Huanti phoenix plume. I don't know how this bird is now, the people who come and go to visit have never mentioned, I also inconvenient to inquire, and father's house is also the majority of men immortal service, almost invisible like knocking idle teeth immortal e, so I was injured so far all don't know the phoenix that day the injury is good is not good.

Thinking about it, it seems that I should go to see him for reasons of reason.

Standing in front of the Qiuwu Palace stood for a while, I decided, or do not let the fairy waiter to inform the door, I was injured in the throat that day, and now speak a little pain, and the cost of words to inform the natural rather than over the wall to the convenience. I Qiuwu Palace for a hundred years as a schoolboy, the terrain here is familiar, find a weak point of the boundary, from the top directly over the in, all the way to the Phoenix bed outside.

I was about to push the door inside when I saw that there was a person sitting next to the bed, so I stopped in my tracks. The person's back was to me, slender, and a silk handkerchief in her hand to gently wipe away the beads of sweat on the Phoenix's forehead. No one else, the official bird tribe of Princess Hui Wo.

It is deeper and heavier than ever, and it seems that Phoenix is afraid of catching a cold, she carefully put Phoenix's exposed hand into the quilt, and then considerate and thoughtful.

Suddenly, the phoenix in the dream of release suddenly reached out and grabbed the right hand of Huihe, which is always with amazing force, and Huihe grunted in pain. The phoenix upper and lower lips slightly up and down, do not know what said, but see that the Hui Wo back stiffened, but soon returned to the original state, let the phoenix hold her hand, but also extended another hand gently rich business more yellow hand back and forth, rubbing, the phoenix loosened the tightened frown.

A few moments later, Hui Wo said a word. Then, leaned down ......

The two lips pressed against each other, tossing and tangling ...... for a long time ......

I rubbed my eyes, see the ground really some unclear, the phoenix moved, like early awakening, Hui Wo leaned down before saying the words I heard really well, she said: "I also like you, Xu Feng."

I went out along the original road over the wall, and sat on the long staircase that stretched to the end for a long time, tilting my head to look at the moon, I felt that the night was too dark today, the moonlight was a little harsh, and I had a faint pain in my heart for some reason. Sleep is not yet, at this time is still awake do not know how many, but there must be one person has not yet fallen asleep.

The darkness of the night, outside of the Gui Gui Palace in the ink forest, Runyu immortal herald leisurely half lying in a seat on the bamboo collapse, the right hand half support scratch side, elbow propped collapse, left hand held the side scroll, fireflies for the lamp, half name half extinguished, lightly fluttering around.

"Seeker?" Small fish fairy herder support up, "How did you come? The night is cool, how can you go out barefoot when you are recovering from a serious illness? ' He threw away the bamboo briefs in his hands and welcomed them. There was a bit of blame in his words.

I looked down at my reddened toes and moved my toes nervously, then I realized that I was not wearing shoes, I don't know if I forgot them when I left the house or if I stooled them halfway. Before I thought about it, the next moment my body was suddenly light, but the small fish fairy herder picked me up, I was shocked, a few moments later, he put me on the bamboo collapse.

I sat frozen on the edge of the collapse, allowing the little fish fairy herald grabbed my feet in the palm of his hand and gently rubbed them, and finally simply put my feet into his chest, not minding that I had walked all the way to the pickled Zan.

"What's wrong with it?" The little fish fairy herder looked at me and followed the instructions.

I cleared my sore throat and answered the question "How many fairy eunuchs have had skin-to-skin contact with the little fish fairy herder?"

The first fifty-second chapter

"How many fairy ears have had skin-to-skin contact with the little fish fairy herder?" I sat on the bamboo couch and bit my lip seriously looking at the night god who was half crouched on one knee in front of me.

The small fish immortal herald hand a meal, the moonlight shines on the cheeks of a red halo open, he turned his head and coughed, and then mildly look back at me, "skin to skin is not a child's play, if not heaven and earth as evidence of the parents before the high hall to perform the rituals of the couple is not feasible. Runyu is not a frivolous person, established a marriage contract with the child, and how will have a half of the skin with other fairy eunuchs? I only hope that on the eighth day of the next month will be for the child to welcome into the Xuangui Palace, from then on, the couple such as the couple as floundering piano and silk ten thousand years."

I was stunned, according to the small fish immortal herald such a statement, could it be that only married men and women can dual cultivation? The phoenix and I have no marriage contract but performed the double cultivation thing, so it is a frivolous person? But the puffing gentleman said that all a man and a woman can double cultivation, the moon immortal only said that double cultivation can be reconciled with yin and yang. Apparently three people say different things, I was a little confused and confused.

The small fish immortal herald looked at me carefully and calmly said: "Why does the forager have this question? But what did Runyu not do well?"

The phoenix seems to have no marriage with Suihe, I suddenly remembered the scene I saw in Qiuwu Palace, frowned, looked at the small fish immortal herald than the spring water is clean eyes, said: "You are very good, better than very good. I came to see the moon with you, just ask casually."

The small fish fairy herder smiled softly, light into the breeze. Then he got up and sat next to me and leaned over and wrapped his arms around my back, bent his head and kissed me, the night as smooth as the touch of maple sugar on the lips, about a long tune poetry time before moving away, his forehead against my forehead, the tip of his nose rubbed the tip of my nose, a low sigh as if there was nothing, and then leaned back and hands on the couch and I sat shoulder to shoulder, looking up at the moonlit sky, smiled and said. "Today I know that the moon is not necessarily cold."

The night is as cool as water, tiny fireflies flying around us in twos and threes, carrying lanterns, occasionally whispering, sound is better than no sound to make the night deep and quiet, my eyelids are a little heavy, yawned, leaning on the arm of the small fish immortal herald to sleep peacefully ......

The dawn broke when the Pleiades and the night gods changed their values, and I woke up only after a full night's sleep. After exchanging pleasantries with the Pleiades, I was sent back to the house of Luo Xiang.

I just pushed out a crack in the door and saw a group of immortal attendants in the courtyard surrounded by a corner, and a green shadow in the center of the crowd was sobbing and bawling as he climbed on the door post: "My heart is looking for a child! I've been looking forward to seeing you every day and every night, just to see you and console my love for you, but instead I've got the sad news that you've perished! No one should stop me! I'll die and follow her! I'll die to show my love!" Said the momentum will hit the pillar with his head, the sound is huge.

Well, I could tell, it was the long-lost Puffy.

"Who said that the child is dead?" The water god father stepped out from the inner hall with a sullen face and looked at the puffing gentleman, his brow furrowed as if he had a headache.

"Not dead why the immortal won't let me see?" The puffed-up gentleman hugged the pillar and did not let go, the snot and tears stopped immediately, the collection and release is tight.

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Father cold voice, apparently some angry.

"The woman's father was a little angry. The puffing gentleman neck a stalk, the brave man broke his wrist like a great righteousness.

"In that case, Yan Youjun will return to single-mindedness on his own." Father flung his sleeve and said, "Send the guest."

"No matter no matter, people just want to see Seeker!" Huffing and puffing Jun hugged the pillar puffing, quite a bit of nonsense. The immortal attendants on the left and right did not dare to approach him, they could not do anything about it.

"Yan Youjun is not a child, more than ten days in a row, day after day, this kind of trouble is not afraid of laughing?" Oh? The original puffing gentleman has come this many days, I really did not know in the inner courtyard.

"I have a heart of gold, what can I laugh at?" The puffing gentleman can be described as stubborn.

The father benevolent not phoenix-like ruthless people, naturally will not just shot with spells to deal with the puff gentleman. But I saw my father pinch his forehead and let it go. He went back to the hall and told the fairy attendants to cover the door and let the puffing gentleman toss around outside.

The fairy attendants in the courtyard thought they were used to it, and after a few moments they dispersed, I pushed the door into the courtyard, the puffing gentleman's eyes lit up, quick to abandon the door pillar and pounced on me, happily pinched my cheeks and said: "Ah ah ah! Soft! Hot! I am still alive!"

"Uh~" I waved away his paws, "I wonder what Puffy is looking for me for?"

"Beauty, I heard about your accident and I was so worried that I couldn't eat or sleep well, so I risked being sent by the water gods to look at the ditch to see you in person. Puffy rolled up his sleeves to reveal his arms and came to my eyes.

I poked his rounded arm with a meaningful poke and said, "It's good to be slim, it's good."

The puffing gentleman blinked his eyes, aggrieved: "You perfume me ......" and suddenly the topic inexplicably turned, "Forager, you do not want to marry that night god, okay?"

I momentarily some twisted over, do not know the night god and slim have very related, how the suddenly on the night god, do not understand: "Why? I do not marry the god of night who married the god of night? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The puffing gentleman twitched his eyebrows, "Aye, how is this possible! If you want to be in love, it's the God of Night who is in love with me, Yan You! I think I am handsome, elegant, a hand and a foot are charming people can not help themselves, it is the women admire the men envy."

I suffered in silence, and pretended not to hear.

The puffing gentleman was talking about the smallpox, suddenly the wind turned and tense face, serious and solemnly held my hand and I said: "beauty, you listen to my advice, do not marry with the god of the night!

I heard him repeatedly say so inevitably curious, "Why exactly?"

The puffing gentleman suddenly lowered his voice, the gods chattered, "I was watching the stars at night the other day, the stars have a different light, there are changes. The sky is not to be divulged, I only divulge to you." His eyebrows were sure and he said with conviction, "The celestial signs show ...... show ...... that you can only marry me!"

I was listening to him to say a sub ugly c c so to speak, may not he finally coldly burst out such a sentence, black black face, dry dry laugh two, said: "so magical astrology."

"Hey hey, magical, right?" The puffing gentleman proudly stroked his chin, glowing playful smile, "I recently and mortal Chaomou County, Chishui Town, Lotus Village to a stall fortune-telling half-immortal newly learned astrology, can be spiritual! Do you want to learn a lesson too?"

"No, I'm not fit to learn fortune-telling when I've just recovered from my injuries, so I'd rather keep it for myself and grind it." I politely declined the puffing gentleman, but saw that my father was carrying a pot of medicine in the distance apparently looking for me to take medicine, so I waved away the hand held by the puffing gentleman, feeling a little sticky in the palm of my hand, remembering the puffing gentleman's nasal and tearful appearance just now, wondering if I had gotten something nasty that I shouldn't have gotten, and wiped it on the cuff of the puffing gentleman's sleeve in disgust, saying, "I'm going to drink my medicine, puffing gentleman take care and don't see me off. "

"Tsk, what a heartless beauty." The puffing gentleman squirmed with a contemptuous three sighs, followed by a flamboyant shake of the eyebrows and a bashful smile, "but I like it, haha!"

I walked towards my father, listening to the puffing gentleman before he left also rambled behind me: "always the night god is by no means a simple generation ......"

The father looked in the direction of the puffing gentleman frowned and asked, "How did the foraging child get to know this scoundrel who is not immersed in salt and oil?"

I tilted my head in an effort to remember a bit, painfully said: "I made a summoning spell when not quite to call to come."

Father nodded slightly, "so it is not strange, Yan Youjun is one of the twelve zodiac gods, the real body is a water snake, because of the violation of the rules of the sky was relegated to the lower realm under my supervision, see the water summoning spell will respond."

I shuddered with regret, I really did not see that the puffing gentleman was once a very high ranking zodiac god in the heavenly realm, "I do not know what heavenly rules Yan Youjun has violated?"

Father has always ignored the mundane world affairs, only said: "This person has bad behavior, most of the time with his flirtatious sex and sex-related, I do not know the details. Seeking children in the future to meet with him less is good. Well, do not talk about this person, while the medicine is warm and drink it on time is good." Father uncovered the lid of the pot, carefully blowing to filter the surface of the medicine foam, and only then handed to me.

I took the medicinal soup in my father's hand and pinched my nose and drank it all, my father smiled and took a drop of dew from the flowers and leaves in the courtyard, phantom dew for sugar, in the twinkling of an eye, he handed a sweet icing sugar to my mouth, and watched my eyebrows relax before I felt at ease, loving smile, full of glory.

The first time I saw my father's untouched face, I could not help but feel a rare warmth in my heart, and I remembered two lines of a poem by a mortal: "Who says that the heart of grass is worthy of the sunshine of three springs."

I forgot to mention that mortals have a saying that "people cannot look like people and sea water cannot be measured". The puffing gentleman is fond of delusions of grandeur, but this time he was right about one thing, I really did not get married to the god of the night on the eighth day of March.

The First Fifty-third Chapter

The third day of March, when spring returns to the earth. Everything wakes up, the long-awaited is not a drenching spring rain, however, this year is destined to be disappointed.

The water gods have returned, how can there be rain?

"The Emperor has decreed!" A high-minded fairy attendant holding a navy blue cloud bull in his right hand, all the way through the onyx fairies crying their hearts out in and out of the courtyard, and standing at the head of the hall with a sweep of the dust in his left hand, "Fairy Jinxu receive the decree!

I noe a, kneel down to listen to the decree.

"system said: the water god immortal to the form of extinction, the color of heaven and earth into the disappointed shed, the water god life with benevolence, compassion for the world's creatures and the living, with a lifetime of spiritual power to live countless people, the posthumous title De good immortal honor. Fairy Jin Fu water God's only daughter left behind, ordered to mourning before the tomb for three years, and the night God Runyu's marriage date is postponed to three years after the mourning period. On the other hand, the fairy of Jin Fu into the immortal, succeeded to the position of the water gods, was sealed on the same day! After the bull!"

"Jinrui received the decree!" I received the freshly baked bull, feet surging auspicious clouds, the top gathered three flowers, finally is the right name to do the dream of the gods, can be said to fulfill a long-cherished wish. However, the heart is not a little once a thousand times longed for the joy of leaping, only feel the chest suffocated, sinking panic.

Overnight, I have a water god father.

In one night, my father's form and spirit is extinguished and his soul is dispersed.

Just like a curtain of spring rain in April, it was too late to reach out and dissipate in the twilight spring light, so people could not help but be dismayed and wonder if they were misty eyed.

I am back to being alone again.

The ice blade of the willow leaf in the palm of my hand, the cold air into the bones, the courtyard full of hemp yellow and white hit all the eyes, all came to mourn the immortals, I was dazed and lost in thought, opened his mouth and murmured: "If father did not refine half of his life's spiritual power into the ice blade to protect my body, is not it will not be defeated by the poisonous hands of physical weakness so that can not support the spirit of the soul fly away? Had I known ...... had known ......"

The small fish immortal herdsman will take me in his arms, lightly stroking the back, and father comforted me in the same action, "a thousand gold can not buy early knowledge. I'm here for everything, and the spirit of the immortal knows that he doesn't want to break his heart and soul."

I looked at him in confusion, "heartbreak"? What is a broken heart? What is a broken heart? I was just a little heavy in the chest, as if I had just practiced chest crushing, I thought, I was just physically sick, I should be fine after a sleep.

On the side, the wind gods clothed in linen, look indifferent burned three pillars of incense in the incense burner, bowed down and bowed three times, then silently sat on the left hand side of the main seat to accept the prayers of the immortals and give thanks.

Wind God can be said to be father's fairy couple, but I rarely see her, for one thing, she usually does not live in the Luo Xiang House, for another, although she and father named fairy couple, but the reality is only a nodding acquaintance, but it is the emperor of the year to force the love birds to form a couple. The two of them are indifferent to desire, out of the dust, if not for the heavenly ceremony, the two of them have no chance to meet. If not for today's meeting, I almost forgot about this God.

"Taibinxing has come to pay his respects! The First Heavenly Father has come to pay his respects! The Star of Man Qu has come to pay his respects! ......" a pair of young immortal children at the door sang to report the arrival of the dying immortals, suddenly a pause, I do not know which God, slightly raised his voice, heard a noi: "His Highness the Fire God came to pay respect to the funeral!

I turned around and ran into a pair of eyes of the phoenix, who had been so noble and arrogant, but saw the phoenix in a plain white dress, with simple hair and no embellishments, taking the incense handed to him by the funeral service and stepping inside, finally stopping in front of Dad's bier to raise incense and bow down in worship, with a devout look. Three wisps of green smoke escaped, lingering in his fingers between the buckle three fine incense, that finger knuckles distinct, glittering white and long, but I know, in the middle finger of the left hand to hold the pen there is a thin layer of calluses, tiger mouth to hold the sword there is also a thin layer of calluses ...... small fish fairy herder gently pinched my palm, I slightly shivered, to retrieve the soul of the wanderer.

The phoenix salute after walking to the wind god, look solemn, I do not know what whispered with the wind god, but see the wind god nodded.

The small fish fairy herald rubbed my forehead, I just turned around, but I felt a breeze to my cheeks, the phoenix has stood in front of me in a short time, looking down at my eyes rare gentle, a hundred years rare whisper and I said: "You and condolences. Immortal on the lifelong devotion to the god of flowers, although not with life, I think but after death with the cave and sleep, the immortal on the crown mound set in the first flower gods tomb next to the water mirror with the first encounter, you think it is good? I have just consulted the wind god's opinion, she has no objection."

I nodded obediently.

The small fish fairy herald patted the back of my hand, the phoenix looked at the small fish fairy herald's hand, the look on the face of the sudden sudden brightness, eyebrows immediately tightened, the phoenix eyes narrowed more narrow.

"I will find out for you why the water gods are harmed."

"I will definitely find out for the forager who killed the immortal."

Phoenix and the small fish fairy herder two people for a moment even in the same breath, really worthy of the brothers, very harmonious.

I nodded obediently, and then hurriedly shook his head, and said: "No need, no need, the deceased long has been carried away, the injustice is when, ginseng is very easy to eat too much fire."

"You! ...... hey ~" Phoenix a contemptuous sigh, reaching out his hand seems to want to pat my head, but in half when closed back, the spring light of day fell on his palm, three inches long.

A gust of wind rose, the silk white paper used for sacrifice did not use the paperweight to press, a time scattered strewn.

"Your Highness Vulcan body can be greatly healed?" I quietly looked at the phoenix.

A twinkle in his eyes, seems to be in a good mood again, "much better, a few days ago will recover."

I frowned lightly "Oh." I frowned and gave an "Oh. The phoenix is worthy of the gods called generations of fire gods in the strongest spiritual power, less than a month to recover from serious injuries as before.

The phoenix saw that I did not speak, and said: "That day the flying flock in my temple outside picked up a crawler. After a pause, and then said: "Not elixir, better than elixir."

I fell into deep thought, and did not pay attention to his words. The small fish immortal herald lowered his eyebrows, his face looked cool.

After the first seven days, I went back to the flower world and buried my father's clothes. I went to the marriage house before leaving, the fox fairy gave me earlier love words spring Palace secret map along with take, three years to guard the tomb time about nothing to do, why not these books and scrolls to study a good read for the future, but also to spend some time.

The two bare graves are not boring, so I planted some flowers and plants in my spare time, planting plums and willows, but recently I like the balsam fir tree, the oval leaves are thick and dense, green in spring and red in autumn, and the wind occasionally rustles and shakes off a ground of red and green leaves, which is very beautiful. I like to hold a 12-bone bamboo umbrella through these fallen leaves, hearing them fall on the umbrella surface one by two sounds like rain knocking, rather like a thunderstorm burst laid by my father.

People say that the shadow of a person does not go with the flow of water, the water often goes east and the shadow of a person is still there. But why nowadays there are many drops of water in the world, but the god of water is no longer seen.

I have also recently found some mortal pamphlets that say the fate of reading, what six lines, I Ching, even the mountain, the Tibetan, Yi Chuan, all sorts of things, and finally, I summed up half of myself is what the common world says "fate is too hard, born with a sword, gram people. The father, mother, husband, son ...... in short, the grams around the people to die all is.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you are doing. The danger is high!