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Chapter 1

The flowers are blooming, the windows are open, but why can't I see you?

Can see you, hear you, but can not love you


Is there really an afterlife?

Then, I would like to be a butterfly with wings

A drop of ink that will be scattered through the paper

A grain of sand that has weathered away


I pinched the freshwater blue boundary, as always, is quite a bit of elasticity, compared to the grape skin is also slippery on a few points, but by the knife cut fire baked also not broken, I heard that the first flower gods laid, I guess this boundary if made into a garment is beautiful and practical tight.

"Ho, this is not a small peach peach well, long time no see, long time no see can still be well?" Old Hu came out of the ground and stood in front of me, and the effect was unspeakably good.

I touched my chest, the heart bounced two bounces but also quite securely back to the original position. I patted the little old man's shiny head and reminded him, "We met early this morning."

Old Hu's small eyes flashed and his face was full of folds tangled: "Tao Tao is laughing at my old age and my memory is not good enough?"

"Mm." I nodded honestly.

"Peachy is still as sad as ever, I am very pleased, very pleased." The little old man shook his head, "Speaking of which, where is Peachy going this time?"

"I heard that Lord Changfang recently got free, I drafted a petition to hand to her to see." I squeezed a piece of silk paper in my sleeve pocket, "I heard that the outside of the flower world is very interesting, I want to go to see."

"Peachy wants to ask Lord Changfang to let you out of this boundary?" Old Hu was astonished.

I looked across the boundary at the sea of flowers outside the water mirror, hoping that one or two passing flying insects and monsters could pass on a request to Lord Changfang for me, and for a moment I felt that Laohu was very noisy.

"Ah ah ah, the little peach peach this is what the demon, outside where there is interesting, dangerous and dangerous tight. You and I such fruit essence, fruit immortal is rare, did not have to go out will be eaten."

Old Hu is a carrot cultivated into an immortal, obviously vegetables, prefer to treat themselves as fruit, very proud of. It is said that there are very few fruits and vegetables in this world that have become elves to cultivate immortality, and in this world of flowers that are full of beautiful flowers and immortals, like us is really an anomaly, Laohu at least also cultivated immortality, I cultivated for 4,000 years but still just a genie, not even a fairy, can not help but be very depressed.

The water mirror in addition to me and old Hu, but also lived in a few small flower essence does not grow. The water mirror with a strong boundary to block the outside world, is the first flower gods to bless us these shallow elves. However, I think it is very implausible, like a door can pull not push, or allow push not pull, there is always a side can be opened, if pull can not, push can not, not become a wall. This boundary is now like this, not only blocking the outside world also blocked our water mirror of these elves, strange very. Longfang Lord once a year to come over the water mirror inspection, and incidentally check our art work, every time I see the progress of my immortal art are not very sigh, and I said that after ten thousand years if I cultivate the immortal some self-protection method can be out of this water mirror boundary.

And I, however, really do not have the patience to wait for the six thousand years.

"You have not experienced ah, outside that is called terrible, said when I was young, I met a two-eyed blood-red rabbit, opened a bloody mouth showed two fangs will bite me, if I did not dig more pits, fleeing up when, early became slag, where there is today. Look, look, there are still the rabbit's scars here!"

Old Hu said one side of the sleeve to let me see his wrist. I looked around and couldn't identify the brown marks, which was the old man's spot and which was the scar, so I gave up. The rabbits are always the most terrifying and ferocious beasts in the world.

"The actual fact is that you are a watery peach, and you will not be eaten immediately." Old Hu touched his round belly and smashed his mouth.

"I'm a grape, not a peach." Although listening to the distracted, but about their own species such as the principle of the issue, I still have to correct him.

"Aren't grapes and peaches all peaches? It's not good for a young girl to chew on words like that." Old Hu skimmed his beard, probably because he felt embarrassed, his face was a bit sarcastic.

I waited for half a day without seeing an elf passing by, so I had to give up and think about coming back tomorrow.

When I returned, the sun had already set, and there was a burnt smell coming from the room, and when I opened the door, it was Lian Qiao who was holding a black object in front of my desk.

I'm very excited to see me back. "You're back, electron. Look what I found in your backyard!" Before he finished speaking, he held the ball up in front of me.

I took a few steps back to catch my breath because of the scorching smell, and I could barely look at it sideways and said, "Black! It's really black!"

Lian Qiao was not happy, "I asked you what this object is, you tell me the color for what?"

Lian Qiao is a flower spirit who has not yet attempted to cultivate immortality, usually likes to pick up things everywhere, but whenever she picks up something, she throws it at me. This is not the biggest thing today, but it is certainly the most smelly thing she has ever picked up.

"Just a dying cold crow, buried as flower fertilizer is." I vaguely saw that the black thing is a feather, I guess it should be a crow.

"Crow?" Lian Qiao raised her voice, "You mean it's a bird? A bird! ~I've finally seen a bird in my life!" I've finally seen a bird in my life!" she said, and turned around excitedly, not knowing what to do.

I can't blame her for being excited, the water mirror in addition to some small flowers, grass and bugs, but never a bird can fly in, I was in the old Hu's "Six Realms of Species Book" to see, so some impression.

"Will die? That is not yet dead? Can it be saved? If we can save it, let's keep it, okay?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

I looked at Lian Qiao's black palm, and then at my own sleeve, I was a little glad I was wearing a vivid purple dress, I could still barely wear this dress, so I patiently said to her: "Life is not like life, death is not like death. Life and death are destiny, all things have their own reincarnation. If it has a life, it will be put in the garden without food or sleep and will return to life, if not, even I can not help it."

"I was confused when electron said those empty words, I only know that Buddha said compassion. How can the electron not see the death and not save it?"

"How do you know that I am compassionate if I save it? Mortals are obsessed with life, but who knows that the Buddha uses death as a ferry to the other side of life. Life is painful, but death is the ultimate happiness."

Lian Qiao opened his mouth, and then opened it again, and finally said, very confused: "Let me think about it. Then he thought about my words all the way out the door.

I happily carried the crow up to the backyard, the year before I planted a plantain in the backyard but did not want to always grow very well, I think the soil is not fertile enough, if the crow buried for flower fertilizer, this summer should be able to spread the leaves to cover the shade.

I buried it in a couple of times. I washed and rinsed and went back to bed.

Halfway through the night, I suddenly remembered how the crow broke into the water mirror boundary, and wondered for half a day, and then got up to the backyard to dig out the crow.

A handful of grape leaves to attract a group of fireflies, gathered up a glow lamp, on that light I turned over its wings, at the root of the wing saw a layer of light gold plating. Sure enough, it is not an ordinary crow, think it is a fairy crow, buried as a flower fertilizer is a pity, why not stew it and the water mirror in a dry sprite eat it can grow some spiritual power, save a few years of hard work.

Thinking about this, I suddenly feel that my decision is very wise. But now it has gradually no vomit na, see will be stiff, if stewed up efficacy is really to fold a fold, absorbing spiritual power is the most important raw live fresh. It is only first to get it a breath, do not let it stiffen is.

I thought about gritting my teeth and bear the pain from under the bed to drag out a jar of honey that I had refined for five hundred years, scooped up a drop of honey brew into its beak, and then crossed the mouth with it. After a breath, the crow's wings were immediately softer and warmer, I clapped my hands with great satisfaction and turned my head to go to the stove to get the pot.

But I did not want to get the casserole, the original was I gathered up a glow lamp do not know what frightened, scattered open, flying around the room.

I took a look, but it's not a big deal, these little insects really have not seen the world.

But the crows that have been given my honey brew have taken on a human form and are lying softly on top of the case. I carried the pot around it, some worries, it took on a human form, I two palm-sized pot how to fit, can not fit naturally will not stew.

Thinking for a moment, I just remembered that all immortals, gods and monsters have an inner essence, all the spiritual power gained in life are cohesive within it, as long as the inner essence will get all, just now I was foolish to stew this crow whole.

I just don't know where this cold crow will hide its inner essence, I struggled to drag it to the collapse, its body tattered black clothes searched all over, and by the way lamented the aesthetics of the crow is very beyond the six realms not in reincarnation even like this is covered with holes in the dress, but also did not find a thing like a dan pill. I think it is hidden in its body.

I also struggled to its black, hole shaking clothes in addition to down, touching half a day, a rather happy discovery.

This crow below the belly there is a very strange thing, I squeezed, some soft and some hard. I recalled my own body structure, really did not have this group of things, I think that the inner essence of the elixir must be hidden inside. I am really smart.

I twisted a section of the vine into a sharp blade, using two of my own hair to test the blade, the trigger that falls, I am very satisfied.

Raised the blade, I sat on the back of the crow's belly, grabbed the object is ready to drop the knife, suddenly heard a thunderous shout behind: "How dare you!