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Chapter 1 of 15


A sound of a sharp instrument entering the body came from overhead, and someone muffled a grunt. The voice of what appeared to be a phoenix was identified.

"Get out of here!" But I heard a harsh drink from the side of the chest pressing me, instantly, the negative pressure on the body moved away, I instantly got up on my hands and knees.

But I saw the phoenix in a plain robe back to stop in front of me, a white skinned man at ten paces away leaning on a Fangtian painting halberd, the corner of the mouth blood strands distinct, see the color is still very fresh. I secretly said bad, turn around and want to silently flee.

Just recited a spell to disappear, the ground will swish out a row of steel needles straight poke the heart of the foot, but fortunately I dodged in time to avoid. Transported to the ground can not, I will make a through the wall art, unexpectedly that the wall should also be incantation and up, hit a steel needle. Through the wall can not be worn, disappearing can not, I had to turn back to.

The phoenix saw a hand, a red light in the heart of the hand rose to the wind, a closer look is a cluster of gradually burning and burning flames, meditation burn swaying like a warm blooming red lotus. A piece of red light, the phoenix posture proudly standing, robe belt hunting flying.

The man with the halberd in the red light but the face more and more pale, as if to see death in front, pupils dilated step back, four walls of steel needles have fallen like pine needles withered. The original is a fear of fire demon.

But why do I also have a burning boiling burning sensation from the hundred, after the top, the wind, the pillar points around the body, a faint water mist from the Hall of Indigo slowly escape, the mind began to gradually lose, actually some of the pain like that day mistakenly eat vermilion bird eggs.

The phoenix's vision flashed, his eyebrows rose slightly, and abruptly withdrew his hand, the red light suddenly extinguished, I also followed a jolt of clarity to turn.

The man with the halberd breathed a sigh of relief, the eye breeze with the phoenix's movements in between the two of us a back and forth, "ha ha ha! What? Your Highness the Fire God why not make that red lotus karma fire against me? Is it because of this little fairy who is afraid of fire? If the Fire God wants to be merciful, don't blame me for not being merciful!"

The demon's eyes gaze, thousands of light needles shot out, the phoenix backhand released a fairy barrier to envelop me within, turned around and pulled out a sharp weapon will be tangled with him.

That sharp weapon like a sword is not a sword, Xiao knife is not a knife, faster than lightning but flooded with seven-colored haze, the phoenix danced a miraculous, raw will be the light needles blocked out. But I do not want to be a diversionary tactic, the demon took advantage of the Phoenix to block the needle of the gap, raised the Fangtian drawing halberd reluctantly to me to poke and stab.

The phoenix's eyes moved, a sprint behind the demon to stop it, but did not want the demon but suddenly turned, straight up the halberd close to the phoenix's chest and go, cunning to the extreme.

Good, good, I closed my eyes.

Hearing a cry from the demon, open your eyes, but see the phoenix a deft side to avoid the attack, lean back gently, lift a kick, the toe of the four to dial a thousand jin right at the wrist of the demon, the demon a force, the halberd fell to the ground, the phoenix backward tumbling after a long leap forward, the sharp weapon in the hands of the demon on the neck.

The demon's eyes were open, concentrating on the needles still want to fight to the death, the phoenix finger twist will be a fire seal bullet paste to his hall, the demon "squeak" a cry will be the original form, and shrink into my first sight of a small closed-eyed rat model.

Look at the ground needles, a small wind gently floating up, but the original is the little rat body of silver gray rat hair. Phoenix "hum!" A sound to retrieve the sharps on its neck, this time a closer look, but where is the sharps, the original is a phoenix of the seven-colored phoenix plume.

Boy, it turns out that they fight weapons are from their own hands down, so long so plucking hair plucking down not become bald? I've seen scorched phoenixes, but I don't know what the bald ones look like, I squatted in the corner and silently imagined some.

Fortunately, we do not grow hair in the grapes.

The phoenix will re-seal the rat into the gourd jar, let go of my body fairy barrier, raised his eyes look askance at me, I obediently and Qiao Qiao hanging head, to avoid the raw cut and eye wind, and then raised his eyes admiration will phoenix a look, "Your Highness this rat took a wonderful, very good! Jinxiu this time but long knowledge."

"You! ......" the phoenix looks like the blood is not very smooth, a short while later a sleeve swing, "just! You and I say clearly this time private connivance poor Qi demon beast for which is?"

I lowered my eyes and looked at my toes, mumbled: "To take its inner essence."

The phoenix raised his hand and stroked his forehead, "The inner essence? You are lucky that he did not take it away. If I hadn't come to see you ......," said half of the words, but he abruptly closed his mouth, the face rose a strange light pink.

I some indignantly stared at him, although I can not beat that poor Qi, but not so weak that he took the inner essence, well, at most, at most, but back to the original form ......

The phoenix saw me staring at him, the face of a strong pink flooding to the neck, strange, usually sharp like a sword eyes, but now a layer of shimmering light, flickered a little to avoid away, after a gentle cough, and again up a face, reaching out to touch my hall.

I jumped and dodged away, thinking that the poor man was popped by him under the seal on the original form of demon power lost, I must not repeat the same mistake. Naive Phoenix force is very strong, hard to hold my shoulders, to caress my seal.

I trembled and closed my eyes, but I felt his fingertips spring into rain like a soft touch between my seal, "can have discomfort? I was in a hurry and forgot that your nature is water."

I grew up in the earth, this phoenix! I opened my eyes to argue, but I saw the phoenix's hand in front of me, dotted with blood, crossed and mottled.

"Your hand ......?"

The phoenix then followed my line of sight turned over his own palm to look at, his eyebrows slightly together, "I think that the poor man's plague needle injury."

I just remembered that when Phoenix pressed me down at the beginning of the little rat's eye opening, I did hear the sound of a sharp instrument entering my body, and it was Phoenix who used his hand to block the little rat's steel needle for me.

At this time, there was a thin knocking sound on the door, "can the second highness be in the house?" The voice is delicate and charming, it should be the princess of Biancheng.

The Phoenix has not yet replied, I approached the door and opened it smoothly.

"Liao Ying just heard the sound of fighting ...... ouch!" That Biancheng Princess just entered the door will exclaim, I think it should be the house full of rat hair to be scared.

"The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of the house. Is your Highness the Fire God hurt anywhere?" The princess of Biancheng was full of concern and came forward, the phoenix slightly averted, said: "Nothing serious."

"But I have some needles in my hand, do you have gauze?" I thought that the phoenix was at least for me to take the needle, I naturally need to bandage with him, so I asked the princess for some gauze.

I didn't expect the princess to hear that, her face clanged down, "Your Highness has been hit by the plague needle of poor Qi?

Seeing her look like this, could it be that this plague needle has some kind of statement? I couldn't help but be a little puzzled.

"Liao Ying will go to the Flower Realm to ask for the Lingzhi Sacred Herb for the Second Highness. It will be returned within seventy-seven to forty-nine hours." The princess of Biancheng bent down to the phoenix to perform a salute fire and fury will flash away without a trace.

"Biancheng Princess and slow ......" the phoenix said to stop but it was already too late.

"What happens when you get stuck with a plague needle?" I tilted my head and asked the phoenix.

"Poor Qi is the demon beast of the demon world plague, all the body needles gray hair are carrying a hundred changes of plague, if into the body, the epidemic is born plague horizontal, seventy-seven to forty-nine hours to extinguish the spiritual power." Phoenix lightly with me to say.

"Lingzhi sacred herb but can get rid of this disease and epidemic?" The princess described it as such.

"Exactly." Phoenix has slowly seeped out the corner of the forehead sweat stains, leaning on a side chair slowly sit down, "but, flower world and the heavenly world long-standing grudge is quite deep, think long Fang Lord will not allow that holy herb."

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---

Two days m to, how everyone quarrel up liao?

The article is so low-profile can also trigger a quarrel, electricity I can not help but some heart pounding, inexplicably moved to tears.

However, in the spirit of "peace and prosperity" of the old adage, we do not and the god of wealth grandfather overhaul ha, and peace and harmony is the right way.

The first chapter 16

Laohu said: "But all people with good faces, nutrients are all spent on the face, the brain is mostly not very bright." I am now convinced that this is the case with Phoenix.

Longfang main usually has a lot of chores, in order to put a small grass to bother her old man, really not long eyes some, naturally to make her angry, an angry will naturally refuse to give. And the two worlds and the long-standing feud does not really match.

Besides, it's just a grass, around the hand to change a little, how need so much trouble. The phoenix is not sure which one is worried about this time.

I felt a red thread from my arms, in front of the phoenix a spread, "If I can grow Lingzhi immortal grass, but you take what thank me?"

The phoenix was surprised to look at me, followed by a faint look, and finally simply closed his eyes to luck 武动乾坤 傲世九重天Devouring the Star The Divine Seal Throne Shade the Sky The Night of the Shogun The Legend of the Immortal Killing God The Royal Family of the Great Zhou Seeking the Devil The Cultivation World The Official Family All-time Master All-time Master JinYiNanJing Super Strong Soldier The Edge of Immortality Making God The Chu and the Han vying for the Tripod Immortal Dan God The Strongest Abandoned Youngster Gifted Phase MasterSaint KingEndless Arms, ignore me no more.

Despise! This is the living contempt!

I was alone and meditated on the look of the lingzhi, my mind moved a little and the red thread in my hand became a fungus spore that took root, and half a tea time a double maroon lingzhi opened up.

I was happy to lift that immortal herb to the phoenix, the phoenix opened his eyes to take a look, very surprised, took the ganoderma lucidum detailed, face cloudy and uncertain, at the end of the quite a bit of crying and laughing, commented: "Well, you planted this mushroom into the dish is okay."

I rounded my eyes and laughed dryly and snatched the mushroom back, "I'll try again, this time I'll keep it."

It's true that I can't blame myself, as the eight brothers and crows look the same, and the mushroom family of Lingzhi, Shiitake, and Black fungus are also in my opinion, they are printed out of the same mold, and there is no difference, so there is no excuse for confusing them.

The phoenix one hand cheeks, hanging eyes looking at me squatting on the ground in full swing shiitake mushrooms, fungus, mushrooms, straw mushrooms, tea tree mushrooms ...... planted one by one, although the face more and more white, but the interest is getting better and better up, the corner of the mouth smile vortex from time to time, "if you can grow the lingzhi immortal grass, I will ferry you two hundred years of cultivation, how? How about that?"

I know he teased me, but we as a fruit can not and a bird general insight, so generously stretched out three fingers gesture, "three hundred years of cultivation it."

"Good. I will allow you three hundred years of cultivation." Phoenix smile shallow bloom.

The mountain is heavy and the water is doubtful, and the willow is bright. In my following a dozen mushrooms and planted a bunch of unbelievable lychee, a full and upright aura full of lingzhi immortal grass finally competed to open in front of the phoenix.

Unexpectedly, the phoenix face sunk, a reach out and pinch my wrist, a cold flash in the eyes forced close, cold seepage in my ear: "Say! Who exactly are you?"

It's not kind, it's not kind, it's scary at night. I touched his forehead with my empty hand, "tie, this rat hair jumped up a little too fast, is not already into the brain?"

The touch, the phoenix forehead hot a horrible, but the eyes of the cold light more, "flower world of the lingzhi sacred grass is not a small flower essence said to plant can be planted out at will! Say! What is your involvement with the late Flower God?"

The plague needle is really powerful, the phoenix is already very sick incoherent, the first flower god is said to be inferior to the gods, above the gods, but I can climb with her a little relationship, why for a mere three hundred years of cultivation and his every cent.

The phoenix is aggressive, the force of the hand does not reduce the slightest bit because of the pain, but also captured my other hand, if not in time to save him, I am afraid that in a few moments, his highness will have to return to the soul of the fire gods, my three hundred years of cultivation is not to be counted on, right now he will be stunned to apply medicine is the most important.

But he imprisoned my hands, so I can not move half.

Looking at his face close at hand, I had a plan, stunned can not, stunned is also the same.

I obediently leaned forward, close to his face, opened his mouth to hold his two thin lips gently licked a circle.

Then look at the phoenix, frost and lightning generally opened round eyes, straight frozen poke there, Oh, it worked, was scared. I easily drew back my hands, swept over his neck, a hand knife on the back of his neck, the phoenix is finally smoothly flower tin to the ground.

I read a trick to move him back to his house and put him on the bed, using the vine to transform the pestle to pound half of the lingzhi grass on his wound, the other half boiled the juice into his mouth.

In order to prevent the phoenix woke up after the debt not to me that three hundred years of spiritual power, I sat on the edge of the bed to guard him. Guarded about two teas of kung fu, see him sleeping soundly as it is, I inevitably some jealousy, so also leaning on the bed pillar closed eyes and dozed.

I don't know how much time I slept, but I felt some itching on my forehead, like aphids slowly wriggling through, I couldn't help but be alarmed, we grapes in addition to snakes, the most fear is the white little aphids, once infected with it is very important.

I pretended to be asleep, and fiercely reached out to pinch the small aphid, but opened my eyes to see the phoenix half propped up about two palms away from me, face flushed, eyes one part shock, two parts doubt, three parts light, and four parts obscure and incomprehensible look, and my hands pinched not the aphid, but the phoenix glistening fingertips.

What is this situation?

I looked at him unsure, and he looked back at me.

"What are you doing?"

At the moment when we were looking at each other inexplicably, a rather powerful voice came in.

I turned around, the room was full of clouds, the Lord of Changfang was dressed in her usual fancy dress, her head was meticulously bunted, her hands were folded, her skirt was winding behind her, and there was a flower attendant standing to the left and right with his eyes downcast and holding a flower stick. Not far away also stood the princess of Biancheng.

I have not seen the Lord of Longfang for a hundred years, but today we met in the demon world, it is really a hometown to meet the old friend, more or less, so I smiled at her, but she seemed to have no joy, her face was gloomy, the eyes fell on my left hand, a harsh pluck.

I followed her line of sight to look, well, Phoenix is holding my left hand, vaguely remembered that I used my left hand to squeeze his fingers, how is now reversed, when this reversed I do not remember.

The phoenix leisurely put my hand, towards the long Fang master clasped hands and made a bow, "long Fang master to visit, Xu Feng dyed sick in the body, sorry to welcome."

The long-fang master "hum!" A bang, not a glance, "Vulcan welcome, how dare the immortals?" Turned to me and said, "Jin Fu! You come here!"

The Lord of Longfang is always hot-tempered, and it would be unwise to confront her tit for tat.

"You are out of the water mirror, deluded into the heavenly realm, breaking my flower rules, do you know the crime?

Oh? A series of names smashed my eyes, how can I out of a flower world there are so many say?

"This is not the fault of Fairy Jinxiu, it is because the god Nirvana mistakenly entered the flower world, some coincidental encounter before the companionship." The phoenix adjusted his lapel and stood up from the couch.

"The internal affairs of my flower world cannot allow outsiders to interfere. I would like to ask Vulcan to take care of himself and restrain his words and actions, not his fairy nuns and fairies can not control, only my flower world elf fairy Vulcan Her Highness charm Fabian also do not want to stain half! Well, the long Fang Lord burned.

The phoenix face sank, "the small gods self-reflection from the words and actions of misconduct, but also ask the long Fang Lord do not listen to rumors. As for the Fairy of the Jinxu ......," he turned to me, a flash of light in his eyes, "is indeed the heart of the little god."

"You! ......" Changfang main face swish green, Biancheng princess instantly changed into a look of watering, the side of the two small fairy waiter also stared wide eyed.

I have not yet come back to this "heart of the ties" what is the meaning of the wrist will be long Fang Lord with a flower vine tied a solid knot.

"I will bring back Jinxian, Vulcan or do not think! Farewell from now on, see you soon!" Boiling, long Fang Lord boiled.

"Lord Changfang, do not say such absolute words, I will visit you some other day. I will take this opportunity to improve the relationship between our two worlds."

Lord Changfang ignored the phoenix and turned around with me to leave.

In a moment, I suddenly remembered that the Phoenix still owed me 300 years of cultivation, the next time I saw him, I still had to ask him to ask back, so I turned around and asked him: " 'Another day' is which day?"

At that, the phoenix eyebrows slightly raised, eyes rippling spring like a line, smile vortex like a sudden shower over a shallow pond, ripples flooded, "Another day is the day after tomorrow."

The Lord of Longfang didn't allow me to say anything else, and in an instant he took me back to the flower world on an Nymphaea.

"Kneel down!"

Long Fang master in the blink of an eye has changed into a plain sarong, face ironic to me ordered: "Kneel down!

Extra - Flowing Light

(Not the text)

It was already the end of March night, and even if the moon was clear, it was a drop of titanium white that happened to fall from the brush in the dark night sky, and it was about to be submerged in the wash of ink, quiet and fragrant. A forest of blooming begonias could not resist the thick darkness, and had already fallen into a deep sleep.

The night breeze passed by, and I saw a melting light coming closer and closer, like a petal of chrysanthemum floating on the deep sea. When the light is divided into flowers and willow near the front and came, but it turned out to be just a silk-bound lantern, obscure orange will carry the lantern in the corona of light, look at the total hair on their heads, it is a tufts of children, looking up at the moon, red lips and white teeth, the clear glow of the eyes, but also far will be the unique moon in the sky and earth than down.

The child bent down and squatted by the side of a begonia, put down the lantern, picked up the branch that had been broken at some point, and took out a silver white silk ribbon from his pocket to fix the broken branch in a circle, and tied a ruyi knot before letting go. Turn around and look at the ground fallen Ying, knitted the beautiful eyebrows, a little intolerant. The light color from the ground is light pink and red petals, there seems to be a bulge, the moon is few and the lamp is sparse, it is not really seen from afar.

The child's heart is a bit strange, but also fearless, carry the silk jar up to take a closer look. The yellow color that was vaguely seen was the color of the brocade used in the swaddling clothes, and the eyes of a baby in the swaddling clothes were closed, and if not for a touch of blood on the corner of the mouth, the peaceful and silent state would have made people think they had fallen into a sweet dream.

The child was alarmed, reached out to the baby's nose, the breath was so weak that there was no entry. The boy was so anxious that he didn't care about his own size yet, picked up the baby and gave up the lantern and stumbled towards the white wall outside the forest.

Behind him, he woke up a cluster of begonias. The night wind is like a breath, no one knows when a begonia blooms in early spring, just like no one realizes when the genealogy of fate opens its net.

"Master! Master! ~" the sound of the call accompanied by

The first chapter 17

I looked around, the tomb of the first flower god her old man still adheres to the usual low-key, I left the flower world this hundred years, how can not see this grave more small flowers to decorate the facade. Four thousand years ago, I live in the water mirror in the most joyful hope is "frost" this season, because this day is the anniversary of the first flower god, every year, once the frost, long Fang Lord will open the water mirror, let us a small cadre of immortal small essence out of the boundary, let us go to the first flower god her old man's mound in front of the sacrifice, respect for the filial piety of the younger generation. Although from the water mirror to the fragrant mound but fly on the work of an incense stick, but for me such as the year-round was in the water mirror in the elves, its precious degree is no less than the mortal New Year, although the surface to accompany the twenty-four fragrant master for sorrowful sorrowful mourning, but in the heart is sincere joyful very.

However, I kneeled in front of the grave to pinch a calculation, now the summer solstice has not yet arrived, from the frost is not too far away, the Qingming Festival also seems to have long passed ......

"The ancestor's departed soul is known outside of heaven, today before the Fang mound, I ask you to answer, not half a word of falsehood! The long-fanged master spoke in a deep voice from above.

I looked at the face of the Lord of Longfang, I bowed to the mound of Fang with folded hands three times, as full of devotion.

"Where is the hairpin on your head?"

"I lost it." Why are they both so concerned about this locking pin?

"Besides the Fire God, how many other people have seen your face?"

"There are also the moon immortal, the listened to, the flying wool, the night god, the old Hu, the star ruler ......" I was pulling my fingers to try to remember, the room long Fang Lord eyes a school of murderous Qi instantly burning up, I burned shivered, did not dare to continue to say.

"But the Fire God brought you out of the water mirror?" The eyes of the Lord of Longfang seem to be lash followed by the unrelenting.

"Exactly." I timidly answered.

"You went away from the water mirror for a hundred years have lived in the heavenly world Qiuwu Palace?"


"The Vulcan was poisoned by the plague needle but you planted the lingzhi herb to save his life?"


"Finally, let me ask you ......," Lord Changfang gritted his teeth, as if he had made up his mind to speak: "Did you have feelings for Vulcan?"

"Exactly." The answer was so smooth that I didn't even think about it and blurted it out.

"Sins! This is all sin!" Lord Changfang's heart and soul were split and his eyes were closed, "Lord! Peony is not talented! I am ashamed of your important trust! Today, I would like to destroy half of my immortal energy to thank you for your sins!" I would like to destroy half of my immortal energy today to thank you for your sins!" As he said that, he kneeled down solemnly to Fangzha and raised his hand and finger to poke into his hall of fame.


"No, no, not at all!" I was too busy to change my mind, why did I hear that I was somewhat associated with the phoenix and then one or two excited like this?

Longfang main sarcastically put away his fingers, a turn, eyes like a torch to stare at me, "according to the truth to answer me, this is true?"

Seeing that she is so calculating answer, I can't help but also top really weigh some. Just how to be counted as a male and female love for the Phoenix?

I recalled the fox fairy to me said those love words book, put together, but roughly, "the phoenix, looking for death," eight big words. Although the phoenix has taught me some cultivation formula, but not with me to refine the art of dual cultivation, so the "phoenix" can be set aside; as for me for the phoenix that guy to "seek death and life" is more than I can imagine.

Therefore, I nodded to the long-fanged master and said, "Really."

Longfang master carefully in my face a buzz, "Then why did you save his life? The words before leaving seemed like an invitation to him!"

Did I? I blinked, "He promised to exchange 300 years of cultivation for a lingzhi herb, and now I still have it on credit."

Lord Longfang stumbled, closed his eyes for a long time to calm down, and spoke, "Just for the cultivation?" Followed by a long breath of relief, murmuring to himself, "It's just that I overestimated you in a moment of confusion ......"

See her old man this yelp finally passed, I rubbed my knees ready to stand up, which I know she suddenly opened her eyes harshly to me a look, life blocked my action, "you need to remember, the heavenly realm and my flower world has a heavenly feud! Today, in front of the mound, in front of the previous owner, you should make a vow that you will never have any part in the Heavenly Realm again!"

I obediently and skillfully put up two fingers of my right hand and put them on my seal, "I, Jin Qiu, hereby swear that I will never again have any involvement with the people of the Heavenly Realm in this life! If you violate this oath, then the spiritual power is destroyed, can not enter the immortal way, the next life relegated to the next world to do a mortal, and then the next life to do a carrot gnawed by rabbits ......"

"Well, well, that's it for today." The main body of the long Fang Lord felt that I still behaved in a respectable way, the vow is also set up enough vicious, finally satisfied to personally reach out to help me up.

I haughtily snickered a little, the old man is really easy to fool. "People of the heavenly realm people of the heavenly realm", both the heavenly realm and where to come from the people?

The other twenty-three owners took turns to visit my door to look at me, and the elves in the water mirror were also happy to crowd in front of my door to see the fun, except for Lian Qiao who was said to have been punished for mistakenly reporting something in the water bed next door to pick fertilizer and grow vegetables, and also the old man who closed the door and said he was hurt by my deception and would not see me again.

However, how in the end the heavenly world flower world? So that the owners of the Fang is a talk about the sky is a face of contempt full of hatred, one by one, I will be a serious advice not to be associated with the family of heaven, but refused to say with me that the reason, let me that curiosity will be a scratching my liver and heart.

After the masters left, the long masters put three spiritual talismans on my door and told me to think about it behind closed doors.

The first chapter 18

Although the phoenix is not very close to me, it is still a god who keeps his word. The day before yesterday, he promised me happily that I would come to the flower world, so I think he will definitely come today. I have always been very optimistic about the divine power of the phoenix, the three talismans on the door for him should be no different from the unveiling of a couplet.

So I got up early, washed up, and looked forward to the Phoenix coming to unveil the talisman and let me out. I stepped on the grapevine, climbed up the wall to look at the door three times, finally hope to come to the sky a lucky cloud, two lucky clouds, three lucky clouds ...... counted to twenty-four, I shrank my neck, ready to come up from where to go down again. That where is what auspicious clouds, is clearly twenty-four Fang main graceful curl to step flower.

I was about to return to the original way, but the corner of my eye swept a sparkling seven-colored haze, gorgeous, fixed eyes to see, it is the phoenix that guy out of nowhere from the sky and landed in front of my courtyard, he was wearing a scarlet wide sleeve robe today, shaking gold phoenix pattern edging, the hem winding ground, this kind of eye-catching to my door a poke, the whole water mirror were illuminated a few points.

However, the twenty-four Fang masters were shaken by his golden light, but the face darkened a lot, have pinched the foot flower driving, fell in front of the Phoenix. Phoenix Shi Shi clasped his hands, "Little God Xu Feng see all the Fang masters."

Long Fang Lord swept him with the tail of his eyes, "Fire God has come a long way and twice trespassed on my flower world forbidden land I wonder what is the argument?"

"I am here for Fairy Jinxu." Phoenix brow tipped with a smile, some blunt meaning, "Xu Feng promised Jin Fu came today, the words must be done, in addition to the person I love, is the sword mountain fire sea must also go to, but also to ask you all to be accommodating then each."

The person you want? If according to the fox fairy, but how to say it? Well, yes, the fox fairy must say: "the heart of the two words I think is very □ mannish which." In that case, the phoenix has planned to refine the art of harmony and dual cultivation with me?

I held my chin and thought for a while, well, in fact, it is not impossible. As long as you can increase your spiritual power.

"Ridiculous!" The little lilac master gritted his teeth and cut off the words, so angry that his body trembled, "Really really sinful! The sky and the earth are huge, and there are more than thousands of women, why do you always not let my flower world go? Besides, Jinxiu, Vulcan should not think about it!"

"Besides, Jin Rou?" Phoenix raised his eyebrows, the corners of his lips with a touch of playful pondering, "I only know that Jin For is a cultivation of thousands of years of fruit essence, listen to the clove Fang master so say, but to teach Jin For is how a 'and' method?"

The small Fang main speech a beat, some choking and chagrin state.

Long Fang master raised his eyes lightly will lie on the wall I glanced at, "the world story, not every cause is the fire god can pursue. Today, I sincerely advise the second highness a word, do not be confused by the skin of the jinxiang, in the end, the yellow sorghum dream broken heart broken God is finally you."

Phoenix raised his hand, shook his head, said: "Little God is not that shallow generation to judge people by their appearance. Xufeng heart Jin For, since she is happy with her spring-like nature, sincere and her appearance is not half related."

Clove small Fang master a snicker, "the people of the heavenly family are thin, do you know that tens of thousands of years ago a god and you said the same thing? And what was the result? The so-called 'deep love' dream woke up is just a big lie."

The phoenix averted his eyebrows, "I don't know what the two worlds have formed this old grudge for thousands of years, but no matter what the past, it is all the past, if the generations of influence on the unwise, I hope to ask the 24 gods to tell me the reason for this, perhaps it is a misunderstanding is not known."

"If Vulcan has the time to barge into my flower world, why don't you ask the high and mighty Emperor of Heaven?" Lord Yu Lan Fang coldly intervened.

The Lord of Longfang raised his hand to stop the Lord of Yulan Fang, "We have finished talking here, just one sentence, all women in the world are allowed, but only Jinxiang can never!

"Only Jin Rou can't?" The phoenix heard the words bowed his head for a moment of contemplation, the moment the face suddenly changed in shock, quite a bit of wind and clouds, streamlined dream broken posture, "the emperor ...... first flower gods ...... Jin For is not... ..."

"More talk is useless, old Hu, send guests!" Longfang Lord flicked his sleeve and turned around.

Squatting at the corner of the courtyard door listening to the corner of the wall for a long time old Hu was caught by name by the long Fang Lord, touched his head hehe dry smile will roll round body moved out, turned his head with a solemn face to the Phoenix a hand outstretched, "Your Highness the Fire God please -!"

"Hey!" I listened to the wall like they were guessing mute riddles to coded words, I was confused, how do you say leave now? I was still locked up in this room. So, rushed to call the Phoenix, but did not know he could not hear the general lost in thought turned around. I just noticed that Lord Changfang cast a blindfold outside my door, except for the person who cast the spell, the other half could not see me.

Long Fang Lord probably heard me screaming, flying to an eye knife, snapping my mouth shut.

I have seen the proud phoenix, cold phoenix, flirtatious phoenix, twisted phoenix, like this phoenix, half of the three souls and six spirits lost, is a time to see, but curious to look more than two eyes, but I saw him walk a few messy slowly to the water mirror outside, even the clouds do not know driving, until out of the water mirror finally did not look back.

So far, I think I understand through the thing. In fact, the spiritual power is not high does not matter, if the mouth is sharp, as usual, can defeat the enemy. Longfang main this time against the Phoenix is a good example, I can not help but add two points to her old man's admiration.

But the phoenix was long Fang Lord said dizzy, but I look for which to solve my door on the three talismans? In the past, I could still be in the water mirror to activate the muscles and bones, but now I can only pace a hundred steps horizontally and vertically in my small house, very depressed.

After she left, I looked at the table and saw that it was only midnight, so I twirled a grape leaf to attract a group of fireflies and plucked their wings one by one to play with them.

I heard that mortals have a custom that if you see a meteorite, if you make a wish before the bright light falls to the ground, it will be fulfilled. Although I thought that mortals are not very knowledgeable, but this custom is really some interesting, so also to the broomstick star in the heart of a silent wish, pray to get a free body sooner.

I silently will look with that meteor walked back, how to see this route seems not quite right, but a moment, the yard a luminescence up, tie, really did not I expected smashed in my yard. I don't want to smash the plantain I planted.

I miso run to the backyard, a burning immortal light dissipated, but where there is no broom riding the little star, moonlight like water, small fish immortal herald led a plum blossom nightmare beast, quietly standing in the courtyard to me smiling, celadon embroidery elegantly creeping on his perimeter white silk robes, with the night wind undulating.

"The little god has not placed an invitation to pay respects and has come here unexpectedly, please do not blame Fairy Jinxu." The little fish fairy herald is admittedly a god with quite thorough manners.

"Where where, these two days idle panic, small fish immortal herald can come to relieve my boredom, jinxiu happy tight." I hurriedly polite two sentences.

The small fish fairy herald looked at my hand, the lips of a smile lines, I followed his line of sight, see their hands still pinched a small firefly wings, the small insects are pinched wings, is twisting hair twisting launched happy, I hurriedly dropped it, rubbing his hands dry laugh two.

The small fish fairy herald retracted his gaze, faintly covered up a smile, "Jinxiu fairy think is really some bored bad, small gods do not know if I have the honor to ask Jinxiu fairy out of this water mirror to take a break?" The small fish immortal herald is really a good god who understands people's feelings.

I made a reluctant look and said, "Fine."

I stepped onto the back of the nightmare beast, and the little fish fairy herald took the rope and gently carried us out of the boundary set up by Lord Changfang, with a clear and bright view in front of us. I feel that this little fish fairy herder is really a good fairy.

It can be seen that mortals sometimes have some mortal insight, this pair of stars wishing for the truth is really spiritual.

The first chapter 19

Countless broken starlight convergence in the sky will become the sky river, the small fish fairy herdsman led the plum blossom nightmare beast into the river upstream, a glittering starlight about not to ankle, quietly flow without sound. Even the usual noisy little insects in the four corners of the world have ceased to meet the gods to go, quiet.

I rode on the back of the nightmare beast, smooth its moist hair, turned to the small fish immortal herald said: "Runyu immortal herald this position, in terms of rank is still good, if the interest, Jin Qiu thought not as good as the Pleiades Star King."

"Oh? I would like to hear the high opinion of the fairy." The small fish fairy herder stopped and looked back at me.

"The Pleiades are on duty during the day, and the chickens and dogs are very lively. Like this night compartments are all asleep, cold and clear, only this little mute nightmare beast as a companion, not even a person to talk, small fish immortal herald this immortal work is not a little lonely."

The small fish immortal herald looked down at the shimmering flow of the heavenly river beneath his feet, and gently smiled at his own reflection, "Only those who have been lively know what loneliness is, I am a lonely destiny, day after day, year after year, one eats alone, one cultivates, one reads books, one sleeps, never lively and how do you know what loneliness is?"

I tilted my head and he said: "I sleep late at night, if you're busy you can come and find me, or I'll go and find you, two people bored together also have a companion. I just don't know where the little fish immortal herald's temple is?"

The small fish immortal herald raised her head, her eyes reflecting the broken stars, as transparent as glass, "the end of the rainbow, the dark forest is my residence Guixuan Palace. That day the Fairy of the Jinxu coincidentally met the little god precisely outside the dark forest."

I nodded and took out a seed from my sleeve and handed it to him, "This is the seed of Evening Fragrant Jade, this flower likes to bloom at night and sleeps with its petals during the day, which is quite similar to the habits of the little fish immortal herald, so it can be your companion."

Runyu immortal herald took the seeds into his arms, and smiled at me, "Thank you, Fairy Jinxu."

"No, no, no!" I patted the seat of the small nightmare beast pretended to be polite, "just ...... just night god can not send me back to the water mirror? I don't know if it's right for Jinruo to stay in the Great Hall's Xuangui Palace for a few days?"

The fairy of the small fish a lost smile, "today will be the fairy of jinxiu out of the water mirror, naturally will not send back the fairy of jinxiu. The fairy does not mind my Xuanwei Palace is already honored, and there is no need to disturb? But, if the twenty-four masters notice that the fairy is lost, with the previous experience, they will definitely look for the heavenly realm, so if the fairy wants to get a longer free body, Runyu thinks the heavenly realm is not the first choice."

"Very reasonable." I nodded repeatedly, or small fish immortal herald thoughtful, "but Jin Rou six worlds do not know, but also please Yun Yu immortal herald to point out a clear way."

Small fish immortal herald gentle smile and did not answer, just led the nightmare beast all the way upstream, walking to the end of the river, crossed the shore and said: "This star river as the boundary, up for the sky, down for the earth, across the river down is the mortal world, the mortal world is mixed with a variety of flavors, to find the breath of the fairy Jin Fu in the diversity of life will not be so easy."

"The Night God is really a rare pillar of the heavenly realm, Jinxiu I am very optimistic about you." I was so happy to say to the small fish fairy herder.

Small fish immortal herald with me leapt down, rolling red dust came.

The small fish immortal herald in the mortal world to find a still look good house to settle me down, will transform me into a male body appearance, I have not yet been able to take a look in the mirror, the feng shui land will be like a fishy cat, all the way to sniff the immortal gas barged into the door.

"Uh ......" the land looked up, eyes like to my neck like a long time to stare, I was confused to turn back, it turned out that my hair ribbon is too long, just then did not pay attention to the end of the ribbon along the back of my neck slipped into the back of my clothes, the small fish fairy herder careful The hair ribbon was taken out for me and placed outside my clothes, so that the hair ribbon would not tickle my neck.

After placing the hairband properly, the little fish fairy herald turned to the feng shui land and said modestly: "This time I borrowed the land fairy treasure land for a use, did not know, please forgive me.

The little feng shui land finally collected the gods, bowed and said: "The night gods hall to visit my place, really make the thousand miles of this area is full of splendor, great splendor ah! I was able to have a glimpse of the elegant style of the great hall in my lifetime, really a fortunate, well-being, which is boundless! Little God ......"

"This is my recently befriended friend Ling Guang Gong son, because of some troubles, borrow your precious land to stay for some days, also please land fairy more care." A small fish immortal herald raised his hand to introduce me to some, "Ling Guang" this alias, I thought it was still good, so I acquiesced.

The feng shui land some impassioned, spontaneous opening speech by the small fish fairy herald in the □ pinched a break, but also not annoyed, smart turn and made a bow to me, "small immortal to see Ling Guang Gongzi." After that, he patted his chest with great pride and small fish immortal herald assured: "This mountain is my open! This road is my creation! I am the master of this place! If anyone wants to hurt Lord Lingguang, they must first step over the corpse of a small immortal!"

Well, this sounded quite a bit of grandeur.

The little fish immortal herald whispered in my ear: "This land before ascending to immortality was a road robber bandit."

I nodded with understanding.

"In that case, I'll be grateful to the land immortal." Satisfied, the little fish immortal herald politely turned toward that little land.

"That ......" small land a pair of smart eyes in me and the small fish fairy herder a bounce, in accordance with the rules of the end of a square face and the small fish fairy herder said: "In fact, the small fairy eyes are not very good, the night will be even less good, two palms I can only see a vague shadow from two palms away. Night God Hall and do not worry about the small immortal, despite the continued ...... continue ...... small immortal this will be excused."

I look at the eyes are said to be not very bright small land hand and foot for us to carefully cover the door, in the thick of the night all the way to run, deftly around the false mountain pond under the wind retreat, can not help but wonder, continue what things ah? Is not the small fish immortal herald has very important things to do, so, I will be kindly turned back to him and said: "small fish immortal herald despite continue!

The small fish fairy herder cackled and pinched his forehead.

The first twenty chapters

"Life in the world, nothing but 'eat, drink, whoring, gambling' four pleasures." The land fairy essence light red face, big tongue, one hand to hold a glass of wine and clutch my sleeve, a heartfelt look sincere and I said: "But if we talk about the cup of things, the earth's little wine and Ling Guang Gongzi this immortal secret brew a comparison, that is, that is what came, oh, is the watered down cat urine, completely not on the stage! "

I let him tug on my cuffs with a big belly, smiling and humbly asking for advice: "Let's not talk about the food and drink, I wonder what kind of fun gambling and whoring are? I'm new to this place, so I'd like to ask the land fairy to give me some pointers."

"Hey, hey!" The land fairy smiled ambiguously, "I'm not making this up, everything is good in heaven, but it's just a little bit cold and bland. I am grateful to you for coming to my humble abode, and I will do my best to host you."

I took my hand and said, "Let's go, I'll take you to find some fun!"

"Thank you." I arched my hand, straighten the hair crown, a dashing follow the land fairy went out.

I came to the mortal world this little half month, Runyu immortal herald night duty, daytime except for a short nap, most of the time accompanied me to play chess, play the qin and talk about poetry and scripture, take very good care of. However, too much care also has the disadvantage of too much care, day after day out of this side of the courtyard called me wrongly born still be in the water mirror in the illusion, but is moved a place.

Small fish immortal herald warm words and I said: "mortal dust in more filth, if tainted the fairy Jinxu pure immortal elements. Runyu ten thousand deaths can not escape blame."

Stain me! And tarnish me! As long as you can go out and play play play. Any heart a shout, in the small fish immortal herald clear water like sincere gaze is finally turned into a sentence, "Runyu immortal herald said yes."

In recent days, the small fish immortal herald but I do not know what business is busy, daytime also not free to accompany me to play chess, had to entrust that feng shui small land to take care of me. The land immortal respectfully received the order of the Great Hall, day after day carried the local specialties to my home filial piety, what duck head and neck, sauce plate duck, osmanthus duck, duck in salt water ...... I really care about food, but and the bird tribe of duck is not very big feud, so I advised the small land to change something, but the small land but a face can not agree with the look, "Lord Lingguang do not know. "Mr. Lingguang do not know, the best of the dishes is duck, squint on a small yellow wine, chew on two mouthfuls of osmanthus duck, life is enough!"

This small land wine, but not very good, every time to drink but a dozen altar, the tongue will be big, but the words do not reduce but more, bamboo tube pouring beans in general, one meat paragraph after another.

I also tasted the small yellow wine, hard to drink, I do not know how this small land to drink this kind of fun. I really can't see him trampling on himself so much, I specially used the courtyard osmanthus brewed some wine with him, planning to put him down by the way, but this little land just drank but a pot of osmanthus brew will begin to two eyes lax, there are questions will answer, but sigh, sigh, if I drink more than 20 altars of spiritual platform may not see a bit of chaos, the past water mirror in the genie most afraid to drink with me, so if I want to drink a wine can't find a partner, the so-called high places can not overcome the cold. I am afraid of drinking with me.

Today I want to put the little land down, so I can go out to see, I did not know that he is enthusiastic to take me personally, I thought it was very good.

The land fairy took advantage of the wine to take me around the corner to a small store in front of the store, the store looked around but a small store selling cloth, after entering the store, the land fairy opened his mouth and asked the shopkeeper: "I wonder if there is fresh fish for sale here?"

The shopkeeper was smoked by a mouthful of wine, easy to stabilize the mind will we two up and down carefully some look, said: "two gentlemen and follow me."

I am very puzzled, along with into the backyard of this small store and down a few flights of steps, into a basement, only to find that there is something else, the basement is brightly lit, no less than twenty four-sided tables, each table sat on four people, in front of a yard of small bean curd for meditation, there are also three or two people watching the battle on the side.

"The chips are big, the experts are many, to gamble will need to get this underground gambling house side to enjoy." The land fairy in my ear, after to the shopkeeper to ask for a pair of mahjong, is that the tofu block, the rules will be roughly and I smooth once, and then pulled two mortals on a table to officially open the game.

Two hours later, the land fairy and I were blown back to the street by the guardian of the gambling house. "This gentleman, we are doing a small business, can not afford to toss such a high person as you, please do not come to smash the venue again." At the end, the shopkeeper also bowed three times towards me.

The little land fairy beside me looked at me with admiration, "Mr. Ling Guang is a good hand! Good gambling skills! The real body of Mr. Lingshang is not the God of Wealth, Master Guan Er?"

I carefully recalled that the red is comparable to the date of the Second Master Guan, and then compared with my own face white beard look, really can not hit the edge. This thing, mahjong is not interesting, the so-called match has to win and lose to make it interesting, like and small fish immortal herald game, he ate my three or five, I swallowed his five or six, take turns to win and lose to be interesting, which is like this mahjong, I listen to what tiles can be touched what tiles, field are hu, except to win some heavy yellow and white things, really not very interesting, just.

I patted the hem of my coat and walked in front, the small land with a cloth pouch to carry my winnings of those yellow and white things wandered behind.

Since I have tried "gambling", it is worthwhile to experience the last of the four pleasures of life that the land fairy said.

The land fairy led me to a place called "Wanchun House", the face is an appalling smell of powder straight to the sky, will be dizzy for a moment, a woman who has some years to put on the red and green flowers has one hand to hold me and the land fairy, "Yo, look at these two handsome gentleman, please come in quickly please Come in! I wonder if you two have a girl you know?"

The land fairy is still dizzy with wine, and walked a lot of road, giggling and panting the cloth pouch casually to the table, filling a mouthful of tea said: "And call your head here."

The woman's eyes in the cloth corset open a corner of a smooth encounter, immediately straightened, pointed a thin voice upstairs shouted: "Peony! Laurel! We have an honored guest!"

A big flash of lightning straight to the sky, I straightened my eyes, peony long Fang master!

I dragged the small land out of the door and ran wildly. I don't know how far I ran, but I didn't see anyone driving the flowers to get me before I stopped gasping for breath.

Thanks to my quick reaction! If I had been caught again by Lord Changfang, I don't know how I would have been punished.

"What is this, Mr. Ling Guang?" The little land does not know what to do, and asked me in a daze, not waiting for me to speak, but he slapped the back of his head, suddenly realized: "Little immortal negligence, little immortal negligence, little immortal actually forgot Lord Lingguang's preference, should be punished!

Oh? What do I like?

The little land led me into a place called "South Tower Pavilion", the small garden at the entrance with chrysanthemums and peaches was still elegant, but the further I went in, the more I felt something was wrong, but I couldn't tell what was wrong, until the land fairy threw a few yellow things with great bravado, and two white men in fancy clothes on the left and right snuggled up to me. Only then did I realize what was wrong with the wrong place.

That's right! Look around, this south building in the small pavilion two hugging and embracing each other is not only men and men.

The original is a broken sleeve concentrated double practice place.

"These two little heralds, Ling Guang Gongzi see if it is still satisfactory?" The land fairy cheerfully squinted eyes, leaning on a tai shi chair to eat tea, listen to that tongue knotted tone, apparently still drunk.

I dry swallowed saliva, said: "very satisfied."

If you are here, you are safe.

I settled down, but I don't know what to do next, if people underestimate and laugh at me for not having seen the world is not very good. I turned my head towards the next curtain and saw a man who looked like a meat dun with a closed folding fan picking up the chin of the young herder in his arms and smiling salivating, "Yingge, let me hurt you properly!"

I know!

But, I don't have a folding fan at hand, how can I do this? If out of thin air to change the fan is afraid to scare a lot of mortals, so I smoothly took a pair of chopsticks on the table in front of me, the right hand side climbing my arm herder chin gently a lift, pulled a smile, transported the air is ready to say that some now learn now sell the words, did not know that the herder next to a weak look up, but the eyes straight to my back breeze away, and envy and admiration and amazement and beautiful.


I turned around, but I saw Phoenix standing in the doorway, green clothes soap boots, the expression on the face beyond the six worlds not in the reincarnation, is very mysterious.

I smiled at him, "very coincidentally, the second highness also come to find fun?"