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Chapter 1 Chapter 4

I heard a "bang!" ground a loud sound, the red-haired beast fried hair bounced up, fixed eyes, it turned out to be a small group of red-haired fox, not yet had time to count the number of tails trailing behind it, and "Boom! Ground a sound, see the hands of the furry soft paws instantly into a slender hand.

Along the hand to look up, I saw in front of a young man of about fifteen or sixteen years old, wearing a magenta sarong, red lips and white teeth, eyebrows curved, staring at my hand for a long time, escaping a light smoke sigh: "Alas, the old man has lived for this many years is finally molested a time, very consolation, very consolation.

Then, tear stained head back to hold my hand: "I wonder which immortal child you are? What is your name?"

I thought about it, although it said what "molestation" I do not understand, but "fairy boy" I still dare not pretend to be, but in front of the heavenly immortals to admit that they are an elf is a little humiliating, so I cleared my throat and it said: "Call me Jinsi. "Call me Jinxiu can, fairy boy dare not be, but ...... uh ...... is just a half-fairy." The half of the cultivation of immortality, but is not half immortal well, for their own invention of this word, I am quite some self-congratulation.

"Half-immortal? It seems that my nap was really long, the heavenly realm even more an immortal class." Carried my hand raised his eyes to look around, "this is not Xu Feng's garden! So, you are Xu Feng's fairy child, I said Xu Feng this child although bad-tempered, vision is very good, look at the pick of the fairy child water Ling Ling small look."

Said, also pinched my cheek. I flashed, did not dodge, some indignation, "I am not that Jiao Phoenix's fairy child, I am his benefactor."

"Benefactor?" The man's eyes burst into light, took my hand and sat down on the ground, "Come, come, little Jinxiu, talk to me. I love to hear stories."

I struggled to struggle to break the fox fairy's hand, so I had to tell it the story: "The phoenix was burnt and fell into the flower world ......"

"Tsk ~ fallen grandson." The fox shook his head and interrupted me.

"I ran into ......"

"Tsk ~ Lingxiu little boy." The fox shook his head to interrupt me.

"Crossing Qi with him ......"

"Tsk ~ skin to skin." The fox shook his head to interrupt me.

"He woke up ......" I turned my head to look at the fox, to see its eyes winked to the cheeks looking at me, I baba back to look at it, looking around, it finally pressed, "how the do not go down to say it? "

"I'm waiting for your 'tsk'." I answered frankly.

It "tsked." I went on, "Later, Jiao Phoenix took me to the heavenly realm to repay me for my kindness."

"Tsk ~ love is this way sprouted." The fox fairy shook his head with a profound face, and suddenly applauded and laughed: "Classic bridge, very much to my heart."

While it strokes the palm, I quickly retrieve their own hand held by it, put under the nose and sniffed.

Uh ~ how not the legendary fox smell.

That compartment, the fox fairy will I looked up and down a bit, said: "Sigh is a boy, my family Xu Feng eyes will look to break the sleeve."

I am confused again, not to mention the "broken sleeve" is a thing, single it said I was a boy I do not understand, how can that Jiao Phoenix and said I was a female body? Later I learned that I was dressed as a boy, the fox fairy will be mistaken for me.

I was confused, but the fox fairy waved to me with a mysterious face, "Little Jinxiu and come over with your ears."

I came forward, it in my ear solemnly said: "In fact, the word 'repaying kindness' was originally intended by me, somehow passed on one of the words to the wrong, wasted my original intention."

In the twinkling of an eye, the fox fairy changed a small tree in hand, in the ground full of petals scattered in a stroke wrote down a large "hug" word, said: "This is the correct word. Hugging grace hugging grace, no hug how to return grace!"

After the words, very spontaneous a red sleeve, the small tree yat a throw, smiling looked at me, from the sleeve of a shiny red silk thread, very generous look said: "Look at you is a person in the sky and underground molested this immortal, send you a red thread, it will be tied to the ankle of the Xu Feng can be a smooth path of love, turn good fortune.

I was about to receive the fox fairy mouth magic red line, the air flashed a colorful light, gorgeous compared to neon, dazzling, fixed eyes to see, but the Jiao Phoenix flew back some time, is now looking askance at a pair of hanging eyes standing aside, "under the moon fairy is now more and more generous. After the words, slightly lift the hem of the robe, the ankle is clearly tied five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten red silk thread.

Phoenix a hand will pull them off on the fox fairy hand, "think the moon fairy red line is very rich, but can not give it to the fairy maidservant in the House of Xufeng, is also considered a beautiful thing."

Fox fairy pinch the handful of red thread, grabbed the lapel, a long pant: "Feng Wa is now big, nephew big by uncle ah! I think back then, when you were a little bird whose fur hadn't faded, your favorite thing was to roll around in the red threads in my house. Now, even the name is so different, I'm very disappointed, very disappointed!"

Phoenix's face twitched, and I paused.

I pondered for a moment, and felt that the word "Feng Wa" was wonderful.

"Uncle is too much." Phoenix clasped his hands and made a bow very some reluctantly.

I stood aside, did not speak, mainly because I am rich in internal activities. I look at the fox immortal fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy childish appearance, and then look at a full head above him Phoenix, seventeen or eighteen years old proud and upright appearance, but is uncle and nephew. It is true that immortals can not look like.

The fox immortal a harmoniously executed the Phoenix's hand, kindly said: "My nephew is very good, very good. So called to show the family and happy."

While also said: "Jinsuo this little fairy, I look very good, why don't you take the room."

"Jinxiu? Who is it?" Even though surrounded by auspicious clouds, Phoenix's face is not good.

I coughed, indicating that I was the "Jin Fu". The phoenix looked at me coldly.

The fox fairy came to hold my hand again and said: "I do not know the mi in the name of the fairy child Jin Fu but 'honey' of 'honey'?"

I said, "No and no."

"Then which honey is it?" The fox fairy asked earnestly.

I was about to reply, but the phoenix was not very patient and interjected: "I think it is the 'foraging' of 'seeking'."

"No, it's the 'foraging' of 'for food'." I solemnly corrected him, although the same word, but the meaning is the point.

"Wonderful! Wonderful!" The fox fairy exclaimed.

Can understand the connotation of my name is not easy, I was very touched, so the fox immortal cited as a confidant, so ignore the side of the Phoenix expression is not very good.

"I do not know how many years Jinxian half immortal? How much is the birth date? Where are you from? How many people in the family? ......"

Phoenix frowned and coughed to interrupt the earnest fox fairy, "Xu Feng just came from the purple side of the cloud palace, heard that the Queen of Heaven recently got a needle eye quite large needle, uncle is not good eyes, and like to wear red thread at night, think if you get this needle should be very beneficial."

The fox fairy heard a moment of joy, barely tiptoe reached out and patted the Phoenix's shoulder, "or Feng Wa good sense, than Runyu that child do not know how much better. To the old man to you promised a good family, ha ha ha!"

Laughing happily on the occasion of leaving still did not forget with my hand said: "In fact, broken sleeves are not very wrong."