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76 Chapter 70

A chill ran through me, and my fingertips trembled lightly.

"It's true!" He abruptly single-handedly hugged me tightly, pale lips leaned on my ear, thin lips gently open and close brush over the ear, "So, the purpose of your trip today in this ...... Well ~ water gods for the dark demon dweller coercion, the emperor of heaven is enraged, in order to rescue the water gods, had to attack the demon world in a big way, leading the division of justice, to do the righteousness of heaven! "

"Look, what a perfect excuse. The hearts of the people, justice. Xufeng sighs to himself, no farther ......" He held my earlobe in his mouth repeatedly with the tip of his tongue intimately fondled, and finally, a bite through, a drop of warm blood down my strong side slowly slid down.

"Unfortunately, let you disappointed, I have been prepared, the ghosts of the underworld million ghosts will be ready for battle day and night, only waiting for this moment!" He raised his head, a bloodthirsty smile bloomed on this perfect almost unimaginable face, lips bright red, sharp spit out two words, resounding landing.

"Answer the battle!"

Forgetting the river is boundless, the water has no trace of the soul is not exhausted. Black clouds press the city to destroy, armor light to the sun golden scales open.

A coat with water, the emperor of heaven in a dusty white, standing with his hands, behind the thirty-six heavenly generals, countless celestial soldiers came on the clouds, the hands of the magic weapon cold and biting, reflecting the noon sun called people can not see straight.

Forgetting the river this head, he stood at the crossing, hunting red robe wildly flip, dark clouds for the sinking, the sun for the dwarf. The ten halls of hell personally on the battlefield, demons and monsters waiting for the command, ghosts and demon soldiers Kui Kui Sui Sui.

In addition to the flying clouds, the wind whistling, not a sound, not a single movement, silence in a sunken fury is slowly brewing little by little, not too fast, not too slow.

I was placed in an open wide ebony seat, surrounded by the most luxurious furnishings, long tassels flowing down the back of the chair, like a woman's gentle hair, undulating in the clouds fluttering stretch. I reached out and grabbed a handful and watched in bewilderment as they slipped out from between my fingers, delicate to the touch and dense to my nearly paralyzed heart.

The two steps away from him, but more distant than across a river of forgetfulness. I looked at him, he looked at him, he looked at me. How ridiculous, how bizarre a reincarnation.

"Runyu came today not to love war, only to pick up the water god." The emperor finally took the lead in opening the mouth, the pair of clean mortal eyes fixed looking at me, hidden in the bottom of the eyes is what? The trance is actually anxious loss and deep uncertainty, but how is it possible? He is always inscrutable, and his wit is hidden.

"Oh..." The phoenix softly hummed, the long narrow phoenix eyes mighty a pick, sound like a Qiang flute leisurely open, echoing in between the waving flags, "If I do not release it?"

The iron beast beside the emperor stomped its hooves, and raised its head irritably to emit a snort, he tightened the reins in his hands and said blandly, "In that case, only a courtesy before an army!"

The phoenix smiled up at the sky, "Why say more, as you wish!"

Under the autumn color of the sky, a heavenly drums beating, the sound of horns, sad reed moving, three armies of horses and armor do not know the number, but see the silver mountain spread sky.

As if it was just a glance at the wrong work, the killings facilitate the silence like a kicked over wine, blood pouring out the moment diffuse. Forgetting the river is no longer the quiet, a time, above the river water, car wrong hubs Ran short war, manipulate the rhinoceros rage, sword, whip, battle-axe, hook, lance and halberd, pulling the bow to transport the art, fallen vector cross fall, Ling Yu array Rah Yu line, left extermination right blade injury, out not into, to not return.

There are gods will fall into the forgetful river, never get up, there are also demons in the gods vector, the soul flies away. Among the two armies, only the two marshals are standing still, looking at the masses of people, planning, as if everything has been predetermined.

Only I, can not do those who serve in the sands of the pawn, and can not do such a machinations of the general, at best, can only be a raft across the river, an excuse to provoke war, watching helplessly on the wall, in the future, I am afraid not to stay as a thousand ancient curses, the world cursed by the scourge of chaos two worlds.

I suddenly remembered that Buddha's grandfather had compared me to a fierce tiger in the mountains, when I thought it was ridiculous, today a reflection, there is no mistake.

I looked at the side of the Phoenix's face, as if sensing my gaze, he also looked back, a pair of night eyes deep and boundless, a gentle smile, such as Kunlun beautiful jade fall in the southwest corner, but no longer see that overturned the sun and moon love lingering smile vortex, the rest, only the snow full bow knife, hate, contempt, no more love ...... at the end of the world. Gradually, the heavenly army tends to be weak, the Abyssal demon gradually prevailed, the light of revenge illuminated his face, his lips stained with my blood has long since dried, but in this light set off his face oozed a different kind of white, burning to penetrate ...... a faint layer of smoke escaped from his fingers, slowly floating around his perimeter, but see him The brow is lightly knitted, pursed lips.

The actual fact is that it is not a backlash?

I suddenly had a touch of fear, fear of the taste of the golden pills in the unknown mutilated herbs.

I panicked to look at the emperor, but I saw him slightly tilted his head, his eyes fell in the distance, looking at the flowing clouds, in the noise of the clanging weapons killing sound, quietly lost in thought, lonely quiet in the world that I could not see.

Suddenly, but in the moment I looked at him turned his head to look at me, the moment, full of stars, flamboyant flow.

He opened his mouth, no sound but there are words, I read his mouth pattern, "Foraging child, go home."

I fixedly looked at him, also gently opened his mouth to spit out a mouth pattern, "medicine!"

All of a sudden, he stiffened and turned his face away. I immediately anxious, anxious fire burned on the heart, shot me a dizzy, actually fell off the seat.

The floating clouds under the chair scattered, is a mess of open thorns, root with thorns, thorns stained with blood, the howling of the evil spirits stirred the ears. However, just when I thought I was going to fall into the thorns, I was held up by someone's hand and sat on the chair again.

The corner of a red robe shifted in front of my eyes and it was the Phoenix. When I returned to my senses, he had already stood back to the original place, the eyebrows and eyes are more gloomy, lightly picking the corners of the lips, are sarcastic.

The top of the head, a phoenix hairpin sharply inserted between the ebony hair, such as the flying sword, against the big red robe, overflowing with fury, gold glitter...

Gold? Gold!

My heart suddenly transparent net bright enlightenment, excitedly clenched the seat armrests, in the shadow of the sword, quickly called him, "Xu Feng ......" voice intermittent, no pattern, "I know, beast, beast grass! "

Across the street, the Emperor's face sank.

My heart suddenly surged a burst of uncertainty, regardless of the hoarse fire between the voice, tightly said: "that gold pills in more than a taste of legend, serve Peng Yu can, Peng Yu grams legend!"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. I remember when Tai Shang Lao Jun handed me the golden elixir had repeatedly stressed that this elixir is afraid of wood, once encountered grass and trees will all dissipate, and I was following Sui Wo when the heart was eager to forget this, followed the hidden organs of the stake, but ignored the golden elixir carried in the arms can not be near the wood, and that the golden elixir actually did not turn, indicating that there is no fear of wood! I just remembered this important mistake, and after a coherence, I immediately understood that this elixir must have added a medicine that can suppress the nature of gold, and can suppress gold and cold to remove the fire of the herb between heaven and earth there is only one - the legendary beast growing in the bottom of the Yao Chi water, although the legendary beast is cold, but there is a grass can be overcome, is a common wild grass by the forgetful river, called The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

The phoenix turned his head suddenly.

I have not had time to look at his face, the corner of the eye but swept through a strange light, non-army non-armor, from the other side of the forgettable river shot, such as the arrow off the reins of the horse, the wind and lightning to fierce.

I do not think much, I do not know where to get the strength, the body will lunge to his chest.

Do not want to, the phoenix has long been aware of this dark light, has raised his hand to meet hit a palm, lightning and fire, the palm on the blaze rose, red lotus karma fire faltering bloom ......

But a moment, very short, very short.

The dark light did not shoot into the chest of the devil, and the palm of red lotus karma fire did not burn to the other side of the emperor.

I muffled a grunt and slowly slid down ......

"Jinxu! --"

Someone vaguely called me, who is it? Is it you?

If it's you, that's so nice.

It turns out that I can be so light, so light as a lost feather, not knowing where to convert.

Is there really an afterlife?

Then, I would like to be a butterfly with its wings lifted.

A drop of ink that will be scattered through the paper.

A grain of sand that has weathered away ......