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74 Chapter 68

I stood on the rainbow bridge, at the eyebrow bone with a palm of a scaffolding remote view of the dark forest deep.

Gui Palace white walls and tiles, has always been a quiet and elegant place, naturally never set up heavenly soldiers and generals guard, but now there is a row of very disproportionate heavenly soldiers, immortals are also in it, although each not wearing armor, but eyes like a torch, vigilantly looking around, one after another a few immortals seem to have business to see were politely refused at the door, look at the attitude of immortals seem even a grasshopper will not be put in, really will be this Xuangui Palace guarded like a golden fortress.

I have more doubts, so I turned into a lock of water vapor mixed into a cloud wandering with the wind, floating into it. Small fish immortal herald's study is also closed, I will take advantage of the vapor pattern lying on the window pane, slightly wet a corner of the window paper to look inside.

But see the small fish immortal herald sitting in the upper seat is end a celadon tea cup shallow sip tea, a face as deep as the waves do not rise. And sitting at the bottom of the guest seat is precisely that Sui Wo. Both do not say a word, an enemy does not move I will not move the two armies against each other's position, do not know which play is singing.

For a long time, finally the spike can't hold back, said: "the people do not say dark words, spike why today came to think the emperor is very clear."

The small fish immortal herald lightly smiled, "Suihe princess this is not enough, this god really do not know why you come to the door."

Suihe coldly snorted, "Did you do something in Laojun's elixir!"

My heart jumped, the small fish fairy herder slowly said: "So for this small matter, but only to remove a taste of fire herbs."

"You!" Sui Wo moment of anger, both cold words coldly said: "outside the world are rumored that the emperor of heaven to the water god of deep love, love very much, but do not know that the emperor of heaven even the most beloved person is also used to deceive! You know that Xufeng for the immortal bird, most likely not completely soul, you know that the water gods get Laojun gold pills will go to save Xufeng, you know that he is a fire body most afraid of cold, they deliberately went to the pills fire, now Xufeng repeatedly suffer from the backlash of the power of the pills, you! ......" turn of phrase, language cold sharp, "that the water gods are afraid that they do not know the role of this chess piece played so well, right? If there is someone else to mention a little ......"

I momentary enlightenment, completely cool.

Celadon cup on the table, a light sound, "Suihe Princess said so frankly, whether it has confessed to that devil, he was able to die and come back to life is not for you to save?" Suihe's face changed in response.

"In addition, his magic power is flourishing, even he himself does not care about this mere repercussions, Suihe princess this move is not unnecessary worry." He said leisurely, as always, light-hearted.

Sui Wo stiffened for a moment and slowly settled down, said: "Even if Xu Feng knows that Jin Fu saved him, so what? If not her a fatal knife, how will his soul fly apart? But there is a matter ...... if the Jinnian know that the death of the first water god is not Xu Feng, and her fiancé emperor from the beginning will know that the culprit is not Xu Feng, but has been hidden from her, misleading her, you say, how will she react?"

The storm clouds change! The sky collapsed and the earth fell!

In an instant, the pillar of the sky broke ...... the stone of the sky missed ...... I could not move, could not escape, could not escape, watched myself being pounded by the boulder rumbled, inch by inch crushed into pieces ... ...

"Advise you not to do anything stupid!" He completely sank his face, his index finger knocked on the table, "You will marry him as you wish, if it is made public, you are not afraid that the dream will be empty?"

"Your Majesty, if you tell Sui-Ho about the medicine that was removed, Sui-Ho will not reveal a word! After leaving this door, we will pretend that it never happened. If Your Majesty is bent on having his own way, Sui-Ho can only throw himself at it and fight to the death!"

"Do you really think that the gods just know that Xu Feng is not the person who killed the water gods, and do not know who the culprit is? You cling to the Queen of Heaven with her more than 10,000 years, red lotus karma fire more or less also learned a fur, right? You know that the god of water is only a little more than half into, kill him to avenge the Queen of Heaven is an excuse, in fact, to use it to separate the forager and Xu Feng is true, right? Unfortunately, the wrong step, you are afraid that never thought the foraging child will be a knife will be his ashes ...... drawing tiger can not be the opposite of the dog! He coolly threw out the last bargaining chip, scary.

"You ......" Sui Wo horrified a startled up, "you ...... when you learned of ... ...?"

"When this god learned does not matter, alone you today this kind of faulty words is not to confess. I advise you to keep your mouth shut and marry him honestly is the right way, he protects you, you can still save your life for the time being, if one day fall into my hands ~ the whole world knows, I promised to seek the child to avenge her father's death ......"

Suihe face full of tragic white fear, "you ...... so you always knew, you actually use me to involve the Xu Feng, so completely cut off the two of them the slightest possibility ...... you ... ... you really do not use everything!"

"It's good that you know." He calmly reached out with a wave of his hand, the door opened, "Goodbye!"

Suihe stumbled and rushed out of a stretch of white walls and tiles, and finally, hastily disappeared at the end of the brightly colored rainbow bridge ......

I slipped from the window pane little by little, the pain of falling to the ground shook me to the point that I no longer had a trace of energy to hold on to the art of change, the original body has emerged, I staggered up and sprinted outside.


Can not stop! Can not turn back! I pulled my feet up and ran wildly.

"Forge!" He stopped me from behind a hug, I was shivering with fear, kicking and punching the shackles, trying to break free, but exhausted the last ounce of energy in the body can not change the cage broken shaking, I used my fingers mission to wrench the iron arm, gouging blood dripping ...... until you can not make a point of strength, can only look at those blood speckled crisscross. Can't tell whose ......

I've been just a little ant, how to flail and claw is just ridiculous futile.

"Forager ...... you listen to me ......" how ridiculous, his words are actually trembling, discontinuous, how can he decorate so perfectly realistic?

"Okay, I listen to you ...... as long as you can let go of me, what else can I do, you tell me all together ...... I do it all, you let me go ...... Okay?" He is such a high above the tent, I already know, I have no resistance with him a little chance of winning, I can only humble prayer, praying that he let me go.

He stopped there and said nothing, but his arms tightened, breathing warily over the back of my neck, needle-like, I was so scared ......

"Seeker, don't talk to me like that ...... don't leave me ...... please, don't leave me ...... I'm so scared ......"

"But I'm already bereft of bones ...... every inch and every point, all used up clean, nothing left ah, why? Why do you still refuse to let go of me?" I bit my lip, confused and shivering all over, "I'm so scared, let go of me, okay?" I prayed weakly, my voice getting lower and lower with trembling.

"Forge-er, forge-er." He pulled my weak and stiff shoulders, face to face, I was so horrified that I could not shrink into a ball, "Forge ...... you look at me, okay? I love you ...... I really love you ...... don't be afraid of me ...... don't leave me ...... "

"No, you remember wrong, you do not love me. You just lie to me that you love me, lie to my father that you love me, lie to the Fang masters that you love me, lie to Laohu that you love me, lie to Lian Qiao that you love me, lie to all the people in the world, lie for a long time, even you lie to yourself to believe it."

"No, Forge ...... you believe me, you listen to my heart, I love you ......" he was at his wits' end and took me into his arms, pressed against his chest and explained pale. The party was so confused that it was almost realistic.

I slowly shook my head, "I am silly, but I am even more silly, now all clear ...... you approach me at first just because I am Xu Feng's side, you want to explore the enemy, after that, you slowly suspect that I am the daughter of the water god, the birthday feast of the Queen of Heaven, you set up the water boundary was broken out by me, since then you Then completely confirmed my identity.

That day, father led me to the heavenly realm, outside the Northern Heavenly Gate, you clearly saw father standing behind the pillar, but deliberately pretend not to see, pretend not to know that I am the daughter of the water god, to induce me to say happy words to you, so that father thought that we two love each other and love each other, but also pointed to the sky and vowed to say that for me to defy the emperor and father made a marriage contract of poisonous oath, because, you know, father knows that my mother's death is the emperor and Heavenly Queen, I am afraid that father because of the emperor's cause to withdraw this marriage, so that you will completely lose the water god father this side of the strong backing. Father is good, if I see my heart to you, it will not be able to break up the marriage, but also fully support you.

So, if you fight with Xu Feng, the chances of winning will add a 10%.

You let me in and out of Qiuwu Palace, let Xu Feng often see me, only to use me to hold him back. You send me nightmare beast, in order to just control my whereabouts.

That day, the Buddha grandfather in the western sky, the big Leiyin Temple to open the forum to speak meditation, the six worlds of the gods and immortals are to go, the Queen of Heaven did not go, you are afraid of a moment will be expected to the end, you did not panic the Emperor and the water god father led to, you did not panic to watch me fraudulent death but only the word does not penetrate, you watched the father pain mistakenly thought I had died, through the hands of the father to kill the Queen of Heaven, but did not want to be Xu Feng blocked, but, even if the Queen of Heaven did not die, Xu Feng seriously injured The Queen of Heaven is in prison, your purpose is also considered to have achieved.

Father for that Suihe poisonous mutilation, you know the real killer, you know that I suspect Xufeng, you know ......

However, you said to me: 'water gods to revenge femicide want to take the life of the Queen of Heaven, Vulcan on behalf of the three palms, a serious setback, his mother was convicted and sent to prison, Vulcan resentment in the heart, and fear that the water gods can not be relieved again maimed his mother, so destroy the water gods, to eliminate future problems!

Three years, three years you know that Xu Feng has been aware of your troop movements, know that you want to seize the throne of heaven ambition, you expect Xu Feng will hold your handle at a critical moment to attack.

However, you are not only a chess master, but also a gambler, is not it?

Big wedding, a big gamble. Not betting on anything else, betting that Xu Feng will break into the wedding hall, betting that I will avenge my father! The 100,000 troops outside the temple is simply a front, your bet is actually just pressed on a person, a person who could not have imagined ......

And I, that is the chip.

A single move to determine the win or lose. This time, you completely win, full of money.

But, why do you still refuse to let me go? The next day, you pretended to lobby Laojun for me, but in reality, you obstructed me from taking the pill. You knew that what I used to value most was spiritual power, and valued it more than my life, so you advised Laojun that I could exchange 60% of my spiritual power for the golden pill, and you thought I would not give up, and Laojun kept the pill. Your advice. Unexpectedly, I did not hesitate to offer my spiritual power in exchange for the golden elixir.

But how could you have missed a step? You had prepared for the eventuality that you had tampered with Laojun's elixir, and then, if I had been willing to offer my spiritual power, what I would have gotten in exchange would have been a defective elixir.

How can you know so well what you want?

How can you be so calculating and precise?

How can you let everyone become your pawn and be used by you, but still treat you as the cleanest, clearest and most kind-hearted person in this world?

Now that you have secured your position as the Emperor of Heaven, no one in the entire heavenly realm except for the Immortal under the Moon will call your bluff, and the Immortal under the Moon is no threat to your high and lofty throne.

Your long-cherished wish has been fulfilled, why do you still refuse to let me go?"

The truth was exposed under the blazing sun, and there was nowhere to hide.

He lowered his eyes and did not say a word about what I said, his face was white and irrefutable.

"The only thing you have missed so far is that you never expected the golden pills to work despite the lack of a medicine, you did not expect Xu Feng to come back to life so soon, and in such a short time will lead the demon world to fight you." A strand of ice from the top of the head heart showered to the bottom of the feet, I shivered teeth chatter, "you do not ...... Mo not still want to use me to deal with him?"

I panicked between a brute force ruthlessly pushed him away, fell to the ground, "useless, he has no love for me! He hates me to the bone, he can't tear me to pieces with his own hands, he's in love with someone else, with my father's enemy ......" I choked and backed away, sobbing, "Let me go! I'm never going to hurt him again!"

"No, Forge, it's not!" He half-kneeled down and gathered me into his arms, let me punch and kick but did not let go, "I was wrong, I was wrong in the past, but now I really love you, so much that I can't help it ...... I saw your dream, saw the dream in which you were entwined, do you know what I was feeling at that time? I saw your dream, saw the dream of your lovemaking, do you know how I felt at that time? I hate to raise my sword and destroy my soul, if I had never existed how would I have met you, would not have met you, there would be no such pain ...... but I know clearly that I must endure, only endure to become a real strong, strong to no one can not bow down to me, can firmly defend my love, let my love people heartily follow me ......"

"You sneak into the underworld twice to see him, I do not know, I just think you are addicted, just like when eating candy general, always little by little slowly quit, can not be overnight."

"Later, indeed, you go to see him less and less often, you do not know how happy I am."

"And then later, you promised to marry me in the sky river, you know, I then how unbelievable? I thought at that time, as long as you can marry me smoothly, and then no more extraneous to follow me plainly for the rest of my life, is to ask me to give up the heavenly emperor's position, there is no unavailable ......"

I looked at his panic realistic face, listening to him telling a big joke, bewildered only know shaking his head.

"Seeker, you can not believe me, can not love me, can hate me, but, you can never leave me!" I was suddenly barren, isolated, and could only look at him in despair, a line of clear tears fell sliding down his pale cheeks and fell on my forehead, "Forager, I was wrong, but I do not regret!"

Wrong, I was also wrong, I was wrong ridiculously wrong, ridiculous ...... but, how can he hear the Phoenix?

It turns out that there is a wound in this world that can eat the heart and bones.

Called -

Repentance, no door.